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MoonCast #52 (September 4th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

Table of Contents

Intro & Disclaimer | Agenda | Rust Game Giveaway | MoonCast Format Update | SafeMoon Orbital Shield | Giveaway Rules Reminder | Format Suggestions | Community Q&A | SafeMoon Gaming Discord | Community Q&A Cont. | Rust Cont. | Community Q&A Cont. 2 | SafeMoon Insider | Thank You | Giveaway, Winners Announced | Outro

Intro & Disclaimer

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Cats: Hello, everyone! How are we all doing today? I'm your host, Cats and I’m joined by fellow educator, Gandalf in addition to a special guest, Veno. We’d like to welcome you to this MoonCast, a SafeMoon educational podcast. I’d like to make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast where we are able to answer the questions of the community. We do not look to make any announcements during this cast unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand everything you hear today is used as educational content only and not treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. So, without further ado, welcome everyone to MoonCast #52.


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Cats: We have made an entire year, every Sunday, for 52 episodes of MoonCast. Now, I know there were breaks in between but we made 52 episodes and we do have some changes coming. So, we will get that in later in the show but first of all how are we doing, Gandalf? Gandalf: I’m doing good! Hello, everyone! 52 episodes in–we finally reached that point. It is absolutely amazing and dude, one whole year! *laughs* Veno: Congratulations on a year! Gandalf: Yayyyyy! Cats: It’s been a long time coming. We started MoonCast with just the whole focus of just giving the community a space to come and just ask their questions to a more, at the time, was the closest that anyone was to the team but obviously before the education team truly developed into what it is today. It was just about giving the community a connection to the team when the team couldn’t answer. There were times that we couldn’t even give you the answer because there was just a lot of things going on in the background but that being said, we made it 52 episodes. Before we go any further, I want to announce it so people can then take part throughout the show and then from there we can pull the winner at the end. So, I want to make everyone aware that there is a giveaway for multiple copies of Rust going across the entire SafeMoon community in different formats but today we’ve been given 2 copies of Rust so that you guys can go and partake in the SafeMoon Gaming server if you don’t have a copy of Rust.

Rust Game Giveaway

[Timestamp 00:08:00 - 00:10:05]

Cats: So, as of this week we launched the official server for Rust and it’s been doing tremendously well, it’s been a lot of fun so far. If you want to partake, please just take a look over the giveaway rules to understand what it is that you are taking part in. If you do wish to enter, there is another channel that you can click on which is contest entry and you just need to follow the contest entry submission. I believe it is just a “>entercontest” and you guys can take part in the giveaway. We will pull the winners at the end. As I said, read over the giveaway rules just to make sure you’re aware of what it is you are partaking in and then from there we can pull those at the end. Veno: Let me get a command out there really quick before you get going. So, if you want to enter the giveaway, you’re going to type our command “>entercontest” and I’m going to put it in the chat so you can see exactly what you have to type. That’s all you have to do to enter. Throw your name in the ring. You can only do it once and that will count you in for both possible copies. We will do 2 drawings off the same list. I’ll repeat it throughout the show in the chat. If you are interested, just type that in “>entercontest” all one word. Cats: So yeah, it’s something that’s sort of coming from if you are a gamer in the gaming community. SafeMoon is taking a little bit more of a stride on the gaming side so if you aren’t already on the gaming discord go ahead over there. The community is growing in itself just as a gaming community, not just a SafeMoon community and there's been some good times over the last few weeks as we’ve to this concept of bringing the community more and more together across the gaming side. Go and check it out on the gaming discord if you aren’t already and enter in the contest if you do want to partake in the giveaway to win a copy of Rust.

MoonCast Format Update

[Timestamp 00:10:05 - 00:18:39]

Cats: So, as we said, there have been 52 episodes of MoonCast. So, I’m going to make the announcements of trying to explain the changes that are coming to MoonCast and how you’re going to see MoonCast come to your screens and well all devices and kind of try to establish where we are with that. Moving forward MoonCast, will not be a weekly show. The reason for that is that when we started MoonCast, we wanted to come to you with an opportunity to ask questions but also information. As you know, and everyone in the community knows, information isn’t as thick as it used to be with what is coming out and what was given by the team. You know the team used to do weekly AMA’s. So, information is slightly reduced compared to what it used to be. Now, that doesn’t mean that we’re going away. It's just that we’re going to look to change the format slightly.

