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Mooncast #49 (August 14th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

Table of Contents

Intro | Disclaimer | Agenda | Gandalf's Health and SafeMoon Labs Update | Partner News: Block Busters Tech - Grove Token - Cryft | SafeMoon Gaming | Food for Thought from John | SafeMoon Capsule and SafeMoon Merch | SafeMoon UK Meet-Up | Mystery Image | Kate Porter (Human Resources) | Scam Accounts | Android Wallet Update | One Immortl: Intro - Anubis NFTs - Immortl Wallet - Security - Social Links - Munich Convention - One Immortl and SFM Wallet - Giveaway | Outro


Source: MoonCast - Marketing Begins?! | SafeMoon Education Podcast


[Timestamp 00:04:26 - 00:05:60]

Cats: Hello, everyone. We are just making sure that we are live and ready to rock and then we will begin. For those that are here early, yes we will be joined by One Immortl and you may want to stick around because they have something for you or should I say we have something for you. So, stick around, it'll be exciting. Just making sure, doing the final checks and we’ll be right back.

Gandalf: Hello, hello, hello.

Cats: Hello, nice to hear that you’re finally, I wouldn’t say back to full strength but definitely getting there.

Gandalf: Yeah, definitely getting there and it’s way better than last Sunday and Monday.

Cats: *laughs* Sorry, the first comment on the YouTube stream was "It's the coloring book, Cats." If only.

Gandalf: *laughs* Yeah, and John is also here.

Cats: Sweet, so we are live on the stream.


[Timestamp 00:06:16 - 00:06:59]

Cats: Hello, everyone, how are we all doing today? I’m your host, Cats and I’m joined by fellow educator, Gandalf. We’d like to welcome you to MoonCast episode 49, a SafeMoon educational podcast. I’d like to make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast where we are able to answer the questions of the community. We do not look to make any announcements during this cast unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand everything you hear today is used as educational content only and not treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any financial decisions.

So, without further ado, let's get into the show, how are we all doing? How are we doing Gandalf? Are we all good?

Gandalf: *laughs* Let's just say way better. How are you buddy?

Cats: Yeah, not too bad. We are coming to the end of another heat - well it's not even a heat wave, it was just a very warm week but we're coming to the end of it. So, we're definitely going to get some rain now, which is nice. I'd very much like some rain at the moment. I wouldn't usually be saying that from the UK but I would really appreciate some rain right now in the air because just the air needs clearing. You know when it's been really warm and it's musky. Yeah, I want the air to be clear.


[Timestamp 00:07:39-00:09:35]

Cats: So, we will be joined by One Immortl at some point during the show. I am going to do an announcement now and it will go live on Twitter in a second. So, I will be sending out a tweet for those that are here today and those that are looking to be a part of the NFT giveaway. One Immortl has just launched an NFT collection; you can go and check it out on their website and then go through the process of learning more about their NFT collection. They have provided us with two of their NFTs and you will possibly have a chance of winning that. So, the Tweet will go live in just a minute, just follow the instructions on the tweet and that will enter you in the giveaway to receive an NFT.

They should join us shortly, and once we get them up they can explain who they are because we have not had them up on the show before. Explain a little bit more about the project and we'll kind of go from there really. The giveaway will go live in just a second and we will be drawing the winners live on the show, so there is a small window or timeframe to enter into this giveaway. It's in and out essentially within the show. Following that we will do a general news update for the week. So, there has been, I wouldn't say a lot of news but there was a lot of things happening for the SafeMoon community and it's just nice to have a recap of everything that's happened over the past 7 days.

So, you know what, I think we will start with the news while we're waiting for them to come up. I haven't heard back from them, have they got in touch with you yet Gandalf?

Gandalf's Health and SafeMoon Labs Update

[Timestamp 00:09:37 - 00:11:04]

Gandalf: Well, we can just start with me. *laughs* Last Sunday when I was on the MoonCast I was already feeling a little bit, well let's just say having a cold. You know, I won't say it because the YouTube algorithm might ban it in the video —

Cats: Monetization!

