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MoonCast #53 (October 2nd, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

Table of Contents

Intro | Disclaimer | Agenda | Gandalf’s Promotion | New Careers Listings | Community Q&A MetaMerce Token | MetaMerce Q&A | Outro


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Cats: Right, so let’s get ready to go. We are waiting on MetaMerce to join. So, before we start, we just need to make sure that they are currently with us and then we can get going. Gandalf: Exactly. I’ve messaged them. Let’s see when they come up. Cats: So, we are live and sound seems to be good from my side. Everything seems to be good. If not, we’ll deal with it as we should. It’s been weird. It’s been weird trying to set this all back up after a few weeks off. Gandalf: You’re losing the groove, man. The pause was too long. *laughs* Cats: Like, I didn’t even— when you’ve done something for so long and then you come back to doing it after about a 3 or 4 week break now? 5 weeks? Longer, now? I don’t know how many Sundays it’s been. It’s crazy how—

Gandalf: Approximately a month. Cats: It’s crazy the amount of set up it takes— and not having everything in order, but nonetheless, Thank you, Glenn, for confirming that we’re all good. Alright! Well, I am going to do the intro. I am going to— You know, we can kind of just have a little chit chat about what’s going on and then we’ll start and then, hopefully, the guys will be here.


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Cats: Hello, everyone! I’m your host, Cats. Today, I’m joined by fellow educator, Gandalf. We’d like to welcome you to this MoonCast, a SafeMoon educational podcast. I’d first like to make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast where we are able to answer the questions of the community. We do not look to make any announcements during this cast unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand everything you hear today is used as educational content only and not treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. So, without further ado, we welcome everyone!


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Cats: Welcome back to MoonCast! This is episode 52 and yes. Today, we will be speaking with MetaMerce Token, our new Hyper Launch partner, one of five for September. So, these guys are going to be the first ones to join back for a new year of MoonCast. Now, this does not mean that MoonCast is coming back on a weekly basis, however, when there are people to speak to, when there is news to talk about, we'll come to your screens on a Sunday. Now I suppose, while we wait, I will make everyone aware -for those that are here- that MoonCast will be going live on Wednesday. So, this coming Wednesday, same time as we are live today, we will be going live again for another episode of MoonCast. So, a mid-week special, shall we call it…

Gandalf: It's always cool to have the MoonCast back but you can now just make it on a random day. That is exciting, being in MoonCast and knowing it isn't a Sunday.

Cats: Exactly. We've stuck to a schedule and the main priority is Sunday. It will always be primetime Sunday, shall we say, but I am looking to speak to many of the partners that have come onto the Swap over September. We can't prolong five weeks. So, [we will have] a mid-week special for you guys on Wednesday and hopefully we can get to know one more of our partners. I'm not going to say who it is but do keep an eye out on Tuesday and we'll make everyone aware of who it is on Tuesday.

Let's see. So, it's strange to be back. Hi, everyone [and] welcome. We are waiting for MetaMerce Token to come and join us so we can learn more about them, who they are and what they are trying to do within the crypto and DeFi space. So, as soon as they come up, we will go ahead and jump right into learning more about them but I suppose for the moment, if anybody has any questions in the meantime, we'll be more than happy to answer them to the best of our ability. Please understand that NDAs are involved. That dreaded NDA is always going to hit you in some way, shape or form if you ask too in-depth questions that we cannot answer but you're more than welcome to ask any questions. I believe the questions option should be live if you are on Discord. So, if you have any questions go ahead and ask them and we'll try and cover that.

Gandalf’s Promotion

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Cats: So, while we're waiting for MetaMerce Token, I think congratulations are in order Gandalf for your I suppose it is a promotion but it's more of a change of responsibilities, or at least a development on your responsibilities. You are still with me. You're still doing education, however, you are now going to lean more into the sales-education side and as we progress further with products and services that SafeMoon will offer, it's creating the material and going in more depth to try and help partners understand some of the products that we will be looking to offer in the future. Congratulations to you! How do you feel about your position? Is that where you want to be? Where do you want to go?

