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Mooncast #50 (August 21st, 2022)

Table of contents

Intro & Disclaimer | Agenda | SafeMoon Labs | SafeMoon 2nd Image Reveal | Live Crypto Party | LCP Social and Website | Crogecoin | Croge Social and Website | Outro


Source: MoonCast - SWaP by SafeMoon | SafeMoon Education Podcast

Intro & Disclaimer

[Timestamp 00:04:52 – 00:06:18]

Cats: Hello, everyone. How are we all doing today? I'm your host, Cats and I'm joined by fellow educator, Gandalf. We would like to welcome you to MoonCast, a SafeMoon Education podcast. I'd like to first make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast, where we are able to answer the questions of the community. We do not look to make any announcements during this cast, unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand everything you hear today is to be used as educational content only, and not being treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any finance decisions. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the show. How are we doing Gandalf? Are we okay?

Gandalf: Hello, everyone. Hey Cats. I’m doing fine! Sunday-- I've regenerated and I’m back on my feet. Everything is great! Well, another week is over. We are now at Mooncast 50. That number is absolutely crazy, if you can remember the first ones that we had. I’m super pumped! How are you?

Cats: I’m not too bad. A little bit sore. Had some things go on that were not expected but it’s all part of this health and fitness lifestyle that I’m trying to push forward. We move, we continue. I’m in a bit of pain but a bit of painkillers helps sort it out.


[Timestamp 00:06:19 – 00:06:46]

Cats: Today, we’re going to be joined by two of our partners. We are going to be joined by LCP and also our newest partner, Croge. Both will come up and share what they’ve got going on and I know that LCP has announcements to make of their own. So, we can kind of jump into that. I suppose as always, I will let you jump straight into the session for tomorrow and then we will start getting the guys up.

SafeMoon Labs

[Timestamp 00:06:47 – 00:08:10]

Gandalf: Yeah, I will make this very short because our guests are already here. So, for tomorrow at 2 P.M. EST, 7 P.M. GMT, 8 P.M. CEST I will have my SafeMoon Labs. Last week, it was CEX VS. DEX where I talked about the different kinds of exchanges. Tomorrow, I will talk about NDA (non-disclosure agreements). That is not a joke. I will talk literally about what an NDA is and explain how important it is for companies because you always hear that people who work for SafeMoon or its partners.. All of them have signed NDAs. A lot of people know what a non-disclosure agreement is, but they don’t really know the details in documents of these types and I want to just shed a bit of light, while kept brief, so people can better understand why it is necessary to have NDAs [between multiple parties].

Cats: So, not to get confused or get your hopes up for any sneak peeks or information under the NDA at all. It’s about what an NDA is, and not what is specifically written in our own NDAs under SafeMoon. [This is an overview of non-disclosures, their uses and more].

Gandalf: Yes. I will not talk about the contents of SafeMoon NDAs or any specific terms to which you and I have agreed.. I will just be explaining what an NDA is and why it is important in general. So, it will not be an hour long reveal of things that people will estimate to see.

SafeMoon 2nd Image Reveal

[Timestamp 00:08:10 – 00:09:20]

Cats: No, but saying that, reveals— we’ve had the next image. So, the Twitter account for the 2nd week on Saturday has released the 2nd image. So, we now have had ‘Moon’ and we’ve now had ‘Orbit’. Some theories are absurdly wild with how far in-depth that they’re making the connections. I put out a joke last week saying that, you know, you could put 1+2+3+4 and then next minute, you’ve got someone's date of birth and it’s this person that is running this company, which then is associated with, I don’t know, Elon Musk; and that could turn into a theme on space.. So, SafeMoon is going to space [is the rumor to come from something like that]. How one audience arrives at these wild theories is quite absurd and a bit wild but it’s also good fun just to see how creative the community is becoming. So, we have to wait and see what happens next week with the final image. I know that people are going to be excited about that! I’m excited. I’ll leave it at that. These are exciting times, nonetheless.

Live Crypto Party

[Timestamp 00:09:21 – 00:33:10]

Cats: So, I want to start quickly with LCP because I know they have the announcements and then we will leave the rest of the show to Croge. If you’d like, you can bring those guys up.

Gandalf: Yeah, Croge and LCP are both in the Space, but LCP is coming up now we have George and Rosie. There they are, Hello you two!

George (LCP): Hello Gandalf, how are you?

Gandalf: Good now, after defeating various kinds of sickness of the bad word C, I am good. How are you guys?

George (LCP): Doing alright, we’ve been both I guess really lucky when it comes to that but glad to hear that you are doing better.

