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MoonCast #51 (August 28th, 2022)

Table of contents

Intro & Disclaimer | General Discussion | SafeMoon Labs | Education Format | Agenda Partner News | SafeMoon Gaming Discord | Gritz Daily Article | SafeMoon Sanctuary Exchange Preview | Final Image Reveal | Hayden’s Bloopers | Career Listings: Deadlines SafeMoon Careers: New Listing | Fake Polygon Token Pairing | V2 Migrations | CSR Inquiries Impersonations and Scams | Renewable Energy | KCal Challenge | 7 Rules of SafeMoon

Community Q&A | Thank You | EDU Partners Section

Community Discussion and Q&A Cont. | SafeMoon Wallet: New Feature | Outro

Intro & Disclaimer

[Timestamp 00:02:41 - 00:03:20]

Cats: Hello, everyone. How are we all doing today? I'm your host Cats and I'm joined by fellow educator Gandalf. We would like to welcome you to MoonCast, a SafeMoon education podcast. I'd like to first make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast, where we are able to answer the questions of the community. We do not look to make any announcements during this cast, unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon army. Please understand everything you hear today is to be used as educational content only, and not being treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any finance decisions. So without further ado, welcome to episode 51!

General Discussion

[Timestamp 00:03:20 - 00:07:14]

Cats: We are very much nearly at an entire year of MoonCast and that’s coming up on 52 episodes. It’s been a long journey, it’s been an exciting journey going all the way back to the first few episodes MoonCast which was just a group of friends within the community just looking to talk and have a bit of fun with what’s going on and it turned into this weekly thing that was built into people’s routine. So, for those of you that have made it all the way through 52 episodes, thank you for tuning in each and every week and also thank you to those that have tuned in along the way.

We do have some changes coming to MoonCast. I’m not going to talk about those changes just yet because we’re still finalizing some things in terms of how it’s going to all play out. Next week, we’ll have our 1 year anniversary and our annual show to make it a bit more exciting than our regular show. The upcoming changes to MoonCast presentations will be implemented after that show. You’ll find out more about what’s going on next week with MoonCast and how that all plays into the new changes that the education team is making to bring more content to you guys on a more consistent basis. I’m excited! How are you doing Gandalf?

Gandalf: Good, I’m doing good! It’s Sunday again. Another week is over and it feels like we’ve been doing this for years, looking at this now just closing in on one year. I mean, the time is going by so fast but still—a year is impressive.

Cats: Yeah. It’s nice to hear that you are alive and well this week. I know that you are still not 100% as of last week but it’s nice to hear that you don’t have anything in your voice holding you back.

Gandalf: Yeah, basically the bad C is done and this is totally fine and going better. Well, last week was a little unstable but I think I’m good and back on track. You know as well as I do that’s not getting in the way of anything. We’ve got lots of stuff to do.

Cats: Yeah, I thought my workload was calming down a little bit. Then, I’ve just given myself a lot more work to do. So, it’s fun because I wouldn’t have wanted to create this entire education system if I didn’t want to help people. I want each and every individual holder—not even just holders—but just anyone that comes in contact with SafeMoon to actually have an experience where they can learn and have a choice to learn. It’s always difficult forcing people to learn. When they do want to learn, we want to be able to give them all the options that we have in a variety of different content from written-to-verbal to even shows and more direct live formats, too. So, it’s definitely coming along. We’ve got things planned and I can’t wait to start talking about the education side because I know there’s a lot more coming from that product side as we’ve seen this week. We’ll talk about that a little bit later in the show but without further ado, I’ll let you start with Labs, as always, because we did have NDA go live. We did have that last show go live before your change. You’ve made a change yourself. So, kind of, explain what’s happening with Labs.

SafeMoon Labs

[Timestamp 00:07:14 - 00:08:34]

Gandalf: As I said, the last SafeMoon Labs that was uploaded was on Non-Disclosure Agreements. Tomorrow, there will be no Labs because we are switching from weekly to monthly. This is due to several reasons. One reason is that I have a lot more stuff to do now, which is pretty awesome, but it doesn't hold up education. Evolution is everywhere and the way we talk about evolution of the products– we also talk about the evolution of education. So, that means that things that we do whether it's me, you, Pulse or Momo we're all doing our work to help the people and we're expanding on that. So, Labs itself will change a bit. This means that the presentation will most likely be the same with the live format. Maybe it will switch from a live format to a video. There's a final decision to make on that part. It will definitely be switching to a monthly basis but the discussion themes will switch up. I could just maybe spoil a bit. The next one, which will be by the end of September, is going to be about Web3.

