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MoonCast #47 (July 31st, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

Table of Contents

Intro | Disclaimer | Agenda | SafeMoon Labs | Community Q&A | General Discussion

Pige Inu | Pige Inu Q&A | Pige Inu Wrap-Up | MetFX | MetFX Q&A | Fitness Challenge

7 Rules of SafeMoon | MoonCast Episode 52 | Outro

Source: MoonCast - Welcoming more swap partners! | SafeMoon Education Podcast


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Cats: Hello, everyone! We are just setting up and making sure everything is live, and ready to go, and we will begin. Hello, Gandalf.

Gandalf: Hey, I'm just looking for both of the partners. One partner just messaged me that they are on their way. The other partner should be here in a second.

Cats: That's alright. I believe we are starting with MetFX and then we’re going to Pige Inu.

Gandalf: MetFX should have 3 people on stage. Are you celebrating right now?

Cats: I haven't had a chance to celebrate yet. As soon as the goal was scored, I had to run up stairs and get everything ready. It would have been a different game if it were a different referee, for sure. Both teams played well. It was just the last five minutes that England loved that corner and knew what they had to do. We’re green light on the stream. People are rolling in now. Let’s start the show!


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Cats: Hello, everyone! How are we all doing today? I’m your host, Cats. Today, I’m joined by fellow educator, Gandalf. We’d like to welcome you to MoonCast, a SafeMoon Education podcast. I’d like to make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast where we are able to answer the questions of the community. We do not look to make any announcements during this cast unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand everything you hear today is used as educational content only and not treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the show!


[Timestamp 00:06:40 - 00:10:11]

Cats: Today, we are going to be joined by MetFX (MFX). We are also going to be joined by Pige Inu. Both are new SafeMoon Swap Comet partners. They are joining the swap as of this week. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about their project, what they are working to achieve and more about who they are. This is to share some insight about who they are as a partner. If you are looking to do additional due diligence, please reach out to them and their social medias/connection platforms and you'll be able to see what they have coming up. We’re going to wait for MetFX to come up and then we’ll head into some community questions. Gandalf, if you will, please bring them up.

Gandalf: We are still waiting for our guests to join us.

Cats: While we wait, let’s answer some questions from the community. If you have any questions while we wait for our guests to come up, I’ll try and cover them.

Gandalf: If you’d like, we can cover SafeMoon Labs.

Cats: Ok! Let’s head over to the SafeMoon Labs for the week.

SafeMoon Labs

[Timestamp 00:10:11 - 00:12:14]

Gandalf: Last week, we had the opportunity to hear about whales, and the behavior of whales, as well as relevant systems. Tomorrow’s SafeMoon Labs will be about business Partnerships. It will be held Tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. GMT, 8 p.m. CEST. I’ll be talking about partnerships, what partnerships mean and and their benefits on different levels.

Cats: Awesome! That's tomorrow on Gandalf’s Twitter. If you click on Twitter, you can mark yourself interested for tomorrow’s SafeMoon Labs. Business partnerships are more complicated than they may seem at face value. With SafeMoon being a tech company, there are a lot more partnerships involved than just swap partnerships. It’s deep subject matter and can be detailed to cover terms of products among many other things. Tune in tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST, 7 p.m. GMT, 8 p.m. CEST and learn more about the business side of partnerships. It’s not directly specific to SafeMoon. It will bring insight into partnerships and the benefits they provide. We do have a few questions from our audience. Let’s continue there and we’ll move into our discussions with our newest SafeMoon Swap partners.

Community Q&A

[Timestamp 00:12:14 - 00:14:37]

When will the Table 32 Podcast be published?

Cats: The filming has been done. They did the second episode and it is still with Sketch in editing. We are working on multiple things across many different departments. ‘No update as of yet. We were hoping it would be last week. Hopefully, we can get that finished and published soon. Again, there are no concrete time frames as to when it will be done. It just depends on schedules and other things that are in the works. Hopefully, we’ll have an update or a release this week.

When will be the next Discord Gaming Event?

Cats: I don't have any updates on the next gaming event but if you'd like, you can reach out to Sander/Warfighter on the SafeMoon Gaming Discord and see if there’s a group that wants to jump in and play some games. It doesn’t need to be an event or an organized time. There’s always people in there to have some fun.