Cats: Perfect. So, do you want to start with just explaining who LCP is? If you don’t mind doing that for anyone that’s new or not aware of who you guys are.

George (LCP): Sure, LCP– I mean it feels like only yesterday that we launched on the SafeMoon Swap, the first Hyper Launch Partner. We were only available over on SafeMoon Swap, for a long time, until about two weeks ago when. We then made it to our first centralized exchange, LBank. Mainly. LCP is a metaverse token, that piece of the company, and what we strive to do with that is we have a party platform that is being built. So, people of all crypto communities can come together and party in the metaverse. LCP is the native token of that platform, and we will have many uses for that over on that platform. If you go over to, you can see some of those uses displayed there. We have tickets, we have merchandise that can be bought, we have a lucky prize wheel. Actually, everybody in here right now, if you currently own any LCP, you’re eligible for our Lucky Spin and you can check out the Lucky Spin over there on Anybody that buys Live Crypto Party when we have that Lucky Spin go off–you are included in that drawing.

We’ve already had one drawing with that back when we were in pre-sale and gave away an iPhone. So, that was just, kind of, like a test run to make sure everything worked good. We wanted to give the community an idea of things to come in the future.

Those are pieces of the metaverse platform over there. In the not-so-distant future, we’re going to have that all-encompassing party platform. As a matter of fact, I’ll make a semi-announcement because I haven’t had the opportunity to say this to the SafeMoon community, which myself and Rosie have been members of for a long time. I’ve been a SafeMoon member since its launch in March of 2021– seems like years ago at this point. Even before it went to Bitmart, Rosie and I have been members of this community. We’ve seen growth, [we have been here for it] and everything. This is similar to what LCP has done and that’s what we’re building on. We're also a tech company, we build stuff for other platforms and companies that need our technology. We are also a blockchain educational company

LCP is essentially four things: a token, a metaverse platform, educational platform and a tech company. So, I like to refer to it as kind of a four-headed monster, but yeah–that’s kind of what LCP is.

Cats: That’s amazing that [you all have a strong focus on] education. It definitely hits home for us. It’s hard to try and cater to everyone, especially on the education side of things. We often try to explain things in creative ways and cater an experience so that it aligns with multiple learning styles. It’s only going to grow from here. I didn’t even know that you guys at LCP were heavily invested on the education side. That’s great to hear!

George (LCP): Yeah, 100%! The education piece– I was hoping that things would be officially released because we have some big releases coming in the main media and will be expanded [as a marketing effort] worldwide, through sites like Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, all of those. It’s going to be released this coming week. We were hoping it would have been released, kind of, over this weekend or maybe Friday. I would have liked to visit you all here and talk about these things in-depth, but you know how that goes. It takes a hot minute for that stuff to go through the whole system.

We’re anticipating two big announcements this week. We also anticipate these announcements relating to releases this week. We wanted to visit with you here, make sure that the SafeMoon Army and our community [are kept up-to-date,] regardless of the exchanges we may use. So, I’m going to tell you this about myself, Rosie and the rest of the dev team.. We are part of the SafeMoon Army. We are part of this ecosystem and nothing will ever change. We’ve been here. We’ve been supportive of SafeMoon and have supported SafeMoon since they were only available on PancakeSwap. We’re looking forward to the exchange and all that. So, it’s very important to us at LCP that we bring everything, and that we bring these opportunities to our people, the SafeMoon Army and the LCPians… It is very near and dear to our hearts. So, we wanted to come on out here, talk about that and one of the announcements, which is about education.

Cats: Okay, perfect. So, speaking of why you’re here today– Do you want to jump straight into sort of, well you’ve already gone into the education announcement, timelines change. We know how the speed of the entire crypto industry takes over sometimes and there's just things you can’t control.. If you want to take the floor with the announcements, [you may] share what you’d like with the community and please give as much information as possible.

George (LCP): Rosie, did you want to start off with anything? Are you there?

Rosie (LCP): Still struggling, but I can hear you. I’m here! Hi, guys.. Wow! How are we all feeling today?

George (LCP): I’m doing good.

Cats: It’s been a long day but we’re still here every Sunday and providing as much information as we possibly can. We're excited to hear what you have to say!

Gandalf: I’m excited, to be honest. I’m excited when Rosie comes in because you can hear it in her voice that she is also excited!

Rosie (LCP): Oh boy. Gandalf, stop it. Now you’re making me blush! *laughs*

Gandalf: *laughs* Let’s go, what’s up?