So, MoonCast has taken the position of being the weekly news and the weekly news is great but I feel like we can do it better. So, moving forward, MoonCast will not be a weekly show. It will be a main source of, “We have something to share with you from a community perspective,” and that can be things such as new partners, interviewing new partners that come on the swap and it could be to discuss a product release. It could be a multitude of things but it’s not going to be the weekly show, every single week that we have done for the past year. That being said, there are going to be some things that replace what MoonCast filled which was the news.

We don’t have the official launch date yet because we’re just finalizing the concept of the format which is what you guys already know. Lowdown and Pulse are daily and monthly articles. They’ve done phenomenal work in terms of assets that SafeMoon has to provide to the community. The Lowdown is your daily article and Pulse is your monthly article. Both the written formats will be turned into video. So, on a daily basis moving forward, you will receive a Lowdown. Again, subject to the release date once we finalize the video concept but this is where we are going to be moving forward with the news. So, on 90% of days you will receive a Lowdown. If there are quiet days, we may merge 2 together just to create more content. There’s no point in us coming up and saying there’s only one piece of news for that day. It depends on the day but overall, you’re going to consistently get a video format of LowDown and then on top of that every month on the 1st Sunday of every month you will receive the Pulse and that again will be a video format. So, the next Pulse that you should receive is on the 2nd of October and that will be the first launch for that one. So, we’ll have the 2nd of October for Pulse and then hopefully sometime this week towards the end of the week we should be able to start getting the Lowdowns created and developed for you guys.

Just to recap that MoonCast is no longer a weekly show but becoming more of an important news, information and communication stage. Discussing partnerships, whatever it is that needs to be discussed or shared with you guys. Then Lowdown is then continuing to keep its article format and being applied to also a video format. Finally, you then have the Pulse, again, taking the same stance of Lowdown which is then going from the article to video as well.

So that everything is getting utilized and converted into multiple different ways that people look to learn and we know that each and everyday that someone might not be able to read but they may be able to listen. So, with that, we’re able to try and cater to all the necessary ways that someone can learn. That’s the basis of it. That’s the way we’re going to run with it and you will see something this week from the education team. Follow @SFMinsider on Twitter because that’s where the announcement will be made and we’ll share where we are with the community content and how you will see it coming in the coming weeks. We have a set date for Pulse. We just need to finalize when we’re going to start the Lowdown [as part of the video content], so keep an eye out for that. I hope that everyone understands why we’re changing this. It has been a long journey to get to 52 [episodes]. I didn’t want to just cut this halfway through and make this change earlier. I wanted to stick it out for a full year just to say we did a full cycle of a year and now we get to do the new change.

So, hopefully, everyone will like the change as we move into the more content-produced side of things. It just means that there's more content to absorb in multiple ways as we move forward. Hope everyone is appreciative of that and understands that we’re not going away. It's just being changed into how we do it. It’s the same as how we announced it with the Labs. We want to produce quality content rather than a repeat or doing it for the sake of doing it in order to fill a void. Instead, we want to pump out the proper content that needs to be provided to the community. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy it as we move forward. Now with that being said, how do you feel about it Gandalf? Do you think that’s a good change? Gandalf: Absolutely! As I said, we have a lot of things to improve and innovate. [It will be beneficial to our audience] to change it up a bit. Last week, we briefly talked about Labs reaching a more relevant stage with a focus on quality over quantity. As we improve, we can focus on additional things. For example, I would definitely focus more on in-depth discussions or presentations, which go more into the current time. For example, Web3 as we’ve already spoiled for next time and with the recordings coming up for Lowdown and for everything coming up from that side– I’m super excited. We know that will be really awesome and wonderful, especially with Pulse, because no spoilers here, but it will be good.