Gandalf: Yeah “the C” happened. So, while the C-O-Vid hit me like a truck on Sunday night, Monday morning and basically, it was pretty dramatic to be honest like on Tuesday I had a 40 degree fever and shivering all over my body and I couldn't do anything right? It just hit me like a truck. So, of course I couldn't present SafeMoon Labs. I was laying down and now you may hear it in my voice, I'm still not completely recovered but it's not stuck at a high fever anymore. So, it is going way better and tomorrow the CEX versus DEX SafeMoon Labs which normally would have happened last week will happen tomorrow now presented at 2 PM EST/7 PM GMT/8 PM CEST.

Cats: Perfect, and as always that will be uploaded to YouTube on Friday, so if you're not able to make it live for the show then you can certainly play and do a bit of recap on that afterwards.

Partner News

[Timestamp 00:12:45-00:17:09]

Cats: We'll cover the news until the guys from One Immortl are able to come up and we will go from there. So, since we’re talking about partners, let's start with partners because that’s sort of the main bulk of the SafeMoon community and with everything that’s gone on this week.

Block Busters Tech

[Timestamp 00:13:04-00:14:28]

Cats: First of all we have Block Busters, they’ve essentially gone live and we obviously are aware of the circumstances that’s happened and Don and the team are doing a phenomenal job to try and rectify any issues. Now there are a lot of updates from them and it’s not easy to sit here and read off every single tweet that Don and the team have put out so the easiest thing to do and to tell you about is the SafeMoon Education Partner section. Momo and Pulse again, phenomenal ladies that work tirelessly to provide you with as much information as possible on a daily basis and this is one of those things within the partner section. You are able to keep up to date on the partners section with all the information for any of the partners of SafeMoon Swap.

So, if you want to keep up to date with Block Busters and all the information that’s happened over the last 7 days, head over to the partner section and you’ll be be able to choose the token that you want to review and check out the news as and when it comes out for your token you’re looking for. All the information for BBTF is on there already. Go and check it out, it’s updated daily. So, not everything’s there right away but if you’ve seen a tweet then that’s kind of the best thing to do.

Grove Token

[Timestamp 00:14:29 - 00:15:41]

Cats: Speaking of that though, I do want to mention with Grove. Grove has been the first partner in the partners section to completely fill their partner portal section, so we’ve now had to expand their sizing for the amount of information that comes from Grove. So, from Grove John and Mendy and the team, you put out a lot of updates so you’ve had to make us extend your portal of information. Again, go and check out the partner portal.

But speaking of Grove, while we’re on there they have as of this week launched their ERC token on the SafeMoon Swap. So, they are now both on BSC and Ethereum and you can now trade both on the SafeMoon Swap. Are they the first partner to have both on either side? I think they are, right?

Gandalf: Yeah.

Cats: So they are the first partner to have both tokens on both chains that we currently operate on with Binance and Ethereum. A huge milestone for them and a huge milestone for us to see that we can have one partner take up multiple aspects across the different chains, so it’s cool.


[Timestamp 00:15:42 - 00:16:37]

Cats: And then the final one I want to mention on partners in terms of updates is Cryft. A community member asked in relation to the SafeMoon wallet “Any way you could make a physical or digital card with a QR code that can be scanned by the SafeMoon Wallet or App? This way we can buy the card and simply scan the codes on it and the money is put right into the wallet. A simple streamlined process for new investors.” And Cryft came along and straight up said “Call John.” Following that, Hayden jumped on and said “Shoot me a DM through the partner portal and we will see what we can do.” So, that’ll be pretty exciting if the partnership between Cryft and SafeMoon, to be able to provide essentially gift cards and such, it’ll definitely make the onboarding process for some people a lot easier.

