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Mooncast #46 (July 24, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

Table of contents

Intro | Disclaimer | Agenda | 7 Rules of SafeMoon | Last Week’s Show | Podcast Episode 2

SafeMoon Partners | Swap Volume | Careers: Solidity Dev | SFM Labs: ICOs

Gaming Community | SafeMoon Wallet Security | SafeMoon Connect

Products and Development | SafeMoon NFTs | Play-to-Earn Games | SafeMoon Sanctuary

Reddit Mods | UK SafeMoon Meetup | New Exchange Listing | Expectations

Supporting Partners | Community Q&A | Outro

Source: (52) MoonCast - Back to the news! SafeMoon Education Podcast - YouTube


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Cats: Good evening, everyone! How are we all doing? I’m going to do my final checks to make sure the stream is live and then we will get on with the show. How are we all doing, Gandalf? Is he with us? Gandalf’s not with us. Wait until we have a thumbs up live on stream and then we will get going. If you are able to check for me, give me a thumbs up. Let’s see.. We appear to be live, so we’ll start the show.


[Timestamp 00:06:06 - 00:06:55]

Cats: Hello, everyone! I’m your host, Cats. Today, I’m joined by fellow educator, Gandalf. We’d like to welcome you to MoonCast, a SafeMoon educational podcast. I’d like to make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast where we are able to answer the questions of the community. We do not look to make any announcements during this cast unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand everything you hear today is used as educational content only and not treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. So, without further ado, how are we doing?


[Timestamp 00:06:55 - 00:08:48]

Gandalf: Hey, buddy! I'm good. How are you?

Cats: It's been a cooler weak. Hectic—I’ve seen so many words, I want to delete the dictionary. Making everything everyone proof has not been the easiest thing to do. If it is that a community member doesn’t understand the content that we create, we have to go back to the drawing board. If it’s not everyone proof at this point, I’d be surprised. Standard show today, which will cover the week and answer any questions the community has.

I want to make sure everyone is aware that everything on the show is recorded and displayed in the Lowdown by Momo and Pulse. My hats off to them with what they do in providing daily content for you guys. We'll cover the week. If there’s anything you’ve missed during the week, hopefully, we’ll cover it today.

7 Rules of SafeMoon

[Timestamp 00:08:48-00:09:50]

Cats: Without further ado, I’d like to start with the seven rules of SafeMoon. It’s always a good way to start.

Rules of SafeMoon or Rules of Life:

Smile. It always works out in the end.

Be kind. You have the power to make people feel good.

Don't give up. If it doesn't work the first time, find another way.

Don't compare. Everyone's on a different journey.

Avoid negativity, avoid negative thoughts, situations, and people.

Make peace with your past. Focus on being present and creating a better future.

Take care of your body and mind. One struggles to survive without the other.

Gandalf: Especially that last one. That last one hits me quite recently.. So, those are the seven rules of SafeMoon. They also apply to life. So, definitely look to follow those. Let’s jump into the news in no particular order. This is just what was covered last week.

Last Week’s Show

[Timestamp 00:09:50-00:10:45]

Cats: Last week, we were joined by Grove and Pawthereum. Grove provided a great update, explaining where they were at last week and Pawthereum did a $10,000 giveaway.

Gandalf: No, I haven’t seen the post.

Cats: That's ok. Hopefully, they can get on them on their Pawthereum Podcast and have a conversation if they do become public. That was a lot of money and congratulations to that individual.

Podcast Episode 2

[Timestamp 00:10:45-00:12:02]

Cats: We had an update on the SafeMoon podcast. Recording has been completed for episode two. Currently, it’s in the editing suite with Sketch. The aim is to make it go live this week. We’re going to capitalize the word, “aim.” It depends on editing. Once it’s ready and approved, it will be [published.] You might think it’s only a 35-50 minute podcast but these sessions could run 2-3 hours which will require editing. I know that people enjoyed the last one. There were definitely some surprises that came out of the last one. Hopefully, we’ll see that this week. Let’s move over to SafeMoon Partners.

SafeMoon Partners

[Timestamp 00:12:02-00:15:05]

Cats: Glow Token launched their NFT platform. Shibnobi launched their NFT collection called Ganja Goons. So, Congratulations to them both! Go and check those out if you’re an NFT person. Perhaps an even bigger congratulations to GroveToken who has moved up from Comet Partner to Moon Partner tier. We aren’t able to share anything about the tiers due to non-disclosure, so we won’t be disclosing that information at this time. The higher level of tier is a bigger level of business integration with each other. That‘s the best way to describe it for you guys. Grove’s CEO, John Ghemrawi will be attending the Istanbul Crypto Expo. If you are going or live in Istanbul, consider going and meeting the CEO of GroveToken.