Gandalf: Of course I wanted to be here. As you said, you can call it a promotion. I will also not leave you. I will stick to you. You will not get rid of me, but generally, I already did this work prior to this date. It was more like an update of my title if you want to say it this way. ‘But basically, yes, it is creating educational material but also people might know this from me I'm there for the partners to talk and help them out in the same way I try to help the SafeMoon Army and be available for them. Now, it comes more into fruition that you can just use the educational portion to just bring that into a way to connect the partners even more and, to then, be there as an assistant and just move further into the educational part and look at what the future brings, especially when we know that for the future when our innovations and our products come and we have to explain them and give an overview to the people. It's great to have the possibility to be there not only for the SafeMoon army but also for the SafeMoon Galaxy. Cats: One hundred percent. It’s easy to educate on a simple level when you’re trying to explain just on the basic levels of what the product is. Then it’s trying to, kind of educate and guide the new partners (or potential new partners) on what it is that will then benefit them and how that could then potentially integrate into their system or what they’re trying to achieve. It’s a different way of educating and it definitely can be a lot more complex. At the same time, it can be fairly simple, depending on the partner you’re speaking to at the time.

New Careers Listings

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Cats: Speaking of careers – SafeMoon does have four current listings for careers. So, if you are either a Site Reliability Engineer, Solidity Dev, Systems Architect or C++ Software Engineer, SafeMoon is currently looking for you. So, you can go ahead and apply via the website and if it is that your role isn’t listed there, you are more then welcome to send in your cover letter, CV, anything about you and maybe you can fill a gap that we didn’t realize we needed. My journey from the very beginning of where SafeMoon Education started— I didn't think it was going to turn into a career and well, let’s just say I am very thankful for the position [with] SafeMoon. It’s crazy, the journey.

Community Q&A

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Cats: How are we doing with MetaMerce Token? Are they coming, Gandalf? How are we looking?

Gandalf: Well, I’m currently trying to get them into Discord but I know that Ron is trying to come to the Discord and Jedi messaged me some minutes ago so we will wait and see. Normally, they should be here and Jedi is available but let’s see if they come to the Discord.

Cats: Sure, sure. Well, let’s see. Do we have any questions in the meantime? Let’s have a look. Really, no questions? No questions at all in the community looking or wanting to know anything about crypto or SafeMoon at all? Shocked I’m shocked. Everyone has questions. Everyone has questions, even if we have to reply NDA . We want to hear your questions.

Gandalf: *laughs* Don’t push the negative questions to come up.

Cats: No, it’s fine. Like I said, I haven’t used the NDA in awhile. I’m a bit rusty. I want to start slamming it down. It’s only recently [that] I’ve been jumping back into Twitter Spaces.

Gandalf: ’But that’s the problem. If you want to slam it down, you might just slip up.

Cats: No, no. I am trained in the arts of NDA, Gandalf. C’mon. *laughs*

Gandalf: We all are, we all are.

Cats: I was having some trouble with Twitter. I’ve been shadow banned multiple times by Twitter because, apparently, I am a robot on Twitter for some bizarre reason I don’t know why. I am now unshadow banned, however, they have removed a lot of features from my account including Twitter Spaces. It’s a pain.

Gandalf: It’s the same thing that I had when I went to Utah just being there at the moment and just being like instant banned when I returned. I don’t know why it happened. Apparently, traveling from one country to another is not liked, especially by Twitter.

Cats: I noticed, apparently, repeating yourself and retweeting your own retweets is just not allowed (apparently) from what they said to me, for whatever reason, but it was nice to get back into the community and speak to the community a little bit more and see some of the different things the partners have been getting up to too.

How is the Orbital Shield testing going?