Rosie (LCP): Thank you so much, guys, for having us on the SafeMoon MoonCast. My name is Rosaline. George has already briefed you guys on what’s going on. We’re currently in partnership with the Nigerian government. We're really excited about this partnership which took us almost 7 months to get to the stage where we can confidently say that the contract has been signed and sealed!

So, basically, we’re in partnership with the Nigerian government and on a project called Youth Education Empowerment Value Orientation and Skill Acquisition Program. We’re going to walk hand-in-hand with the National Orientation Agency to deliver this project. The aim of it is to leverage current technology on blockchain as well as entertainment, which you know we are all about parties and entertainment. The idea is to expose youth to global opportunities and empower them with tools and resources to help them become more self-sufficient. At present, in Nigeria we’re facing a lack of jobs. There are young people misusing the internet and going into cultism. Drug addiction is another issue among others. These are important issues as discussed with Dr. Garba Abari, Director of the National Orientation Agency.

They do have a mandate to see how they can reduce the current situation. This is a vital area and pertains to National Security. You know the current look of Nigeria in the face of the world.. They’re working towards addressing these matters. The collaboration is going to help take youth off the streets and expose them to more opportunities. The collaboration will encompass smart-phone technology and its effects, how [organizations, individuals and/or other entities] can further their knowledge and benefit by its technology. An important focus will be on the internet commerce, trade, e-commerce and other online activities and opportunities that are useful and perhaps provide greater viability.

So, we’re excited about it! I think I’m talking too much.. I am just extremely excited. When you’re working with a government, you have to be patient. After 7 months of having conversations back and forth, we are now happy and excited and can comfortably say that the contract has been signed and sealed.

Gandalf: Amazing!

Cats: That's incredible. And just for those that don't realize, Nigeria in itself is probably the biggest users of crypto in the entire continent of Africa. That's insane that you guys have been able to sign and adapt to their current ecosystem and also help them further develop.

Rosie (LCP): Yeah. Thank you very much. Nigeria has a population of more than 200 million people. So, I think you guys get it. ‘And we recognize that we are going to be reaching such a large number of people. So, it's a lot, so we need as many hands as possible. We need the SafeMoon team as well, because this is bigger than us.

Cats: Well, it definitely sounds like you're up for the challenge and yeah– It's exciting to see how much you’ve been able to accomplish! You've only been here for around four months now, correct? I would say that's about the right time frame.

Gandalf: Yes. Like three or four months. It should be.

Cats: Yeah. So in three to four months and how much you’ve achieved and getting those documents signed too -everything you’re working on- is pretty incredible!

Rosie (LCP): Thank you very much. I have no words. It's been surreal. I've been blushing all through. George can tell.

George (LCP): Oh yeah, definitely. I mean it's been very hard to keep our lips sealed on this. I've given little bits and nuggets here and there about big things coming and I keep stressing those four pieces of LCP and I keep doing it for a reason, you know? I mean, we're in it. My whole thing.. It’s like, yeah, this is huge, and this is just one piece. This is our educational piece. This isn't the tech piece. We're working on that as well and we will have some huge announcements with that. We're working in the back of the scenes getting our first party together.

We're working on sponsors and all of that stuff, trying to pull that together. And then our token got on its first centralized exchange, a number 15 ranked exchange in the world, with over 1 billion in volume daily, Lbank! You know we've been doing all right over there.

We've been hanging definitely over 100k in daily volume over there and we've had good healthy charts. It’s, kind of, like I was getting that in the very beginning. We want to bring this news to our people first. We don't want uncle FOMO coming for a visit and having our people here being left in the dark [or] in the dust. One of the big things with LiveCryptoParty, even way back during presale, was about bringing this project to the people. During the presale, all you had to do was come up with $5 worth of BNB to buy into LCP. This is unlike many other presales where you'd have to come up with at least, you know, one BNB in order to buy-in.. We kept things low. We kept it small. We wanted to make sure that anybody and everybody, no matter where you're from, can get involved.

That's the other thing about bringing this onto MoonCast and bringing it to the SafeMoon Army. First, we’d like everyone to be aware. You know, because we're not stopping here. This is a down market. I sent a message over to Rosie and I was like "Hey, Look at it! Bitcoin is retracing and so is BNB." They're having a market correction and all this.. Hopefully, it keeps going forward. It's just a slight setback regardless of all of that. We at LCP are still pushing and striving and moving forward. We are confident in our direction and know that as long as we keep moving forward, we're going to end up at the top when this whole bear market ends.