Cats: It is and the concept that we have right now with the video format we have is not your traditional displaying of information. So, the concept of giving you the information in an audio format for Lowdown and Pulse will include providing news coverage that is different from traditional formats. You’ve seen the news on a daily basis. It will be presented in a way that isn’t what traditional video concepts are today, which is to visit the Lowdown and just read the news. There’s a bit more thought behind it. There’s a bit more process to how it is displayed. So, once we have the test piece ready, I will share it and it will be more transparent with what we are looking to achieve with Lowdown and Pulse. As I said, it’s a change that needs to happen because there’s so much we want to do as a team and we just need to focus our resources where they need to be focused and ultimately right now. News is one of the more important things until we can start teaching properly about the types of products that SafeMoon is offering.

SafeMoon Orbital Shield

[Timestamp 00:18:39 - 00:21:53]

Cats: –which, as we saw yesterday, SafeMoon Orbital Shield. So, I can’t talk about the actual specific products as of yet but it’s exciting to finally hear an official name of a product that is going to calm people's minds and once the community understands why they are going through a longer wait period, it will be worth it. I can assure you that there is a working version of SafeMoon Orbital Shield, and I am giving you the reassurance that moving swiftly forward, you will start to see and gain more information on this when that is ready to be given out. We’re in an industry across the board in a technological side where you have to protect everything that you have with a company to make sure that you aren’t losing out. You’ve got to protect your assets. You’ve got to protect your intellectual property. You’ve got to protect everything until that moment that you are ready.

So, we do have the name and everything will become clear on why things have happened the way they have. I’m excited about the actual branding. That in itself is a heavy task and it’s a heavy task that will *brief pause* go along with this product for years to come.. ‘And to get that right, in itself, is a hard task. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft put hundreds of thousands of dollars just into their logo. Just as an example, with Google, the G is not a normal G. If you look at the way the G is laid out and how it’s drawn, you can imagine how you one would go through that design process. That G, as it comes up and curves back around to complete the G, is not actually symmetrical. There’s a reason for that, to make it look more appealing. So, there’s an entire process and a journey just in the design aspect and getting the branding right for a product.

So, overall it’s exciting! More information will come in due course. I’m wanting to talk. I’m wanting to share the information. The day will come when I am allowed to share and say, “This is what it is” and describe to you how it works and [you will see] why we’ve waited so long. It’s just a journey and a process and I’m hyped! I’m ready and as soon as the –I call it the embargo– is lifted and I–

*Gandalf laughs*

Cats: –and I can talk about it– that will be the day that’ll put a lot of people's minds at ease, I will say. Sweet!

Giveaway Rules Reminder

[Timestamp 00:21:53-00:22:49]

Cats: Just to make everyone aware– this is the One Year Anniversary Special. We are doing a giveaway! If you are new to discord –and I’m sorry for those on YouTube– please review the giveaway rules and join us in the SafeMoon Discord server. So, please head over and read the giveaway rules and ensure you are aware of the contest’s details, date and other criteria before you enter. You can then type “>entercontest” with no quotes in your chat box. Veno: I’m repeating it consistently, too. So, all you have to do is be in the event chat. You’ll see it. You’ll have time to get it.

Cats: Perfect! There’s plenty of time left. We’ve got about 20 or 30 minutes left. Once we come to the end of the show, we will complete and do a full run of that.

Format Suggestions

[Timestamp 00:22:49 - 00:27:00]

Cats: So, there’s no real news coverage this week because we want to present that in a more formatted way and we want to kind of celebrate a little bit. I want to hear more about what you guys want to see from the education team, from any aspect, not just the MoonCast or the Lowdown or the website. What is it that would motivate you, a user, to learn more about a specific topic? Now, I bet I could ask people here what they know about [blockchain technologies.] How many could tell me blockchain works with nodes or how the whole mining process works. I’m just trying to think off the top of my head. All the different processes of a blockchain– how many of you guys can tell me each different part of a blockchain? How many different people can tell me how a blockchain connects to an exchange and then how an exchange works with a blockchain or with the likes of all the different features and processes or features that are offered between a blockchain and an exchange or a decentralized exchange like SafeMoon Swap. What is it that would excite you?

–Because we could create content forever, but if we don’t give it to you guys the correct way, then we’re kind of struggling and pointlessly writing something for the sake of writing it.

Veno: Does it come with Doritos?