General Discussion

[Timestamp 00:14:37-00:15:51]

Cats: What else has happened this week, Gandalf? I haven't covered my news section this week, so I’m a little behind with the news.

Gandalf: It has been pretty calm, to be honest. In the general crypto market, it looks like it's trying to break out with a slow push. We will see. The total crypto world, not just with SafeMoon, is currently steady. There’s nothing really happening right now.

Cats: That's important to me. It’s steady, calm and quiet. It’s not chaotic. There are little things here and there. Overall, it’s nice. Some people are speculating a bull run and that the new wave is coming. I don’t know if that’s the case. We’ll have to wait and see.

Gandalf: I've pulled up Miroku from Pige Inu because the team from MetFX needs some more time as they are working through some technical difficulties on their end. So, I would say we can start with Pige Inu.

Pige Inu

[Timestamp 00:15:51-00:27:31]

Miroku: Hi, everyone. My name is Miroku. I am usually accompanied by my devs. Ovrkast is probably having a technical issue. As such, I’ll be speaking on behalf of the team until he arrives. Hello, Gandalf and Cats. Hello, everyone!

Gandalf: Hello!

Cats: Hello, thank you for coming up! Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your motivation behind what you’re building and we’ll lead into your plans. What is Pige Inu?

Miroku: Pige Inu is a community token. When you observe the logo, you’ll see a [Pig] and Doge combined. We launched about 4 months ago and have achieved great things so far. We are already on a few exchanges and are aiming to achieve more. We have renounced the [contract] and our contract has been audited. We are also a registered company. We are trying to achieve SafeMoon’s level of success. Pige Inu is not just a meme. We are working to connect streetwear fashion [clothing] with cryptocurrency. We’re trying to incorporate some [known styles] and each item, whether a shirt or hat, etc., will have its own NFT. Everyone will know that you own that item. We are working towards making the offline store and plan to have that [up and running] next year.

Cats: We both know how much a strong community is needed. What is the future of Pige Inu with its token? What are you working towards and what will it become?

Miroku: Our developer, Ovrkast, is here who will speak to this.

Ovrkast: Sorry, I’ve been having some technical issues. I think you can go on from here so I can get a bit more context.

Miroku: Sure. Our goal is to make Pige Inu as visible as possible. We want Pige Inu everywhere. Just last month, we had around 3 million more engagements on Twitter itself. We strive to show others the strength of our community with every tweet and mention. We are very proud of our community. We try to do what benefits our community, the project and the token itself. We are working towards weekly burns. We will also engage the community with raffles and competitive events. When there are opportunities to compete, we will engage. For example, our last event was inspired by Manchester vs. Liverpool. Everyone in the community fought for Manchester and Liverpool won. We still do a burn but it’s not as much. Does that make sense?

Cats: Yes. It sounds like there are a lot of different things that the Pige Inu community can get involved in. What are you trying to achieve with the token? You’re obviously a community focused token. What is your end goal in terms of the token and can you talk about your motivation and the things that drive you to reach our long term objectives regarding the Pige Inu token?

Miroku: It does seem that there is a four-year cycle between each bull run. 2021, 2017, 2013—We are positioning ourselves for the next bull run. We are trying to get on each of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world during this time. One of our long term goals is to be listed on Binance and multiple exchanges, everywhere. We want the most exposure possible.

Ovrkast: We have a clear to becoming a successful meme coin. We have different stages of our roadmap on our website. We are company that is registered in the UK. We are working to deliver a streetwear global brand. Most importantly, we are working towards building an own ecosystem that will support the project and token. It will be a decentralized app with a staking platform where holders will receive rewards through staking. The dApp will also include a raffling system in addition to a coin listing section. In the listing section, others can list their tokens as well. We will select the best projects and tokens using a voting system. Those votes will be supported by holders of Pige Inu so long as they hold a certain amount. We will also have a swap within the dApp. We will also return benefits to the project via buyback and burn to increase the value of the token, which will benefit the holders.

Cats: Is it fair to say that you’re following in the footsteps of Doge and Shiba, with more developments on the BSC side? It seems that your focus on those developments is creating a platform within your own decentralized app.

Ovrkast: Yes. Exactly.

Cats: Perfect! We have our first question from the community.

