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Mooncast #45 (July 17th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

Table of contents

Intro | Disclaimer | Agenda | GroveToken | GroveToken Q&A | Pawthereum Giveaway Summary


[Timestamp 00:04:18 - 00:05:08]

Cats: Hello, everyone. How are we? I’m not going to start right away. I know we’ve had issues the past two weeks with the stream. Anyone watching YouTube or the events chat can jump to the YouTube link and make sure we are 100%. I have a green light and everything says excellent connection. Before we start, I want to make sure that everything is working as it should. I was told I was live last week and it was—nope.

Gandalf: *laughing* Better safe than sorry!

Cats: Cool, cool. We’ve got a thumbs up. Sweet. So, let’s quickly jump into it.


[Timestamp 00:05:08 - 00:05:49]

Cats: Hello, everyone! How are we all doing today? I’m your host, Cats and I’m joined by fellow educator, Gandalf. Today, we’d like to welcome you to MoonCast, a SafeMoon educational podcast. I’d like to make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast where we are able to answer the questions of the community. We do not look to make any announcements during this cast unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand everything you hear today is used as educational content only and not treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. So, without further ado, let’s get on with the show.


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Cats: Today, we’ve got two partners joining us. We have Grove and we have Pawthereum, two exciting announcements from either of them. At the end of the show, someone is going to win $10,000 worth of SafeMoon. That’s exciting in itself. Before we do, we’re going to start with Grove and we’re going to bring up Mendy, who is the COO. Am I correct?

Gandalf: There she is!

Cats: How are we doing, Mendy? .. We have a sound issue. She’ll be up in a second. While we wait for Mendy to come up, I’ll explain what’s happening with Pawthereum. Pawthereum has a club, called the founder’s club which you can be a part of by being a holder of their NFT, which is kind of like their own NFT coin. As long as you hold that, you get a lot of privileges and perks associated with that within their ecosystem. In addition, if you currently hold it, you will be entered into the SafeMoon giveaway worth $10,000 dollars worth of SafeMoon. I think it’s around 17mil SafeMoon, somewhere in that ballpark. Stick around! That’s going to be going on when Pawthereum comes up. Hopefully, we are now joined by Mendy.

Gandalf: I heard some noises. There are problems in Discord when a guest sometimes comes up as mobile. Ok, she said she can’t hear anything when she comes up as a speaker.

Cats: She might need to rejoin. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get this going as quickly as possible.


[Timestamp 00:09:35 - 00:29:40]

Mendy: Can you hear me?

Gandalf: Yes!

Cats: We can hear you. How are we?

Mendy: I'm good! About 40 minutes ago, I dropped my son off at the Army. Today was the day that he had to report. So, I’m– well, you can imagine how I feel; I’m ok. I mean, everything is good. The chart is looking good. The project is good, so you know.. Good!!

Cats: How are you feeling compared to last week, because obviously you were meant to come up last week but you weren’t available due to being ill. How are you feeling on that front?

Mendy: I feel tremendously better. I had covid about a month ago and had the not-easy strand of the 3 days, like a lot of people. Then, I got sick again. The doctor said it was probably lingering from having covid, so—I had strep and I also had bronchitis. Needless to say, I definitely was not well last Sunday, but I’ve had a week’s worth of antibiotics and feel tremendously better in comparison to how I’ve felt in a while, to be honest.

Cats: Awesome! I suppose it’s better to have had this after your trip to Dubai. Let’s talk about what’s happening over there for you guys.

Mendy: Yeah! It’s been quite the experience. We are, as you know, licensed in Dubai and also entered into a partnership with a member of the Royal Family. In this partnership, we will be establishing, not only our hydroponics, but also the educational program for them and curriculum. Hydroponics and aeroponics and other *inaudible* going to hear more so about this, potentially as *inaudible* into the fall. Globally—not just crypto, as far as we’re concerned. So, we’re on the front of world leaders—of being self-sufficient and such things as hydroponic farming. So, part of the partnership also is that we have to establish our headquarters there, regardless of where else we have headquarters. That has to be where our global headquarters remains. So, just super exciting. We have announcements tomorrow and then *inaudible* the following Monday that has [to do] with the partnerships. So, yeah. It’s just extremely exciting times. We’re blessed. We went there for the meeting expecting one thing and came out about one hundred times better than we anticipated.

