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MoonCast #56 (October 16th, 2022)

Table of Contents

Intro & Disclaimer | Agenda | Orbital Shield Beta | Pawthereum | Orbital Shield Beta Feedback | Wrapping Up

Intro & Disclaimer

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Cats: Hello, everyone, how are we all doing today! I’m your host, Cats. Today, I’m joined by fellow educator, Gandalf. We’d like to welcome you to MoonCast, a SafeMoon education podcast. I’d like to make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast where we are able to answer the questions of the community. We do not look to make any announcements during this show unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand everything you hear today is to be used as educational content only and not treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. So, without further ado, welcome to Mooncast episode 56 where we will be joined by Pawthereum. Gandalf: Yayy!


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Cats: So, before we bring the guys up to hear their exciting news and everything that’s going on in the world of animals, how are we doing Gandalf?

Gandalf: I’m actually doing pretty good. It’s another Sunday, the day has gone by, football is on the side and I’m pretty calm. How are you buddy?

Orbital Shield Beta

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Cats: I’m not too bad, it’s been a hectic week. We like hectic weeks. As much as I get stressed– I get tired– it’s good. We’ve seen things moving, seen the beta testers with Orbital Shield. They are getting everything together and giving some phenomenal feedback so to all the testers out there that are testing Orbital Shield right now– Thank you for trying to break it, do everything that you need to do to make sure that when it does go live it’s 100% ready and I can say that we do hear their feedback, so anyone that’s submitting feedback we’re taking it onboard and hopefully anything that you’ve requested we can get that added pretty quickly. Orbital Shield is looking pretty nice, everything is looking pretty– besides the market, but we can’t do anything about that right now, that’s just the nature of the world unfortunately.


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Cats: That being said, something we can do something about is talk about animals, and more specifically with Pawthereum. So, welcome back once again Myk: Hey, thanks for having me you guys! Glad to be here.

Gandalf: Hello! Myk: I’m Myk, I’m the blockchain developer at Pawthereum.

Cats: We appreciate it. This is your 3rd maybe 4th time now on the show? Gandalf: I think 4th time. Cats: I think, yeah. Myk: Me personally it might be like my second but definitely the other guys have been on. Cats: Were you here the first time? I think you were here the first time if I’m correct.

Myk: It’s possible, it’s been a blur but it’s possible. Cats: Been a long time coming and more specifically– you are officially one year old as a token, as a community, as a company and everything that comes along with it so first of all, congratulations.

Myk: Thanks, our one year anniversary was on October 10th and we've been having a great time celebrating with the community. It's been a phenomenal year– a lot to talk about regarding the past year with Pawthereum.

Cats: Perfect– So, before we kind of delve into the last year and everything that you’ve done, for those that don’t know who you are and want to know more about you…

Who is Pawthereum?

Myk: Pawthereum– our tagline is that we are a decentralized, community-run, charity crypto project that gives back to animal shelters and advocates for the well-being of animals in need. Basically what that means is that we are a group of passionate crypto enthusiasts who’ve come together with a shared love for animals and are trying to use this new blockchain technology to better serve animals in the real world. So far we’ve donated upwards of $470,000 so I think we’re just under $480,000– we’re creeping up on that half a million dollar mark. If you count all the donations that have been matched by partners, it’s over half a million dollars. We’re looking to crack the half a million dollar mark on just our own unmatched donations in the next $20,000. It’s going to be very emotionally awesome for us because it’s taken a lot of work to get to this point.

Cats: Most definitely. It’s a huge service you’re doing to all the shelters out there. I can say personally from my own experience of knowing how much it takes to run a shelter, and I believe that the term is– any shelter needs this money yesterday. It’s the same with quite a lot of charities out there but, with animals being close to my heart, I can appreciate the work that you guys do. Even just a few days ago, one of the local rescues is on the brink of collapse with over £200,000 (~$270,000 USD) in debt because of everything that’s going on and the amount of effort that they try to do. It’ll be sad if they do go but hopefully they can pull through and continue the work that they are doing and with people like yourselves being able to support them, it’s a phenomenal task so appreciate all that you guys do.