I’d like to read a quote from SafeMoon Knight. “For those of you who are DMing SafeMoon Knight and asking him to ask the community to stop talking about GroveToken or any of the SafeMoon Partners, you are missing the point to SafeMoon’s ecosystem. When a partner succeeds, SafeMoon succeeds." A rising tide raises all ships. We are family. We are SafeMoon. Stay vigilant.” He’s right. We’re all on the same journey together. Success is shared across the board.

Swap Volume

[Timestamp 00:15:05-00:18:33]

Cats: Hydra, who covers daily stats for the SafeMoon Swap, reported that we’ve reached a milestone of $390,000,000 USD in volume over the last 170 days. That’s roughly 1.7 million dollars per day with, essentially, 15 partners. Just to provide some perspective, Pancake Swap, in its first 170 days, did around 30 billion dollars in volume. That is a lot more. But we have 15 partners. They have unlimited partners. How many partners are on BSC right now? 5,000-8,000 tokens? They aren't partners.

Gandalf: There's no onboarding. You have to filter a lot of things. Not to speak ill of anyone—There are a lot of tokens that don’t at all establish themselves with trading value but just create themselves on the trading platform and stay there without any value. That is also included in this number.

Cats: You've got all these rug pulls that are associated with it. You’ve got all these meme coins coming out of the blue. Their volume isn’t a healthy volume. For us to only have 15 partners vs 7 to 300 million vs 30 billion– If we had 7,000 solid partners, what would our volume be? A couple of hundred billion or more? That’s just hypothetical but huge milestones for the Swap and Partners. It’s a great time for this ecosystem to grow and develop further. A community member stated, “Five years ago, the entire Binance team consisted of only twenty-five people. Amazing what five years can do. Growth and success takes time and patience is key.” We’re in a growth period, not just for SafeMoon, but crypto as a whole. It’s a great place to be to slowly start developing yourself and the ecosystem.

Careers: Solidity Dev

[Timestamp 00:18:33-00:20:03]

Cats: In order to develop the ecosystem, SafeMoon is hiring a solidity developer. If you are a dev and consider yourself a person for the job, head over to and apply for the solidity dev position. We’re looking to expand the team. I can't express how fast SafeMoon is growing, and not just the speed in which they are growing. Also, the structure behind the scenes—To have this level of structure is huge. There are so many internal policies that have been written that you wouldn’t expect from [many startups.] SafeMoon has a great structure compared to some of the bigger companies I’ve worked for. It’s phenomenal where they are going and how far they can take it.

SFM Labs: ICOs

[Timestamp 00:20:03-00:22:02]

Cats: Last week, Gandalf did a SafeMoon Labs for ICOs which is now live. If you want to understand ICOs and what they are, especially in cryptocurrency, you can now watch that Lab on the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel. What do we have this week?

Gandalf: This week, I’ll be talking about whales. I’ll be explaining their advantages and disadvantages. Many think that whales are malicious but they are also good in certain ways when there are certain behaviors. This will happen tomorrow at 2PM EST, 7PM GMT, 8PM CEST on my Twitter space.

Cats: I know that SafeMoon loves the whales over the last 12 months who have been nice and have helped stabilize in periods where they could have completely off-ramped and ran. There are healthy whales, bad whales and all of that. So, if you want to learn more about, tune into the SafeMoon Labs tomorrow. If you can’t tune in live, you can listen to it on the YouTube channel this Friday.

Gaming Community

[Timestamp 00:22:02-00:23:05]

Cats: The SafeMoon Gaming Discord server has run over 2 or 3 community events in the last week. They have been getting involved more with the community and running more events. If you’re a gamer and want to get more involved, jump onto the SafeMoon Discord and just play in some community events. The last few have been a lot of fun! So, please do have a relaxing time and come hang out with us in the gaming community.

SafeMoon Wallet Security

[Timestamp 00:23:05-00:26:51]

Cats: Here's the big bulk [of the news]. John was very active this week and I’m going to assume that some missed what he said, so I’m going to read a quote from our CEO, John Karony.

John: “After we finish up integration of our security upgrade, I can say that our wallet will be one of the most secure wallets out there. Team is working diligently to finish up the integration. One of the major hurdles was balancing the accessibility aspect of it.

We actually were about to release the upgrade, but paused on doing the release to add some additional items in (couple week push). This is why we won't release dates, because we need the flexibility to call an audible if it is needed.”