Cats: From my personal testing, I will say that I am one of the individuals that’s testing it or has been testing it and it is going very well. It is a strong piece of tech. It’s going well but no dates or anything that I know people want but all I can say is testing is going well. It’s going really well. I’m excited to talk about Orbital Shield. I want to talk about the future and I’m excited to share everything that’s going on when we can. A lot more will make sense from the development side when things come out and start to roll off the production line. Patience is key. We understand that the community has been waiting and we’re nearly there. You’ll slowly start to get the grasp. People have been enjoying (as they can’t yet have the physical product), they’ve been appreciating the updates that the team have been [providing] with the consistent updates from the main Twitter account, informing you guys of the different stages that Orbital Shield is at. We had the customer support and customer success integration going really well. So, there’s a whole progression of the pipeline that is being developed and the team is looking to keep you updated, so that’s good to hear.

Is SafeMoon Orbital Shield strictly security related or are there additional features that will benefit its users?

Cats: It is a very powerful piece of technology that will benefit the holders greatly.

Gandalf: It is a piece of technology, a product, that we appreciate. We can say to you that this is something that will be appreciated by people who are [anticipating] innovation. We love to provide information and extend the [conversation] but now is not the right time. You won’t have to wait years, but I can’t give any timeframes [either]. It is overwhelming to test it and I can’t wait for people to see it.

Cats: One hundred percent. If you look at a general product development cycle and look at where the beta is situated within a product development, that will give you some answers as to how far along that is. We wouldn’t be having external testing for this product if it wasn't so far along the journey.

Gandalf: Thanks for the question. We have Jedi here!

MetaMerce Token

[Timestamp 00:22:39 - 00:48:30]

Cats: Hello Jedi! How are we?

Jedi: Good, Cats! How are you? My apologies to everyone. I have no WiFi at the moment. I had to find a spot.

Gandalf: I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sweating.

Jedi: Yeah, I was nervous, man. I was trying to get in here but–

Gandalf: Now, you’re good!

Jedi: Yes. I’m doing good, man. I’m doing real good! Thank you!

Cats: Perfect! Welcome to MoonCast! Welcome to your show for the evening. We have some questions to learn more about who you are as an individual, hear more about your project and where you’re looking to go. Please tell us more about you, where you sit within MetaMerce and a bit about your team, as well.

Jedi: For sure! If you guys aren't familiar, you can go to our website, and it has all four of our founders with information about who we are. My name is Adam Scalf. I am one of four founders. MetaMerce Token was an idea that we created from a business that I don’t deal with, but Aaron does. It's with the liquidation aspect of it. It was a good idea to do because it was so simple. It’s not complicated. The only thing we would have to introduce was obviously a cryptocurrency that we utilize on a selling platform.

A little about myself— I am married. I have four children. My background is more into trades. I did a lot of penny stocks since 2008 and got into crypto about 2015 when I bought my first bag of Dogecoin. The margin was greater in crypto than in penny stocks, in my opinion. I felt it was necessary to start getting into crypto. I didn’t know much about crypto at the time. I really dove deep into it. Obviously, there is a lot [to learn] and there is a lot that I don’t know. I know my name says Crypto -Jedi- Master but I like to look at that like I had— mastered a lot of things that I didn’t understand and got a little more familiar with it and a little more well-versed in it, which leads us into MetaMerce Token.

My background for crypto and trades is essentially why I’m here in MetaMerce Token; and essentially lining us up with the right people who are best for the job. ‘Speaking in terms of contract coding, networking within crypto, web3 designers— Things like that. We’re pretty diverse. Aaron and Ron have business backgrounds also. Obviously, Aaron— He obviously runs another liquidation company. *inauble* [Ron] does, too. He actually has a marketing degree from University of Southern California, but he also does liquidation as well. Brian is our IT guy. He also knows about crypto, like me. So, that's where we are.

We started talking about MetaMerce Token back in— The idea came about in July of last year. We really started getting into together as a team this past November [of] 2021. It took a little while to get it launched because we wanted to make sure everything was where it needed to be. We wanted to get the business aspect of it lined up so we can really focus on the utility of the token. We wanted to have a lot of organic growth with it, meaning not utilizing investor money too much and generate revenue to take business to the next level. Also, at the same time, benefit our investors which is why we have Buy Back & Bank feature.

