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MoonCast #48 (August 7th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

Table of Contents

Intro | Disclaimer | 7 Rules of SafeMoon | Fitness Challenge

Best Account Practices and Preparations | SafeMoon Lowdown | Live Crypto Party (LCP)

Cryft V2 | Block Busters Tech (BBTF) | SafeMoon Education's Partner Page | SafeMoon Labs The SafeMoon Pulse | pSafeMoon to SafeMoon V2 Article | Table 32 Episode 2 Reshoot

Security Awareness | Community Feedback: General Delays | Space Capsules

Wallet: Polygon and BSC Collectibles | Wallet: Price Alerts | Wallet: Additional Updates

Community Q&A | Final Thoughts


[Timestamp 00:04:10 - 00:00:00]

Cats: Hello everyone. We are just making sure we are live. Double, triple check. Everything is good. And then we will start. Just double check and we can get going. How are we Gandalf?

Gandalf: I'm good. I might sound a little bit deteriorated because I caught a cold, but it's totally fine. How are you?

Cats: I'm not too bad, a little tired myself. I'm feeling a little bit exhausted and drained, but it's good. We still move. We're still here. We're still doing what we do. So, let's see. We are good on our side. One final check and then we can go. So I see people are on YouTube. That's good. Let's see.

Cats: Perfect. Let's begin.


[Timestamp 00:05:19 - 00:06:47]

Cats: Hello everyone. How are we all doing today? I'm your host Cats and I'm joined by fellow educator Gandalf. We would like to welcome you to MoonCast, a SafeMoon Education Podcast. I'd like to first make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast, where we are able to answer the questions of the community.

We do not look to make any announcements during this cast, unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon army. Please understand everything you hear today is to be used as educational content only, and not being treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any finance decisions.

So without further ado, welcome to MoonCast, Episode 48. We are very close to 52, 4 weeks away from a whole year of MoonCast. Wow. To be honest, I feel like we will be over that. If we take into account the holiday that we had and the breaks we had. So overall, we have been doing MoonCast for a year plus, in terms of real time, but we are four episodes away from a full year of MoonCast, which is pretty insane.

It's pretty, pretty insane. How far we've come. So, standard show as always. Covering the news, covering the updates, sharing some of the sort of changes that have happened. And then you guys will have your opportunity to answer any questions that you guys have. So if you are in the Discord and you want to ask questions, you can do that for either chat and then also the same on YouTube.

7 Rules of SafeMoon

[Timestamp 00:06:47 - 00:07:34]

Cats: So without further ado, I'm going to start with the seven rules of SafeMoon!

1. Smile. It always works out in the.

2. Be kind. You have the power to make people feel good.

3. Don't give up. If it doesn't work the first time, find another way.

4. Don't compare. Everyone's on a different journey.

5. Avoid negativity. Avoid negative thoughts, situations, and people.

6. Make peace with your past. Focus on being present and creating a better future.

7. Take care of your body and mind. One struggles to survive without the other.

So just some important messages to kind of think about as what we do with them. We always start these MoonCasts from now on, giving a positive message. So definitely take some of them on board and just think about what's happening. Speaking of what's happening, let's cover the news.

Fitness Challenge

[Timestamp 00:07:34 - 00:09:27]

Cats: So, this week I started a challenge / just a positive engagement from myself to get people more involved. It seems, even in these darkest of days, especially in the crypto space with how much a bear market can affect people, trying to bring some more positivity and get people moving is the KCAL Challenge.

So, essentially, I just want to get people more engaged, involved in their fitness. As if we take a look back at the seven rules of SafeMoon, the last one specifically was "Take care of your body and your mind. One struggles to survive without the other." So, you could be key focused on whatever you're doing, but if you don't carry your body, then your mind is ultimately going to be affected.

So, it's just about getting people involved and burning upwards of 150 calories a day. That's in addition to anything you guys already do. Your body burns calories on a daily basis. I just want to keep you guys moving and just share the journey. You know, I've been going to the gym now for, officially, a full seven days. I'm tired and exhausted, but at the same time I'm feeling good. I cut out quite a lot of junk in my diet. I definitely was a heavy, valid supporter of Coca-Cola. That is one that has been hard to get away from, but that's been my weakness. So.. Yeah. ‘Just about getting engaged and getting moving–

So, just share your journey as you go through and be a bit more active and burning a minimum of 150 calories a day will equal an additional one thousand calories per week. So KCAL challenge. Check it out on my Twitter. If you want to read more and just share more.