So, yeah that’s the partner section. Again, any of our other partners, go and check them out on the Partners Portal page, there's a lot of information that’s put on there from each and every one of our partners and as that partner list grows, so does the amount of information that’s going to come from both Momo and Pulse. They are able to collect so much information and make sure you’re up to date on all the investments that you could be with on the SafeMoon Swap.

SafeMoon Gaming

[Timestamp 00:17:41 - 00:18:02]

Cats: We're going to move on to SafeMoon Gaming. Just a quick reminder to head over to the SafeMoon Gaming Discord. Community gaming events are happening more frequently and you want to get involved. I’m not going to say too much more than that but you want to get involved and see what’s happening over there. We’ll leave it at that for that one.

Food for Thought from John

[Timestamp 00:18:04 - 00:20:05]

Cats: John has been rather quiet but one of the things that he did say this week was a food for thought where he states

“Pay mind to those that remain calm and focused on solutions rather than problems. Pay mind to those who lift up and not tear down. What kind of leader might you aim to be?”

It’s a great food for thought. It’s something in the space that really needs to be paid attention to, especially over the last 7 days there’s been a huge amount of horribleness and bad eggs within the crypto space as a whole and it’s not a nice place to be. There's things such as and I’m going to mention it because it’s quite a scary thing, which also leads onto a positive thing with SafeMoon which is the most recent event overall being the one billion dollar exploit on the Polkadot chain. Again, they were able to quickly adapt and sort of prevent any losses with mechanics that Polkadot have in play but this is why we must take time to make sure everything is as secure as it can be.

We don’t want to put anything or even anyone’s prior, in terms of the products, at risk. We need to make sure we’re 100% before SafeMoon can look to do anything. So, it’s not to say you couldn’t get products out faster but we ultimately want to make sure that every box is ticked because we don’t want to have to have one step forward three steps back. So, to solve any sort of issues that may arise.

SafeMoon Capsule and SafeMoon Merch

[Timestamp 00:20:05 - 00:23:31]

Cats: This was kind of a big one and this is what kind of hammered the timeline from the SafeMoon aspect for quite awhile, the SafeMoon Capsule. As of last week they did go out, on the 5th of August. A lot of the SafeMoon Army quickly received them; I managed to get mine! But for those that weren’t aware, SafeMoon did a capsule, a large collection of merchandise in a rather large box, it was a bigger box than I expected! It provided a long-sleeve, short-sleeve, a hoodie, cap, glass, pin, stickers, poster, and a stress rocket. (Instead of a stress ball it’s a stress rocket!) It is in line with something that SafeMoon is sticking to, which is making merch better but also making it matter. That is with world-changing sales. Every time you choose to buy merchandise, you also look to change the world. For every sale, SafeMoon provides 100 days of life-saving water to children in Tanzania. We’ll be building more impact into our sales as time goes on as we build our impact initiative. Just on the merch aspect alone, if you’re looking to take on the SafeMoon brand with any of the clothing that they make, there’s also an impact on this on a public scale. You’re not only looking to represent and be a part of the SafeMoon community but you’re also making life-changing real world action, too.

With that being said, if there’s any other merch that you want to see in the future, do let us know.

SafeMoon UK Meet-Up

[Timestamp 00:23:31 - 00:24:28]

Cats: Speaking of the SafeMoon community, we have the SafeMoon Community Meet-up for the UK on December 10th, 2022. There’s currently a capacity of 150 for the venue that the community has put together. I’m not too sure exactly where it is. If it is that they need to expand that then fantastic, the more the merrier, but reach out to some of the moderators to try to get more information on that because I don’t have too much information on it. But if you’re in the UK and you want to finally get to see some faces in the real world, that’s maybe something you want to look into.

