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MoonCast #54 (October 5th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

Table of Contents

Intro/Disclaimer | Agenda | BBTF Interview | Orbital Shield Update

Mirror Protocol | Delivery Season


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Cats: Hello, everyone! How are we all doing? I’m your host, Cats and I’m joined by fellow educator, Gandalf. We’d like to welcome you to this mid-week MoonCast, a SafeMoon Education podcast. I’d like to first make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast where we answer the questions of the community. We do not make any announcements during this unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand everything you hear today is to be used as educational content only and not treated as financial advice. You must always complete your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. So, without further ado, welcome to the first mid-week MoonCast.

Gandalf: Oh yeah!


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Cats: It’s thrown me off a little bit but we are here mid-week and looking to have a conversation with one of our newest partners but just before we say hello– let’s just quickly go over some of the things that have been announced within– probably the last hour or so, just so you guys are aware if not already.

BBTF Interview

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Cats: First of all, we had an interview-styled video again from the team, this time it was done by John, and he had a conversation with BBTF– more specifically Don Bailey. So, if you haven’t already go and check that out on the SafeMoon YouTube channel. I’m sure you can find it on social media– it’s a good insight into the partnership and there are more videos to come from the team like that as we speak to more partners. So, I like that– it’s been a good update from the team– yeah, some more videos from them.

Orbital Shield Update

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Cats: But in addition to that, we had an update to Orbital Shield. So, as a part of the ongoing development of Orbital Shield, SafeMoon has had a 3rd party penetration testing program completed with great results. Specifically, we are experiencing no system or data compromise using the new encryption standard, which in security is huge– to be able to have penetration testing and say you are secure out of those results that they have done, it's a huge achievement to get those results back. So that’s fantastic, yeah, not long left. Hopefully not long left anyway. I can’t give you a timeframe but we're moving forward.

So yeah, those are the two quick updates that we have– so, obviously go check out the video after this cast and yeah, keep an eye out for more updates on Orbital Shield– we’re in an exciting period of time.

Mirror Protocol

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Cats: But that being said, let’s jump to why we’re here today. We are here to speak to Mirror Protocol, more specifically Gotti. So first of all, welcome Gotti! Welcome to MoonCast.

Gotti (MProtocol): Thank you for the invite, this is amazing to be up here with you guys finally. *laughs*

Cats: It’s been a long time coming. We have wanted to get you for awhile but obviously you’ve had a journey of your own. So, I have got questions from us specifically and then we’ll look to get other questions from the community. So, let’s jump right into those questions.

Who is Mirror Protocol? Who are you? What do you do?

Cats: Let’s dive more into that. So, first let’s speak more about yourself Gotti and who you are and then maybe just tell us a little bit about your team as well.

Gotti: Sure, thanks Cats. My name is Roland, I am also known as Gotti on Twitter. I’m the Managing Director for Mirror Protocol. Mirror Protocol is a component to the ever-growing BBTF ecosystem that we all know run by Don Bailey and his team– but me, no, I'm just a regular guy. I grew up with everybody else. I grew up on Twitter alongside Gandalf and yourself, Cats, in the beginning of SafeMoon– so, you know I’m just a regular community member from the SafeMoon army like everybody else and, you know, I was asked to run the Mirror Protocol so here we are.

Cats: Awesome, perfect.

How many team members do you have?

Cats: Obviously you’ve mentioned this is an integration and connection with BBTF but more specifically Mirror Protocol– what’s the structure like– who do we have involved?

Gotti: Yeah, you know I strategically picked my team. We have Crypto James which a lot of you may know, we have VibeWell– and we have Blair who– you know these guys I picked out from the same community that we’ve all been in and you know I actually know Blair in real life. He’s been a family friend for over 10 years. Crypto James and VibeWell I picked out because of the contribution that they’ve had over the past year and a half in the community – everybody knows James, you know. He provides a lot of education and support for the community members and VibeWell, I actually had a chance to meet him in real life and I felt he was a great fit and you know, his name is Vibes so, he has good vibes– he just fits his name. Those are my team members. James is the Community Manager and VibeWell and Blair are my community mods.