So, creeping up on a half a million dollars in donations, that's not something to shy away from especially just in your first year as a project. So again, I would give you all a round of applause, I wish I had my action buttons to do the sound effects but I don’t so apologies but again, congratulations.

Myk: Yeah, 25 different shelters in 11 different countries all over the world. Every single donation is listed on and you can also see all of the etherscan transaction links there so every transaction that happens with the charity wallet is completely transparent and we have the description as well on our dApp to kind of tell you what each transaction is for.

Cats: Amazing so, that’s if you want to go have a look at that. The exact figure right now is $479,700 so as we say nearly close to that half a million mark in terms of the community-raised across the board, which is fantastic. So, you as a token are coming up with many different ways to help raise these funds.

What does Pawthereum do and what are the many different ways to benefit and help support these rescues?

Myk: I guess there's two different angles to it. Number one is we’ve developed a smart contract that takes a fee just like SafeMoon would. The SafeMoon fee is divided up in a few different ways– same thing with Pawthereum. The fee on buys, sells or transfers– we’ll take a portion of that and put it into a charity wallet and as that charity wallet accumulates Pawthereum we will donate the funds. Usually it gets converted to Ethereum or USDC, depending on the charity’s requirements, and then we’ll make a donation. In the future we’re hoping to completely automate this, so we’re basically hoping to make it truly community-powered, like a vote will trigger on chain transactions. We can talk about that later but that’s kind of how it works today with the accumulated tax.

But, another side of the project in terms of benefiting the shelters is working with them directly. So, as a project team and even some community members have come up and done this but, we approach different animal shelters and we explain cryptocurrency just in plain english– what it is, how they can benefit from it, how they can turn it into a new type of donation channel that they might not have turned on yet. We tell them that we’re not scary internet criminals because that seems to still be a stigma about cryptocurrency these days, that it’s only used for nefarious reasons and in our experience it’s just strictly not true– we’ve met many good people in this space. So, we kind of onboard them onto this world of web3 charity and, in that respect, i think that benefits a lot of these organizations that might not have otherwise considered opening up a crypto donation page on their website, It’s even gone so far and so successful with some of our partners that, for example, The Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home in Scotland. They opened up a full-time position just for a digital fundraising manager and his name is David and he does incredible work and his only job is to make sure Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home is using digital fundraising in the right way and they’re seeing a lot of success with that. Props to those forward-looking animal shelters. At the end of the day it goes back to what they are meant to do in the first place and that is helping animals.

Cats: Wow, okay, so you’re not even just helping animals– you’re actually guiding and educating to bring potential careers and opportunities out of this through the education that you’re doing as well and that’s amazing. So, in terms of Pawthereum obviously being a year old– I hear that you’ve a lot of things happening so, do you want to touch base on some of those things that are kind of going on in the background?

Myk: Sure. Well, do you want me to kind of back up and reflect on the past year or do you want me to talk about what we are doing now and in the future?

Cats: Sure, let’s recap the year. So, let's kind of sum it up and roll it out first of all.

How did Pawthereum start as a whole and where did your journey start?

Myk: So, basically around the same time SafeMoon started so like March 2021 there was another token out there called Grumpy Finance and their whole thing was instead of being the Doge meme we’re going to be the Grumpy Cat meme. A lot of people kind of rallied around that token because it had this 1% going to animal shelters as part of the tokens feature and I think it attracted a lot of animal loving enthusiasts who were kind of jumping into the crypto sphere. What ended up happening is that the token got disbanded– The Grumpy Cat meme is copyrighted, I guess the Doge one is but, the Grumpy Cat copyright owner was kind of like “You guys gotta stop doing that.” Personally, I was not a part of that core team, I was just an investor like I threw some cash at it and I just thought it was a fun little kooky coin to be a part of and I love the animal shelter aspect to it.

Well, when that token shut down the community was still there. The community was like “What are we going to do? How are we going to help animals with blockchain?” So, that entire summer, from April or May and throughout that entire summer, the community was gathering together saying, “What should the new token be? How do we make sure it’s not going to infringe on any copyrights? How do we make sure it still has animal charity components to it?”