Cats: Well, it’s funny that you should say that because that is a concept that I’m looking into and I don’t know how successful it will be but I want to try it because Binance just did something. I think it was yesterday and they did a quiz and I think they have like 107,000 users on this educational quiz and only 8,000 people got above 90% but they shared a pool of upwards 10,000 dollars. That goes on the concept of something that I wanted to do for a long time, which is the more you learn the more you earn and it’s an incentive to learn. Each and every person here has I would assume some crypto knowledge but how did you gain that knowledge? Where did you get the information to be at the level of understanding you are today? So, we just want to hear [from you.] We want to see what it is that you guys process, which way do you process it? How do you want to receive the content that we can create if we aren’t already creating it?

So, what changes do you want to make? Just feedback, leave it to us in any way, shape or form. We also check DMs via Discord as well as Tweets. Please share that feedback with us so that we may align and share the content in meaningful ways that are helpful to users. It could even be an image, just a simple image on Twitter. We’ve been doing some stat information from the main education account on Twitter. It’s been received really well. We’ve got a few more that are up and coming with sharing more about the SafeMoon ecosystem and the SafeMoon Swap partners. So, you’ve kind of already seen some of them from a bigger BSC side but we, kind of, want to focus on the SafeMoon side.

I’ll kind of recap that towards the end and ensure everyone is aware of the changes that are happening. We will take questions from the community for anything SafeMoon related and discuss SafeMoon Orbital Shield and cover any questions from the community as best we can.

Community Q&A

[Timestamp 00:27:00-00:37:20]

Cats: Let’s see I’m just checking the chat now.

I would love to see SafeMoon provide training courses related to crypto and offer a certification of sorts to encourage crypto education.

Cats: See, that’s a good point, Neo. That is something that I am trying to build out on a plan base first to see how we can achieve this because this industry in itself is very, very early. It’s new and the level of understanding on a technical level is changing rapidly. What we knew five years ago is completely different in terms of where the industry is now. So, that is my understanding of how we take education and benefit from it as a company and as holders as well.

So, If we are able to create an entire education system from start to finish and you’re able to complete and gain a certification in a specific area– whether it’s Solidity Dev or whether it’s technical analysis for following transactions on blockchain and that could lead more into the [security side of things or investigative work, for example]. Whichever industry or whichever side it is but create and develop a course that you guys can ultimately take part in, gain that certification but then that also allows SafeMoon, as a company, to kind of see those that are pushing for their further education and development and potentially even look to bring them into the company, utilizing them, which can lead into a paid job.

It’s something that SafeMoon really does appreciate is the effort and time that those individuals put in and it was transparent with the story of how I got into SafeMoon as being a member of the team and how we built the education team as a whole. I just wanted to supply information and repeating myself in the discord was not the way to do it. So, I created a site. I wasn't a web developer but I created it and I pushed the narrative to here’s all the information, if you need anything more that’s not on the site then come and ask that question.. –and that’s what we did! I created the site as best I could, provided the information, everything that I knew at the time and it was actions first, questions later for me. I wanted to get all of the information out there and then we could start asking questions. So, it’s a great point, Neo.

It’s definitely something I’m looking into, how we build the core system. Even the likes of Universities and higher education aren’t touching it. I think there are two universities in the UK that are offering degrees that relate to crypt. I’m speaking with them to find out about their curriculum. I 100% agree with you. Hopefully, we can facilitate that in the coming months. We’re moving quickly and will have to see how long it takes. I may learn on a more visual level. Gandalf here may understand more on a written level and has full text. It’s, how do we differentiate between the two and still do a course. I could pump all the video content to Gandalf and he may not be interested because he wants to read the text and absorb it that way. How does the system we want to develop take that information from a very basic fact finding when you first sign up to deliver the correct format of content? That is something we are looking into as well. There are a few companies that do it. There’s one company I’ve seen that does it at an insane level and provides content in the way that makes sense to the user.

Hopefully, we can do something similar. It’s trial and error. We’ll build the content and ultimately arrive at a place where we can give every single person an understanding. Crypto can be a scary place. As soon as you understand crypto more and what you’re involved in, it becomes exciting.