Cats: Perfect! I know that’s a lot to cover. So, hopefully, we can try and break that down a little more as we go through the show. Just to clarify, there are four of you who came together to set up MetaMerce. Is it just you four?

Jedi: It's just us four founders. We have been expanding and bringing in more mods to help facilitate some of those roles and parts of our social platforms. Our main ones are obviously, right now, Twitter and Telegram. We have a Discord but it is still considered under construction. So, we’re going to get that under wraps and get that going so that we can get more community members that don’t like to use Telegram over on the Discord side and be able to participate. As far as founders go, it’s just myself, Ron, Aaron and Brian.

Cats: Perfect! No, Perfect. That’s great. I know that setting up a Discord isn’t easy and I definitely think Veno can shout out for that, with the amount of stuff that the ecosystem for SafeMoon Discord is chaotic to say the least, so I definitely know how you feel on that one. So, with you guys coming together and creating MetaMerce— How did you actually come to create MetaMerce, itself? Was it just a straight-up conversation? Did you guys know each other beforehand? How did that happen?

Jedi: The idea came shortly after I introduced Aaron to crypto. He didn’t really understand it at the time but once I was able to break it down and simplify it for him, it really started to click. I’ve done a lot of trades on the Ethereum side. I’ve also done a whole lot of trades on the BSC side. BSC can be a little overwhelming for people that haven’t ever used crypto because there are more steps involved when setting up a wallet, like in MetaMask, for example and understanding BEP20 on the BSC side.

Doing, like, a slow introduction to Aaron–him learning and seeing what type of money you, as an investor, can make so quickly, I think, is what really sparked the idea. He approached me and said, you know, we should do what we’re— well, [what] I’m already doing over here, as well as what I do. I'm a reseller. I never started a liquidation business itself. I did have an LLC but it’s on standby due to covid. That’s where the idea came from. Once he'd seen that happen, it was like a gateway of opportunity for the liquidation side of the business, especially for those in small business to start utilizing some profit margin and being profitable and not risk being shut down.

So, he came to me and was like, “How do we do this? How do we incorporate this to crypto?” I said, “Well, We start with getting a reliable contract and something that is trustworthy and right now, in my opinion, the best in the business is Brew Labs.” We got a hold of Ron and Brian, explained the idea of what we wanted to do. It was on after that. We just went with it and here we are today.

Cats: Perfect! You’ve mentioned the word liquidation quite a few times. Is that the core of what you guys are? Could you give some more ideas and, sort of like, the concept behind MetaMerce as a whole and what the liquidations concept means? What is it basically, for you and as a core, behind your project?

Jedi: Yeah. So, essentially, just to put it into simple terms so that everyone is on the same page is liquidating goods or overstock and returns. It's simply, items that aren’t being sold that stores can’t necessarily move or they choose not to move because they have a constant flow of new product coming in they liquidate those items to liquidators and liquidators get those at a massive discount compared to what they would do versus MSRP price. In turn, those liquidators will either sell it out of their brick-and-mortar store or they’ll put it on a selling platform like eBay or Amazon. If they have contracts with these retailers, they will get truckloads and sell them to the liquidators that want to buy truckloads from them to have more product.

So, essentially, if you get— If you buy a TV at the store but you didn’t want a 55-inch, you wanted a 65-inch... You take that TV back. You get your 65-inch. That 55-inch will probably not go back on the shelf. It will get liquidated and the liquidator will get it for a fraction of the cost that it was originally, then turn around and sell it below MSRP to gain a profit.

Cats: Ok, cool! You obviously have a diverse background in business and logistics. How is this working for you, moving into a completely different world in some cases? How are you finding that, with the likes of communication, just your teamwork and how everything is [moving forward] on a day-to-day basis for you?