‘And over that summer a bunch of folks came together to make Pawthereum happen. So, we did a fork, we had swap open, we allowed people to swap their Grumpy for Pawth, we launched on the ETH chain, and the rest is really history. And you know what I can talk a lot about what’s happened since then but that happened October 10th, 2021 and since then $479,000 donated to charity just from Pawthereum not counting matches.

Cats: Amazing so, the figure that you're mentioning is coming strictly from your tokenomics or does that come from other places as well?

Myk: That's strictly tokenomics. If you look at the volume of Shiba Inu or Dogecoin or some of those other animal tokens, if they did the same thing we are doing, in terms of taking a percentage of the transactions and donating it to charity, they would have numbers way higher than that. They would have numbers that make us look like peanuts. We're talking about maybe– they would donate what we've done in maybe a year, they would do it in days or maybe a week. If we can get as big as one of those tokens– there's no excuse for us to see an animal in the street. It would just be a relic of the past. You'd say before Pawthereum was around stray animals would be all over the place but if we're donating money like that, the world will be different.

Cats: For sure and that's the thing– I think there was a fact that came out that was like less than 5% of the globe has anything to do with crypto. So, when you're talking about this technology that we're a part of– there’s 95% of the world that is still to be expanded upon and to create that reach so there's plenty of reach. So, as you continue to do the work that you guys are doing and educating these communities on what is available to them and what will be available to them based on the potentials of what's happening in the economy today, this may be a lifeline for some of them. So if it works out and– whisper the words of mass adoption, you're definitely gonna be a big part of that and help a lot of people out there. So again, huge.

In terms of you as a person and you being a part of the project, what are some of the memorable things that kind of touched you and have been a part of your history with Pawthereum?

Myk: I think one thing to call out is that Pawthereum was born based on the input and collaboration of the community and I introduce myself as the blockchain developer but there are other people who worked on this with me– shoutout to our own Kevin, he is a blockchain developer who helped write the ETH smart contract, super smart dude. I can't really take all the credit for it and also everybody who has worked in the project we are volunteers, so it's not like there's a dev salary or anything that comes along with this. This is something that we do just from our volunteering perspective. But some funny or interesting stories– well, aside from all the other stories you can look at on our website from the charities that we help and all the animals that we've saved because that's what we do– that's the mission.

You can just see all of that content for yourself but outside of that there's some really interesting stuff and I can tie it into SafeMoon as well. So, I think recently the Reddit for SafeMoon was going a little bit bonkers because Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank was name dropping SafeMoon a little bit. He was saying, “SafeMoon there's nothing wrong with the token. They have a great community, that's what it's all about.” Well, back in I think it was November 2021, this was like a month after we launched, Kevin O'Leary gets on– he's doing some kind of live interview and they asked him, “Okay, you're a big crypto guy what are some of your positions?” He starts naming the big ones Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and they're like, “Well, are you in any small cap coins?” and he goes, “Well, not really because they are so risky but I do like Pawthereum because they give back to animal shelters” and he’s big into animal welfare so he had an investment in a company called BasePaws, which did like cat DNA testing. And he’s like, “So I really like that I like the idea that it gives back to animals, specifically cats,” and he kind of started a war with Dogecoin because Dogecoin is a dog name and they don’t have that same kind of charity component built into the token. I know they’ve done some great things for animals but it’s not necessarily a native feature of the token. So, then Twitter went nuts and they’re like– he’s name dropped us a couple other times on podcasts so, Mr.Wonderful, if you’re listening– thank you for your support. We are continuing to try and make you proud by donating to these animal shelters and so that was a really funny story that we look back on and laugh at.

Cats: Awesome, I have got the video so if we just go silent for a minute– I apologize to those on Discord but because we are recording this I want to play it to the audience so they can have it on the recording of him mentioning it because I’ve got the TikTok from the website. So, we’ll be back in just a second discord but I just want to get this on recording to represent what was spoken about with Kevin.

Kevin O’Leary Recording

Cats: There we go, I just played that recording– him doing the little speech about him owning Pawthereum so that’s pretty cool that you in some cases have the backing of a– is he a billionaire? Has he reached billionaire status?