Cats: We’re close. The upgrade is going through some final implementations of getting it all tied up together as a package. Then there’s a testing phase to make sure everything is as secure as it can be and that there’s no holes or anything like that and we’ll be ready to go. The big takeaway is that the wallet will be the most secure out there. I want to say that it is the most secure wallet out there. Technology changes and grows quickly so we’ll have to wait and see. I can’t wait! Some of the brains behind it—Lynn and Robert are wired so differently. One of the articles for the SafeMoon Security Awareness was on security questions and our developers agreed that best practices are sometimes simple but not always a common practice among the majority. An example might be using an alternative answer to the question, “What is your dog’s name” and replacing that answer with a different value to reduce the risks of bad actors obtaining what would have been your security question by traditional tactics often used in social engineering. We explored having a set of words, perhaps 5-7 words, and use those groups of answers for security question fields. If you want to read that article, head over to the SafeMoon Education Security Tips Page. It’s something that is so simple, why doesn’t everyone do it? That’s it for security. Next, we’ll talk about SafeMoon Connect.

SafeMoon Connect

[Timestamp 00:26:51-00:27:18]

Cats: SafeMoon Connect is still in development but they are looking to do a name change on this product. If you have any thoughts about what [name] SafeMoon Connect could be, leave your thoughts and suggestions to any of the mods or team members and we will get those thoughts and suggestions where they need to go.

Products and Development

[Timestamp 00:27:18-00:29:15]

Cats: Products are very much being released and underway. We are working to release more information while also protecting intellectual property and confidentiality. We’d like to tell you more about it but there is also the protection of intellectual property. As much as we’d love to discuss all those details—Hopefully, we can find a way to express and explain more of the products without giving away too much and protect the IP side of things. Mods are also involved in the development process, so they do indeed see more than most folks. One of the current priorities is working out a system to release more information to protect IP and trade secrets. That’s just adding on that the moderation team is being utilized to help [test closed beta products and software] before going to launch. Larger scale—QA team beyond the standard QA team that SafeMoon has.

SafeMoon NFTs

[Timestamp 00:29:15-00:29:45]

Cats: John basically said that the SafeMoon NFTs are done. They are being rendered however, before they release them, there is a wallet feature that is needed along with another product. The release is to be decided, based on everything needed to get launched. As far as the NFTs, they are pretty much done. So, that’s pretty exciting.

Play-to-Earn Games

[Timestamp 00:29:45-00:31:07]

Cats: The final thing John commented on, which I didn’t expect was Play to Earn. He basically said that the play-to-earn formula hasn’t been cracked and I would, kind of, say that’s true. There is more functionality behind the play-to-earn system. I’ll be excited to see how far P2E will be been taken in crypto, SafeMoon and also Web 3 in general. There are so many things coming up on a daily basis that I don't think that will ever settle on a direct route of how P2E will [grow]. I know that they've learned a lot during their time with MoonCraft. John covered a lot of the main points that people are asking in terms of products and timelines. I’m sure people will be really pleased and excited to have hands on products and services that SafeMoon is working towards offering. It’s coming. Let’s move over to discussing the SafeMoon community.

SafeMoon Sanctuary

[Timestamp 00:31:07-00:32:09]

Cats: Yesterday, the SafeMoon moderator team did their fourth Twitter space under SafeMoon Sanctuary. This was another great space among the rest of the Twitter spaces out there. This one is run by the moderation team which has a bit more insight into some of things that go on, which may help with perspective on some of the questions and answers. Again, all protected by NDA and provides some of the more direct answers to questions by our moderators. Definitely go give that SafeMoon Twitter account a follow. It’s @SFMSanctuary. Tune in every Saturday around this time and you’ll be able to listen in and if you’ve got any questions, you can ask the moderation team directly, live on Twitter this Saturday.

Reddit Mods

[Timestamp 00:32:09-00:32:55]

Cats: The moderation team is growing on the Reddit side. If you’re interested in becoming a moderator, the Reddit mod team has a few spaces for applicants. If you wish to become a Reddit moderator, you can head over to the SafeMoon Reddit. There’s an application and form that you can fill out. I know that Reddit is one of the most difficult platforms to moderate. So, definitely go and help those guys out. The more hands the better and it will make it a bit easier for the current moderation team with more hands to divulge the information that’s going on there. So, go and check it out if you want to become a Reddit moderator.