Best Account Practices and Preparations

[Timestamp 00:09:27 - 00:10:36]

Cats: Speaking of more about myself, I actually went and spoke to an accountant this week. And lo and behold, he was a SafeMoon holder, which was quite a surprise. So, he's been a holder since March 2021. Yeah, 21, I get my dates mixed up. And that was quite a shock. Trying to get ahead of things. I definitely want to get ahead of all the important stuff, and advise anyone to do the same. Go and seek some accountancies or firms, just to get prepared and just go to meet them and get acquainted with your financial sides, because it is an unknown area and you want to get as much advice as possible before you get into sort of like the coming up to the end of the tax year depending on where you are.

So, definitely go speak out to them, but it was cool to meet my new accountant, who was somewhat invested in crypto. He's been able to kind of gauge a grasp on some of the rules that are already written and ultimately some of the rules that aren't already written. Definitely go speak to your accountant to make sure you're up to date on those sorts of things.

SafeMoon Lowdown

[Timestamp 00:10:36 - 00:11:20]

Cats: Sweet. So, as I say, we're covering the news and covering everything that's happened with SafeMoon. I want to make everyone aware that all this information comes from the SafeMoon Lowdown. Every day, the SafeMoon education team, more specifically MomoKombat and Pulse, look to provide a magnitude of information on a daily basis.

They've been doing that now for nearly 10 months, of daily content and updates, for you guys. That's a lot of information to collect, collate and put together. So, definitely give that a read and if you want to help them out in any way, give them some support. Give them some feedback. Whatever it is, just show them some appreciation for the work they do. So without further ado, let's cover the news.

Live Crypto Party (LCP)

[Timestamp 00:11:20 - 00:11:53]

Cats: So, we'll start with some partners, because there's a few updates with partners. Across the week, the first one being Live Crypto Party(LCP). They had their first ever centralized exchange listing on LBank! So, congratulations to them. They were a Hyper Launch Partner with ourselves and launched straight from nothing to now. They are now able to list on a centralized exchange, which is LBank. So, Congratulations to them for moving forward the progression of what they're doing.

Cryft V2

[Timestamp 00:11:53 - 00:00:00]

Cats: One our new hyper launch partners, Cryft V2. have upgraded their entire contract to second version and open for trading, so you can check them out on the SafeMoon SWaP. If it is, you're looking to make any swaps for Cryft V2.

Block Busters Tech (BBTF)

[Timestamp 00:12:23 - 00:31:41]

Cats: ‘And then the big one that everyone has been talking about on social media for the past 48 hours is Block Busters Tech. So, first of all, congratulations to Don and his team. Huge congratulations for ultimately making it happen.

And following through with everything that they've said so far. Now we do know that there were some hiccups along the way. Not going to lie, and they are already working on great communication by Don and the team to make sure everything's up to date. I think one of the last rare messages was they were going through some final testing to rectify any issues.

So, congratulations on the launch. It was definitely a huge launch for both them and the SafeMoon SWaP, from both sides. So, Congratulations! And I know that straight away, you're already looking to resolve any issues that have currently arose from the launch. So, either way, congratulations again, and I'm excited to see where they go. So, we'll definitely see more from Blockbuster and hopefully we can get more in depth with questions, because we know how much love that Don likes to have on these questions.

ONE Immortl

[Timestamp 00:13:41 - 00:14:09]

Cats: Finally, during this week, there will be an announcement from me in relation to ONE Immortl. ONE Immortl are looking to come onto the show next week to speak more about the announcement that I'll be making this week.

So, keep an eye on that. And if it is that you aren't able to keep an eye out. They will be with us next week on next week's MoonCast to kind of discuss more in depth about that announcement. So, stay tuned for that.