Myk: You have to think he probably is right– I mean I have no way of knowing but I mean that was literally something that took our entire community by surprise. We had no idea it was happening. I was actually vacationing with my girlfriend at the time and we were in the hotel room or something and all of a sudden I start getting all these @ mentions and texts and stuff and people are like, “What’s going on with Kevin O’Leary and Pawthereum?” and I was like, “I don’t know,” and I think that was just a really funny moment.

Cats: That’s awesome– perfect. We know who you are, we know your vision, we know that you want to keep continuing to help animals. So, how are you doing that? What’s next, what’s new, what have we got coming to make sure that happens?

Myk: So, we’ve got a couple of things that we’re cooking up. One thing that we launched last week is our own platform called PawSwap. It’s a DEX, it’s a place you can go and swap tokens. However, it’s a little bit different then any DEX you might be used to because it’s actually compatible with things like PancakeSwap, SafeMoon Swap, UniSwap– basically any decentralized exchange that’s based off the UniSwap platform, which I believe most are– this is kind of like a layer on top of that. What it does is it allows tokens to be swapped at a different tax rate ten you would have normally. So, for example, if you go to the SafeMoon Swap today and you swap for Pawthereum there’s an 8% fee, same thing on Pancake Swap, but on PawSwap it’s 6% at the same time the underlying liquidity pool could either be Pancake Swap or SafeMoon Swap. So if you look at the chart it’s going to be like, oh you made a swap on SafeMoon Swap, and then all the things that happen in the background with that like the fee to go from– forgive me if I’m saying this wrong, but isn’t there like a buy back and burn or something like that? I can’t remember exactly what it is on the SafeMoon side. You do a swap on SafeMoon Swap and there's some kind of mechanism that helps SafeMoon.

Cats: Yeah, there's a few different benefits with the SafeMoon Swap but yeah one of them is a buy back and burn with the general swap fee– not the token fee but the swap fee.

Myk: Right, so all those things are still intact, all those things are still in play, they still happen. It’s just the layer in front will actually change the tokenomics of the token that you’re swapping so you can interact with PawSwap, still have all of the benefits of the underlying DEX and the user will save 2%, because they are getting a 6% fee instead of an 8% fee.

So, the question becomes what happens to that 2%. Well, we’ve taken it a step further and we kind of showcase to you like– hey, you’re saving 2% on this Swap, do you want to donate a percentage of your swap to a charity you care about. And there’s not just animal charities, there is any charity you can think of if you go to and you look at all the different causes that you can donate to. You can literally just type in– it’s October, Breast Cancer Awareness month. You can just type in ‘breast cancer’ and a ton of different charities come up that you can select and you can donate a portion of your swap to one of those.

So, we see this as a big win for users who get a discounted swap rate and we see it as a benefit for charities because now there's like this other way to receive donations. The question is, “Why would we ever want to list on a DEX with a cheaper rate?'' Well, that’s because all the fees, like that 6% fee, all comes into the form of BNB. So, we would no longer have to sell Pawthereum to make a donation or sell Pawthereum to pay for server fees or something like that, which hurts the cart. All the fees that we take on that platform are in the form of the blockchain’s native token, so if you’re swapping on the BNB chain it’s BNB or if you’re swapping on Ethereum it’s ETH so there’s no sell pressure.

So, any token can list, they can put up any new tax structure that they want which actually is completely transparent to the user– you see where all the taxes are going so you’re not caught off guard. It’s good for the project because there's no sell pressure, it’s good for the user because they get it for cheap, and it’s good for the charity because it’s a new type of way for them to receive donations. So, that’s– you can take a look at it. If you have any questions, you can hop in the Pawthereum Telegram channel. And, like I said, this is compatible with the SafeMoon Swap, it’s compatible with Pancake Swap so you don’t have to bring a new liquidity pool to get started. I see Shiba Evil is in the audience, they are a token that’s listed with us. There’s no review process like there is for the SafeMoon Swap so any token can list. It’s decentralized in that manner, so it’s a little bit more like Pancake Swap in that respect– but it’s been going great. That’s just one thing we’ve been doing– we’ve got some others that we could talk about but let me know what you think.

Cats: Sure so, let’s just try to break this down and the percentages and how you will be saving and this sort of thing. So, let’s just say, for example, right now SafeMoon has a 10% tokenomics structure on its buys and sells and its transactions.