Education Format Update

[Timestamp 00:08:34 - 00:12:59]

Cats: Perfect! You're 100% right in terms of talking about the evolution of content as a whole. There are some things to be finalized in terms of content, how they have been and will be changed in the upcoming weeks. SafeMoon Labs, one the more creative think tanks, is the side of our education system that provides general crypto knowledge and focuses more on the general aspect of crypto. It kind of, clarifies SafeMoon’s direct education and its products versus the other side, being the topics of and within crypto. The format is yet to be decided. People did like the live format. There are some things that need to be decided but it will find its grounds. As we move through the coming months, we'll find a foothold of how we want to present that. Again, the new site is coming along. So, maybe there's an integration there somehow. These are all the things that we've got to consider to give everyone a better opportunity to learn across the board.

Gandalf: Exactly. You said it quite right. What people don't see is what you and I did in the basic form on our own. It was more like a volunteer idea to help people out with a little knowledge and maybe talking with people. It just became so highly wanted and requested that the next stage would be to make it available to more people and in a better format where we could discuss different subjects. Maybe the future and Web3 is something that a lot of people hear everyday but they don't know about it. When we first began, I talked about NFTs and people asked what an NFT is and they [were] just coming around left and right. So, that's the thing. When something new comes up, you want to explain it to people, especially when it comes to Labs. We don’t want education to stop moving. We want to make it even better and I know what you're preparing for it. I know what I'm doing and the others are doing for this. People will not only like it. They will see that it is important to step it up as SafeMoon continues to grow.

Cats: For sure. It's exciting because there's so many plans in the background, across the entire company, in regard to the ecosystem and the plans at a complete stage. It's exciting as we start getting to this place now as we are moving forward at an exponential rate. Things are coming into fruition, at least from what I can see on my side, which is the education side. Things are being created for you guys to learn about everything that SafeMoon has to offer and that also starts with the way we present the content to you. So, things are changing. Things are coming and I'm excited to grasp the foothold of what is to come with the complete ecosystem. Labs will be moving to a monthly show and it will just give the content a little bit more of a revitalized atmosphere and a bit more detail about what it is. As I said, Web3 is a massive topic. There are many things that we have to consider when we talk about education and how we present it to the community.


[Timestamp 00:12:59 - 00:13:21]

Cats: So, let's move on with the show and let's cover the week commencing the 21st. So, this is the past 7 days of news and we'll kind of recap everything that has happened in no particular order. We don't want to give the exact day by day but we will start with SafeMoon partners.

Partner News

[Timestamp 00:13:21 - 00:14:52]

Cats: Last week, we had Baanx, the crypto card provider, do a little bit of a Twitter space and announcement to talk about what is coming for them and what is coming for SafeMoon. Now, there is a Twitter Space Recap that they provided this week to talk more about what they were actually talking about in the Twitter space. While there are not a lot of key details that the community wants to hear at this moment, additional information on the actual card itself will be provided by–I'm going to assume the main Twitter account–when they are ready to share. So, at the moment, it's exciting because now our partners are getting excited to be able to talk about it which gives a little bit more excitement with what is to come. If you haven't, go and listen to the Twitter space and then there's also the Bannx recap that you can check out.

Further into the SafeMoon partners– BlockBuster (BBTF) began trading again this week. So, after their audits were complete they were able to get back on track with their plans. It's great to see that the partner is now able to work towards their achievements. Congratulations to them for actually being able to move forward with everything that happened. It’s good to see the partners moving forward.

SafeMoon Gaming Discord

[Timestamp 00:14:52 - 00:15:42]

Cats: There is a side announcement in relation to SafeMoon Gaming. I'm not going to spoil their announcement. All I'm going to say is to check out the SafeMoon Gaming discord because they have an announcement coming out at some point over the next 7 days. More likely sooner than 7 days but [just to be on the safe side], that announcement will be coming out. It may be announced on the gaming discord. You may also see it on this discord, too. Go over to the SafeMoon Gaming Discord because something is coming for those guys over there. Check those guys out if you’re not already on the SafeMoon Gaming Discord.