Pige Inu Q&A

[Timestamp 00:27:31-00:35:41]

Is Pige Inu a reflection token?

Ovrkast: The total fee or “tax” is 3%. A total of 2% of each transaction goes to marketing and the remainder, or 1% of each transaction, goes towards the liquidity pool..

Cats: So, if they are looking to HODL, they will do it through your staking platform, which will then give them reflections.

Ovrkast: Yes.

How is it that you entered a partnership with SafeMoon? What was the process and how would you describe your experience?

Ovrkast: Our journey began through our internal advisors. It was brought to our attention that we could become partners. From that point, we began preparing the requirements to submit and hopefully qualify. The experience was professional. The exchange of information was secure. The process was seamless and easy. I hope that answers the question.

Cats: That’s great to hear that the journey from the initial start, from submission to being listed, was a streamlined and easy process. Keeping to that professionalism is what we ultimately strive for and that’s great to hear.

If people want to learn more about Pige Inu and more about you, where do they go?

Ovrkast: If you’re interested in learning more about our project, please visit us at our Official Website, There, you can see the details regarding our tokenomics, our whitepaper and smart contract audit results. Our Pige Inu Swap is also online at The purchase of Pige Inu on our swap is supported using a credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay. After you visit our official website, you can join our telegram group which is listed on our website. It’s a great community and you will be welcomed there. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to join us.

Cats: Perfect. If you want to learn more about Pige Inu, head over to their official website where they have more information connected to their socials and you’ll be able to find more in-depth information about them there. If you have additional questions, you can also leave them here in the MoonCast event chat and we can send them to the Pige Inu team.

Miroku: Thank you!

Pige Inu Wrap-Up

[Timestamp 00:35:41-00:37:16]

Cats: Perfect. As we received additional questions, we will send them your way. We appreciate you taking the time to come up and explaining more about who you are and all the things you’re working towards achieving. It’s great to see that you’re working to provide an in-depth technical design perspective around your platform while still being branded as a meme coin. It’s great to hear that you are working to ultimately provide more value than that of other known meme coins such as Shiba or Doge. Thank you for coming up! If you have anything more to share during the MoonCast, you’re more than welcome to come back up after we’ve spoken with MetFX. Thank you guys for coming up!

Miroku: Thank you for having us!

Ovrkast: Thank you, thank you! Thank you for everything, sir! It’s our pleasure to share details about Pige Inu. Good-bye everyone!

Cats: Bye!

Gandalf: Bye-bye!

Cats: Perfect! That was Pige Inu. If you want to learn more about them, just head over to their website at to follow their developments. It’s a nice to see a company whose project is branded as a meme provide a greater value.

Gandalf: Yes! I've invited GoldenGoose and CryptoKidFinance from MetFX on the stage to discuss their project.


[Timestamp 00:37:16-1:32:29]

Cats: Perfect! We are joined by GoldenGoose and CryptoKidFinance at MetFX(MFX). Welcome and thanks for coming up!

CryptoKidFinance: Thanks for having us!

Cats: Ok. So, tell us about MetFX. Who are you guys and what do you do?

CryptoKidFinance: MetFx is a watch-to-earn platform. When we first started this project, it was going to be a full-fledged metaverse. Considering the market conditions, along with the feedback we received regarding the watch-to-earn protocol, originally due in phase two, we decided to launch with the watch-to-earn protocol as part of phase one. Our watch-to-earn platform provides MetFX tokens as rewards for watching movies. We have a full metaverse that we plan to launch in a few months. For now, we are focusing on the Southeast Asian region to begin. We have a plan to expand our library content daily and to keep expanding libraries as time goes on. Our goal is to bridge the gap between crypto investors and communities. MetFX has the ability to attract a variety of and introduce them to crypto. As a side note, I want to say to Gandalf and Cats that I’m glad England beat Germany today and that you’re in a good mood.

Gandalf: Yeah...

Cats: Well, I'm in a good mood. He’s not. He’s salty because he lost.

Gandalf: Again, congratulations. I’m happy that the 12th man helped you so much tonight. Like—I'm very happy for you guys. ‘Amazing!