Cats: Awesome, awesome. Gotta have a nice, well-rounded team. It’s good to have reassurance and connection within your team to be able to push forward through the project.

How was the project created? Why was it created? What’s the whole idea behind Mirror Protocol?

Gotti: Yeah, Don Bailey– well before I met Don, you know, he was creating a blue chip diversification staking protocol. What that means is, we wanted to bring a blue chip diversification into the community and as you all know we are all part of the SafeMoon community so it was important for people who are in crypto to learn how to diversify their portfolio and we could even– we could even go down to me.

I’m not that well diversified in blue chip projects like ADA, ETH, LINK, BTC, MATIC, XRP. I’m sure everybody has or has had these types of blue chips at one time or another but you know I did– you know, I know a lot of people on Twitter and I’ve specifically asked them– do you have all of these– do you have all of these blue chips in your wallet now all at one time and the answer is no. It’s either they’ve had a little bit here or there– they may still have some now but all at one time was not an answer I ever got from one person and what we’re trying to do with Mirror Protocol is we’re– we’re teaching people how to diversify their portfolio with these blue chips and, you know, maybe you have a few questions on how the Mirror Protocol works and we can get into that if you want.

Cats: Yeah sure so, just to give a bit more clarification is you’re not BBTF, you’re a completely separate entity but working in conjunction to create an ecosystem ultimately within the SafeMoon ecosystem that helps with further diversification where other might not look to do so with blue chip tokens and blue chip tokens being BTC, BNB, you know the main top player tokens–

Gotti: Absolutely.

Cats: Sorry, go ahead there.

Gotti: Yeah, absolutely. Just to answer your question, that is the main goal and you know the Mirror Protocol is a separate entity to the BBTF ecosystem, however, we are going to play a major role in that ecosystem and just like as you mentioned we are trying to contribute more back to the SafeMoon ecosystem.

Cats: Awesome, awesome. So, let’s now break this down for the individuals that may be looking to learn more about you guys. So, first of all you do have a website so for those that want to it’s themirrorprotocol? Am I correct?

Gotti: Yeah–

Cats: Yeah, so first of all if you want to go ahead and go to their website because it does break this more down. It is going to be a lot of information over the course of answering these questions so you can head over there and check the guys out but let’s now break this down. You officially became a Moon Partner for SafeMoon with the first launch of one of seven tokens, is that correct?

Gotti: That is correct.

Cats: Yeah and you started with the first token being what is called BTCMirror.

What is BTCMirror? What is Mirror?

Cats: Let’s break that down.

Gotti: Yeah, just like you mentioned, Cats, you know we are introducing our first seven sets of mirrors, the first one being BTCMP– BTCMirror. What BTCMirror does is, when you hold BTCMirror you get rewards back in actual Bitcoin, however, we are on the Binance Smart Chain so your rewards come in as Binance-Pegged Bitcoin.

Cats: Okay so those that do receive the rewards of each token are still on the Binance Smart Chain so you still will receive BTC which is then BNB pegged as such so it’s on the BNB– BSC Chain. Each blue chip token that you receive will be on a smart chain and then you will need to use the provider if you want to do anything with those tokens that have the pairing to another BNB or BSC token as such. Okay, so with each token there is a separate launch, a separate set of rules associated with them.

Is the mirror trying to mirror the initial contract as such of total supply and things of that nature?

Cats: Is that what you’re trying to mirror with the Mirror Protocols?

Gotti: Exactly. So, what Cats means by that is, for instance, Bitcoin. We launch Bitcoin Mirror and that total supply just like the actual Bitcoin is 21 million. Now we’ve made an announcement that our next launch is going to be BinanceMirror and since Binance’s total supply is 200 million, that’s what we’re going to mirror in our total supply for Binance Mirror Protocol. So yeah, you’re correct.

Cats: Okay so, they’re a mirror in terms of essentially a copy of the token, not the contract but the mirror of what their value is as such, so hypothetically if one of your tokens got to around the same market cap value they would be around the same price as such.