Cats: Awesome! The headquarters isn’t built yet, but will be built. Can you tell me more about what came to be of these headquarters, which has been gifted in some form?

Mendy: So, the land was gifted from the Sheikh. Someone made a post online that said the land and the headquarters. ‘And no, it was just the land, which is magnificent all on its own. Of course, it’s not only generous—it wouldn’t matter if it was in a country setting. The fact of the location and the size of the property, it definitely was a multi-million dollar gift. So—beyond grateful for that, but it is just the land; not the land and the headquarters.

Cats: What are you looking to have within that headquarters itself? How big is this going to be?

Mendy: The headquarters will be multi-level. Of course, it will have the corporate office and our engineer office. We are going to be part of the pilot program for Dubai. They also plan on taking it all through the middle-east. It’s not just for Dubai. It starts in Dubai. One level will be for research and development. The first floor will be, kind of like a reception gallery. The first floor will be for students and the public to come see our headquarters and utilised by different schools, farmers—still open to the public for them to come and learn about hydroponics and learn how to do it at home and those types of things. So, definitely quite a huge project all on its own just in the partnership, let alone the remainder of the project itself.

Cats: How long until you’ve got shovels in the ground? Do you know that yet?

Mendy: Right now in Dubai, it’s their summertime. If you're American, it's kind of like what we have with snowbirds, where in the summertime, people leave and the fall/winter is when they return. In Dubai, of course, it’s a desert. There’s not a lot of outside work during the summer, so construction and things are seasonal work. So, they don’t build because it gets 120+ degrees f in the desert. We have to wait until that is in season. The timing is actually perfect because it allows us time to develop the blueprints, renderings and all of those things. When the season does return, we can get started then.

Cats: You’ve got time to get all that together before putting shovels in the ground. Does it take very long for you guys? Here in the UK, planning permissions take months before you can even submit. If there any, sort of, speedy processes with what’s happening with your partnership or do you have to have to follow everything to the T?

Mendy: Well, I’m not sure I can disclose that. Things for the private office do take priority over other things. I don’t anticipate it taking more time because of that truth but I can’t give you an exact date or time frame.

Cats: Obviously, you’ve got your headquarters there. You’re a registered company and working towards doing everything green. Can you cover what you’re working to achieve?

Mendy: At least for this section of hydroponics, which was not on the roadmap—the U.S. partnerships were but not to the depth that this is. So, as far as the hydroponics, the utility itself—it is still on track, meaning that the news of this and the requirements have, kind of, put a pause on some things because this, of course, takes priority. With our hydroponics and aeroponics, we will still be working with the manufacturer to produce them so that they can still be purchased globally; however, our concentration is making sure that things with this partnership are kept to par. I’m sure everyone can understand that this takes precedence over timelines. We are still doing all of those things because of the magnitude of these partnerships and the requirements that now have to be done. We, kind of, have to put some things on pause just to get things lined up in the way they need to be.

Cats: Sure. The [SafeMoon] Army knows very well how things change so quickly in this space. We know that you want to stick to one thing and then three other things come through the pipeline and you have to reschedule some things. You mentioned your creation of hydroponics and aeroponic farms. How is that going to be integrated from the Dubai section? I think you mentioned this previously, when you came up with sustainability of Dubai, which became apparent via covid. Is that going to play a huge portion into what you’ve discussed with the royal family?

Mendy: Yeah. I mean, the point of this pilot program is because the mindset—not only do we know that being 90% reliant on imports is not sustainable.. With this partnership and what will be built—the point is for people of Dubai and the UAE to be able to come to the centre so they can learn. It would do no good to say, here’s a hydroponic farm and a resource to get it from, but you don’t even know what to do with it. They, kind of, go hand in hand but I just can’t really go into it at the moment. That’s about the best I can answer.

Cats: How many announcements have you made and how many do you have coming up? Is it two more?

Mendy: John had—pertaining to the partnership. We’ve made several announcements since then, exchanges and such. John said at the beginning of the month that we had three announcements. We’ve said one. That announcement was about the headquarters. So, we have another one tomorrow and then the following Monday.

Cats: Ok, can we get any hints?