Gritz Daily Article

[Timestamp 00:15:42 - 00:17:25]

Cats: Then we have the article posted by Gritz Daily. So, there was an article that speaks about how John himself got into SafeMoon and how he became the man he is right now, running SafeMoon as the CEO. So, if you haven't been around or don't know the journey as a whole, definitely go and read the article by Gritz Daily. It just gives you a little bit more insight into the journey that SafeMoon has had, to where it is now, and all I can say is that the development as a CEO– he's come a long way [since the beginning] and the earlier AMAs. All I can say is he's a fantastic CEO, boss and I'm excited to see his vision and what he is seeing be completed because his mind is running a mile a minute. When we think we've got a complete ecosystem laid out and we have like a semi idea, he's already 5 years ahead. He's thinking past 5 years plus and that every year is going to be extended by another year. Plenty of stuff to come. Again, John is doing a phenomenal job on the back-end in multiple different aspects and has created an incredible team. Go check out the article by Gritz Daily; it definitely gives you a good insight.

SafeMoon Sanctuary

[Timestamp 00:17:25 - 00:18:05]

Cats: SafeMoon Sanctuary– Every Saturday, the moderators of the community run a Twitter space, called SafeMoon Sanctuary, where the community can avoid any negativity and just speak directly about what is going on in the crypto space, whether it's SafeMoon or one of our partners. That's all run by the moderators. They had their 9th Twitter space as of yesterday. So, if you aren't, go and follow @SFMSanctuary and tune in every Saturday to their Twitter spaces, usually in the evening around about the same time as MoonCast is but just on a Saturday.

Exchange Preview

[Timestamp 00:18:05 - 00:19:42]

Cats: Let's see. So, here's the big one that was all over [social media] towards the beginning of the week. If you missed it, I am very surprised. Moderators did get to test an active development version of the exchange. I'm going to quote what John said himself, which was you've seen it, heard about it, development images are all being shared by the community and they were all being shared by moderators of the community who got to test. To quote John’s Twitter, "Exchange sneak peak is out and in the wild. Proud of the team and the work that has gone into this. Please be aware that this is still in active development and there may be changes prior to final release. There is still more work to be done. Enjoy.” John just wanted to clarify the screenshots and recordings are out in the wild and are being shared by those currently testing it, not the actual exchange. So, the final version is not what you are seeing currently because there is still more work to be done. At the same time, it is now an active running machine. There is a running version of the exchange that is going to be coming to you at some point when it goes to release. We have a version of the exchange to share with the community which is cool to see and gives people assurance that there are products in the background and things are coming along very nicely.

Final Image Reveal

[Timestamp 00:19:42 - 00:26:05]

Cats: Speaking of the exchange and products, we do have the 3rd and final image from the main Twitter account which was released yesterday. The three images are of a Moon, Orbit and Shield. These complete the three images that were announced to be coming out. The images combined will equal a product name. There have been some wild and out of the box names. There have been some simple and straight to the point names. It’s been fun to see what names they’ve come up with. This is the start of product marketing for this specific product. Marketing takes all shapes, forms and different sizes. This does not mean there won’t be additional marketing towards any products coming out in the future. We certainly wouldn’t be concerned about providing a name or moving forward with marketing if we weren’t in a comfortable place. It’s exciting with the whole image side of things. You guys will find out exactly what the product is called next week. Hopefully, at that time, we can provide additional insight. We’ll have to wait and see what green lights can be given to the education team in terms of what we can and can’t share. I’d like to be able to talk about the development on the backend and share additional information. It is exciting. We’re nearly there. We’re nearly there! It’s exciting for us on a product level. From an educational standpoint, to teach people what this product is in terms of functionality and value, it will be great to finally share those details.