When debit cards were first introduced, there was a lot of pushback. People were freaking out. Cash was king. They didn’t want this piece of plastic. It was like voodoo to them. Now, 85% of transactions are done by cards. We will eventually arrive at a time when there are little to no paper transactions and economies become more interactive and digital before leading more into crypto transactions, where crypto will take a portion of those transactions. That’s a journey and process that has to be adopted over time. It’s a slow transition and process. We’ll eventually get there. What we knew 10 years ago is different than what we know today.

Big thanks to the Team who works so hard to keep us informed!

Cats: A huge thank you to Gandalf for our SafeMoon Labs and the content he provides in keeping everyone up to date the best he can. We then have Momo and Pulse who provide daily and monthly content for Lowdown and Pulse. They are tremendous and provide vital information to the SafeMoon community. Taking all of that information and finding ways to present it– it’s not an easy task. If you look at the information that was provided in the earlier Lowdown and compare today’s Lowdowns– It’s a tedious task. My hats off to them for doing this on a daily basis without missing a single day. Sometimes, they may come out later than they would have liked because it’s a busy day but they still have provided a daily Lowdown, coming up on nearly 12 months. The end of October was the first Lowdown. It’s a tremendous task for them and everyone involved who helps. They collect, and revise to provide relative information to you in the best way that they can. There’s only two of them, so, the extra hands that help them as well is really appreciated. It’s exciting! I can’t wait to share the content with you in the way that it will be presented. We have a trailer but I can’t release it yet as it still needs some editing. There is some text in the video that needs to be added.

SafeMoon Gaming Discord

[Timestamp 00:37:20 - 00:40:45]

Cats: Just for those tuning in, because I see a few more people have arrived, if you’re interested in participating in the giveaway, you may do so in SafeMoon’s Discord server. Check out the giveaway rules on the Discord. We’re giving away two copies of Rust that you’ll be able to then join in the community over on the SafeMoon Gaming Discord. There have been some challenges along the way in getting it sorted.

Veno: Did you guys know that John Karony was playing with us last night? He plays Rust and he’s pretty good at it.

Cats: Until he died by my turret, but we won’t mention that.

Gandalf: Oh boy.

Veno: I know you’re hurt, yes. es, climbing on the roof is not a wise [inaudible].

Cats: It’s a random place where you’d be able to interact with the CEO. Not many CEOs will spend a half an hour on a Rust server and just interact with the community for half an hour.

Gandalf: It would just be another Rust server and have a chance to be sliced. *laughs*

Veno: He loves visiting with the community. [inaudible] understanding of how everyone is feeling and tries to bring some positivity. Sometimes, with all this crypto stuff, we need to just take a step back and enjoy our time doing other things like playing video games. It’s really nice to take a break from all the chaos and seriousness of crypto and just have some fun.

Cats: Yeah, 100%. Definitely. I did that this week and spent a couple of hours here and there to just chill out and take my mind off of some things. It’s a hectic time and not just in crypto. There’s so much going on in the world. It’s just crazy to process how everyone and everything is going on. There are so many things that are changing and it’s affecting everyone. With inflation, the war and everything else, it’s just so much. It’s a great thing to take a break, get out of the cluster that is the rule world for a couple of hours and have the opportunity to speak with John. I’m in there. Gandalf is there as well as Veno. Spending time in the SafeMoon Gaming Discord helps to break up the day and have a quick conversation. If you haven’t already, go and join the Gaming Discord. It’s definitely something you should do to have a relaxing evening.

Gandalf: Yep.

Community Q&A Cont.

[Timestamp 00:40:45 - 00:48:15]

Is it better to continue building up the wallet or just offer products separately?

Cats: The wallet will continue to be developed. You've seen it over the past year. It started as a basic tool with a few extra bits and developed it to have so many unique features. There are features that many may not be aware of. We've been working on it to make it more user-friendly when doing things in terms of users interacting with the software. The extra added bits are important. The products will be integrated into the ecosystem. The core is the SafeMoon community. Ultimately, those in the community are holding the token. The holders are the main priority. As everything is integrated together, it becomes more complete. You’re always going to have the wallet. It’s the complete ecosystem and the services we offer that are driving how and what we build. There may be overlap in certain areas depending on the products.