UK SafeMoon Meetup

[Timestamp 00:32:55-00:34:04]

Cats: A UK meetup for the SafeMoon community consisting of around 15-20 people and it’s nice to see this as well as those meets in the prior months. It was nice to see people this side of the pond [come to together and engage]. From what I’ve seen, it was good fun and hopefully, we can make it to one of the next ones, Gandalf.

Gandalf: I would love to be there, definitely.

Cats: Though, we can’t drink because we can’t spill secrets.

Gandalf: Yeah, I’ve noticed that.

Cats: I think we’ve covered everything, to be fair.. Oh, the last thing we have is an exchange listing.

New Exchange Listing

[Timestamp 00:34:04-00:35:20]

Cats: SafeMoon has listed on an additional exchange. SafeMoon listed on LAToken Exchange. I don’t have too much information on them. Just to give you some perspective on their size, they have an average daily volume of 200-300 million dollars. They are quite a large exchange but they focus more on the obscure and often newer or developing tokens. They have a different target audience and it's working out for them and they are doing phenomenal with 200-300 million in daily volume. Again, it’s about expanding the reach to people who do not know who SafeMoon is and continuing to grow the SafeMoon ecosystem. I think we’ve covered it all.


[Timestamp 00:35:20-00:40:17]

Cats: The majority was making the points about what John said with everything that went on. There’s a lot of information that went through it. These are exciting times. We don’t want to sit here and repeatedly say, “It’s coming” because it hurts when people offer want the answer. It’s hard. All I can say is, those products and services are coming. The team is working incredibly hard. The infrastructure behind the scenes is phenomenal and “it’s coming.”

Gandalf: Maybe to say in addition to that, people don’t see it now and can’t grasp it. The people will know that the time they are waiting now is worth it. I cannot see anybody not be happy with that. It will be astronomically good.

Cats: Oh, it's going to be huge. Once they finally see the reason why it took so long—it's going to be worth the wait. And especially when the CEO can say it’s going to be one of the most secure wallets out there. I would like to counter that and say that it’s going to be the strongest, in terms of secure wallets out there. To have that under the belt and be able to confidently say that is just huge. The words that John used are Bye-bye, 12-word seedphrases. That is the whole point when you look at security on a wallet. You can apply all the security features under the sun to a wallet. You can apply blockages on everything but if you lose your seedphrase or someone has access to your wallet via the seedphrase, that wallet security means nothing. We will leave it at that. It’s exciting times and I can’t wait to finally press the green button and for it all to go live.

Gandalf: You’ve been waiting a long time on that.

Cats: I was up until 3am last night while in a Twitter space, still creating some of the content.. I want to make sure it’s everyone proof as possible. John mentioned the focus on accessibility, which leads into some of the UI design and how it all works. If the UI is done correctly, there is theoretically no need for my education on products on this. That’s from the simple point. There are people in the community that want to dive deeper and try to understand why and how it’s as secure as we say it is. There’s all that to come as well. It’s exciting. I’m ready for it and want to hit the green button. I know that everyone else is ready for it and it pushes the boat for more. The card was delayed for the security features. Once the security is in, everyone is using it and everything is alright, we can then go live with the card. As more products come off the line, their hands become free and focus on other things including the things that are later in the pipeline. That’s it for the news. There hasn’t been too much more going on. There are a lot of talks about trying to keep people happy during the bear market. Do you have anything to add before we move into the Q&A, Gandalf?

Supporting Partners

[Timestamp 00:40:17-00:43:03]

Gandalf: Maybe a word to the general audience and the general behavior currently. Not to judge anyone, but to remember that when a partner is doing good, cheer them on. Don’t provide thoughts and ideas that anything is going down because another is going up. The general idea of the ecosystem is that the whole ecosystem grows. Of course, some people are bullish on SafeMoon while others are bullish on Grove. It is important to remember that when a partner does good and is bringing their ecosystem up, cheer for them. Just don't judge people who are happy about this, right? Try to be there for them. They need this kind of attention and also they did good, so we should cherish that.

Cats: 1000%. Every single person, whether in SafeMoon, a partnered token or other tokens, we’re all in DeFi and all here for the domination of FIAT. That’s the evil and what you should be angry at in today’s society with what’s going on. If you want to be angry, be angry that way. That’s where the current problem lies; not with what is happening on the development side of a project. When we see success like Grove, we all get raised with it whether you're a SafeMoon holder or SafeMoon Partner token holder. We all rise together. That’s been covered since day one. A rising tide raises all ships. Let’s cover some questions.

Community Q&A

[Timestamp 00:43:03-00:58:24]

When is the burn supposed to stop?