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Mooncast #44 (July 10th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

Table of contents

Intro | Disclaimer | GroveToken | Pawthereum | SafeMoon Labs | SafeMoon Education

Github | SFM Sanctuary | Billboard | Careers | SafeMoon Card | Swap and Evolve

SafeMoon WebSwap | Mandala Reflections | General Crypto News | Community Q&A | Outro



[Timestamp 00:00:40 - 00:01:33]

*missing audio*

Cats: I apologize to everyone on YouTube. It said we were live but YouTube hit a brick wall and didn’t go live even though it said we were live. We’ve just missed the first ten minutes of the show for anyone who has missed it.. I'm going to do a quick recap for those on the stream. We had some technical difficulties. We’ll start with the disclaimer. This is going to be a quick run through, up to the point to where we were so we can play catch up. Hello, everyone. How are we all doing today?


[Timestamp 00:01:33 - 00:02:16]

Cats: I’m your host, Cats. I’m joined by fellow educator, Gandalf. We would like to welcome you to MoonCast, a SafeMoon Education podcast. I’d like to make everyone aware that this is a podcast where we are able to answer the questions of the community. We do not look to make any announcements during this cast unless previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand everything you hear today is used as educational content only and not treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. With that disclaimer out of the way for the stream, I’m just going to do a quick recap for anything that may have been missed during the first 10 minutes of the show.

Grove Token

[Timestamp 00:02:16 - 00:02:46]

First of all, we had discussions on the Partners themselves. We were meant to be joined by Grove Token. Unfortunately, Mendy was not available due to suddenly becoming sick. She wanted to be here. We’re not going to discuss anything relating to our partnership or their announcements [without them being present]. I know that they’ve had a mad week, so we do wish Mendy the best.


[Timestamp 00:02:46 - 00:03:31]

Cats: In regards to Pawthereum, they are actually coming on the show next week to do their $10,000 SafeMoon giveaway. That is all done through their NFT founder’s club, which you guys can read more about at So, go and check those guys out as well as the partner portal, with everything that we cover at SafeMoon.Education/partners and also go and check out the daily Lowdown. As I’ve said before, Momo, Pulse and everyone that helps those two out are doing a phenomenal job and I can’t thank them enough for what they do.

SafeMoon Labs

[Timestamp 00:03:29 - 00:04:17]

Cats: As of Friday, we did upload the SafeMoon Labs Recession video. We just, as we came back online for the YouTube stream, Gandalf was talking about SafeMoon Labs Subjective and Objective which will be tomorrow. Do you want to recap that for me?

Gandalf: Yes, just quickly recapped—talking about different kind of opinions and when it is useful to use one or the other, and why not being extreme to one of these sides is actually beneficial and helpful. It will be tomorrow on my Twitter @GandalfEducator, 2pm EST, 7pm GMT, 8pm CEST.

SafeMoon Education

[Timestamp 00:04:17 - 00:06:44]

Cats: Great! Now that we’re back to where we are and where we were before the stream decided not to say it wasn’t live but was live, so, apologies for everyone on there. Let’s move over to education. Firstly, we uploaded our first proper-formatted educational video that we want to move forward with. It was a topic that was already covered and this topic is more about teaching the thought process behind tokenomics and what SafeMoon currently has. The video represents the bigger picture of tokenomics, what it can be and what SafeMoon is working towards creating, in terms of delivery of bigger things. If you haven’t seen that video yet, go and check it out. It has been very well received, so we are going to continue with the same format and have another within the next week or two, depending on how soon we can get it together.

This week, we have a smaller SafeMoon Security Awareness. This is more of a tip following up to social engineering. We wanted to expand it a bit further with Awareness articles coming soon. That will be coming shortly.


[Timestamp 00:06:47 - 00:07:47]

Cats: John recently shared the SafeMoon Github. There are 15 public repositories which are visible and 47 total/different projects or connections being worked on in the background. That gives us some insight into the work that they are doing without actually showing you what it is, of course.

SFM Sanctuary

[Timestamp 00:07:47 - 00:09:34]

Cats: Moving over to the SafeMoon community-- At this time yesterday, SafeMoon Sanctuary did their 2nd Twitter space. They did a show on education and I was there to talk about the educational process and a deep dive into my process in its creation, delivery and making things everyone proof, to be understood by every individual and how content is created to be explored and discussed further in articles and different formats, YouTube, video guides, spaces, Labs, MoonCast, etc. If you haven’t already, go and check out SFM Sanctuary. It’s a mod-ran community Twitter Space. If you want a safe space, that’s definitely one to check out.