Gotti: Correct.

What is it like to work in the crypto/blockchain industry? What was it like compared to your original job?

Gotti: Well, I do still work a real life job and working in the DeFi space is a lot different. We all know that because when– so I work in the corporate world. I work in the tech industry as well and compared to DeFi it’s a whole different beast, you know? With DeFi, you have to manage your expectations thoroughly. Even from the dev side– I guess you’d call it dev side or project lead perspective because a lot of the decisions and a lot of the internal timelines are actually set on the development work and the development team. But at one point you can have an idea of what that timeline is or what that launch date and time would be, however, 4 hours into the internal timeline can change drastically as I've experienced on this side of the playing field now so, you know, it’s totally different.

'And like I told you Cats, I came from the community as well so when we’re invested in a project from a community perspective you know you want– or there's a lot of anticipation on each launch whether it’s a product, whether it’s another component to your product like another token or something but you know it’s very hard that I’ve experienced– it’s very hard to actually give a definitive time and date for any product launch or any roadmap goal. So, I know how it is and I can imagine you guys know that as well now but yeah, that’s my experience. It’s a great learning curve just to know these types of things, something as little as that to actually know and be involved in the movement or the transition from web 2.0 to web 3.0.

Cats: For sure and that's one of the things is that there's no rule book. There's no guide to this industry. There's individuals, companies, tokens that have maybe done their own way and their own standard but there's no true right way to do anything in this space. 'And when you think you've got something right, as Gotti was saying, fours hours before you do something that could ultimately change because the fundamentals and the core structure has missed something that you may have not realized until you go live or you're about to go live or that you prepare the setup or– you know, this industry does run a mile a minute whereas real life runs a mile an hour. It's a mile a minute. It's astronomically fast with the industry.

Gotti: Exactly. And if I could add on that real quick Cats, you know a lot of the times it's not necessarily the project leads or the devs missing something. It's coordinating everyone to be one the same page at the same time and in DeFi a lot of work from different time zones. We work from different locations so, having to get everybody on the same page at the same time and work around those things is, you know, it can be a challenge sometimes.

Gandalf: Crypto never sleeps, never.

Gotti: *laughs* Never, you're right. That 100% true.

Cats: Perfect so, we've spoken a lot about you and a little about the project but let's now talk more about some of the challenges that you face because this isn't just a one contract token, this is a multi-contract token. It's also then a connection with another project even though yes they're still facilitating in the same industry.

What do you think is the biggest challenge, as you progress forward?

Cats: –and as I said I know you've learned a lot already so what do you see being your biggest challenge going forward.

Gotti: I think the biggest challenge would be security because technology always changes. We had a successful launch in Bitcoin Mirror Protocol and you know we anticipate– every project anticipates a perfect launch. What happens from the first launch to the second launch like even if it's 2 to 3 weeks whatever that timeline is and that's a short timeline, 2 to 3 weeks– Imagine all of the things that can change from a technology perspective in between those launches in our case. So, that's the number one thing keeping our ears to the streets and making sure that we don't miss anything on our upcoming launches and, lucky thing for us, I have a great development team out there. MetaCaptain– shout out to MetaCaptain and the MetaBUSD team for doing such a great job and always staying on top of what they need to do.

Now, my biggest challenge would probably be from a community perspective because I'm very active on Twitter and it's not necessarily a challenge but just trying to meet the expectations from a community perspective. Like I tell everybody every single time I talk, my heart is in the view of the community because that's where I came from and I'm not going to lose sight of where I came from just because I have this certain role now, like that doesn't– to me that doesn't cut it. A specific role for a project does not put anybody on a higher pedestal at all, ever. So, you know just keeping up with the community as much as I can and dealing with real life stuff you know– I have to juggle those type of things and, like I mentioned earlier, I'm very very lucky that I have the team that I have now.

Gandalf: Deja Vu. Like literally working– working and having the crypto dream. That's amazing.

Cats: Ok, we’ve talked about those challenges. In terms of your vision, we’ve got what The Mirror Protocol is and what it’s going to do for BBTF. Let’s cover that a bit more.