Mystery Image

[Timestamp 00:24:28 - 00:26:16]

Cats: I’m going to speak more about the SafeMoon Company and some of the things that the company has done and maybe some of the social media platforms. The first and biggest thing is the mystery image [that was posted by the SafeMoon Twitter account.] There have been some interesting guesses. I don’t think anyone has guessed it so far. We had the podcast, which it’s not the podcast. We had an exchange logo, it’s not that. Exchange theme… well, we are doing exchange themes but it isn’t that. Website update? Well, the website update isn’t really a product. It’s just an update to something that already exists. SafeMoon Knight has been going wild with some of his theories! If you check out his Twitter*laughs* He’s matching one shade of green to another which then the next minute he’s linked it to the FBI or something. It’s crazy like that, so… SafeMoon Knight needs to go back to fighting crime for a little bit because his reach is going a bit too far with the theory crafting. [We’ll get another] image next week, but yeah. You have a little bit of information. It’s related to a product and that’s all we got, so. It will be interesting to see where this next image takes us.

Kate Porter (Human Resources)

[Timestamp 00:26:16 - 00:27:59]

Cats: We also had SafeMoon HR, Kate specifically, attend HR Evolve. She was doing a bit of networking at an HR event in Australia and the comment she gave back was, “Feeling totally energised having just attended @HREvolveForum which was my first in person conference in over 2 years and honoured that I was invited to represent #SAFEMOON.” Again, there are multiple different aspects to SafeMoon as a company, not just from a developer standpoint but the likes of HR, the different processes that go into policy creation, the recruitment processes, everything that goes into HR, it’s just another aspect to a company that needs to be thought of and Kate and her team are doing a phenomenal job getting some really hires through the recruitment process.

I will always comment on the structured-ness of the backend of SafeMoon, it’s phenomenal and it’s definitely on par with some of the larger-scale companies – I work for one on a daily basis as a day job and, yeah, it’s night and day difference. SafeMoon is ten times better yet it’s ten times smaller than the company that I work for. It’s quite crazy to see the difference yet see the different scale, so. Phenomenal job on the backend with that sort of structure.

Scam Accounts

[Timestamp 00:27:59 - 00:29:06]

Cats: Speaking of networking and communication, there’s been some continuation of negative communication from scam accounts. SafeMoon does not have any support accounts! It’s as simple as that. If anyone is trying to represent SafeMoon as support, hit the block button. We do not have support. While we are looking into customer service, we haven't and never will contact you regarding or requesting any blockchain or personal information. There may be someone like myself that may reach out to someone if they're having issues or something like that but it will be a direct message and from my profile, Gandalf's profile, or someone that is from the actual company. It won't be from a branded SafeMoon support account. So, if it's a support account, block it, delete it, get rid of it, ignore it it's the easiest thing we can say on that.

Android Wallet Update

[Timestamp 00:29:06 - 00:30:34]

Cats: The final thing that came out, sort of sneakily in the background, was an Android update. I'm going to say that there is one unannounced feature on this list, so I'll be interested to see if anyone's found it. I don't think anyone has yet on the Android side, IOS stayed tuned but I know on the Android side, no one has found this update yet but I'll give you the rest of the updates regardless. We have improved image quality on pinch and zoom behavior in collectibles and fixed some bugs on the default screen when things became frozen. Added the ability to enter default currency values when sending tokens. So, you can now send dollar amounts of the token instead of just tokens. Previously imported tokens will now auto update when listed on the swap. So, like BBTF, they did an initial pre-sale and people added that, then when they were listed on the SafeMoon swap it kind of caused confusion because people didn't see a price. Well, now you don't need to worry, if you add it before it will update which will save a lot of people the hassle. And then, just the general bug fixes and improvements. I'll be interested to see if anyone finds that update though, the final thing that's on the list, it'll be interesting to see.

UK Meetup

[Timestamp 00:30:35 - 00:31:03]

Cats: People need to speak to Randolph on twitter if you're looking to go to the UK event. Go and speak to him with more updates and details. Or Steve4270 on Discord, Facebook and they'll be able to help you with that sort of thing.