[Timestamp 00:09:34 - 00:11:05]

Cats: Moving over to SafeMoon, the company—We're going to start with the billboard advertisements. A community member asked a question, which was directed at Hayden, the sales manager, which was Not going to lie. It would be nice to see the Times Square ad this year, to which Hayden replied, “You know what? You’re right. I’ll talk to my people.”

Now, we already know that advertisement billboard comes with a few different pre-purchased changes, shall we say. So, we are able to change this billboard a few times throughout the course of the year. We are coming into just over the 7th month now and are still operating on the same one. We don’t want to waste these opportunities for changes just for the sake of it. As we move forward, we are going to see some changes on the billboard. It’s exciting to see, because it’s advertising and marketing—obviously going to be delivered and changed with something whenever it is launched, so keep an eye out. We do have that competition for the community artists out there as well, which is coming soon.


[Timestamp 00:11:05 - 00:12:13]

Cats: We have two new career updates at which are Change and Release Manager and Site Reliability Engineer. If it is that you feel you fit within any of those two roles, please visit the careers section. If your role isn’t listed, please still submit your CV because you never know—You could potentially create the job for yourself. I didn’t think I’d be here and 12 months later I’m educating the entire community. We’re working hard and if you want to be a part of the team, go ahead and submit your documents as it requests.

SafeMoon Card

[Timestamp 00:12:13 - 00:13:38]

Cats: There was an out of the blue, spontaneous first view of the user account area of the SafeMoon Card. We all know that the SafeMoon card is near. We need to make sure everything is secure and operational before we release that product to the community. That being said, this is the first glimpse of what you guys will see on the website [which is part of the user experience]. As always, it is a minimum viable product and will grow into something more and be further developed, as you are seeing with the wallet, a completely different beast nearly 9-10 months later. We will continue to develop that.

Swap and Evolve

[Timestamp 00:13:38 - 00:14:21]

Cats: The SafeMoon token had Swap and Evolve [statistics] updates in terms of total volume. I believe it is via SafeMoon Hydra and our thanks to him for collecting and providing those stats to the community. Currently, we have 1,100 BNB paired with 450mil SafeMoon, which is rounded to the nearest whole figure and still a lot of LP generation, which has come from Swap and Evolve. That’s great! It’s additional funding that is backing the token.

SafeMoon WebSwap

[Timestamp 00:14:21 - 00:20:35]

Cats: For those who weren’t aware, the wallet now shows the correct price for Swap tokens within the wallet. The wallet has also had an update to also provide correct and current pricing data on the WebSwap. I believe it is through the same API we use on the wallet. That’s another update that is a simple and easy thing that we are now able to do.

Mandala Reflections

[Timestamp 00:14:55 - 00:15:32]

Cats: We saw an update from Mandala concerning their reflections and concerns over whether or not they were being sent out. FellowFox, Community Manager at Mandala stated that the batch of SafeMoon reflections has been sent out, which was the 5th of July. So, if you were holding on Mandala, they should have now delivered on their first batch of SafeMoon reflections. If you haven’t, reach out to them on their Discord and just ask why that may have happened.

General Crypto News

[Timestamp 00:15:32 - 00:18:27]

Cats: The final piece of news is general crypto news and puts into perspective why security is so important. Solana based liquidity protocol, Crema Finance hacked for 8.7million dollars. Crema Finance said that it had temporarily suspended its services while investigating a flashloan exploit. This is just another reason why security is so important. It’s becoming a very common thing for a lot of these tokens and companies getting funds stolen and hacked. It’s important to have that security to reduce risk.

Sometimes you can’t prevent certain things from happening. SafeMoon V1 contract couldn’t adapt. With V2, we are able to move forward with additional security. A few things come along with that. Regulation will help with the security side of things. Further development into the security side of crypto will help. Everything overall, as we move into a more flushed out cryptosphere ecosystem—from all areas, it’s just going to be more beneficial for everyone. I think that is everything that I have today.

I think we’ve covered it. Apologies to those who missed the first initial portion on the stream. I think we’ll just move over into some questions, Gandalf, and we’ll go from there.

General Crypto News

[Timestamp 00:17:57 - 00:20:35]

SafeMoon Wallet needs a new tab/suggestion box where we can stake our ideas and others can stake their tokens.