Gandalf: I’ve been receiving a lot of DMs from people saying that they are over the riddles. The alternative would be to completely say nothing and in a random month, just drop a product. I don’t think that people would appreciate that. I understand that people know that patience is key but it takes some time. It makes them nervous because they want to finally have what they’ve been seeking. By not doing anything, it would be very quiet, right? If we didn’t post anything and said, here’s the product– Well, I mean, at least we’ve given something out. Maybe an explanation as to why it exists and why we gave out three pictures. It’s not to mock anyone. It’s literally just to give something out as much as we can.

Cats: Yeah. There’s a lot that goes into product development and a lot that people don’t realize in terms of how much work is involved in terms of the development of those products, the legal side and to protect intellectual property, the building of the marketing itself and education and so many other things that you have to think about before you can start sharing more about the product itself. We could get a fully active product and there could be twists and turns from regulations or something we find during the testing that needs to be fixed. That’s also, in a way, why SafeMoon made a hard stance following the last date that they gave out. Now, they aren’t publicly giving out those dates. Now, we provide that information when we can. It might not be a lot but, at the same time, it’s something. It’s exciting and will be a relief to talk about on a bigger scale when we can. It’s hard. Don’t get me wrong. I love the sneak peeks but just being able to talk about it will be a great relief.

Gandalf: Another thing on that– people have stated that it will stay like this forever. It won’t. At some point, we will present it. We will present it at the point it’s finished and can present the products. So, bare with it. Don’t just see it as some kind of scolding, mocking or whatever. This is the minimal information that we can give but this information should already make you happy. I think people will be happy. When we share the name of what it is, people will be excited.

Cats: Yeah, 100%. It will also be made clear in the future why things and timelines have happened the way they have. Everything will become clear in the future. For now, we’ll leave it there but it is exciting, nonetheless.

Gandalf: Yes.

Hayden’s Bloopers

[Timestamp 00:26:05 - 00:27:45]

Cats: Moving over to announcements and releases– We did have a bit of fun with one of the videos coming from the main YouTube account, which was We Love Hayden. It was, kind of, an insight into the recordings. It was a funny little video that shows the work that goes in while keeping secrets at bay. Obviously, there were certain phrases and words in there that were funnier than others which had some memes associated with them. If you haven’t already, go and check out the bloopers video. I can’t stress how hard recording can be; especially when you want to say something and someone like me, who likes to ramble– Here’s a script, you have a script, and ten minutes later, you’re talking about oranges. It’s like, How the heck did you get there? It’s something that you haven’t seen. It does show that there are more content that will be coming from SafeMoon and the team.

Career Listings: Deadlines

[Timestamp 00:27:45 - 00:31:41]

Cats: We have a deadline coming up in four days. On Wednesday, multiple roles including Technical Project Manager, Change and Release Manager, Site Reliability Engineer, Solidity Developer and Marketing Manager will reach their deadline for filling out those applications and those pages detailing those five roles will be removed from the Careers section of the Official SafeMoon website.

Gandalf: What are some of the responsibilities of a Change and Release Manager?

Cats: Essentially, they are taking the test version of the product and overseeing everything in relation to that product from development to production. They are one of the final eyes that go through some procedures so that it can be released. They will make any final plans and adjustments and then it can be approved for release. It’s a big process in going from a test environment to one that is live. It’s a challenge to go from select quality assurance testing to going live to be used by 600k to 1mil users. The wallet has 1mil users. It’s a big task in itself. If we fill that role, it can give more incentive into what SafeMoon is hiring and looking for in addition to reasons as to why. So, hopefully, that makes more sense.

SafeMoon Careers: New Listing

[Timestamp 00:31:41 - 00:35:54]

Cats: There has been a new role that was added to the Careers section of the SafeMoon site this week. This position is for the HQ but remote within the U.S. If you are a U.S. Citizen, remote within the U.S., and a UI/UX Designer, visit the Careers section and fill out the application so someone can get in touch. Just to provide some clarity, [I will provide some information from the listing for the role]. “We are looking for a UI/UX Designer that truly understands what it means to create intuitive, context driven interfaces for the future, to work directly with the product development team and build out our next generation web 3 product offerings. We are looking for a UI/UX Designer to turn our software into easy-to-use and easy to understand (#EVERYONEPROOF) products for our customers and partners. UI/UX Designer responsibilities include gathering user requirements, designing graphic elements and building navigation components. A big focus will be on user journeys and ideally using empathy mapping approaches to remove assumptions from our product design and produce products that delight our users and leave them feeling confident in how to use them.”