SafeMoon Education's Partner Page

[Timestamp 00:14:09 - 00:14:50]

Cats: There have been further announcements from all of our partners. However, we can't go through them all. So, if it is, you want to keep up to date on any of our partners, head over to the SafeMoon.Education Partner Page. ‘And you'll be able to go through and see everything that is on there from each of the partners. So, we keep up to date again on all of our partners news, whether it be from their CEO or members of their community. It's all collated to keep you guys up to date for each one of our SafeMoon Partners. So again, another useful tool and again, all provided by Momo and Pulse. So again, phenomenal work that they're doing to keep you guys up to date.

SafeMoon Labs

[Timestamp 00:14:50 - 00:16:54]

Cats: Now, we move over to yourself Gandalf. So last week, last Monday, you ran Partnerships. Which is now live on YouTube. So, if you did miss the actual Twitter space, you can now go back and listen to it live and learn more about the partnerships of business and how everything is involved on the partnerships side on a business level. However, what have we got this week?

Gandalf: So, this week I'm going to talk about CEX and DEX, which is centralized exchange and decentralized exchange. What the differences are and what the benefits, and actually disadvantages are on each stage. And that will be presented tomorrow at 2 PM EST, 7 PM GMT, 8 PM CST on Twitter.

CatsRus: Awesome. So, if it is that you want to check that out and are able to participate in listening in live. You can do that tomorrow. Alternatively, again, if it is, you're not able to make a live show from Gandalf's Twitter space. Then you can look to listen to it live on the following Friday. So, this coming Friday, it will be uploaded as a recording as well. So, you can get the best of both. If it is, you can't make it live. How many episodes have we done now? We've done quite a few. Haven't we as well? Yeah, there's been quite a few.

Gandalf: I think it is 28.

Cats: No, it's not that many. Is it?

Gandalf: It is 28. Yeah, it was actually 29, but one recording got lost back in the day when it was the beginning. So, officially uploaded, it is 28 and this is the 29th one.

Cats: Wow. That's crazy. Wow. I didn't think it was going that long. That's a lot of information. Okay. That even surprised me. That's insane! So, again, they're all recorded on the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel. So if you are listening live on the YouTube stream, you can go ahead and click on the channel unless so many of them live afterwards. So yeah, after the show but yeah, stick around. We'll keep on with the news.

The SafeMoon Pulse

[Timestamp 00:16:54 - 00:17:51]

Cats: So, SafeMoon Education again, going to mention Momo and Pulse. Pulse came out with her monthly review of July. So, every single month, in addition to the daily Lowdowns, any of the partner updates, we do go back and collect all the best pieces of information from that month. Pulse collated all the information for July and it is now all there for you to take advantage of, and keep yourself up to date from anything that happened in July, specifically. So, a lot of information in that document, and it does take quite a while to go back and sieve through some of the most important stuff. Definitely go and give that a read if you weren't up to full date in terms of your investments from both ourselves, SafeMoon and any of the partners as well. It's all in there.

pSafeMoon to SafeMoon V2 Article

[Timestamp 00:17:51 - 00:20:02]

Cats: We did recently released an article on pSafeMoon to essentially give the a detailed understanding of pSafeMoon, and its process. The fact is that they aren't receiving reflections due to the SafeMoon V2 upgrade. So, we've now given them an official guidance on how they can go back through the pTokens bridge to get to Binance and the Binance chain and then upgrade / migrate to the V2 token.

So. if it is that you are holding pSafeMoon, definitely go ahead and check the guide out on that. It is on the homepage of SafeMoon.Education. So, if you are a SafeMoon holder on the pTokens side or Ethereum side, you can now get yourselves officially through the guide that we've created. If you have any questions, you can reach out.

I know it is a scary process to go across because we do understand that there is a potential risk with the hundred percent tax, but as long as you follow the guide, one to one then you should be fine.

Gandalf: Maybe also something to mention that you need at least 30 million V1 SafeMoon to initiate a bridge. If you have less than 30 million, you cannot bridge it.

Cats: No, but you can look to purchase the additional amount if you really need to, but because if you want to bring them across, you can purchase their minimum to get you to that minimum. If it is that you are wanting to use the bridge, but you have to have the minimum of 30 in order to get yourself across.

