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MoonCast (Feb 20th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Senior Scholar and Head of SafeMoon.Education), Veno (Discord Community Manager), and Gandalf (SafeMoon Scholar)

Table of Contents:

Super Bowl | SafeMoon Wallet | SafeMoon Swap | SafeMoon Lowdown |

SafeMoon Labs | Mooncraft | Mandala & Global Tokenomics | BSC Safety Score & Certik Score | UK Trip | Mr.Adult's Twitter Teasers | SafeMoon Ecosystem | Community Marketing | Questions & Answers

Super Bowl:

  • We had over 100k mentions [on Twitter] for #SafeMoonSuperBowl.

  • Crypto wallet apps had an increase of 279% download which is very exciting because it definitely has more of the mainstream media following the Super Bowl event and that’s great to hear as we continue to grow.

SafeMoon Wallet:

  • We’ve had updates to the SafeMoon Wallet with additional changes and teasers. We’ll start with NFTs. If you are on Ethereum only - via, you’ll now see your collections in the SafeMoon Wallet’s Collectibles tab

  • John: “Speaking of NFT tabs, Ethereum was the first one. Again, we want to get a baseline when it comes to integrating new products because we do have volume that comes into play. Products work to a different degree depending on the amount of load that’s on there. So yes, we wanted to start with Ethereum OpenSea integration and we’re just going to continue to build from there. I hope that provides clarification.”

  • There have been a few minor changes which have been requested including changes to the calculator. Wallet users can now quickly take the price and add it to the calculator. These changes being requested can be integrated.

SafeMoon Swap:

  • Auto-slippage has been added to the wallet as well which will allow you to swap a token without manually providing the slippage. The wallet now does this for you with a couple of clicks of a button to add accessibility for everyone and simplify.

  • We’re up to 21 trading pairs on the DEX now. As time goes on, we’ll continue to grow that.

  • If you’re a token that wants to be a part of the community and SafeMoon Swap, you can apply on the official website to [start the process leading to that discussion.]

  • Concerning the DEX, when you interact with SafeMoon Swap, you are helping the ecosystem grow. When you swap a token, there’s a 0.25% fee. This is applied overall. Over the 7 days, there’s been 14million dollars in volume on Swap. It has burned 4,249 SafeMoon. It has provided $7,082 into the SafeMoon ecosystem and has added $24,000 to LP. If you look at Pancake Swap, they’re upwards 500-600 Million. When you apply some of those [metrics], you can see the true power of the entire ecosystem.

  • MultiSwap: You can now go from any token without having an extra step to trade. [In other words, you no longer need to swap to BNB to prepare for the next swap. With multiSwap, [it streamlines the process] and does the multiswap and auto-slippage for you.

  • John (on crossing chains):We’ll talk about it at a later date.”

SafeMoon Lowdown:

  • If you want to keep up to date with anything John is saying, visit SafeMoon.Education and subscribe or interact with Momo and SafeMoon Pulse’s Lowdown. You’ll be able to get an update on anything that is relevant to the SafeMoon ecosystem. The ladies Momo and Pulse are doing a phenomenal job bringing out every update needed to the community in a streamlined fashion. It’s all in one place; it’s nice and tidy.”

SafeMoon Labs:

  • Gandalf runs a Twitter Space each Monday called SafeMoon Labs which focuses on [multiple markets], crypto including SafeMoon and other topics. So tune into that. It is recorded and uploaded to the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel where you can listen in to hear the community’s thoughts on those topics as well.

  • The Space this week was about SafeMoon, the company and what it means to the world.

  • Ryan randomly popped in on the weekly educational space and provided some meaningful insight which made us feel very comfortable and helped remind us to not experience fear of the future. The general tone of the people regarding SafeMoon was brilliant.

  • The next SafeMoon Labs will be about decentralized autonomous organizations or DAOs.


  • Mooncraft has had multiple updates, quality of life changes and some cleanup.

  • If you want to stay updated, head over to the Mooncraft Discord.

Mandala & Global Tokenomics:

  • Last week, we had Joe from Mandala shed light on the partnership between SafeMoon and Mandala, which is a fantastic partnership.

  • There have been some minor technical problems but the team is working on it.

  • The premise of Global Tokenomics is the volume on both BSC and Mandala applied to both sides. They have their own LP and resources. The 4% percent in terms of reflection to all holders apply to both sides and it's all one. The other 6% for Mandela is all within its own ecosystem to my knowledge, unless I am correct on that, but I believe they have their own LP and have their own resources that they generate from that.

  • It just shows that, from a global perspective, they're able to now incorporate something that we didn't think was possible in the very beginning, which was global tokenomics, it was something that was questioned for a while and how they do it. But now they've been able to achieve it.

BSC Safety Score & Certik Score:

  • We are in the BSC Safety Score’s Top 10 tokens across the entire DeFi.

  • Our Certik score is 89 out of 100. It’s been fluctuating between 89-91. This is a relatively high score!

UK Trip:

  • Ryan (Global Head of Products) and Hayden (Director of Sales and Partnerships) were in the UK as of the beginning of this week.

Mr.Adult’s Twitter Teasers:

  • Pay attention to Twitter and the teasers that have been going around with the binary and hexadecimals and try to see if you can put them all together and work out what's going on.

SafeMoon Ecosystem:

  • Overall, it's been a jam-packed week, in terms of developments, the growth of partnerships, and the way that the SafeMoon ecosystem is growing.

  • We can slowly start to benefit from the ecosystem and the way that it is being developed.

*NEW* Community Marketing Positions at SafeMoon:

  • Veno let the community know that there are around 600 standing applications right now for moderator positions.