Community Q&A

[Timestamp 00:31:10 - 00:42:17]

Can PayPal be integrated into the SafeMoon Wallet?

Cats: It depends on what you mean by integrated, that would need a little bit more expansion. If you're talking like an on-ramp, sort of like partner no because their version of crypto is essentially a fake version. So, they just use the value of crypto and you can't take it off, it's just wallets that are there. So, on that side no but it depends on what you mean by integration.

Exchange still 2022?

Cats: I don't know in terms of any dates, I just get told when it's getting pushed for green, I push my content and make sure everything's ready on that side. So, can't really give too much on dates.

Just checking on the status of the card, exchange and the blockchain.

Cats: So, the card is still in the works in terms of going live. The exchange and blockchain, last thing was they're still in development. Again, there's a chain of how things have to come. So, first thing first is the security update with the card and everything of that nature first and then we move slowly through the product chain that we currently have set out.

Any new info on any new products? Anything other than what is on Twitter?

Cats: Everything comes from Twitter first. It's pretty much whatever the SafeMoon Twitter puts out is what we comment on. So, that's kind of all we have at the moment is when the company is ready to post, we'll post.

Wen Glotoks and Binance?

Cats: Last update is Mandala and the team is still waiting on Binance. So, that was the last update but you can certainly reach out to Mandala on their Discord and ask the questions to see if they can give you an update but we don't have any as of yet.

What products are you looking forward to the most?

Cats: That's a hard question because -

Gandalf: It gets even harder every week right, that's the thing.

Cats: The more you think about what SafeMoon is trying to achieve and the more you know, and this isn't just from an NDA level this is just in general, the SafeMoon ecosystem is the biggest product. As the ecosystem grows and as more things connect into each other that in itself is the biggest product. So, I would ultimately say the SafeMoon ecosystem because everything has to connect with each other in some way, shape or form for the ecosystem to work. You have the wallet that connects to the exchange which then connects to the blockchain and then all the other things that SafeMoon then applies to the likes of the token it all just comes together in the bigger picture. So, I would say the ecosystem is the biggest product overall but if you're specifically talking like you want me to choose an individual product the SafeMoon wallet. I'll leave it at that SafeMoon wallet is the best product.

Wen Table 32?

Cats: Table 32 was recorded. The second episode was recorded, however the content that was recorded at the time was not really usable for the current Table 32 that they were planning because it could be used elsewhere. The content that was recorded was ultimately better used. So, they are looking to re-record episode 2 of Table 32. The podcast will come when they have time to re-record but the content that was recorded isn't going to waste and is going to be used elsewhere. It'll be exciting to see what actually comes from that content and what was actually said during that episode.

Wen SafeMoon video game?

Cats: Obviously we know that MoonCraft did shut down for further development elsewhere. We don’t have any further updates on that but the knowledge they’re taking from what MoonCraft was to become, it’s just better used elsewhere. Which is also why I said earlier in the show to check out the SafeMoon Gaming Discord that’s ultimately where you’re going to start [seeing] that sort of content, so you might want to check it out over there.

Sports jerseys?

Cats: Maybe? For me that would probably fall more in line with like e-sports and would come with the gaming side, again.

Was the recent [SafeMoon Twitter] banner a QR code or a sneaky peak at [Space Capsule] 2?

Cats: No, it’s a product. It’s not merch, it’s related to a product.

I didn’t get a pin in my [Space Capsule].

Cats: If you go to and fill out your information, so give them your order number and the details of what you didn’t get, and hopefully someone can rectify that and get you a pin delivered.

Wen SafeMoon custom PC giveaway?

Cats: So they have the PCs, it’s just the nature of how they want to give them away. I believe one of them is for the billboard branding. That’s something that is still coming. There are so many things that are coming, my head’s a complete mess sometimes.

One Immortl