If we were to list with you, is it that the token, SafeMoon or whoever, would then set a different tax rate for charitable purposes?

Myk: Basically, the people who list can only be the token owner, so your wallet that’s connected won’t let you actually list on the DEX unless you’re the token owner. But then, it’s completely up to that token owner what they want to set the different taxes to. The charitable aspect of it– you could certainly just define a wallet and say this is a charity fee and then collect fees into that wallet in BNB and make a donation later. But what we kind of designed it for was to list at a discounted rate and then present the user with those sayings, so say it’s 10% on SafeMoon Swap and let’s say SafeMoon listed on here for like 8%. It would tell the user, “You’re saving 2%, here are 1000s of charities that need help, do you want to donate 2% to a cause that you are passionate about?” and the user can, in a couple clicks, make that donation as part of their swap. So, you can kind of do it both ways.

Cats: Gotcha okay that makes more sense. So, the token owner will set a different structure in terms of coming onto your platform in a way to incentivize them as hopefully saying, “Well look, you’re saving 2% here so that 2% you’re saving on this swap could then be used to donate to whoever it is that you want to donate to.” So, that’s kind of a cool concept as a new way of trying to help generate additional funds. That’s pretty cool, I like the idea of that.

Myk: Yeah, and so as a user you might think to yourself, are they really going to donate or are they going to pocket it for themselves? We actually have a feature coming soon where tokens will trend on the DEX based on how giving their community is. So, if the SafeMoon Army were to say, “Hey everybody, get on PawSwap and do a swap,” not only does it benefit the underlying SafeMoon Swap but also if your community is donating a bunch, your community is donating with every swap, we’ll have a leaderboard and we’ll basically say here are the most giving tokens so if you want to be a part of a community that has a real impact in the real world in terms of charitable crypto giving here are the ones that are actually making it happen on PawSwap. So, the more giving and charitable your community is, the more you trend. So, that’s a feature that we’re working on, but it’ll kind of be like gamifying charity so tokens benefit from having a community that cares and a community that is generous and then charities benefit because they win from having the tokens get exposure for donating to them, if that makes sense.

Cats: Most definitely and one of the key things you mentioned is, this isn't redefining a DEX and creating your own liquidity pools, this is using liquidity pools (i.e SafeMoon Swap liquidity pools) as an option, which will then benefit our ecosystem and any SafeMoon holders because of that fee structure that is on the swap. so this all comes back in circle with helping the ecosystem of your own group but then also then as anyone here as a SafeMoon holder it’s going to then benefit you guys too. So that’s great how you’ve created that full circle and also, as you say, gamifying it and making it a bit more enticing and fun and exciting to actually donate to the charities that you have so that’s pretty awesome.

Myk: Right, I mean– having those types of partnerships is really what we look for because you want to have partnerships with projects and communities that align with your values. I know John has talked about return on impact and things like that– having some sort of contribution back to the real world in a positive way. So, we really like that and when we look around for crypto projects to partner with, we always want to make sure that the partnership has a mutual benefit. So, tying it back into the SafeMoon Swap is a really important part of our decision making when we were building out the tech.

Cats: Awesome, amazing. And you’re definitely doing a return on impac. You’re helping all the animals in terms of the animals that you’re reaching out to but then you’re also educating and creating career options for these charities to help generate funds within this industry and within this ecosystem of blockchain and crypto as a whole. It’s really impressive what you guys are doing but you said that wasn’t the end all and everything that you’ve got coming– what else have you got?

Myk: Yeah so, Rasmus is our Head of Charity, he has been doing some amazing work out there on the ground with these charities– with these animal welfare organizations. He’s been cooking up a pretty sweet partnership and he’s been DMing me too– I don’t know if I’m allowed to name drop it hold on– but if I can’t, just know that Rasmus has been doing an amazing job networking with these animal welfare organizations, onboarding them into crypto, showing them the potential– and he said I can’t say who they are but they’re huge and they’re global. So, we’ll be having an announcement probably towards the end of the month and we’ve worked with some really big partnerships already out there with animal welfare organizations so you can expect that to continue. If you go to the, you can see at the bottom we have our featured cause. So, every month we are going to have a featured cause– this month is North Shore Animal League America; they’re the largest no-kill animal shelter in the world. We made a $25,000 donation to them on Christmas day of last year as part of our 12 days of giving campaign and they have an amazing facility– it’s on the North Shore of Long Island, New York. They help thousands of animals and we’re really happy to have them as the featured cause but make sure you check back I’d say the start of November, scroll on down to that featured cause section and see who it is because a little birdy told me that they are a very large animal welfare organization that Rasmus has been working really closely with.