You have BBTF and that is going to reflect two tokens into Mirror Protocol, one is BTC and then we have the other one. Is that going to be BNB?

Gotti: Yes.

Cats: Ok. So, the first tokens—so essentially, what will be your first two launches of tokens will be the two main reflected tokens from Mirror Protocol and BBTF. So, that’s great!

Now, we’re getting BNB and BTC Mirror Protocol. What happens next?

Gotti: We will introduce staking after the 3rd token. It’s going to be a one-of-a-kind staking platform. So, now you have BTC and we’re going to launch BNB. Each of those Mirror Protocols will reward back in BBTF. In the beginning, it was hard to envision. If you look at it, now you’re getting rewards back in Binance-Pegged Bitcoin and also getting rewards back in BBTF.

If you create that spider web of its ecosystem, you’re also getting those rewards from BBTF ecosystem, which is the SafeMoon’s [Swap traded partner and other listed tokens.] You've got the Glow, the Cryft, the EverReflect and that’s what we’re trying to create. We’re trying to create passive rewards. The BBTF team also had a successful launch in Mirror BTC and the BBTF team also had successful rewards that they sent out. People who didn’t initially buy the Mirror Protocol but they only held BBTF also received air protocol Bitcoin. So, it’s all very, very complex.

We have BBTF and BBTF reflects in BNB and BTC Mirror Protocol. Those are the two distributions of Mirror Protocol, BTC and BNB. I’ve now staked these on your staking platform. What do I receive?

Gotti: So, you can stake as many Mirror Protocols as you want when they are available. If we were to only, say, have BTC and BNB out—you only want to stake BTC. You will get rewards in Mirror Protocol BTC and any other Mirror Protocol tokens that we have out at that time.

Cats: Gotcha. So, the reflections portion gives you the token itself, whichever one it is, BBTF, and then it gives you the blue chip. So, it’s reflecting in three things on a standard contract. So, you’ve got BBTF, the token BTC Mirror Protocol, which is then reflecting in those three. Then, if you stake that, you are then going to receive all other Mirror Protocols that are currently live at that time. It depends on which are live, but if they were all live, you’d get all seven, [as an example.]

Gotti: Yes.

Cats: Gotcha.

When I’m staking, does my distribution of that token theoretically increase based on me having the reflections and then also receiving the staking reflections?

Cats: Let's say BTC – am I theoretically getting an increased value of both opportunities?

Gotti: If you stake, you get four percent. The rewards that you get in the others that are live at that time are 1%. So, it’s a smaller percentage, but you still get those.

Cats: Ok, and 4% APY or 4% of volume?

Gotti: 4% based on the volume.

Cats: Ok, perfect! I know this is a lot to take in for some. It’s not that easy.

Gotti: You know what, Cats? When I think about it and the possibilities – and we’re only talking about two right now which only one is live.

Cats: Follow up questions!

How high will be the percentage of all seven of the stakes?

Gotti: *laughs* My goodness. Yeah, well that’s the idea. It’s creating diversification and we’re trying to go for a one-of-a-kind project here.

Cats: Well, it’s definitely laying out the foundations to be a one-of-a-kind project and what you’re trying to achieve. It’s definitely complex but in itself it could also be quite simple. So, it’s a great way of creating diversification by holding, maybe 1 token in the beginning, which all starts with BBTF which leads down to a chain and a chain, and so forth. It’s exciting in itself.

How does Mirror Protocol benefit SafeMoon?