Mendy: Cannot give– Gandalf is really good about trying. Trust me.

Gandalf: I've tried since the 29th of June. Yeah, I’m still looking for that. Just to say that, Mendy, your team has a tremendous way to show and portray the love that you have for the work. Especially moving forward, I cannot be more excited to see what you as a partner have to offer in the way that you’re bringing it out. Also, especially on this occasion—like tomorrow, I think the announcement comes at 8PM, EST, right?

Mendy: We haven't set a time, actually.

Gandalf: Even if that would be the time, which would be around 2AM on a Tuesday, trust me, I will be awake. I want to witness and see what happens because I’m super excited for you.

Mendy: Thank you. It is—I can tell you they’re not really ready for all that *inaudible*. ‘But at the same time *inaudible* ready and *inaudible* people that I’m really close with, just so we can scream together.

Gandalf: Yeah, definitely. ‘And now you have your voice back so it’s easier for you to scream.

Mendy: Exactly, so why not lose it again, right? *laughter*

Cats: So, this is more of a personal question for you Mendy. How is the lifestyle change for you?

Mendy: What do you mean, like, the lifestyle change?

Cats: So, obviously, it’s not the same as the US or UK for example. They have a different way of living as a whole. How are you finding that transition? ‘Because this has all been happening so fast for you over 3-4 months. How are you finding that transition but then also what you’ve tasted of Dubai, actually being out there..

Mendy: So, I don’t really feel like I’ll really have a transition. So, when I was in Dubai, I was there for the first time by myself. I didn’t know what to anticipate. I felt like I was home. I don’t feel any anxiety or worry about it. The culture there is very different and depending on how your media outlets, kind of, portray things—not necessarily the most transparent.. So, I know a lot of the ideologies I’ve had are not really existent there; and I’ve had to see that, of course, for myself to understand how truly that, that [media] was not accurate. It's not in season there. For instance, I had just taken my son just a little bit ago today. Initially, I was like, Well, I’ll be on the first flight out to Dubai. With it not being in season, it wouldn’t really make that much sense for me to go at this current moment, so I’ll just be putting that off just a little bit. There’s millions of people that live in Dubai and right now, there are probably just in the thousands of people because that is how much people leave Dubai during the summertime. So, everything that I can do in Dubai currently, I can still do remotely. So, there’s no sense in me being in 100 degree weather if I don’t have to.

Cats: For sure! Is that going to be a two part location for you or will you move to Dubai?

Mendy: As far as my position as COO, I actually won’t be remaining as COO as my concentration will be on other things. Still for the token of course—It will not be the duties and requirements of what it is that needs to be done as COO. We all like to act like we are superhumans and act like it’s possible however, there is always the error in finding out. There is too much going on to even pretend like I’m that much of a superhuman that I can try to balance both. Also, at the same time, it’s for the betterment of the token. I’ll still be here. I’ll still be public and all of those things however, my concentration will be in other areas.

Cats: Will you have a new title or is that to be determined?

Mendy: It’s still to be determined. Just in the last week, it was maybe an awareness of, What a minute, Mendy. There’s no way you can give 100% to this and 100% to that. That math doesn’t work out. So, it’s actually the beginning stages of that awareness. I am super excited for the next stage. We are definitely planners so those things will have to be planned out.

Cats: Awesome. Before we open the floor to some of the questions the community has for Grove—If you have questions, please put them into the tag or you may come up and ask your questions directly. Let’s see if we have any written questions.

GroveToken Q&A

[Timestamp 00:29:40 - 00:40:48]

You mentioned the bridge will balance the token price between ETH and BSC. Is it more than a bridge for holders to cross over to the other side? How will it work to keep the price balanced as the token is being burned?

Mendy: My understanding is that the bridge will regulate the price and the burn. It is a function. As we all know, the Ethereum side is full of day traders. If, by chance, there seems a purposeful abuse, not only of course legal matters, we would have to make the decision to deactivate the bridge—but what it does, is constantly sells and buys from contract to contract, is how the contract works.

Cats: Awesome. I’ve invited one gentleman up but I’ve got another question.

Is there any site like Glubiz for Grove to provide and track stats and provide other useful tools?