So, it shouldn't let you should it? It doesn't let you go through with the transaction. Does pTokens bridge specifically say there is a minimum?

Gandalf: Yes, there's a minimum of 30 million that is needed.

Cats: That's okay. So yeah, take the guide out. Everything's written in there and you'll be able to get yourselves over to the V2 token and start earning some reflections.

As we know, it was kind of a thing that people were waiting for the cross-chain update, but as we can't advise on anything relating to that at the moment, this is the best alternative. If it is that you want to start in reflections in the meantime.

Table 32 Episode 2 Reshoot

[Timestamp 00:20:02 - 00:21:20]

Cats: We have some few comments from John across the discord. So, I'm just going to quickly read off some of the messages that he's been putting in the discord to make you guys aware. So, first of all, John came out and just said a message that we have internal timelines, and he is pleased with the team's performance. Looking forward to these releases. We had a comment saying, where is the podcast Captain?

We aimed three weeks ago for episode 32. And he basically replied with the footage better used somewhere else. "We will reshoot. The content that was filmed is better used in a non-podcast format". There's a reshoot to be happening. So, the content that they originally were going to use for episode two, it's now being used elsewhere.

So, I know that we were saying we were waiting for Sketch to kind of break it down and get it all edited. However, he and the team have now realized that this can be used elsewhere. So, they're going to do a reshoot of episode two. We have to wait and see. I'm sure it won't take too much longer, because again, it's an exciting time ahead.

Security Awareness

[Timestamp 00:21:20 - 00:23:13]

Cats: There was a comment, and I can't remember which community member said this, but they stated that literally multiple millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars USD, were hacked in this space. The crypto space and people are still complaining about a video or the speed of various things as they watch other networks get hacked of everything that they've ever owned. And John replied with "security is a big pillar for us. Quality, accessibility and security are the pillars". And that's a huge point.

When you are holding $1 or a million dollars or a hundred million dollars on any platform, you want to know that your money is secure and that nothing can be done. In terms of, if you were to leave it, touch it or just hold or HODL. You don't want to be coming back to an empty wallet or an empty account. ‘And that's the point. Some of these hacks that have happened have ultimately been a form of laziness to some extent and some have just been accidental things that people have taken advantage of.

So, all-in-all, security and everything that is surrounding the security aspect. Is so vitally important. I don't know how many of us could literally say that security is the most important aspect of it all because you could have products after the products, after products, but if your security isn't there, your actual infrastructure to protect the user that are using that product, then there's no point in having the products in the first place. So, definitely security is, one of, if not the most important pillar of any technology that we look to use in our daily lives.

Community Feedback: General Delays

[Timestamp 00:23:13 - 00:21:20]

Cats: The final comment we have is "Thank you for jumping in here. I hope you all to come through at some point, there's a lot of us sitting quietly and hoping for the best, but it's hard these days." And John came back and said, "The team is working hard. We're looking forward to the releases. We understand the frustration [of] waiting. I'm still waiting for Half-Life 3. Releases will happen before Half-Life 3." Clearly a joke. However, if this baits the universe into the release of Half Life 3, we all win.

So yeah, people wait on a daily basis for multiple different things. And Half-life 3 is one of our things we're waiting for. I don't know how long we're going to be waiting for that. Anyway, t's not the end of the world if we don't get that anytime soon because we've got SafeMoon products to look forward to. As you said, they should be delivered before then. So, it's exciting times. Exciting times.

Gandalf: I hope it will be delivered before that.

Cats: Well, like I said, if it comes within the next couple of months then I’ll be surprised, but SafeMoon side of things– I’m excited, Half-Life 3, well my anticipation for that coming anytime soon is next to nothing shall we say.

Space Capsules

[Timestamp 00:24:37 - 00:26:21]

Cats: Speaking of SafeMoon though, we do now have official confirmation that capsules are being shipped as we speak, don’t have confirmation as to all of them being shipped but there’s a process to shipping them based on the logistic side. So, the capsules, if you purchased a SafeMoon Capsule, you will now receive your capsule in the coming weeks. Don’t have a time frame on how long delivery takes, depending on where you are more than anything else. Hopefully, we’ll start seeing people receive them and sharing their merch that they got. Hopefully, they appreciate the quality of time and effort it took to make some of them with the finer details on these products. Excited to receive mine as well, hopefully I’ll finally own, I don’t think I own—no, I don’t own any piece of SafeMoon merch. I do have your coin!