You can view that listing on the career’s page or by visiting this link. A UI designer is probably one of the more thought out roles. If you have a good UI, you shouldn't have to explain it. Systems are designed in specific ways to consider how users work. If it’s hard to use, hard to understand and it’s hard to explain, it’s not a good user interface. If you have to explain it, it’s not done right. That’s why this role has been created. We want someone to come in and help us to make sure users’ journeys can go straight from beginning to end without much [outside assistance.] There will always be a need for support. If a user can navigate 99% of it, then that’s been achieved. So, yeah. Any UI designers– we’re looking for you. Go ahead and apply.

Fake Polygon Token Pairing

[Timestamp 00:35:54 - 00:36:33]

Cats: Moving over to the SafeMoon Token– I want to make sure everyone is aware that there was a FAKE Polygon Token pairing created. Do not try interacting with it or try any sort of connection with it at all. It has no association with SafeMoon as a company or V2 token. It was created by a third party which is NOT associated with SafeMoon. While we do have the NFT side of Polygon, we do not currently have the token on our wallet at the moment. If it’s not on the wallet, it’s not real. It’s as simple as that.

V2 Migrations

[Timestamp 00:36:33 - 00:37:24]

Cats: Speaking of the token again– We are 9,000 holders away from 700k holders on V2. We are at around 94% [in terms of completed migrations]. If you know anyone that may have been invested in the early days and have forgotten about it, then this is a great time to get them on board and ensure they are aware that they need to migrate over to V2.

CSR Inquiries

[Timestamp 00:37:24 - 00:38:08]

Cats: Someone asked if the customer service role has been filled. That is a part of a bigger thing. We don’t have any further information on that yet. I’m going to assume that there will be more in-depth discussions and additional announcements regarding customer service positions. I don’t have any information on that currently, but I’m sure it has been filled, nonetheless. That’s [mostly] all of the SafeMoon portion of the news. I have a few things to cover before we wrap up.

Impersonations and Scams

[Timestamp 00:38:08 - 00:39:50]

Cats: In crypto news, hackers used DeepFake video call [technology, posing as] a Binance CCO to perform an exchange listing scam. The Chief Communications Officer was deepfaked at Binance to create a listing. This is the level that hackers and scammers are going to in order to steal funds. That is the level they are willing to go to steal money from individuals and companies you interact with. It’s scary that they were successful to a point. I believe the call that they had was successful before, obviously, being listed and everything. That was all changed once they found out what was going on. Hackers are using serious high-level tech with DeepFakes to steal funds. Just be vigilant with anything and everything you do while online and just keep yourself safe. If you aren’t sure, just ask. If you get a text from your bank, call your bank using the number you know and make sure you are connecting with someone you trust. Make sure that they are contacting you and it is a contact that they initiated. If not, then you obviously know what you need to do.

Renewable Energy

[Timestamp 00:39:50 - 00:40:56]

Cats: In other news, we have renewable energy. Our planet, as of two or three days ago, has passed one terawatt of solar capacity. So, just to put that into perspective. It currently, in terms of the world's population consumes electricity, is 15 terawatts. So it is 1/15th powered by solar.

That's a huge accomplishment for the national grid in terms of solar energy. We could only look to continue that and grow that, so that we are a green, renewable energy planet. So, keep pushing. Keep striving in all areas of green energy to make as much clean energy as possible, because it's needed. It's definitely needed.

KCal Challenge

[Timestamp 00:40:56 - 00:43:12]

Cats: The last thing from me– It's something I started over three weeks ago now, which was the KCAL challenge. It was my goal to get everyone interacting, and getting everyone in a more healthy mindset.

It's something that I've been achieving over the past few weeks as me and my partner have been going back to the gym and getting more fit. The challenge was essentially to do an additional 1000 calories a week in addition to anything else that you would do. You know, burning your daily life. And a lot of people have gotten bored and then they've made huge progress. I want to specifically shout out to SafeMoon Stacy. She made a huge achievement in her first week of losing 5.2 pounds. 5.2 pounds is a lot of weight to lose in one week. You know, the hardest part is starting. The more difficult challenge is continuing that journey.