Mendy: I actually just found out about Glubiz recently. We were looking into the possibility of creating one. I didn’t know that was a thing until recently. It is amazing.

Cats: It's definitely been a journey. There is so much more there now. I’ll thank Glubiz for everything that he’s done.

Why Dubai?

Mendy: I knew over a year ago that Dubai was being *inaudible* kind of a *inaudible* if there ever was a place to establish ourselves, because of the laws and the culture of *inaudible* crypto *inaudible* so that’s why Dubai was chosen. ‘And then *inaudible* in doing so, *inaudible* researching, you know, *inaudible* That's when I had the conversations with the people that I know and became aware of, truly, the crisis that it is with farming and sustainability—with farming and sustainability. Not just in the middle east but what’s forecasted for the world itself. So, that’s one of the ways that the *inaudible* be centered around the *inaudible* as well.

Cats: Ok. How did the whole conversation start with the royal family?

Mendy: My best friend is a royal and my best friend is the general advisor to H.H Sheikha Dubai Al Maktoum, the sheikha that John had met with. So, that’s how. I know a lot of people in many different areas of life, either by position, either by birth or because that’s where they had worked towards, but that’s how.

Cats: Perfect! I think the last question we’ve got, umm, before—if you want to wrap up with some final words is:

What does Mendy see as Grove’s greatest strength?

Mendy: Our strength is our honesty. I believe that, yes, drive—Yes, having *inaudible* deals are of benefit however, I believe that *inaudible* because 1) You should be because it’s investors. 2) and it’s their money that they work for, and the other part of it is with crypto, if anyone has been around for any length of time, *inaudible* you know that, with projects, it’s almost mysterious to what happens on this side of the token, how decisions come about or all of these things. We are more forthcoming with things, especially with things that are on this side of the token. It cuts down on speculation. This way, people can understand it. It’s not like we’re children and all of this is having to be explained or any of those things. So, it’s kind of like a *inaudible* of respect, just to, where areas are that we can educate people and, kind of, take away the mystery of what this side of the token is like and those processes.

Cats: Perfect! In terms of yourself, if you want to wrap up any final words that you want to share before your announcement tomorrow. I know you can’t tell us what’s happening but anything—where would they find it? Where would anyone need to go to make sure that they catch this news?

Mendy: Sure! Our official Twitter page is the most active. We try to keep it as active as possible. So, the announcement will probably be shared, probably from John initially, if not from the official page, initially. So, between myself, John or the official page is where you should be able to find that announcement. Even if the initial announcement comes from myself or John, we’ll still make sure that it gets to the official page as well. I appreciate you all spending time with me this afternoon or this evening, wherever you are. It’s a big time for us. If you look at the charts, you can clearly see that and just hear the buzz. Even outside of crypto, I always say, “You can always tell those that go to work to work,” and as you can see at Grove, that’s exactly what we [do]. Always keep in mind, because of time zones, that myself and the other founders and executive team—we really are available 24/7. So, always feel free to reach out to one of our mods or even the executive team if you have any questions. Misinformation is one of the true downsides of social media. We always try to make ourselves available as possible. That way you can get direct information. Again, thank you for your time. I can’t go into what tomorrow’s announcement is, but something tells me you’ll be a little bit happy about it when we do make that announcement. Thank you, Cats. Thank you, Gandalf.

Gandalf: I'm waiting for it. *laughter*

Cats: Thank you Mendy. Thank you for coming up. We did try. We did try! 'But yeah. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Not long now. Thank you again, Mendy for coming up. We appreciate you, kind of, sharing what’s been happening with Grove so far and yeah! I’m sure we’ll see you back again following some further news and potentially whatever happens tomorrow. Again, thank you for coming.

Mendy: Absolutely. Thank you again, gentleman. Bye-bye.

Cats: Thank you. Bye-bye!

Gandalf: Bye-bye!

Cats: So, some tremendous stuff coming from Grove, and they’ve been working hard and definitely defying the bear market, shall we say, with what they’ve been achieving. So, congratulations to them, where they are so far and it’s an exciting time to see where they will take their Crypto journey and DeFi journey as a whole and I’m excited to see what comes out tomorrow.