Jedi: It can sometimes be a bit of a struggle, especially when you are dealing with companies outside of the U.S. who are in different time zones. It really hinders the communication a bit but it doesn’t stop us from moving. As far as struggles go, that’s probably one of the top ones for me. So far through this whole process –I mean, knock on wood. I won’t want to jinx anything– So far, everything has been pretty smooth sailing with us. We’re constantly in a line of communication. I talk to them all day, every day. I just talked to them shortly before I got into the space because I was trying to get somebody in here [when I was having connection] issues.

It has definitely been a learning opportunity, especially when dealing with Brew Labs, creating contracts and understanding how deep that really goes and how much is involved with that. That’s been it for me, for the most part. I can’t speak for the other founders. Outside of that, on a social aspect, everything seems to be pretty much the same in communicating with everybody in Twitter spaces or making tweets and, you know, trying to get the information out there.

Cats: That's awesome! That’s awesome to hear you’ve had a smooth sailing. The DeFi space can be a chaotic space a lot of the time, so it’s great to see you’ve had a smooth sailing with getting the project up and running. Just to jump back a little bit— You talked about liquidation and what that is. Some people are asking how it is all integrated with crypto.

Jedi: Yeah. So, essentially, the idea is introducing retail to crypto or introducing merchandise to crypto. We’ve tried for a long time (not us, individually but other projects) to introduce crypto to retail, meaning they want to take crypto and get it adopted by major retailers to be able to utilize it in their store for product purchasing or whatever the case may be. I think we’ve all seen that has not worked. It has worked on some levels but not in the sense that we want to. You can utilize a Visa card or Mastercard. You can go into a store. You can buy something but they are exchanging that crypto to a fiat currency which is then redirected to a banking system, which goes to the store and the third-party servicer that'll pay them. It's just a lot of steps to do.

It’s nice but we want to be able to use the cryptocurrency itself. So, if we can provide the product but also have a cryptocurrency available for you to utilize to buy those products— that seems to be the answer, at least to us. So, if we can get the product, give it to you, make a crypto currency, provide it to you and then you can start buying goods with that. I think that will help generate some history. We’ve got revenue. Right now, there’s no real history which is, I think, all the skepticism with it but if we can create a resume with the business, I think we can start earning a little bit more trust with not only just those that aren’t involved in crypto but those major retailers.

That’s, kind of, the point of us wanting to secure some of these contracts with these major retailers, so we can get the product directly from them and it’s not going through, you know, 15-20 different hands when you go to buy a [specific] product or products in general. Hopefully, that answers your question. That’s the idea of it.

Cats: Ok, perfect. So, you’re trying to connect the crypto in retail but the retail being more of the business side of retail and not the consumer side.

Jedi: Maybe a little bit of both.

Cats: Ok!

Jedi: —because we also want to utilize distribution when it comes to getting product and moving truckloads. Right now, we have people lined up for that. We want to start educating those individuals in crypto so that they’ll buy our token and, in turn, use that token to buy these truck loads because it will save them money. We can start utilizing the token’s utility at that point and slowly start integrating some of the other things that we want to do such as the selling platform eventually into web3, into the metaverse and utilizing our mall.

Cats: Ok, cool! Someone just mentioned the liquidation side of things. I think they are trying to connect the dots. You connect your token, so you have that warehouse full of goods and instead of paying dollars, you can use the token. Is that the premise they are trying to connect?

Jedi: Yeah, you’ll use MetaMerce’s token. Now, obviously, we’re not going to be limited, because we want a successful business at the end of the day. You can utilize fiat. We will also have other crypto currencies that will be made available. If you don’t have MetaMerce Token, there are other ways that you can still purchase these goods. Obviously, we encourage people to use MetaMerce Token because you’ll get the best bang for your buck, really. You’ll be able to get the items cheaper using the MetaMerce Token than you would some other crypto currency or fiat. There will definitely be other options made available.

Cats: Ok, perfect. So, there is more of an incentive for you guys over the others but you’re not limiting it to MetaMerce itself. Ok, cool! That’s cool. In terms of progression – it’s kind of a two-sided question… What do you see as being the biggest challenge for you?