GoldenGoose: We’re bringing movies to the blockchain through our streaming application, through our watch-to-earn protocol. We’re bringing movies to the metaverse where people can watch movies inside of our metaverse. It’s a game-changer. I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t watch movies. So, why not continue to watch movies and get paid for it? This is what we are doing at MetFX.

Our platform is ready to be deployed. We’ve done testing within our community. They can watch movies and actually get paid for it. We’ve done a whitelisting and I think we’re ready to launch it this week. In regard to our business model, streaming applications bring in millions of dollars in revenue each year. Two of the companies that we’re following are Tubi and Pluto, which adopted the AVOD model or Advertisement Video-On-Demand. With the AVOD model, people watch videos for free and they are probably required to watch about five or six commercials during the movie. When you look at companies like Tubi, they generate approximately 700 million dollars per year.

Our model is unique and to our knowledge, no one has done what we are doing at MetFX. We tested our watch-to-earn model in Southeast Asia. We ran Facebook ads and people are excited! There are many people that come in and ask, “How do I get involved with watch-to-earn?” We’re already attracting consumers and several potential partnerships. We are bringing in experienced people who are providing help with exchange listings. They’ve helped out Floki in the past. MetFX is an exciting platform because our users get to watch movies and they get paid for it. That is literally the concept.

We have three main utilities. We are bringing movies to the blockchain through our streaming application, in which people will be rewarded within a tiered system. The system consists of three tiers. The tier you choose determines the amount you may earn on our watch-to-earn platform. We also have an NFT platform, which will be announced shortly. It focuses on third-party content creators and onboarding artists and their media as part of our library content. For example, we are looking at film talent, and in one case, a gentleman who has won several awards in the indie film circuit has expressed interest in our platform. We intend to mint his movie on chain, in the form of an NFT through MetFX’s NFT Marketplace. This is one example. The third thing that we’re doing is bringing movies into the metaverse. We have screens that we’re building now that will provide a drive-in metaverse experience. I don’t know how many people here have been to a drive-in movie. I’ve gone to drive-in movies since I was young. It is an experience often shared with others. You can have your friends from different parts of the world share in this social experience within our metaverse across regions.

Our platform will offer an attractive library consisting of anime and international movies. Two million people watch anime movies. We will provide a unique service where users may share in a social capacity within the MetFX metaverse using decentralized web3 applications. MetFX has built its foundation. We are now in the phase of building on top of that foundation to improve upon our existing platform. When we talk about bringing international movies to our users, we’re not just talking about Hollywood movies. We intend to provide access to libraries containing Nigerian movies, Korean movies, Indonesian movies, Bollywood movies, in addition to Hollywood movies.

What we want to do is inspire others to use our platform and expand social engagement to learn about others and their unique culture. This is important to us. We want to bring those cultural aspects emerging from social interactions into our metaverse as part of the user experience. We’re excited because our platform can potentially bring people together. Our users don’t have to commit to a watch-to-earn model in order to watch movies on our platform. Our users will be able to download our application, choose the film they like and watch the content that is available to them. You don’t have to register to do that.

We’re on our second phase of development when it comes to upgrading our application. Our devs are exploring the possibility of integrating with smart tv. They are already building the application. We expect to succeed in this effort within 24 to 27 days. We are also working towards enhancing user experiences on our streaming applications and provide rewards based on user commentary input. We intend to monetize in three different ways. One of which is our streaming as part of an SVOD model or Subscription Video-On-Demand which will grant access to additional library content as there are people out there who don’t want to watch advertisements. We will offer a hybrid model to also cater to those who do not wish to subscribe to a payment model.

Here at MetFX, we emphasize our ability to scale. Our focus is on growing our platform and increasing the exposure of the services we may provide to consumers and holders. How do we tap into that user base and convert them into cryptocurrency holders and investors? Our roadmap includes providing educational content to our user base in efforts to teach others about blockchain technology. This can provide an avenue to create introductions to our MetFX ecosystem.

Fashion and music are also a focus of ours. We have one group that wants to bring their music to our platform in the form of an NFT. These are people who are known in the music industry. We’re not going to mention those people until we’ve signed [agreements], but they are excited. They are also interested in throwing a concert in our metaverse. That’s something that’s a bit later down the road which may involve fashion. Soundtracks are of great interest to us as well. We also intend to bring this to our ecosystem. We are working to bring fashion, music and film to the MetFX platform which can all be a part of our ecosystem. It’s a very, very unique platform. Not everybody plays games. Not everybody moves or exercises but I can assure you that everybody watches movies at some point. It’s something that we do with our friends, family and significant others. Entertainment is embedded in our lifestyle and something we will likely continue to share with others throughout our lives.