Pawthereum Giveaway

[Timestamp 00:40:48 – 00:57:35]

Cats: So, we will now move on to our second partner of the show, Pawthereum. They were on the show a few weeks ago? Two weeks ago, was it? Two or three weeks ago? To make an announcement in relation to the SafeMoon giveaway but more specifically, it was to announce the Founders Club NFT? How would you describe it? It’s like a soul collection of, like, a small group of individuals. I don't know a way to define it.

Gandalf: Founders Club NFT.

Cats: There you go! So, for those who aren’t aware of who Pawthereum are I’m going to let *silence* Oop sorry, no sorry my doorbell just went, and I tried to cut that off. Because all of you would have heard “Ding-Dong”. Yeah, so if you want to go ahead and kind of explain who Pawthereum is, and we’ll take it from there.

Myk (Pawthereum): Sure, and I see our CEO Nawa is in the crowd if you want to get him up here as well. I’m Myk, I’m the blockchain developer and I’ll be sharing my screen for the giveaway.

Cats: So, yes. For those that are here to see truth and visual of the giveaway– unfortunately, Discord stages don’t give us the permission or ability to stream anything to the stage however, if you want to see any sort of visual results– if you head over to the live stream, SafeMoon Education YouTube Channel click on the livestream. I’m sure one of the moderators could quickly paste their stream in there if they don’t mind doing so and they can keep a visual on that as well, but audio will come from here so if you want to stick around and not have the visual, you’ve got that too. So, we are sharing the screen over on their side. Let’s talk more about Pawthereum, who you are, what you do and again something that’s close to my heart so, take it away.

Myk: Nawa, why don’t you go ahead?

Nawa (Pawthereum): Can you guys hear me?

Cats: We can indeed.

Nawa: Alright, thank you for inviting us again for this MoonCast, Pawthereum is a charitable cryptocurrency that’s probably the most simple way to define it. We try, we have managed to make it so that charity is included in whatever we do, and the idea is to build a bridge between the real world and blockchain. Us seeing the blockchain as the perfect tool for donations and charitable purposes and we see a future where it will be utilised in the most efficient way. Most of you know how blockchain works, where the information is transparent, which I personally feel is the most important part whenever talking about, you know, anything that has to do with money and especially with donations. I feel like the majority of people that do make donations–they might not be aware of, might be uncertain how their donations are being used, to which purposes, when is it received, you know? Transparency is key. That's the whole way of life for us in the Pawthereum team. If you were to look at the history of our project you would see that we don’t have any issues with announcing or publishing anything that we are working on at the moment and whatever we do. It will be available on our telegram, the website or can be seen through blockchain. So, being transparent, making it so that those that also see blockchain as a way to make donations and use for charitable purposes they have home in our community and we always strive to make partnerships with other projects that have the same core idea in mind, have the same mentality and we are happy to see that there are projects, there are people, there are other teams that have those core values and think about things similarly as we do and we are extremely happy to see that you guys here in this call and also the rest of the SafeMoon team have been extremely welcoming and positive with us on the approach regarding the partnership between our projects.

Myk: Now I’m getting some comments in chat that you’re a little bit low so if anybody missed any of that, Pawthereum is a charity first cryptocurrency. We’ve donated almost half a million dollars to charities all over the world that are animal focused since launching in October and if you count our partnerships and matching donors, it’s over half a million dollars so we’re helping animals with our token every day; and thanks for having us!

Cats: Yeah, thank you for coming up and I think you said this before last time you came up. These are ultimately rescues and in some cases, individuals need this money yesterday. The amount of funds that some of these rescue centres need– they aren’t able to even try and generate funds because the workload themselves to keep these animals alive, healthy and just everything overall is hard work in general. Saying that from personal experience, it’s not the easiest thing to do. I can’t honestly thank you enough for the work that you put in to help not only create transparency in such a, I’m going to say, not toxic environment but, kind of a risky environment from the charity perspective because there is a lot of negativity around charity. So, applying what you do to help generate funds through the block chain to keep that transparency alive so that ultimately the individuals know what they’re actually getting in for. Thank you for doing that. So, as we said at the beginning of the show, this is your announcement or it is an announcement of the winner of the $10,000 SafeMoon giveaway. I have now put your shared screen on, so we now do see what is on the screen, if you’re watching via the livestream. Just to first double check, has this already included the $50 token winner? Is that already included in this?