Cats: So, you’re kind of referring to a DAO system, but a more company directed DAO system of sorts.. You can always give feedback. The community reaches multiple areas and we’re always listening. If you have an idea and it’s ultimately wanted by a lot of people, they’ll consider delivering on it. There are so many different things from the wallet’s perspective like a percentage button, for example. We tried to find a way to implement that and did so within the bag button. That’s just one example. It’s an idea and I’m sure as we move forward with customer service, there will be a way to provide feedback in many ways. It’s not a bad idea but we’ll have to lay that foundation first. We will always help you, regardless. I think the biggest one was actually a comment on the last tokenomics video. I sent it to the development team and they stated it was already being worked on.

Community Q&A [Timestamp 00:20:35 - 00:37:20]

Is this the new security update for the SafeMoon Wallet imminent? Cats: Well, we don’t use that word anymore. That’s a banned word. We don’t use timeframes or any sort of scaling as to when things may come out, but I will say that we are definitely close in terms of getting more information about it. There’s gonna be one, two, how many weeks are we in now to July? Two? Gandalf: That is the second. Cats: Second week, so hopefully we should have some more information to provide. Again, not trying to provide a time, but shortly. Gandalf: *laughs* Be careful. Cats: Yeah, it’s hard to say without saying but yes, more things are coming in due course but you’re not gonna be waiting forever for it, so you’ll find more information about it soon.

Please elaborate on the YouTube title “Calmness is brewing excitement”. Cats: Well, it’s more just the atmosphere of everything going on right now. There’s a lot of calmness in the air within either the community or even the team and it’s just quiet. Everyone’s working, doing their thing and nothing’s really exploding [with] adrenaline or anything going on. That’s insane that we’re this close and we have to all be over-hyped and panic and mad rush– and just the way it is.. Everyone’s calm. Everyone’s just doing what they have to do and everything’s coming along as it should. Which then leads on to brewing that excitement, I’m very excited for what’s to come but I’m also very calm with how I need to go through and deliver what I need to deliver, so it’s kind of the base premise of the YouTube title. Wen SafeMoon coloring book? Cats: *laughs* Every single week, Scotty really wants his SafeMoon coloring book. Oh, geez. Right. You know what? I’m going to, right this second, take that entire comment and pin it on a notepad ready to submit for demand of merchandise. I’m gonna make it happen. Can we get SafeMoon aftershave? Cats: What would that smell like? Gandalf: *laughs* A burnt beard? Reflection? Cats: Burnt beard? Cheese from the moon? I don’t know what that smells like. If you can give me a type of smell or an existing cologne that we could potentially take something from maybe? Gandalf: Tropical Reflections *laughing* Arctic Burn Cats, can you tell us a little on the recent allegations of SafeMoon copying Reef? Is it a template from Baanx? Cats: So, anything relating to the card or in that sneak preview, yes, it’s not something new. [Baanx] is a provider. A provider provides a service that we then provide to all the holders. We’re not going to rewrite the wheel and redesign something from the ground up for ourselves when there are third parties that are able to provide systems and services. Also, it kind of plays into a ballpark with the main premise of what John stated quite a few times, which is we don’t want to deal with customer data. We don’t want that customer data. So, if it is that a third-party already has processes and things implemented which ultimately work and just as beneficial as starting our own, then we may use them. So, it’s not copying. They’re just providing a service and we’re using the tools that they provide, it’s as simple as that. Current Discord tag “Growth Map” hasn’t been updated in a while. Can you find out when that list will be updated with new projects? Cats: I can certainly make a note of it in terms of updating the Discord tag. Yeah, I’m sure there will be moderators listening that can forward that on if they haven’t already. Thank you very much. Yeah, I think that’s it, Gandalf. It’s another quiet one because, like I said, it’s the calm before the storm of excitement with things to come. Gandalf: I love this. I love this kind of term. Why are you talking calm, right? ‘And you normally just give me the kind of shelter for my microphone each week, right? People are writing to me that you’re super, super, super, calm on your voice and your output and you should just like make the volume up. Cats: Do you mean I’m quiet or as in– Gandalf: Yeah, ask Mr. Galan because he said it. Cats: I’m really quiet, what? Gandalf: Yeah, I mean I can understand you totally but he turns it so high that I have to adjust my mic so I don’t blow his ears off. Cats: There you go. Thanks Galan! So, forget the discord tag because there’s an entire website or portion of the website that’s going to have a preview of sorts, on it.