Cats: Wow. Awesome! So, just to provide a quick recap to the audience—You're taking the concept of Amazon Videos, Netflix, HULU, Disney+ and you're taking that concept of providing a free streaming service in a form where it’s monetized in different ways where educational and licensed content can be introduced to users to a web3 space, and what’s more, that content can be experienced by movie watchers who are paid to watch instead of having to pay to watch the movies they enjoy.

GoldenGoose: That's correct.

CryptoKidFinance: Absolutely. This app was built with user experience in mind. It’s powerful and easy to use. It’s simple to navigate, just as you would characterize the ease of use when opening the Netflix app and playing a movie within a few seconds. Their movie suggestion model is effective and we wanted MetFX to be just as effective under a different model, whether you’re experiencing MetFX using IOS, Google Play or the web3 connectivity application. The user logs in, navigates to the content and can begin watching the content they love while earning rewards. We do this by using methods that have proven successful with the general public.

GoldenGoose: 'And the thing too, Gandalf, is this. We’re a licensed company here in the United States. We have the licensing to show movies, you know. It just shows you the legitimacy of our project. We’re fully doxxed, we’re fully KYCed, we got the SAFU badge from PinkSale where they analyzed our contract and they thought it was super safe. There’s nothing in that contract that could be used in a malicious way as some other projects that are out there.

We’ve done everything possible to make sure this project is safe, our names are on the line, we have a dev that’s actually doxxed on our website; he works for the NSA, he works for the government. We wanted to make sure that this entire project has clarity, that it’s safe - not only the contract but our streaming application platform. We just brought on another security person who’s going to look at everything before we actually launch it, getting it out of that beta stage, to make sure that there are no holes within the system. It comes down to even within our internal network, in the way that we set it up, because there are going to be people that are going to try to hack it. They’re definitely going to try to hack it. But this is why it’s really really important - especially user data information. We made sure that there are certain things that need to be done manually and not automated within our contract when it comes down to distribution of these tokens to our user base, the people who participate in the watch-to-earn. Not only do we have that security professional on our team, we also have legal on our team, because when it comes down to onboarding these third-party content creators, we also have to vet them as well- that they’re the owner, that we have the legal documents that actually protects us and protects them.

Just a little bit of background, I’ve been in business for the last 15 years. In terms of our revenue between me and my business partner, we’ve generated approximately $10m a year in revenue from sales revenue by selling on as e-commerce and developing our own products as well. We’re bringing our business sense into this; we’re not just developers. We’re business people, also. I made sure that I brought the right people around this team. I brought the marketing team which is doing a phenomenal job. I’ve seen what they could actually do. I mean, man, it’s amazing just with the connections that we’re getting - to get the people who did FLOKI and other marketing for other groups like SquidGrow - we actually have that marketing team that’s going to help us to get us these centralized exchanges. We’re trying to bring the best people to our platform, in terms of marketing, development, and business strategy. We’re actually working out our finances to actually do a partnership in the Philippines with a telecommunication company.

CryptoKidFinance: -This also goes into the importance of the reason why the SafeMoon partnership was so vital for MetFX, because we understand the value of what you guys bring to the table, what you guys represent. The value of how you guys built your community and you guys have been the OG in this space. The way that you guys represent a community, the way that you guys have built SafeMoon into a fully developing company now - from a meme coin to a technology company - is inspiring and we wanted to be a part of that. This is the reason why the SafeMoon deal was so vital for MetFX because it represents what we’re doing, it aligns with our vision of where we see our platform heading and, from start to finish, dealing with Jonas and the rest of the team has been a lovely experience. You guys have been professional and have offered your resources. We’re fully happy and grateful to have that available to us, so thanks.