Jedi: I think the biggest challenge is not only building trust with the major retailers but also getting the message across to those who aren’t in crypto because that’s the main focus. We want to get new money into crypto and educate people on how this stuff works.

It’s easier for us to be able to explain Ethereum network versus BSC network to someone who has never done it. Ethereum –here in the United States– is easier to get, [whereas] some states are a little more strict and you might not be able to get Ethereum or BNB. ‘But for the most part, here in the States, it’s easy to get Ethereum. You can get it through Coinbase,, Voyager… There are plenty of ways to get it. If you use Coinbase, you can get the Coinbase Wallet and you can buy Ethereum directly into your wallet by connecting your wallet to your Coinbase account. Then, [you can] just slide that ETH over to your SafeMoon Wallet.

SafeMoon also offers the MoonPay but what we run into with MoonPay – it’s not just SafeMoon, it’s every other exchange that uses it – most of the banking institutions here don’t recognize MoonPay. They don’t like anything associated with crypto because they’re a competitor at the end of the day. They’re not going to work with us in that sense.

So one, it’s education for people who aren’t in crypto, building trust with major retailers and also educating those inside crypto who don’t understand liquidation. That’s our first step and why we want to start with distribution. If we can get a truckload of products in, we can then create a documentary or a mini-series that can help educate everyone along the way and [help others to] really understand the value behind this.

Cats: Yeah, sure. It’s like “the proof is in the pudding.” [That’s] probably the easiest way to put it. Cool! So let’s flip that question, then. In terms of your future visions and progression, what are some of the big things you want to achieve? How far do you want to take this in terms of the end goal? Where do you see yourself taking MetaMerce Token in the next two years?

Jedi: Our roadmap is actually two years because we want to move quickly but safely. What we would like to see within that two year timeframe is that the token is being utilized for its purpose, which is purchasing goods. So, having the distribution aspect set in stone, the selling platform online but also the web3 and building our mall. With the mall, we hope that some major retailers will want to get involved with web3. I know Walmart is currently talking about doing it – so we, kind of, want to be quick about it (in the sense that we want to capture some of the major retailers, like Walmart) and give them a place to call home in web3.

Obviously, the endgame is that we want to adapt to everything changing around us, especially with web3. I don’t think there’s ever going to be a pause when it comes to evolving in web3. We definitely want to grow with that, if that makes sense.

Cats: One hundred percent. The timescale of real life to the DeFi industry is insanely different. I think the saying is, “A minute in crypto is a day in the real world,” with how fast it moves.

The last question we have before we open up the floor is, in terms of getting from the conception of MetaMerce Token all the way through to working with the SafeMoon team and getting on the Swap, the progression to being a full-fledged Hyper Launch partner. How was that journey from start to finish with SafeMoon?

Jedi: It was definitely a journey! They required a lot of information about us personally. They definitely know who we are. It was definitely a good experience, especially when we got to go to Utah and meet everybody in person. Jonas and Hayden are really good dudes and some of the other people that were there, too. I don’t recall their names, so I apologize - there was a lot going on!

One of the things I really loved was that the first thing out of their mouth was “We have to think of the SafeMoon Army first. So, here’s why we do these things and here’s where we want you to be.” Everything that was done throughout that entire process was to ensure the safety and security of the SafeMoon Army, which makes sense. That should be, because at the end of the day, that’s who we work for as our investors and consumers.

It was a lot of fun! I know their WiFi is very secure, which was really nice to see. *laughs* Going to Topgolf with them and experiencing that too – Jonas is a very tall individual, okay? When we started playing Topgolf and the golf balls were going over the net, I was like, “Man, I don’t think we’re going to be able to survive this,” because we don’t play Topgolf; but it was a lot of fun.

‘But yeah, they go into depth with the KYCs (Know Your Consumer) and KYBs (Know Your Business). They don’t skip a beat. They don’t cut any corners. I’d say you should be proud of what they do, honestly.