Once you start, it's the mindset of continuing to go. So, congratulations to Stacy for the achievements she did with the challenge. ‘And yeah, it's just simple stuff. Doing that 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes of extra exercise to burn. It works out like 160 calories a day that you've gotta burn extra.

A simple 20 minute walk can burn that. So, it's just about getting the extra burning of calories. I'm burning upwards of an extra 5,000 calories per week while going to the gym. Hopefully, I can strive to get a full 7k per week, but I'm not there yet. Hopefully, now that my partner's in full health, we can push ourselves this week. Again, go and check it out. It's on my Twitter. It's my pinned tweet, if you want to take part.

Share your journey. I want to see more people achieve weight loss, and not only the weight loss, but I want [you] to also have a happier, healthier mindset once you start to feel good about yourself.

7 Rules of SafeMoon

[Timestamp 00:43:12 - 00:44:34]

Cats: That kind of leads into the seven rules of SafeMoon that we kind of always stick to here, at least in the education team which is:

1. Smile: it always works out in the end. 2. Be kind: you have the power to make people feel good. 3. Don't give up: if it doesn't work the first time, find another way. 4. Don't compare: everyone's on a different journey. 5. Avoid negativity: avoid negative thoughts, situations, and people. 6. Make peace with your past: focus on being present and creating a better future. 7. Take care of your body and mind: one struggles to survive without the other.

That's kind of the key one there at the bottom. Which is to take care of your body and mind, because you could have a great body and a terrible mindset if you are struggling with one.

It could be the other way around. You could have a great mindset and struggle with the body. [It’s about] balance.

I think I have ticked everything off the box, but let's just quickly run through some questions because I have seen some questions come in. Then, we will call the last episode before a year!

Community Q&A

[Timestamp 00:44:34 - 00:51:33]

What will the new MoonCast look like? Will we be able to tune in from the SafeMoon app?

Cats: I'm not gonna give any further information about it. In terms of the way you see it, that's not gonna change. It's more about what MoonCast is about. That'll be more explained next week, once we have everything locked in on how we want to run it and how we want to present the information to you.

Tune in next week because it's a good show. [It will be our 52nd episode] We'll have some things to share with you guys over that coming show.

It's a cool idea anyway in terms of the SafeMoon app, and that comes as part of the integration of the API and stuff. We've already said that we want to have education across more of the official platforms.

Do you believe the exchange drops before the new year?

Cats: No timeframes. Yeah, I couldn't tell you. As much as you could realistically launch a version of the exchange that you may feel is ready. Does it have all the features? Are there more features to be added before it can be launched? I don't know. So, I can't answer that one.

Have there been any updates on the wind turbines?

Cats: There have been no further updates as of yet. I know that there will be information coming. I just don't know when they're looking to release that. Like I say, there's things and thoughts that have to go into how they present information to the public. I don't have any information on that at this time.

Has there been any update on the V1 liquidity transfer?

Cats: All the funds that have been moved, have already been moved. The remaining funds that are locked away are locked and time locked until we're able to complete the four year lock that's on them. So, that is one of the reasons why John obviously made the statement that locking liquidity is the wrong way to do it. It ultimately hinders and halts the progression of a project, when they're looking to strive to do something like a V2 migration.

Now, obviously crypto has developed. A lot more people are using the likes of the proxy to be able to make changes to the contract when it's needed. So, while locking liquidity is great for gaining initial trust, it ultimately hinders the project as a whole. We've moved as much as we can, based on the initial injections that we had a while back.

Has the third party partnership been successful or not?

Cats: Which third party? There are a few third parties.

Gandalf: I would love to know.

Cats: I would say all the third party partnerships we've had. In terms of the occurrence, I think it has been phenomenal. As for any that have not been successful. Well, if they've not been successful, you probably won't hear about those partnerships moving forward. So, yeah– If it's been announced, I'm gonna say that they are working absolutely fine.

Clarification: The third party question was regarding the LP transfer company.

Cats: Oh. So, as I say, the liquidity is locked. Locked is what's locked and those negotiations are ongoing to get it moved, but that's kind of where we are with those at the moment.

Can you talk more about the different levels of partnership between SafeMoon and its partners?