GoldenGoose: The transaction was so smooth. I mean, Jonas and Hayden are awesome - especially Jonas. Whenever we type something that we need or some questions, they’re automatically on top of it. It’s not like I have to wait for a day or anything like that. That’s just the customer service that these people bring. It was a smooth transaction, really great communication, and I would recommend SafeMoon. I recommend other platforms that are out there like PinkSale and SafeMoon. These are companies that build great customer service and great response time. When it came down to SafeMoon, with us going through the entire process, man it was easy. Easy but protective in terms of protecting the SafeMoon company. Going through the vetting and the doxxing, going through a live video chat, checking up on our registration, our contract, SafeMoon definitely has that process to ensure that things go smoothly and that they’re bringing on projects that are vetted. For me, it made my life a lot easier, it really did. That entire process was streamlined with professionalism and I’m not just saying that just to say that. It’s really the honest truth! You know what I mean?

I’ve dealt with other companies and it’s just yoyo, ya know? Like “oh my god, this again? We have to deal with this type of customer service?” or they don’t really have their stuff together, but when it came down to SafeMoon it was really really smooth. Big props to SafeMoon and their team up there. Just even doing the AMAs, I mean, you have such energetic people behind the SafeMoon project. It’s so important. Going into the [SafeMoon Water Cooler] and hearing those guys, it’s energetic, it’s fun, you know.

They just have that excitement. I already knew, from a business standpoint, I can actually see where SafeMoon is going. I could see them blowing up, especially what they’re changing and what they’re doing with that and getting the SafeMoon Card and their SWaP. It’s a very attractive ecosystem that you guys are building and I look forward to seeing what else you guys are going to be coming up with. ‘But from what I’ve seen, I thought that it was the right move to do, and it was! Our community went so crazy, I could not even keep up with everything in the chat room because it was blitzing. They were just roaring about this partnership that we did. You know, and now that we’re at that stage where we’re about to release our application to the public, where anybody can participate in the watch-to-earn protocol…


[Timestamp 00:37:16-1:32:29]

Cats: Amazing, amazing. So, let’s try to break this down with the community. They have some questions for you guys. You covered a lot so I know there’s going to be some questions to be had, but, the first question we have is from Cryptozarian.

Will you eventually make your own movies and shows with your own production company?

GoldenGoose: Oh yeah, 100%. I mean, we want to do things where we actually make that noise and how do we attract investors? That’s why I talked about putting not just Hollywood movies but we want to bring in other movie industries into our platform in regards to their region, you know? But when it comes down to developing our films, I’ve already talked to you *inaudible*.

CryptoKidFinance: Yeah, and we understand that’s going to separate us from the other streaming platforms in the future. We understand the value of having a library of movies that people can relate to and we understand the separation factor, besides adding movies on a monthly basis, is getting those partnerships with those film directors and producers and give them the opportunity to show their content [on our] ecosystem. ‘Because imagine, there are so many filmmakers and content creators who can’t get their stuff seen on Netflix or Amazon Prime, and now they have another opportunity, another growing ecosystem, that will do a revenue share with them and they can now get monetized on that content that they put out in our ecosystem.

So 1000%, that’s exactly our mindset going forward in the future and we want to strike partnerships with film directors and producers for this very reason. That’s the reason we have Chad Stoops, who’s a Hollywood director, on the team to help guide us to create these partnerships.

GoldenGoose: Yeah, in terms of having your own original series, that’s always on the table because that’s what’s going to make your platform stand out is to have those original series. We’ve already talked about how we’re going to create a documentary about this space. We want to first tap into the cryptocurrency network, so when you talk about a space, of the goods and the bads… you know what I mean? How we’ve made money, how we’ve lost money, and when we could talk about that and create that documentary, we’re going to create that news and buzz that this documentary, which is a cryptocurrency project on the BSC space, we truly believe that a lot of people are going to go to our application, watch this film, how we can even monetize it through the form of an NFT and people can actually watch it. We have those things planned, in terms of having our own original series.

Cats: Thank you very much for confirming that. So it is essentially following in the footsteps of what some of the leading streaming platforms have done in the Web2 space but actually integrating it into a proper Web3 platform that ultimately, as we said before, allows people to make money doing stuff that they ultimately do on a daily basis. That’s awesome to hear.

The next question we have is from MattyBoy.

What areas of e-commerce is GoldenGoose currently established in?

GoldenGoose: Amazon, Ebay.

Cats: So the main providers of the e-commerce side of things is your go-to?