People are going to see who's been active, who's been innovating, those that are still moving forward– that’s [who] we are. We're constantly moving forward! Our focus is on providing and increasing value [through the services we offer.] These principals guide each of us at LCP, as a whole. We’re not just banking everything on one thing because you can't dictate what the market's going to do. You can't dictate what people are going to do. It’s very important that those pieces keep moving forward.

Rosie hit every nail on the head. It's, yeah, 200 million people and guess what? Anybody in this program–anybody that gets into this program is going to receive LCP tokens. [This means] thousands of people over in Nigeria. Okay. Just run this through your mind for a second here. Anybody who is in this program is going to get LCP tokens. How do we word it?

Rosie (LCP): Grant. As a form of grant.

George (LCP): Yeah, it's a form of a grant. So, it's like they went through this program. They've done the work and everything, and they get some LCP tokens and they can use those tokens for whatever they want. They can sit on it. They can diamond hand it. They can paper hand it, because maybe they need to buy some food for their family or they need to sustain themselves. Yeah. It's an awesome thing! It puts more LCP out there in circulation. [It means] more holders. It's a beautiful thing! So, this is [a mutually beneficial relationship between company services and the Nigerian government]. Think about that.. ‘Getting thousands more holders coming in the near future to LCP.

Cats: That's incredible. We will hopefully be able to have you on again within a couple of weeks and hear more about your progression and how far you are able to take it. Do you have a date of when things truly move forward for you guys or is it something that will require continuous work?

Rosie (LCP): So, we are starting right away! At the moment, we are doing what we call a community reach-out. We've identified some small groups. Presently, we have about 10,400 in our database. We're still reaching out to as many people as possible.

This is actually being carried out by the national orientation agency department who are working across the states in Nigeria. Okay. This is like the first phase, identifying those people. Afterwards, they're going to go through the program in small groups. At the end of the program, they'll receive a certificate of completion which will be issued on the blockchain, as well as LCP tokens as a form of grant, as George had initially mentioned. At the end of the day, they do not need to rely on handouts, media, basic needs, etc. because this is like providing an opportunity and giving others access to resources and all of that. So, yeah! It has started already; even before now.

Like I said, the conversation has been happening for about seven months. It's just that we got everything signed and sealed and everything properly on paper recently. So, that's why we are actually moving forward with the announcement. Yes.

Cats: Wow! Okay. So, you guys were working on this [prior to LCP token’s launch]?

Rosie (LCP): Yes. Several months ago. Yes. That is correct. The certificate of the endorsement and certificate that was given to us by the National Orientation Agency was in March, actually. We just got the contract. You have the certificate saying, “Yes. We're welcoming you guys. We love what you guys are about to do and we're willing to work with you,” right? So, they give you a certificate, the Nigerian government, the National Orientation Agency itself. Dr. Garba Abari, Director of NOA, gave us a certificate and signed it. We then waited for another, I think. There were four to six months to receive a signed contract. Its [progression] happens in phases. It has taken a great deal of time. As I said earlier, when you're working with the government, you just have to have extreme patience. It's not easy, but here we are.

Cats: ‘And you're getting there, and even if it takes a lot of time to get through the systems that are currently in place. This is a whole part of the progression of crypto as a whole and blockchain technology is that things are going to take time because there are no rule books for any of this. As you work with Nigeria, you're not just building the systems, correct? You're also building the essential parts including work on the regulatory side in an effort to help government understand how to best implement it. It's quite impressive that you've been able to achieve so much in such a short amount of time. It’s also impressive that you're going to be able to progress with the vision that you've shared. That is very exciting work and I'm excited to see where you guys take it!

Rosie (LCP): Thank you very much! This is actually going to bring in– it's going to also build people [holders and users of these systems] as well. It's going to expose more people to blockchain technology, provide guidance to build them, create opportunities, [inspire and enable] healthier environments. We are very big on giving people access to resources. In Nigeria, a lot of people are out of jobs. They don't have food to eat. They're going from one problem to additional issues. This is going to give them something to hold on to. You know, when you empower one person, you empower the entire nation. That's what we're trying to achieve with what we're doing with the Nigerian government. One group at a time, you know– groups in ten thousands. Before then, we are looking at a million and above, but want to start with small groups and we plan to expand from there.

Cats: Slow and steady is always the better way to [accomplish your goals], rather than brute forcing and rushing everything out. You’ve definitely got the right mindset with the way you're trying to take that. So, that's great! Well, that is, sort of, the time slot we've got for you guys. ‘Just to kind of wrap up for you guys is in terms of anyone that's looking to know more about yourselves– what they want to do with this new announcement that you've just shared today, where do they go, where do they reach out, where do they speak to try and ask you some of the questions? If you would, please share a little bit more about where they can find more information and stay up-to-date.