Cats: That’s great! I’m glad you enjoyed Utah and meeting the team. That’s reassuring to hear, not just for me as an individual who doesn’t get to see that side, but also to the wider community. When SafeMoon is looking into [potential] partners, they aren’t just going to say yes to anyone for the sake of having a new partner. This is about connecting with an individual or a team of individuals and getting to know them. It’s great to hear that they are taking those steps to make sure that you, as a company/team/project, are happy with who you are being partnered with. [This is reassuring to] SafeMoon holders as well. That’s great to hear! We’re going to open up the floor. I see a couple of hands up. Let’s run through some of the text questions first.

MetaMerce Q&A

[Timestamp 00:48:30 - 00:57:08]

What type of merchandise will be offered?

Jedi: It will be a bit of everything. There are a lot of products that we can get. We try to stay away from refrigerated stuff but there’s a lot more to handle when making sure items stay frozen. We can get, pretty much, anything and everything when it comes to furniture, jewelry, electronics, food, etc. A lot of these pallets are like surprise boxes. You never know what you’re going to get. It becomes fun at the same time. Can we get some things that are a little more specific to the buyer? From a distribution aspect– If you’re someone that leans more towards electronics, then we’ll focus on getting loads of electronics, clothes or whatever the case may be.

Will the cost of using MetaMerce’s token be less than the cost of spending fiat to make purchases?

Jedi: That would be ideal. We want you to be able to capitalize on profit. That’s why we don’t have [any additional] transfer tax fees with us. [You would pay a standard gas fee with the exchange or network as required by the network.] We haven’t crunched numbers yet. We do want you to be able to get the token and also benefit from the token by not having to spend a lot [on crypto] taxes. The point to all of this is to save money and be profitable. Anything obtained, profit-wise for the business, will be going back to purchasing the token so that we can always have a nice, healthy value to the token. This is why we have Buy Back & Bank. If we have to burn tokens, we should have never had that amount in the supply, anyway – at the same time, be able to control the value of our token and not worry so much about a decrease or devaluation of the token. We also want to maximize savings as much as possible.


[Timestamp 00:57:08-01:03:45]

Cats: I think we have covered all the questions that we’ve got. I don’t see any other questions coming in. I know that you are occupied, Jedi. So, I’m not going to take up much more of your time. Thank you for coming up, being part of the MoonCast and explaining a bit more about who you are and what you’re trying to achieve. I am a fan of Amazon liquidation. I like liquidation as a whole. Also, a message from SafeMoon and the team– Thank you for being a part of the SafeMoon Army and providing a great partnership between you and us. We appreciate you! Do you have [anything more you wish to share]?

Jedi: Yeah. Thank you! We wouldn’t be here without SafeMoon Army and Gandalf reaching out to me and presenting this great opportunity for us. It’s been a blessing so far. Hopefully, we can continue to earn that trust and respect and deliver. We’re definitely working hard behind-the-scenes to get all of this going and put into fruition. So, thank you all for taking time out of your Sunday, having me on the show and learning about MetaMerce Token. Thank you!

Cats: Thank you very much for coming up, Jedi. I appreciate it and hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.

Jedi: You too! Thank you.

Gandalf: Take care!

Cats: That was MetaMerceToken. If you want to learn more about them, you can reach out to them through their main community over on telegram. There will also be a Discord Server for reaching the MetaMerceToken community as well. If you want to learn more about them, please visit

Awesome! Thank you for tuning into this MoonCast. We will return–

Gandalf: Wednesday!

Cats: This time on Wednesday – We will be speaking with another partner. I’m not going to name anyone. Keep an eye out on Twitter. We will be back on Wednesday – same time, same place, here on Discord as well as YouTube. Thank you, Jedi, for coming up. Thank you to those asking questions. We’ll be back in a few days! So, that’s good-bye from me.

Gandalf: ‘And me!

Cats: ‘And we’ll catch you guys later. Adios!

A special thank you to our transcribers this week, Sir Burns and GlennHasABeard!
We are so grateful to our transcription team's dedication each and every week!

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