Gandalf: You have my coin! Now, you can say it because they’re gone.

Cats: I do own a SafeMoon coin. I don’t think I own anything else because I don’t want to buy any like 3rd party rip-off stuff.

Gandalf: That was my incentive, too. If you remember the old hoodies, the very old ones in the beginning, I have every one of them. I think I’m only missing one hoodie. Well, they were cool. Like year-one merch.

Cats: I would have loved to have had the original merchandise. I just wasn’t paying attention at that time. That’s my own fault more than anything else.

Gandalf: Maybe you get it on Ebay soon *laughs*

Wallet: Polygon and BSC Collectibles

[Timestamp 00:26:21 - 00:28:38]

Cats: We had a big update for SafeMoon Wallet. We now have both BSC and Polygon added to the Collectibles tab, collectibles being the NFTs. That is on both Android and IOS, so both of you guys, depending on the device, can now access your Polygon NFTs and your BSC (Binance Smart Chain) NFTs. Now, there may be some final kinks and bugs to work out depending on your device. We have had one or two comments about certain pages crashing constantly based on certain things. They’re just finicky bugs with specific devices and potentially, maybe specifically, NFTs and NFT platforms. If you're having any issues, just let one of us know or one of the moderators know and we can forward that on to give any more information to the developers and ensure everything on the back end is cleared.

Gandalf: This update is just absolutely awesome, especially with Polygon and BSC. And the wonderful thing that people noticed later is that you can even send them from the wallet, like people thought it was only the possibility to see them, but you can actually send them out and that is just absolutely massive.

Cats: Exactly. It’s huge to be able to send directly from the wallet while also keeping your assets safe, on chain so you can share them without having to copy, paste, save or anything else. It’s just copy a link, paste it and it will generate wherever you want to send it to depending on which platform or who you’re sending it to, which is huge in itself. Also, the ability to play audio and video from your wallet too, so if you have an audio or video NFT it’s all playable from the app. Zoom and scroll on all the NFTs, getting the finer details if you’ve got a larger scale NFT, all within the wallet and that’s huge in itself.

Gandalf: “Going to the Moon” by Darren *laughs*

Wallet: Price Alerts

[Timestamp 00:28:38 - 00:30:02]

Cats: Exactly and also in this update, in addition to the NFT update, there was the price alerts. A well requested feature, people wanting price alerts. You now have the ability to set your price alerts for each token, multiple different configurations. You can have up to a maximum of 10 variations on an alert but then you can also have 5 different alerts on each token. So, you can have upwards of 50 different variations of an alert for each token, which don’t know if you really want to have that many for each token but it’s there for you if you need it. So, you can create a magnitude of alerts in itself. Again, ticking a box, you request a feature we’re looking to tick those boxes as we move from the initial minimal viable product which was here’s the wallet to here’s a bigger piece of infrastructure of SafeMoon which is definitely turning into a beast in itself with the wallet. Definitely more features to come, if BSC and Polygon adding to the Collectibles is anything to go by, I’m sure people can kind of guess the next venture, especially if you’ve been listening to John with some of the additional comments that he’s been making with regards to the wallet.

Wallet: Additional Updates

[Timestamp 00:30:02 - 00:33:31]

Cats: But also, there was a few minor things that you can do as well with the wallet which may not be useful to everyone, but I’m just quickly run through them which is you get to set the 5 customizable alerts for each token as I mentioned, you get to then also set alerts for both BSC and Ethereum from CoinMarkerCap’s Top 100. You can then additionally set the Top 100 tokens, so that’s how you would set your Bitcoin alert, your Ethereum alert, Doge, Cardano, XRP, that’s how you would set those token alerts.