LCP Social and Website

[Timestamp 00:33:10 - 00:36:07]

George (LCP): I mean the two best spots actually if you have any questions. Hit us up directly over on Twitter. Feel free to check out all our tweets. We normally put out all the info under @LiveCryptoParty on Twitter. You can also DM us there. Please give us a follow, send us a DM, and myself or Rosie or a member of our team will get back to you relatively quickly. We try our best to respond to everybody over there.

We also have a Telegram, we’ve got mods over there pretty much 24/7, and we keep our eyes open over there as well. We are LiveCryptoPartyChat over on Telegram. So those are the two best spaces and then like I was saying before go to You can check out the platform and there is also some more information, check out or white paper and all of that stuff. That's all [on our official website] at

Cats: Perfect! So, if you want to learn more about the guys and what their work is and what they're doing, then head over to their website or their social media platforms and [feel free to send them a direct message so they can get back to you with any questions you may have]. I'm excited to see where you guys take it!! Thank you for coming up and sharing. Yeah, I love what you guys are doing. Again, seven months to garner such a massive achievement is really incredible. Congratulations!! Hopefully, we can have you back on to share more about the smaller groups and that sort of thing.

George (LCP): Awesome. Thanks Cats. Thanks Gandalf.

Gandalf: Thanks for being here and thank you guys. Just to say it to you, Rosie, from Galan, who said in chat, “You rock, and continue to do what you guys do.”

Rosie (LCP): Thank you. Thank you very much. I appreciate- we appreciate it! Take care of yourself, guys. Bye!

Cats: So, that was LCP. They are one of the Hyper Launch Partners– actually they were the first Hyper Launch Partner on the SafeMoon Swap! Again, a huge congratulations to them for the work that they've achieved so far. It's something very exciting from all different parts of how far they're going to take it! Especially within Nigeria, which is one of the hubs of Africa for crypto. They are one of the larger countries that have widely adopted cryptocurrency as a form of payment. So, yeah. I'm definitely excited to see how far LCP takes it.

We are now going to be joined by our newest partner, CrogeCoin!


[Timestamp 00:36:07 – 01:03:25]

Comet (Croge): Yes. Hey, how's it going? Can you hear me alright?

Cats: Yes. Just making sure we work because discord does not like us sometimes. So, how are we all doing? How are you doing?

Comet (Croge): I'm doing great! I'd like to, you know, my discord being a little bit funny too. I'd like to switch to my laptop if you'll just gimme 30 seconds here.

Gandalf: Sure! I'm also trying to get Santi up, who is raising his hand right now. So, [we can] just switch it up. Yeah.. Discord sometimes has difficulties. We have Santi up now! Are you there Mr. Santi?

Santi (Croge): There you go. How, how are you guys?

Gandalf: I'm good. How are you?

Santi (Croge): Great, great. Sorry. I couldn't figure out how to join it. I kept hearing the ping, but then I realized it was at the top.

Gandalf: They changed it up, like on the last update. Cats and I saw that they moved this kind of hand thingy where you can raise it to the top right. So, when somebody calls you up on stage, either you click the popup quick enough, or you have to just approach it from the top. Right. Which is a little bit hidden.

Comet (Croge): Can you all hear me all right?

Cats: We can, indeed.

Gandalf: Yes.

Comet (Croge): Awesome. We're really excited to be here. Thanks for having us at the Crogecoin team!

Cats: Thank you for visiting with us today! So.. You are our newest SafeMoon Swap partner. [Your name is Comet] and you are also a comet partner on the SafeMoon Swap.

So yeah, we’ve got some questions for you. We’d like to hear more about you guys here on the MoonCast. We’d like to learn more about what your project is. I do want to share that you've already undergone the meetings, the paperwork and everything that came through as part of the onboarding process to become a SafeMoon Swap Partner.

You're actually one of the first to do, sort of, an interview-styled video. I just want to make everyone aware that there is a video out on the SafeMoon YouTube channel. Go and check that out, because it'll go a little bit more in depth on the actual business partner side while it'll also probably reiterate some of the information that may be here today. You are, in a sense, one of the first to have a full, complete experience in sharing what you guys do. Without further ado, if you would, please take this moment to introduce yourselves. Who are you? Tell us a bit about the project and then we'll get into some questions.