How is Orbital Shield a product and not a feature in the wallet? What is the difference?

Cats: I can't talk about that extensively yet because there’s information that I can’t give out. When you receive that information, it will become clear as to why it is a product and not just a feature. I want to provide that information and we will as soon as the time is right. We certainly will when we are able to do so.

Are we still in the delivery phase?

Cats: Yes. We are still in the delivery phase because we are going to deliver products. The card, for example, was delayed so that we could provide the additional security. The security is going to come before the other products. Once we can give that one, we can move on and provide you with the likes of the card and so forth. We are still in the delivery phase. We’re in a technology space. You could go through and build the best product with all the features under the sun. You could then get three other people that come along and say, What about XYZ? Two of those ideas may be really good and you need to add them before you can look to launch your product.

Sometimes it takes longer than expected. An example might be Apple with air matt, which was a wireless charger for your mobile device that was considered a product and ready to be delivered. As the product was further developed, it was later on said that the product couldn't be delivered. They changed it up and had to redevelop that product into something a little different. I think it was supposed to be launched by Christmas after 3 months of their announcement. It’s a part of the product development. Maybe that’s something we can go into more detail. Maybe we’ll do something on product development and explain it further. You could go back and forth 80 or 90 times between the concepts and the coders. You’ve also got quality assurance and third party input along the path of making necessary changes all while ensuring everything is compliant. Additional products or services must also be considered.

John is thinking five years ahead. We have to future proof the products. This is not something you can throw together using some code found online at GitHub. It certainly can’t be done overnight. It’s a journey. It's chaotic at times because we can’t always provide a timeframe. With SafeMoon Orbital Shield, we have some indication as to how far along we are in the process of releasing it. A recent tweet advised as well with beta testing coming. Information is coming.

Rust Cont.

MoonCast - One Year Anniversary Special | SafeMoon Education Podcast

[Timestamp 00:48:15 - 00:51:41]

Cats: We are giving away two copies of Rust, courtesy of the SafeMoon Gaming Discord. If you would like to enter, please look at the Giveaway rules in the SafeMoon Gaming Discord. You can then look to enter via the contest entries chat. If you’d like to take part in the giveaway and receive a copy of Rust, you’re more than welcome to do so. I believe Sander, our community manager of the Gaming Server Discord is coming up. It's a pleasure to have you up today. What information will you be sharing?

Sander: We are giving away two Rust keys.

Cats: Not just two, are we? We’re also going to be doing additional giveaways, correct?

Veno: We’ll do two tomorrow. Two on Tuesday. Two on Wednesday.. I think that sounds good.

Cats: Two per day?

Veno: Why not? Let’s do two per day for the rest of the week.

Sander: Yes sir.

Veno: It's a holiday, right?

Cats: Is it a holiday in the US?

Veno: It's Labor Day.

Cats: I didn’t realize that. The United States has so many holidays.

Veno: I think we have 32 keys to Giveaway and we’re only doing it for this month, so we’ve gotta get through them. Sander and I will each do one, every day, Monday through Friday on the Gaming Discord. You’ve got to be on the Gaming Discord to see that happen.

Cats: We'll tweet it out. We’ve seen a lot of new faces on the Rust server. It’s been nice to speak with video game enthusiasts that have found the server and are engaging with the community. Just a heads up, there are three minutes before we do the giveaway.

Cats: Sweet! Let’s see if we have any more questions. I can see the questions tab popping up.

Veno: Once you give me the signal, we will stop the submission period and we’ll setup the drawing.

Cats: We’ll give it 3 more minutes. That should be enough time. You’ve got three more minutes to enter the giveaway.

Veno: There are dozens of members of the community that are on that server right now, playing. Prior to the show, Cats and Sander were also playing. We were playing it together before this and enjoying our time on the weekend, relaxing and shooting each other in a video game.

Cats: So, we have one more question.

Community Q&A Cont. 2

[Timestamp 00:51:41 - 00:55:06]

Did Orbital Shield need a patent?

Cats: I don't know the back end or the legal side in terms of intellectual property and how or what requires protection in terms of IP. Though I can’t answer that question, we will be