Myk: It sure is, we gave away three, correct me if I’m wrong Nawa. We gave away three NFTs to random buyers of $50 or more during that eligible time window and then we took a snapshot yesterday of all of our NFT holders including those who won the raffle and then today we’ll be running a function on this smart contract that uses Chainlink which is a service that can provide verifiable random numbers to make it a fair and transparent raffle.I’ll click that button and then only a few minutes later it’ll spit out a winner. So, if you do see my screen you’ll see the list of addresses, and some of them are there multiple times because owning two NFTs gives you two chances. But I think it’s something like, don’t quote me on this because you can read the code and we can share the contract. We shared the contract with our community yesterday, but I think it’s like twenty-nine unique addresses. So, if you hold one NFT you’d have, like, a one in twenty-nine chance and if you hold multiple it could be two in twenty-nine or something like that. I could be wrong but it’s right here and everyone can read it for themselves and read the code and see that it’s all fair and transparent.

Cats: Wow, tremendous odds for a lot of money. Whenever you’re ready, they can see it. Everything is on the stream itself. So, again, if you’re in Discord and you want to see this, it’s all being visually recorded online via the stream and it’s going to generate links and stuff anyway so it can all be verifiable afterwards if you went ahead and checked the blockchain itself. So, whenever you’re ready, they can see. Take it away.

Myk: Alright, I will click the button and Chainlink says twenty block confirmations are sufficient, but I figured for the SafeMoon Army, we’ll take that a little bit further and do 32 block confirmations. Virtual drum roll and I will click the button and in only a few short minutes later, we will get a winner. If anything goes wrong or if we get any errors, we’ll just have to take that back and figure it out instead of trying to fix anything on the fly, but we did a lot of testing and feel confident that this will work. Button is clicked.

Cats: Let’s hope the winner is here, that would be a sight to have. It’s kind of going to be anticlimactic to see a bunch of numbers on screen and it’s like who’s won?

Myk: *laughs* Yup, we would love to have them on our weekly podcast that happens on Tuesdays, Pawthcast, talk to them about it, learn a bit about them if they’d like to come forward. I got the confirmation that we clicked the button and it went through. So, now Chainlink will have to get back to us with a random number that will be verified in 32 confirmations. There’s our request ID and no winner yet.

Cats: *laughs* The burn wallet!

Myk: *laughs* Yeah, no winner yet but it would only take a couple of minutes. I see on the Chainlink dashboard that it is a pending request. If this takes any more than two or three minutes, I’ll know something went wrong but we should see this refresh. Very exciting indeed.

Cats: It’s nerve racking. Again, it's a one in twenty-nine chance to win $10,000, it’s crazy.

Gandalf: Absolute madness. Absolute madness.

Myk: Yeah, not bad. Some people have two NFTs so two in twenty-nine chance, that’s also pretty good. Alright, let’s see, it’s still pending, click that, refreshed one minute ago. Let’s give it a quick refresh and see if anything came back yet. Not yet.. I know if you have any experience in blockchain, the moments between sending a large amount of money from one wallet to another is pretty nerve racking and that’s kind of how this feels where things are kind of just in limbo, right?

Alright, we have a winner! It went through. Should I refresh the page?

Cats: Go ahead!

Myk: Let’s find out! Oh, hold on, hold on! Come on.. This may just be BSC catching up.. Come on. I see that it came through the VRF.. Transaction hash is here. This is the hash that just happened thirty-six seconds ago. Alright! 42 seconds ago, if I come back here and refresh– there it is! Who is this!?

Cats: So, if you are wallet address, and I’m going to read this out just because I want to make sure if it is here. So, if you have wallet address with the 0x address: 0xa8a26ed158e7e2893640b54e2bc025d2abe9333e, Congratulations!!! You’ve just one $10,000 worth of SafeMoon. So, if it is that you are here, that would be fantastic, and we’d love to have you up. If not, they would love to have you on the Pawthereum Podcast on Twitter. If it is that you aren’t available right this second, that’s okay but Congratulations, nonetheless. Tremendous win! Yeah! Congratulations. That’s all we can say, It’s life changing money. So, let’s quickly jump back over here.