Cats: Awesome, that’s exciting, It doesn’t begin with a W, does it? Just gonna try and pry there.

Gandalf: He’s prying!

Cats: Trying to get the exclusive for MoonCast.

Myk: Yeah, I guess tune in on November 1st, I think– is my answer to that.

Cats: So, just over two weeks away to find out that answer. That’s exciting so you have your own DEX that is going to help any SafeMoon holder when those transactions are performed through the SafeMoon Swap, which then increases your goal and your return on impact for helping the animals of the world and the rescues of the world. So, that’s amazing and then we’ve got a huge partnership– can’t know the name just yet but hopefully within two weeks we’ll know that and they are also massive within the animal welfare sector.

Myk: Yeah, you summed it up perfectly.

Is there anything else that we should know beyond those two things that you’ve got coming at all?

Myk: There are some things that are kind of in the ideation stage right now. I think I mentioned earlier that the way that we’re trending is we want to make it as decentralized and as autonomous as possible. Currently, Pawthereum is an LLC based in Wyoming. Eventually, we want to transition that into a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. To make that happen, from a tech perspective, one of the things I’m really focused on is making our voting mechanism completely on-chain executable, so the result of the vote would automatically execute on-chain. We wouldn’t have to rely or trust on a core team of individuals to conduct a multi-sig transaction on behalf of a vote– it would literally be just the voting mechanism that makes that happen. So, you can imagine a future where the community gets together and says, “Hey, you know we see these funds going into the charity wallet. We want to make a donation to XYZ shelter, let’s make it happen.” If the vote passes, those funds will get transacted without anybody in between. So, that’s what we’re heading towards and we’re really excited about that. We mentioned partnerships, we might be experimenting with maybe staking or farming– so there’s a couple of things that are in the ideation stage right now. Maybe more content and that’s kind of all we can say right now.

Cats: No, that's all good, not gonna pry. But I love the concept of the DAO, especially when you’re working with charities and such because that is going to help them on the biggest scale gain more trust with everything that’s going on and once they as a rescue, as a center start to understand the technology and become more incentivized to use it and be a part of it. They then have that reassurance that look this is down to the community, this isn’t down to just one individual saying, “Oh yeah, I want to help you guys out, want to help you guys out.” This is a community effort with what you guys are doing so I love that concept and hopefully you can make that happen.

Myk: Thank you.

Cats: Well, you guys are doing a phenomenal job. I can’t thank you guys enough for what you guys do and in the way you guys are doing it too. You’re trying to take it at a different approach so huge congratulations for everything you’ve done, especially as you’ve come up to your anniversary for a whole year of what you’re doing. But again, that number isn’t something to shy away from– just shy of a half a million dollars given out over the course of the last 12 months and again we are ultimately in a scary time across the globe so hopefully as things change and as mindsets and we still look to move forward within the blockchain and crypto industry and as that moves into more positive light globally. As you said, there are a lot of people that are scared about what this technology is and it’s used for malicious things so once we move the mindset away from that, I’m sure you guys will be able to continue and grow tremendously with what you guys are doing. Happy birthday and congratulations on everything you guys are doing.

Myk: Thank you.

Cats: Just before you go, where can people find more information on who you are and anything else we covered today?

Myk: I mean,, you can find out all of the information there. You can go to our Telegram, you can look up in the Times Square billboard– we’re a part of the SafeMoon Swap partnership. SafeMoon, along with all of their partners, is glowing in Times Square, so you can just look up and see us there. We’re most active on Telegram. I know that SafeMoon has a nice Discord community– most of our conversations take place on Telegram but we do have a Discord. Follow us for more– follow us on Twitter. That’s pretty much the best place to find us.