Cats: I believe you're referring to their partnership tiers, such as [Moon, Comet and Meteor.] There will be more clarification on them coming in the near future, but I always explain it as the lowest tier being business to business. We then have the middle tier, which is more business to business and the top tier, which is a lot of business to business.

It's just about how much business integration that partnership has with each other. That's kind of the easiest way to explain it. You can't really go into much more detail than that. It's just about the level of business integration with each other. [You can view the full list of Official SafeMoon Partners here.]

Does SafeMoon have enough funds to survive a cryptocurrency crash should the total market cap of all crypto fall 50% from current market cap?

Cats: So, whatever the market does is whatever the market does. SafeMoon is on a mission and it will always look to achieve its mission and the likes of ourselves and you saw on the last drop where larger corporations were making cuts straight out of the bag. So, yes. I will say that SafeMoon is able to achieve its mission regardless of the market status and it will do it. It may take longer based on market conditions. I don’t know how much the market conditions affect the company but it’s going to achieve its mission regardless.

Let’s see any final questions? I think we are pretty much there for this episode, unless anyone else has got any questions.

Thank You

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Cats: I would just like to say some final words and give a thank you to the education team but more specifically, beyond thanking Momo and Pulse for their hard work on a daily basis and providing the Lowdown content as well as the monthly content, which are the Pulse articles. Also, the additional support that goes into helping those on a day-to-day level, too. More specifically, I can name the likes of Sir Burns. The amount of time and effort that goes into providing daily content, not in a video format or anything like that, collecting the news and providing that on a daily basis is a lot of work. It’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of time that is taken up to provide the information to you and on a personal level, I can’t thank them enough for doing it. We appreciate everything that you do and we appreciate everything from the education team. So, thank you to those that do help out and if it is that you are looking to help out in any way, you can definitely reach out to Momo and Pulse and I’m sure they’ll be happy to have more hands on deck to help with the content, collection and generation. We have nearly 20 partnerships that have daily updates, so to speak, on the partner section.

EDU Partners Section

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Cats: If you didn’t know, we have a partners section that keeps you up-to-date on all the partners that SafeMoon has and it covers their CEOs, the main Twitter account, anything that you would need in terms of valuable information to that partnership and investments that you may have. There’s a lot of information that happens on a daily basis and is recorded on a daily basis.

Community Discussion and Q&A Cont.

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Cats: I see that we have a TooLeye3 up.

Gandalf: The one hand as you can see in the audience but not on the top right because discord doesn’t want you to see it now after the new update. Welcome TooLeye3.

Cats: The changes that don’t exist but exist.

TooLeye3: Thanks guys. Thanks for having me up. I have a statement / question. We’ve been working hard on what SafeMoon has posted with the Moon, Orbit, Shield and I got to thinking about it. I typed in moon, orbit, shield security and came across an article, kind of, making the moon a shield that was quite fascinating but what does that have to do with anything? Then, I looked at each individual word and just went M.O.S. and then typed in security and I found quite a few interesting things about MOS security. I don’t know if I can get a confirm or deny but I thought that was really interesting.

Cats: So, this is definitely one of the more thinking too far out the box and I will just quote what the main Twitter account put out which was “The 3 words give you the name” and that’s all you’re going to get from us. That’s all you’re going to get from it but on what you are looking into, you have gone too far. It’s more of a simple name and uses the 3 words. That’s all you get from us on that but it’s definitely one of the more creative thoughts.

TooLeye3: I thought for sure. I was like this is it. I got it. Back to the drawing board. My next question is, and I don’t know if you can answer this either, about the exchange. I know a lot of us investors feel more safe and secure for just investing in the projects that are within the ecosystem. So, once the exchange comes on board, that ecosystem is going to become a lot bigger. Now, within the SafeMoon exchange would there be a pocket of just the SafeMoon ecosystem and then you have a chance to leave that ecosystem to deal with Bitcoin, whatever the case may be? Would there be 2 sections or would it all be lumped together in just one spot?