Gotti: Ok, say [someone] isn’t really into alt coins. You like SafeMoon, but you don’t have it. You like Glow, Cryft and all those guys. You like BBTF but you’re more interested in blue chips, right? So, you only like blue chips— The only thing you want to do is get mirror protocol. Whether you’re interested in BTC, ETH, whatever it might be— Say that I’m a Bitcoin guy and I’m interested in accumulating more Bitcoin via the Mirror Protocol. So, I acquire my Mirror Protocol Bitcoin and now, just by having that, I can stake it when those tokens are [eligible for staking]. Let's just say that I acquired holding the Mirror Protocol Bitcoin. Now, I get rewards in Binance-Pegged Bitcoin. I also get BBTF. Now, I’m just a Bitcoin guy and I don’t have the SafeMoon Wallet in this scenario. I see the actions in the chart on BBTF and say, “Oh, wow! BBTF is doing great and I have BBTF because I’m holding the Mirror Protocol. Now, the only way the person can transact BBTF is if I go into the SafeMoon ecosystem. That is the only way a person, who has accumulated BBTF in rewards— the only way that they are going to trade BBTF is if they are in the SafeMoon ecosystem. I ask myself, “How do I get into the SafeMoon ecosystem? This is new to me.” I download the SafeMoon Wallet app, import my wallet using my credentials, and now I can see my BBTF and that’s the only way I’ll be able to interact with the BBTF token.

Cats: That's awesome! So, you’re using Mirror Protocol, not just to diversify but also introduce new holders into the SafeMoon ecosystem by latching on and attaching yourselves to BTC holders, or BTC accumulators— People that only want to deal in Bitcoin. So, you say to them, “You hold Mirror Protocol and overtime, you’re going to generate Bitcoin and in time, hold and theoretically generate a lot of other alt tokens. You only have access to a lot of these tokens, including BBTF and SafeMoon by coming in and introducing them to the SafeMoon ecosystem.

Gotti: Exactly.

Cats: That’s awesome.

Gandalf: That’s extremely great. A follow-up question to that—since a lot of people thought that will be seven protocols, right? A little bird told me, in a particular Space very recently, there has been some talk (during the darkest of nights for us Germans and British people) about SafeMoon. Can you just enlighten us—What was that?

Gotti: During last night’s late Space, Don specifically asked me. He said, “Gotti, you have seven Mirror Protocols [with contracts that are out already]. The answer was “SafeMoon.” This is a thing we have planned for a long time. We didn’t want to mention that yet. I got a lot of feedback from the SafeMoon Army and they said that they wanted Mirror Protocol SafeMoon. Don caught me off guard last night. Mirror SafeMoon is on the rise. For sure.

Cats: So, you're going to generate SafeMoon and by holding Mirror Protocol SafeMoon that generates BBTF which will generate Mirror Protocol. Ok. How many Mirror Protocols do you think you can have?

Gandalf: 32 *laughs*

Gotti: There is really no limit, to tell you the truth, Cats. It’s not introducing a new shiny token. It’s basically, what do we want to bring back into the SafeMoon ecosystem and the BBTF ecosystem. How can we expand the DeFi space? By introducing these blue chips, we are introducing communities and participants. The goal is mass adoption. The only way to do that is to introduce different blue chips, tokens, coins, etc into the ecosystem and I think it’s a great idea. Let’s say I am a Bitcoin guy and only want the Mirror Protocol Bitcoin and want higher rewards for staking. Say we had 32 blue chips out at that time. Do you know what I’m going to get just for Staking my 1—the bitcoin that I like? I’m going to get everything else, too, in rewards.

Cats: Interesting!

Is it possible, in the future, to do a distribution based on what you choose from the Mirror Protocol?

Gotti: There is a possibility. However, if we did that, we’d be taking away from the vision. It’s a first of its kind. We’re trying to do something different. We’re going to allow you to pick, stake and get all of [those benefits] anyway.

Where do you see yourself once the core ecosystem has been finished?

Gotti: I always think from a community perspective. I want to be careful not to mention anything that we have in the future until we are [ready to launch additional products or services]. Don stated in a Space that BBTF and Mirror Protocol have something lined up already. He stated there were several for each. I don’t want to say what that vision is or what those utilities are until we are a little bit closer. Right now, we are working on getting the first three launched, staking and then the next five. Let’s stick with that.

There are a lot of different meanings of the word, “utility.” What is your definition of the word?

Gotti: My definition of utility would be what or how can we bring volume back into the Mirror Protocol without having to rely on only people buying and selling.

Cats: Ok. So, it’s outsourcing profits into the ecosystem, essentially. Interesting.