GoldenGoose: Oh yeah yeah. Amazon and Ebay’s our primary way of generating income, by selling products on there. I’ve been doing this for like the last 15 years where I actually have a team in the Philippines of 40 people that manage our platform. And, you know, it comes with the warehouse and things like that. But that’s been our business model for the last 15 years and it’s been really really good to us, where I’ve expanded to have my own aquaculture business in the Philippines where [we actually grow eels and] I cater to the Japanese, Korean and Chinese market. I dabble into different things that interest me. I’ve always been into aquaculture, hydroponics, things like that. I’m actually closing a deal in the cannabis industry. I created a project called the Iconic Grinder… things like that.

I have my own baby shower filter that we’re going to be launching probably during the Christmas holiday where moms can actually have a showerhead that takes out all those particles that are out there. Babies who have sensitive skin, or not even have sensitive skin, but actually have them bathe in clear water without any particles or anything like that in the system.

I’ve been doing this thing for about 15 years and what really truly attracted me was the blockchain. I knew for a fact that getting into the blockchain but coming out with the right type of ecosystem, that has that longevity to it… I’m not into short-term stuff. If I’m going to put my time into something, I’m going to make sure that it has that longevity and this is why we took bringing movies to Web3 and having that streaming application… I’ve done this study of how much money they make and we’re going to make sure that we learn from the other streaming applications and what they did and what not to do, because it actually put them in the red. We make sure that we’re going to bring this to Southeast Asia because because they don’t have something [like] what we’re creating. That’s just a little bit about my background and the vision ecosystem that we have.

Cats: That’s great! That’s a lot of connections that you’ve built over time and you’ve got to know a lot of people who have helped you build to what it is now, that’s great! ‘And what you are building is incredible too, because if you’ve seen the delays and figures of the likes of Netflix and the panic of not having as many subscribers - they still have a tremendous amount of subscribers but they dipped. If you could tell all those upwards of 250 million subscribers that not only are you getting the service now for free but now you’re earning and profiting off it at the same time, this is definitely going to be a sort of change that the likes of how Netflix eventually ended Blockbuster.

That progression of Blockbusters wasn’t interested and was just staying where they were, Netflix did their own thing, and then obviously the history writes itself. They weren’t up-to-date with the times and things moved tremendously fast so you’re definitely ahead of the game with the whole technology side of things, with the whole blockchain and everything that comes with that as a package so. Hats off to you with what you’ve done so far and I’m excited to see where it goes.

GoldenGoose: Yeah no, we’re excited. I mean, we’re going to be catering to both the crypto side and outside of crypto. We’re talking about a customer base, especially within South Asia, watching free movies, you can’t really beat that!

Just look at Tubi! I never thought that Tubi would be as big as they are and they’re just dealing with a free streaming movie app. They penetrated that market very very successfully, especially in the United States. To generate close to a billion dollars in revenue and you see the films that they have that’s on there. It’s not like these new movies that are coming out. There’s an incredibly huge amount of movies out there that are coming from the 80s, the 90s, and so forth. Even back into the 70s. ‘And they bring that! They bring in movies that you probably wouldn’t even catch on their application because Netflix, what do they primarily show? They primarily show their own original series, which is great, but when it comes to Tubi - there are thousands of movies.

What’s great about us is that we’re bringing international movies to the table. If you look at Tubi’s model, they cater to the United States so they only have movies that are pretty much all coming from Hollywood. They don’t really have international movies, so this is what we’re going to be bringing to the table.

We have a team that I work with who study the culture and what types of movies they have. It’s really my account manager in terms of who I get my licenses from. They know specifically when it comes down to a specific region, they know what movies to put out. They know that the Philippines is really the call center of the world. If you’re calling up somebody for some type of customer service, it’s more than likely that you are going to be talking to someone from the Philippines. So they watch these streaming applications because they want to better understand the English language. By having a streaming application, that’s great. You’re watching a movie that you can enjoy and you’re learning English. We understand how South Korea influences the Philippines, per say, because of the Korean movies.