Oh, and last thing! If you’re a blockchain developer or a web3 developer, we’re a volunteer project– if you’re not sure if your skills are sharp enough for a professional job and you want to get some experience, we’re happy to take you under our wing, show you the ropes, and maybe get you some experience while you’re working on something that’s volunteer but also has a really great mission and positive contribution to the world.

Cats: That’s even better– educating while you’re doing what you’re doing. That’s amazing! Thank you so much for coming and I’ll be excited to learn more about the partnership in the coming weeks.

Orbital Shield Beta Feedback

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Cats: So that’s MoonCast episode 56. We do keep these specifically to the partners and key information and news. As I said, we do still have Orbital Shield in beta. It is being tested, hammered, and trying to be broken. We’re taking all of the feedback from the beta testers to make it as solid as it can be, not just from the security aspect but also accessibility– that is a key component to it all so

John: Yeah. It’s gotta be built for people and easy to use, so that’s something we’ve been focusing on. The feedback we’ve been receiving has been great during our closed beta. We’re hoping– again, this is not a representation of anything but– we’re hoping to possibly do an open beta, if needed, in the future. However, the closed beta is going really well and I’m loving the feedback that we’re getting.

Cats: Awesome! That’s the first time I’ve heard the words ‘open beta’ so that’s pretty cool.

John: Again, this is something that’s being discussed in cursory but we’re only going to do it if it’s needed. We’re not representing whether we’re going to do it or not– it’s just something you could potentially see on the horizon. ‘But what we’re seeing is amazing and it’s not just great for the web3 space but also, other industries as well can definitely use Orbital Shield.

Wrapping Up

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Cats: We’ll have to see how things transpire from that. So there we go– MoonCast episode 56. We do not have another scheduled show as of yet. Keep an eye out on Twitter for any announcements for anything like that. We usually do it about 24 hours before if there’s going to be any other MoonCasts.

Now I do see some hands so we’ll cover these quickly– so we’ll bring up the two that we have and answer anything–

Hello TooLeye, how are you?

TooLeye3: Hey, how’s it going guys? Good to see you guys. Well, not so much of a question… more of a– I say go ahead with it, John! Get that beta out to the community–

*everyone laughs*

TooLeye3: I have to say yes because it’ll instill back that SafeMoon is that community-driven token and I do have to commend how you guys put this out there. You guys could have just put it in text form and had Cats and Gandalf post it up on their Twitter feeds, so I’m kind of glad on the approach that you’ve released Orbital Shield to the community. I think it instills that SafeMoon is a community-driven token, so for that I commend you sir.

Cats: Exactly, thank you TooLeye. It is because it also gives, as an education content and it gives the company as a whole, that assessment of that accessibility portion. If we are giving it to the wider audience, are they understanding it? Do they understand what’s going on? Do they understand what the whole entire concept of Orbital Shield is? If they’re able to share it in their own words and give a brief description and understanding of what they’re while also learning the technology, then we can kind of know we’re on the right track with that– that accessibility standpoint that we’re talking about. Yeah, 100%.

Any other questions, TooLeye?

TooLeye3: Oh no, I just wanted to put that statement out there and definitely encourage him to let us get those open betas.

Cats: Hopefully in time, hopefully in time. Hello there, KarK. How are we doing?

KarK: Hey guys, I’m doing good, thank you. I just want to thank you for all the grinding and despite all the noise, keep executing. I’m really grateful. I have one question. In the future– maybe it’s irrelevant so you can ignore it– is there a possibility to have SafeMoon stocks when SafeMoon gets listed on NASDAQ? I don’t know, maybe it’s not relevant right now.

Cats: It’s not something that I can comment on right now. SafeMoon is still a startup– we’re still in the development and building stages. It’s not something we can comment on right now but the world’s your oyster with where SafeMoon as a company can go. Keep an eye out, keep on social media. If anything changes then it will be made known to you guys.

KarK: Thank you so much, brother.

Cats: Thank you for coming up and the kind words. I see no other hands and no other questions so, again, thank you to Pawthereum for coming up. Thank you to the guys who came up and asked their questions. Keep an eye out on Twitter for the next show. As always, thank you for tuning in, thank you for coming. We appreciate each and every one of you. We’ll be back in due course.

Gandalf: Bye bye.


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