You also have improved default and language support, improved Send Token screen between your loaded wallets— so, if you’re going to send a token from one wallet to another by the multi-wallet feature that’s now improved to make it more streamlined for you to send between your own wallets. You then have Scan QR Code from your devices image gallery so you no longer need to get your camera out and have another device and scan it, you can now use your image gallery which is a nice easier thing if you want to have a collection stored of QR codes depending on who it is. The wallet will now open in light or dark mode based on devices settings, that was an android change. Calculator bug fixes and a lot of other bug and improvements and then finally Google Authentication which is now required to reveal the recovery phrase, private key and access password changes if enabled. So, if you have Google Authentication enabled you can’t just simply go ahead and reveal them anymore, they are now integrated into Google Authentication. That in itself is huge, if it is that you want to protect the assets even further.

Huge update, it’s not the end, it’s still a progression and an evolution of the wallet and it will continue to get better. So, if you have any features that you are wanting to have on the wallet, you are more than welcome to send them our way and we will feed that forward. We’re just ticking the boxes of some of the things that you guys requested, we’ll continue to keep ticking those boxes.

‘And then finally it was just the SafeMoon branding, going from what SafeMoon original branding was to the more refined orb and Apple like branding that we’ve seen as we move into the transitions, especially for the new website and everything that comes along with that. We’ve now hit the app store, that’s now been tidied up to be on brand and as you start to see some of the SafeMoon products and assets it’s just going to be more streamlined through to the new branding which is nice.

That’s been the news overall, if you want to keep up to date check out the daily Lowdown because there are multiple different things for you to keep up to date on through the Lowdown, partners, general crypto news, there’s so much that goes into them and again thank you to Momo and Pulse and the individuals that do help them along the way in getting that sorted, thank you to them.

Community Q&A

[Timestamp 00:33:31 - 00:48:16]

But that’s been everything for this week so let’s jump into the questions and we’ll clear some of them out and hopefully if it is that we aren’t able to answer them we can get an answer for you.

Is there any guide on getting our first NFT on the SafeMoon wallet or the educational website?

Cats: Funny you should say that if you head to the SafeMoon Education website there will be a guide's section within the guide if you click on wallets, there is an NFT section and in the NFT section there’s a bunch of articles at the bottom “How to create NFTs”, “How to connect SafeMoon Wallet to Opensea” we also then have a basic understanding of NFTs and what the use cases could be. There are a few articles for you to check out so head over to there and check on some of the articles we’ve written about NFTs because not everything is just going to be in one place, but we do have the articles written for you if you want to go ahead and look. Head over to guides, SafeMoon Wallet, NFT and the articles are there.

Any top exchanges in the near future?

Cats: Exchange listings are always going to continue. I can’t comment on any of their positions, but exchange listings will always continue. I think we had LAToken the other week. That’s going to continue to grow.

Any news on the new Table 32?

Cats: Yeah, as we mentioned that is going through a reshoot because the content that they did for the original one that they were going to make live is just not worth it at the moment, it’s not needed for the 32 podcasts. They’re going to be using that elsewhere. A reshoot for the podcast side of things but that content is going to be used elsewhere.

How many transactions can we currently handle a second? Do we have any idea of that for on our blockchain?

Cats: That’s not something that I can answer because at the minute we’re on the Binance side, so we are limited by them with anything that they have. As for our own, as many as we can get with also the integrations that we want, that’s kind of the best answer that I can give. We want it as fast as possible, but we also don’t want to risk quality too. Wish I could give you more on that answer but we’re not ready there with the blockchain side of things yet but hopefully we can give you an answer in the near future.

Is SafeMoon safe from the flash loan hacks and other tokens that have been hacked with?

Cats: That in itself is a more complicated question because there’s been variations of that but for the most part because security is one of our highest priorities and we have some of the most insane minds when it comes to the security side of things. I’m going to say with confidence that SafeMoon is secure however, that’s not a definitive answer because I’m not an extreme coder. We have people in place to make sure we are secure and if we aren’t sure they’re going to make us secure one way or another. Hopefully, that answers that question.

BNB claims to do 1.4 million transactions per second. Visa claims around 65 thousand transactions per second. How many transactions per second will SafeMoon support?

Cats: Theoretically, you can make it as fast as possible. It depends on the infrastructure behind it. We want to have enough transaction speed to cater to everything and also scale. We’ll have to wait and see.

Will SafeMoon be adding the Solana blockchain to the wallet?