How was working with the SafeMoon team? What was our experience and what were your expectations?

Gotti: Ever since I was invited to Utah, it was the most overwhelming invite I’ve gotten thus far. I’ve been in the community and SafeMoon first introduced its headquarters in Utah. There were pictures. People wanted to go meet up there. There were all those emotions and feelings built up and I was like, “No freakin’ way.” What I expect from the team is exactly what they provided me, which is the support of the team. All of the guys, including the support team – Hayden, Jonas, J. Chillcut. I was able to meet Sketch, said that if I needed anything, reach out. Gandalf said the same thing, too. They have open arms. That’s my only expectation. When a project needs help, where they can fill in, I know they will fit in. I truly think—I know they will be there when the time comes. We’re not asking for much at all.

Gandalf: We'll definitely meet up at some point!

Cats: Yeah, that’s awesome! I would like to visit Utah as well. We are going to open up the floor. Let's quickly run through these and we’ll wrap it up there.

What are the first three tokens? What are the seven?

Gotti: So, the first three are Bitcoin and BNB. The next idea would be XRP. The rest that we have are Matic, Link, Ethereum, Cardano and then, of course, SafeMoon.

Cats: Awesome! So, starting with Mirror Protocol 1 which is BTC and then Mirror Protocol 2 which is BNB. Those two are reflected by BBTF. The remaining are XRP, ETH, Chainlink, SafeMoon and Matic. Ok, perfect! So, hopefully, that covers that question.

What was your onboarding experience with SafeMoon?

Gotti: It was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had. I was able to go to SafeMoon. They gave us a tour. I met everyone except John.

Gandalf: No way!

Gotti: He had just left. Yeah. We missed him by just a few minutes! Then, we have the paper signing and stuff like that. I left with a SafeMoon Capsule. I got my capsule; We took pictures and we did an interview. Cats mentioned that Don has an interview with John, so just be on the lookout for mine.

Who did your interview?

Gotti: Hayden. He is one of the funniest guys I’ve met in my life. He’s also a great guy.

Are you concerned about drop-offs in volume that seem to be particularly affecting reflections as volume-based rewards. How do you counter this?

Gotti: We don't want to only rely on the volume from people buying and selling. You’ll see the effect once we launch the next protocols, how that affects BBTF ecosystem and how it will complement The Mirror Protocol ecosystem. The Mirror Protocol will be like a chain effect to the ecosystem and they will complement each other.

Will The Mirror Protocol SafeMoon (MP SafeMoon token) have a dynamic supply that moves with the real supply of SafeMoon or will it be based on one that is static?

Gotti: Well, the idea is that The Mirror Protocol is exactly that: a mirror. I don’t want to speak too much about the functions of the Mirror Protocol SafeMoon token will work. We still have some time to answer those questions back to the community. The Mirror Protocol will be just that. It’s going to be a mirror. More information will [be provided once we are closer].

Can we expect Mirror Protocol-BNB within the next 48 hours?

Gotti: We won’t be able to provide dates or timelines. The fall season is “the drop” season.

Do you expect to have all seven out by the end of the year?

Gotti: That is the anticipation. The idea is: two tokens every two weeks for the next six tokens. So, you could easily scale that until the end of November. That’s the idea. Once we get those next two out– and those tokens per every two weeks can be one token in one week.

Is the plan to release two tokens at a time?

Gotti: That was initially the plan. We also realized how cool it would be if we did one launch of the BNB so that people can accumulate BNB and receive rewards, buy SafeMoon, whatever they want– Our plan now is probably to launch BNB, first, to allow people to accumulate BNB rewards.

Cats: Perfect! That is reassuring to know that there is a break. Will you still be doing two token launches at the same time for other tokens or just one at a time for [subsequent] tokens?

Gotti: We might. That’s the cool thing about DeFi. You can scale it to however you want. There is no definitive answer for that. As I mentioned, the idea after Bitcoin was to do XRP and BNB at the same time. We then thought we might do BNB on its own. We still have some planning to do on the next launches.