  • There's going to be another opportunity coming up; not for mods, but for marketing. Those who want to be involved in how SafeMoon does marketing and get suggestions up the chain, there's going to be a new process for that where the community can work directly with the marketing team through a different chain structure that we're making.

  • People can sign up for different teams for different platforms and be a part of the decision making process for how the team does their marketing.

  • This is going through the final approval, hopefully within the next week or two. First the mod team will be fully set up and know what's going on and then we can let the public see what is happening.

  • Please do not DM CMs about this yet. Be patient for a couple more weeks and then the community will have the opportunity to get involved.

Questions & Answers:

Is wire transfer available right now for the SafeMoon Wallet?

John: Well, actually, yes-- there is. So, through Wyre, our partner, we have wire transfer available on the Ethereum blockchain and more support coming soon in regards to other chains. [You will click the Buy button, select the token and choose Wyre as the payment option.]

With the hardware wallet, how would the reflections work if you put your tokens on them?

Cats: [Even though your tokens are on a] hard wallet, they’re still on the blockchain. For example, I have three wallets. I have my YOLO wallet, my day-to-day driver and then I have my completely disconnected wallet. I have my iPhone for the first two and then the last one is on a Samsung S10, [which is] locked away in a safety deposit box. That device is never connected to the internet unless I need to do something like the migration to V2. When it was connected to the internet for that migration, it did an update, pulled that information from the blockchain, and then the balance at that time [was updated.] Then, as soon as I turned the phone off and put it in the safety deposit box, that was it; whatever [amount] it turned off at is what it stored at. It’s a live connection to the blockchain when it’s connected to the internet. When it’s not connected, then it completely negates everything as a whole. It doesn’t know what’s on the blockchain until you update that as a live feed.

Can we add price alerts to the SafeMoon Wallet and get alerts at custom price points?

Cats: I understand that that is a feature that has been requested to be done but I don’t know if they’re going to do it right now because, if you have the price of SafeMoon for example, it’s not an accurate price. Once the price issue itself has been resolved we can move forward with getting price alerts.

Will SafeMoon ever block accounts based off political pressure in the future? Or do they even have the ability to do so?

Cats: Anything legal will be handled by the legal team. That being said, SafeMoon will do what it needs to stay legally compliant.

There was this recent AMA in which it was mentioned that we had around 100 million visits on the homepage per month. That gave me an idea. Wouldn’t it be an idea to look into allowing ads on the homepage and with that revenue buy SafeMoon and burn them?

Cats: Yes, in December, there were a hundred million requests, with around 28 million unique requests. So roughly one person would come back at least 3 times throughout the course of December. In regards to the advertisement side of things, from an ads point of view: Yes, it can be beneficial and it definitely can generate quite a bit of funding from that. At the same time it’s also something that you don’t want to clutter up and it could take away from the true appearance of what SafeMoon as a brand is trying to be, which is the technology company. So you don’t want to get into a light of just being the likes of PooCoin, where they splash loads of ads all over it and before you know it, you’re endorsing all these different projects. It’s not something that you would want from a mainstream tech company website to have ads all over their main site. So yeah it can be beneficial, but advertising can be done in more subtle ways and there are ways to do it. It just depends on how you were doing it in a more partnership styled way. You’ve seen some of the likes of the partnerships that they’re doing right now with obviously the SafeMoon Swap. So there’s advertisement in other ways that can still benefit the ecosystem as a whole. Straight up putting ads on the website is not the [path] that they want to go down, [but] there are other methods of advertising that the team can go down into if they want to go into that sort of thing.

Regarding the SafeMoon Exchange when it launches, when you hold crypto other than SafeMoon you will receive reflections on that, right?

Cats: You are referring to cryptonomics. Right now there isn’t an official list saying which tokens are going to have cryptonomics enabled or not. Let’s say, hypothetically, that every token that gets listed gets cryptonomics. I’m referring to the likes of BNB, Bitcoin, and Ethereum because it can get finicky if they already have their own set of tokenomics.

I think it would be cool to have the option to have the reflections [from the other tokens] changed into SafeMoon if you wanted.

Cats: It’s a possibility. Because it [will be] on the exchange, which is the centralized part, the centralized order book could potentially incorporate that as an option. If it were under the decentralized part, that would require its own contract so that would [be a little more difficult.] So if you are holding Bitcoin and over [time you’ve been] generating the reflections for Bitcoin, you could just take that and buy straight SafeMoon which would apply to the ecosystem. It’s definitely not out of the question. It just depends which way cryptonomics is going to be integrated.”

I’m really excited about the potential of SafeMoon. In terms of IoT, is it possible to integrate SafeMoon into other sources of renewable energy?

Cats: From an implementation point of view, I don’t have any more than what John’s already shared. From a “moving forward” point of view, it could turn into solar or water [power.] There’s so many possibilities with the whole green effect. It’s not go

ing to stop with just wind to my knowledge. There are so many more unique ways of [generating] power. It’s not just going to stop at wind turbines. The team wants to innovate, continue to grow and develop and make new technologies that benefit, not only the SafeMoon community but, the world.

I was thinking we could get the [merchandise] to burn as well. We’ve got every aspect of SafeMoon burning. Is there a chance we could add a dollar to the merch or fifty cents and have that burned in SafeMoon?

Cats: So in a similar way as to when you’re at the store and they ask you for a [small donation] for charity, you’re [asking] if you could have [something like] a tip button to burn a little extra with merch [purchases.] It’s definitely an idea. It’s not something I’ve personally heard [yet,] but I’ll definitely forward that on to the team.

Special thanks to Discord community members Kerr and Sir Burns for the help with transcribing this week's MoonCast!!! We appreciate your hard work and dedication to the SafeMoon Army!

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