Cats: I think that will come down to the whole UI design more than anything else that we mentioned earlier in the show that SafeMoon is looking for. It’s how it’s designed and how it’s laid out. There’s a possibility that the SafeMoon ecosystem could be sort of separate to the whole ecosystem and it’s kind of like how Binance does it. I could probably see it. The simple side is the SafeMoon side and then we’ve kept that in a simple format. I believe they call it the light version. If you want to get into more traditional crypto, then you potentially could go down the roots of a more advanced– Ya know, which then gives you all leveraged trading and all the extra features that an exchange would have. So, it’s a possibility. I’m not going to say no but I’m not saying yes. That’s not my area to make those decisions. It’s an interesting thought, though. I could definitely see something happening in a separate format. I wouldn’t say your balances would be separate. It would just be what you see from a UI perspective, which is where that will play in.

TooLeye3: Exactly, yeah and the other question I have, well more like a request if anything. Once this exchange is done, or still in the works, I’d love to see that feature of a social media aspect integrated into it. I’m talking further down the line. The ability to click on a project and go “Okay. There’s a Twitter space going on right now with the CEO” or you’d see all the Tweets or Facebook, whatever the case may be, discord links all on that project and have the ability to comment on the project. I thought that would be a really neat feature to have. If SafeMoon is taking requests.

Cats: I don’t know if you’ve seen what on the images that were shared but there is a API integration of a news level to start with. I know that the education team wants to have an integration of an education API. So, you will start to see a cross, sort of like transition, of different things involving SafeMoon products and services, perhaps across the website, the exchange or the wallet, for example. The wallet does have educational articles integrated into it. The one that comes to mind is an NFT article, which is on the NFT tab. So, it kind of explains what NFTs are and so forth. There is a cross compatibility that is being made. You’ll start to see more of that flow through the ecosystem. It’s a slow development of the ecosystem and must be done in baby steps. If you try to do all of it in one, it starts to get hectic. If you start with a minimal viable product and have a basic product (API), and start putting it in more locations and add transitions between them, it starts to get more fun. I wouldn’t put it out of the question. It just comes down to how it’s all displayed and visually put into perspective. We just need a good UI designer. I can definitely see that becoming part of the whole ecosystem. It’s about how it is presented to the user. Once you’ve got the core concept -you’ve seen it with the wallet- it can be further developed, just as you’ve seen the wallet progress. It’s become a much more functional wallet than most larger competitors, such as Trust Wallet. I haven’t seen much development from them. It’s the truth. If you compare the features between the two, it’s [like] night and day. It will continue to be developed, which is the exciting part.

TooLeye3: Thank you Cats and Gandalf for all of your hard work! Thank you guys.

Gandalf: Thank you, man.

Cats: We don’t do it for recognition. We do this to help people. We try to answer questions to the best of our ability. Sometimes it’s locked behind an NDA that we’ve signed. There may be times when someone asks a question and we can give some insight as to what’s going on. If you have any questions, reach out to us. That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to help you guys learn about [crypto], the ecosystem, what SafeMoon offers, is trying to offer and will offer in the coming months and years.

Can we have a button to remove reflections?

Gandalf: I think the question is asking for an additional view. We talked about that in an earlier MoonCast, if you remember that. You might have your 1mil SafeMoon as one view in addition to a different kind of view which shows how many reflections you have so that you can just take out exactly that same amount of reflections.

Cats: That should be an easy thing to do. If you go to, there is a wallet tracker. It does that exact thing. It has your buys and sells which shows how many reflections you’ve had. If you want it on the wallet, it’s definitely a feature that can be added.

SafeMoon Wallet: New Feature

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Cats: For those that aren’t aware yet– As an exercise, pretend you’re sending SafeMoon funds to another wallet address from within the SafeMoon Wallet App. You don’t have to physically send it, but go and have a look on the android side and tell me what you see. There’s been a button added to make sending funds, specifically the amount of funds you’re sending, a lot easier. I don’t know if people actually knew that feature was there. Previously, you might have tried sending 100 SFM tokens and the recipient would have received 98 SFM tokens due to the 2% wallet-to-wallet “tax” as part of SafeMoon’s fee structure. The new feature in the SafeMoon wallet makes sending an exact amount of funds to any recipient much easier and allows that person to receive the full value.

[Look for the toggle box/check box on Send from within the SafeMoon Wallet app. SafeMoon Wallet App is available for both Android and IOS. It can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store].