Cats: So, for now– It is February. . . October 5– We are fine for now, to take a breather and not worry about it for now. Moving forward, until we get confirmation of any other dates not being confirmed, the world is your oyster. I’ll leave it at that because we ain’t gonna get a day out of you. *laughter* We tried.

Gotti: Hey, we could trade information Cats and Gandalf.

Gandalf: You first! Then, we may follow up. You first! *laughs* Isn’t it great to experience being a community member to now also sitting in the hot seat, where others often press you for information and inquire about everything. They want to know everything that you do because they want to know everything that you do and follow it. That is a feeling of pressure and excitement because you know what’s about to come but you cannot tell it.

Gotti: Yeah, exactly. It’s definitely the hot seat.

Cats: The dreaded NDA, love it. Gotta love it. I’m still waiting for the day that I can– Because I keep teasing Don. He was the menace behind the NDA on Twitter for SafeMoon so, the day that we can put him in the hot seat. . . not yet, but. We’ll give him some time.

Well, if we don’t have any more questions for today, we will let you get back to your day, Gotti. Thank you for coming and sharing your vision of Mirror Protocol. We would love to have you back once you have a complete ecosystem, to kind of hear more about what you thought went well, what didn’t go well, what you changed, you know, those sort of questions. So we’d be glad to have you back in the future once you feel the time is right but, as always, thank you for being a part of the SafeMoon Army and the community, but also now becoming a great partner. ‘And we look forward to seeing the success you have within our ecosystem and the ecosystem you built. ‘Appreciate you for coming up today.

Gotti: Thanks Cats, thanks Gandalf. Again, I appreciate the invite. I can mark this one off of my bucket list now. Thank you so much.

Gandalf: *laughs* Great job, buddy.

Cats: Thank you very much, Gotti.

Great, so that was Mirror Protocol, exciting! They have a tremendous task ahead of them but they’re achieving a very unique and ultimately insane diversification, if anything– sort of to go off of the reflections that came off the Bitcoin protocol. If that’s mirrored across the rest. . . no pun intended. They’ve got a great project ahead of them– I’m glad to have them on board. Yeah, we only wish them the best.

Gandalf: Absolutely, and he’s doing a wonderful job. I know how it is when you just get into this position– We had it too, when you get into a new position where you represent something– You have the pressure and also the excitement to do so because motivation is driving you, but on the other hand you don’t want to slip up! So good job today, Gotti, gotta give it to you.

Cats: It is tough because, again, we’re excited, everyone at SafeMoon is excited, and anyone with their own project is excited to share what they want to share.

Delivery Season

[Timestamp 00:58:19-1:02:00]

Cats: We’re at the cusp. I believe it was said last night by Josh in the Twitter Space last night– he said “delivery season.” If that’s anything to go by then the excitement’s ahead.

Just to make everyone aware, again, this is huge new in itself. I know it's not huge news of release but for product development, especially with Orbital Shield and the product that it is, to be able to say that as part of the ongoing development of Orbital Shield, we've had a third-party penetration testing program completed with great results. Specifically, we experienced no system or data compromise using our new encryption standard. That is huge for when you are developing product, especially when you ae looking the the security side of a product. To be able to have those results come back is phenomenal.

I'm excited as we roll out more testing with the beta testing and then we move into the release of information. It's going to be good. I'm excited, can't wait to talk about it. I've been on the edge of my seat for so long now– I just want to give you the information and all will make sense with time. It's just one of those things; product development is it's own journey in itself and there are so many different complex parts to a product development. It's not just a simple go to GitHub, copy a piece of code, and launch a product. That's not it at all. There are so many different sections that you have to think about, from all different sides. As I said on Sunday, look at the product development cycle, look how far along the beta cycle is (especially public-private beta testing), and just truly see where we are in that beta cycle or the development cycle. That'll give you some insight as to where we are.

But yeah, exciting times ahead! I can't wait to see it all complete within the ecosystem, at least the core foundations anyways.

Thank you Gotti for coming and sharing more about his project and what he's got going on with Mirror Protocol and we'll be back on Sunday! As always, I'll catch you guys later. Thank you for coming.

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