Cats: What were the first two that John mentioned? It was–

Gandalf: Polygon and Avax.

Cats: Polygon and Avax are the next two, which will take some time to integrate into the wallet. If it’s a fork of Ethereum, or if there is some fork involved, it makes it slightly easier. It just depends on how things have changed on this side. I know that Polygon and Avax are slightly different to normal chains, with how they fundamentally work on a backend-basis. The team is working through them and hopefully we can get more added soon.

What is the status of the planned update to the website?

Cats: It is still going through. They may be in the development and testing phases. I’m on the education side, which I know we’re waiting on some pages to be made. There are over 90 pages on the Education page. As far as the security related video updates, they are coming. I can’t give timeframes. We [want to avoid] any unnecessary hype. You’ll get them and then we can have a party afterwards.

Can Mr. Block get a shoutout for his 32nd birthday tomorrow?

Cats: 32nd Birthday... Happy Birthday, Mr. Block!! 32nd– The birthday to have! I’ll sing Happy Birthday in the Gaming Discord. No, because [Gandalf] will record me! *laughter*

Gandalf: Haha! I don’t record. I’ll just laugh!

When can we have a 1-year button as a timeframe selection for our chart within the wallet?

Cats: It would be two years. It would be ending the second year. If select the 1yr, you’re just going to see a line going up from the current price. So, you’d need at least two years to, kind of, give you the representation of the 1st year and then the second year. So, that would be two years for the charting side of things.

Any updates on cross-chain?

Cats: No specific updates on our cross-chain, however we did mention pSafeMoon. If you’re a pSFM holder, you can use the pTokens bridge to come back through, to then get to the SafeMoon V2 [contract]. There’s a guide on the education website. It’s on the homepage, if it is that you’re looking to follow that guide, you can check that out if you’re looking to follow the guide.

Does SafeMoon intend to provide green energy to Grove? Will we see BlockBusters Tech’s expansion into web3 technology become a part of SafeMoon’s own ecosystem? Does SafeMoon seek to become more involved in the build out of these infrastructures’ expansion efforts; and to that beginning, can this further the expansion of the SafeMoon ecosystem?

Cats: A rising tide raises all ships. There are unique possibilities for hyper launch partners, Moon, Comet, and Meteor partners. Much depends on integration and how far we can further our success. In terms of those partnerships, there is welcoming room to grow our partnerships and have those discussions. We only do that together, 100%. There is more room [for us all to grow], and depending on the integration of and meaning the stars align– I wouldn’t put it in the no section. I would definitely say it’s a possibility.

Final Thoughts

[Timestamp 00:48:16 - 00:00:00]

Cats: We’re definitely getting there. It’s an exciting time for the entire industry. We’ve seen so many changes in the last, say six months, especially on the regulation side. I don’t know how many documents have been through similar [compliance framework agenda lists and everything else needing to become, or rewritten to specification to satisfy multiple standard requirements.] This is a time to be making sure everything is right.

SafeMoon is ultimately going to deliver on the products that they’ve said. It is a case of, they are not going to be rushed, which is why we have now completed all the timelines that have been public.. Now, it’s a case of, Here are the products. It will be more like, Here are the products now that they are completely ready; and not before. As we say, It’s coming. It’s coming. I think that is it. It’s going to be a shorter show today as it was in some cases a quieter week. It’s definitely been a more chaotic week. It’s definitely been a quieter week over-all. I’m excited to start having more in-depth conversations like we used to. Um, it’s definitely become a quieter period of crypto as a whole, shall we say? So, yeah. As we say, we will be back next week. As always, Thank you everyone for tuning in and thank you everyone that has tuned in for the last 48 episodes. It’s definitely been a crazy journey and I’m excited to see where this journey continues. So, as always, thank you for tuning in each and every week! This has been the 48th episode of Mooncast! Another episode done and another one down.

We’ll be back next week with One Immortl to share more on the announcement that – … So, keep an eye out on My Twitter for the Announcement. I’ll have more to share next week from them.

Cats: So, I’ve been Cats.

Gandalf: ‘And I’ve been Gandalf.

Cats: ’And.. We will catch you guys next week! Adios!

Gandalf: Bye-Bye!