Myk: Congratulations and yeah. We shared this contract in our Telegram last night or yesterday, if anyone wants to take a look at it. Verifiably random from Chainlink, so thank you to Chainlink for such a great product and congratulations to the winner and please let us know! You can either hit us up on Twitter or you can hit us up on one of our Discord or Telegram channels and we’d love to talk to you.

Cats: Awesome! Amazing and yes, for anyone that’s trying to cheat the system, you will need to verify it’s you. It’s not just going to be as simple as saying “I won,” but nevertheless, congratulations and thank you again, Pawthereum for hosting a giveaway. It’s tremendous, not only what you do but what you’ve also done for a community member as well. Is there anything from you guys that you want to share while you’re here?

Myk: I don’t know. Nawa, do you have anything? I’ll give you back the floor.

Nawa: Just that the giveaways are just one part of Founders Club and this will not be our last giveaway like this. Being that this raffle happened in blockchain, we don’t really know who the winner is, so anyone who comes forward will need to verify who they are and if they are actually the winner. We would love to have you on our podcast and just talk about the raffle or whatever else they want to talk about.

Cats: Well, thank you again for what you do. Also, thank you for coming up and hopefully in some ways changing someone’s life with a tremendous amount of win. So again, thank you so much for coming up.

Nawa: Thank you for having us.

Cats: Yeah, no problem! Awesome, awesome. So, hopefully we can find out who was the lucky winner. Hopefully, there will be a name to the number but Congratulations nonetheless. This is one of many that could potentially happen with the Founders Club from Pawthereum’s NFT. So, if you want to check out that as a whole it’s Go and check it out. There are loads more perks than just giveaways. In addition to you owning it and being a part of the Pawthereum ecosystem, you’ll ultimately help in raising funds for one of many tremendous causes, which is animal rescue. Like I said, they need funds tomorrow, sorry, they need funds yesterday is the quote and yeah, they’re looking to help change that with transparency on top. Tremendous work from those guys.


[Timestamp 00:57:36-1:00:28]

Cats: With that being said, that comes towards the end of the show. I know that we would look to cover the news and that sort of thing, but it has been a quiet week overall but before we go, I will let Gandalf cover tomorrow’s SafeMoon Labs show and then we’ll be back next week, same time, same place. I just want to point out that we did fix the sound for SafeMoon Labs, not one complaint. So, I’m so happy that I spent two hours on audio *laughs* I’m so happy. So yeah, again– That will be replicated each week moving forward. So, for those who weren’t happy with the audio quality, I hope it is to your standards now. So, we had last week or the video that’s just gone up is Subjective and Objective Opinions.

Gandalf: Exactly, that is the one where I just talked about the different kinds of opinions the people can have and how you can just value them and put them into perspective. Tomorrow at 2 P.M. EST / 7 P.M. GMT / 8 P.M. CEST, there comes something I’m happy to talk about because a lot of people wanted me to talk about this, is ICO’s. Which are also, when you just want to have the dull definition to this, Initial Coin Offering. I’m going to explain what an Initial Coin Offering is, how companies can benefit from that and how they actually have an impact on the projection of a company, which will be an exciting thing to hear.

Cats: Awesome, perfect. So, check that out tomorrow, head over to Gandalf’s Twitter, same time, same place as always on a Monday. So, it would be an hour before this show started, so if you were here from the beginning, go back an hour, that time zone, for all those that are in an obtuse time zone. Great show! Thank you, Mendy, for coming up for Grove. Check out their announcement tomorrow and keep up to date with everything going on there. They’re doing tremendous work on that side of things. If you aren’t already, go ahead and check out Pawthereum and their Founders Club if you want to be part of it definitely, do it. It’s a good cause and congratulations to the winner!! Hopefully, as I said, we can get a name to the number. It would be great.

Gandalf: Jealous. ‘Just got to say jealous. *laughs*

Cats: It’s a part of life. It’s a part of life. So, yeah! If you didn’t win, it’s not the end of the world. Like they said, there’s more giveaways to come from them, so it will be exciting to see what else they have to offer for being a part of that club. So, as always, we’ll catch you guys next week.

Gandalf: Bye-bye.


A special thank you to our transcribers this week Glenn and Sir Burns!

We are so grateful to their dedication each and every week!