Having those on the platform as well, having anime movies, having Hollywood movies. We want to go more in step and bring that culture aspect when it comes down to Web3 and the metaverse. It’s showcasing other nationalities’ movies. Especially Nigerian! How many Nigerian people are in this space that are actually vested into cryptocurrency? Can we get that sentiment from them like, “wow, these guys are bringing our movies and showcasing them on their platform!” How will investors from that region look at what we’re doing? What about Indonesia? Indonesia is growing massively when it comes to cryptocurrency. They’re up there in terms of how many people are invested in this space. We want to reach out to them through our movies and what we put on our platform to get that embracement.

Everything that we actually do is to hone in on the cryptocurrency people that are in this space but also in the outside world. When you talk about some projects that are out there, it’s only meant for cryptocurrency. How do you bring people onto your platform? It’s because of the movies, it’s worldwide, it’s part of every culture of this world. They have their own movies. It’s just embedded into our culture and that’s what I love about the platform. I’ve seen very clearly where this thing can go and how much money you could actually make in this business of movies and streaming applications. By bringing it to the blockchain, we’re going to see some new heights, some innovative stuff. One thing that MetFX is actually doing is we’re going to be attending these conferences. Actually, I’m going to have to book my flight to attend this conference that they’re having in September which is a metaverse conference in Dubai. We want to extend our brand, we want to meet and do partnerships, we want to meet people like the Kucoin team or the Binance team. We want to establish that connection.

That’s why we have people like The Baby who’s on our team, a man from Ireland who has massive connections. If it weren’t for him, to be honest with you, I wouldn’t have a lot of the connections that we have. It’s important that we have people that actually network. We have a person named Celine who’s on the team and she travels. She’s met CZ, she’s met Solana by attending these conferences, she’s supposed to go to the metaverse conference in Paris. We have a team that actually attends these things. So this is how we’re going to get the MetFX brand [out there,] it’s not just through what we do in social media but also attending these conferences to push the MetFX branding out there.

Cats: That’s incredible. It’s kind of interesting that you’ve mentioned the international database, so to speak, with connecting, reaching and sharing all these different types of movies, which kind of affects another industry that has kind of built itself up from Netflix, which is the VPN side. You’re now removing a blockage from not only being able to not watch from any location but you’re also reducing the need for some of the extra services that you may be paying for every month. ‘So you’re only only saving from watching free movies and earning from it but you’re also potentially saving from [not needing to have] a VPN. That as a big package comes together and it’s pretty cool with how you’re trying to achieve something and be ahead of the game with some of the bigger companies that I know are going to try and get into the industry, and with them being as big as they are they may ultimately take the long route by building their own chain, platform, everything from the ground up. If [they] take that long period of time it puts them in the mercy of being left behind, but that’s obviously all based on speculation with how far and how quickly these bigger companies may be behind. Even with the bigger companies associated with it, you’re still not left behind because the web3 space is so young. You’re going to be able to easily adapt within the bigger pond.

GoldenGoose: Oh yeah, we’re definitely growing with it. We’re growing with the blockchain in the industry. What we’re going to have that head start. Netflix was like a sleeping giant if you ask me. I mean, man, their stock was only like $8 and now it’s like two hundred something dollars. There’s a lot of money that’s made in that industry and that’s what’s good for the ecosystem.

I think it’s really important that anyone who comes up with a blockchain thinks about their longevity. Like, how do you create your income and is that income going to help you sustain your ecosystem? We have to be realistic here when it comes down to sustaining an ecosystem and becoming profitable. I mean, who would come out with these crazy APYs of one billion? Did it last long? I think people made a lot of money but a lot of people lost a lot of money as well. Provide those people that really got in early. That’s what makes us different is that we’re realistic here. We’re not here to do some big old gigantic pump, we’re here for the long haul because we understand video content and we understand when it comes to marketing.

When it comes to advertising, it’s such a big business. Look at where Facebook is at, YouTube. Everything now is mostly these commercials, whether you’re forced to watch them or you’re able to skip through them. But the fact of the matter is how they become big and that’s how they fuel their ecosystem. When we’re talking about Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, it’s all about marketing, marketing, marketing. It’s all about advertising. You have to pay for advertising. What people are going to be doing on our streaming application, especially when we target really heavily when it comes down to these countries, we’re going to be getting those global businesses that are going to advertise.

People are going to be advertising things on our platform that points to their store, whether it’s on Lozada or whether it’s on Shoppee, whatever region that