Any updates to the website overhaul? Cats: We’re just going through development checks and making sure that we’re happy. So, we’re closer but we’re not close enough to announce anything as to when or even consider making it public. How long will the calm last till we get to feel the rest of the good storm of products? Should we brace for it soon? Cats: Well, look. We’re already in July. We’re seven months into the year and we’ve got five and a bit of months.. Well, technically, if you count this entire month too, you’ve got a six month period of things to come. I would use that time of six month window. I’m not going to disclose any more information than that. There’s already things out there that, kind of, explain further to that. Can we open a SafeMoon pizza shop and only sell pineapple pizza? Cats: If you want to invest in a pizza shop and only sell that type of pizza, you are very much limiting yourself to a specific market that may not get you many customers. If you want to go ahead and do that sure, it’ll be interesting to see how many customers you do get. Yeah, it’s not for me. I’ll stick to margherita, pepperoni and meat pizza. Thanks.

Was there an official meeting with Richard Branson?

Cats: Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know what that was all about. It’s not my desk or office space to even be involved with, so, I couldn’t tell you as to what is to come from that.

Gandalf: I like that people just don’t accept the fact that some people just also make holidays or meet friends. *laughs* It’s gotta be something.

Cats: Well, like you say, it could lead into something.. Even if it was just a connection meet up and it was nice just to have a conversation and maybe start something– It’s networking, you know? It could always lead to anything really.

Will the merch shop open soon?

Cats: Well, we are what–maybe two weeks away from having all the capsules shipped out? The 25th right?

Gandalf: Let me just check it quick.

Cats: Maybe it was the 25th or have they already been sent out?

Gandalf: Orders ship on August 5th. So, the 5th of August.

Cats: Oh, has it been pushed back a little bit? Okay, I swear it was July.

Gandalf: Yeah, it was just adjusted. It was aimed for July but you know how it is with all the kinds of orders. It just now has a distinctive date on August 5th. Which is feasible.

Are the educational team involved in Darkmoon in any way?

Cats: So I know of Darkmoon, I am integrated into Darkmoon. As for educational content– well, anything that arises from Darkmoon is delivered in content. So, technically, yes but I am not involved in it. I’m just in it, if that makes sense. I’m in it, but I’m not in it– meaning, I’m in it when it needs to be a part of it, if that makes sense.

Why are we not trying to add partners to our swap?

Cats: Who says we’re not?

Gandalf: Exactly, who says?

Cats: Partnerships take time, it’s not a simple “Let’s just go and get a partner and list anyone,” ya know? At the end of the day, we want quality partners that are actually going to help the ecosystem, so, where we can then help them and vice versa– Partnerships work both ways and we need to be able to help each other and each other’s ecosystems within each of the products and services they deliver.

Does anyone know who the other person in the picture is?

Cats: Couldn’t tell you. I don’t know, Branson knows a lot of people and a lot of individuals. He's a very rich, wealthy man that has, what? Virgin has over 70 businesses, I think–or you know, he is part of at least 70 different businesses?

Gandalf: I actually don’t want to count how much.

Cats: Very wealthy, very clever and I wouldn’t mind speaking to him once in the future. Who knows? This entire crypto space is a weird and confusing place sometimes. Where you think you’re going– you completely get thrown out to the other side and it works out even better in some cases.

Would it be possible in the future to have a SafeMoon meetup? I’d love to meet the friends I’ve made.

Cats: If you’ve listened to the SafeMoon podcast, which I will say has now been transcribed, so if you want to look to read into the SafeMoon podcast and read up on what was actually said, you may or alternatively, you can listen to it. So far this year, the team have been going to these events like Miami Bitcoin convention or what’s the other one called? Consensus. They’re going to multiple events and they’re networking and they’re just looking to scout out and kind of feel what these events are like. Jonas and Hayden said that, hopefully, next year they can go into some of these events with booths of their own. You never know, that could be a place for you to meet up. I don’t think there will be any sort of meet-ups outside of events, especially with the amount of people that have “Oh, I’m coming to Ireland, I’m coming to Northern Ireland we could meet up.” I’d love to.. It’s also a safety risk and you wouldn’t want to do it anywhere that’s not safe.

Gandalf: Well he means by meetup he means like the official kind, when people just come together. I think the closest to that, that you can call, is currently Cryptopia. Like, if you want to just compare to this– because during the last Cryptopia event, there were a lot of SafeMoon holders there and this Cryptopia, a lot of people just heard how much fun it was so they want to just now all travel to the coming Cryptopia.

Cats: It’s November right?

Gandalf: The Cryptopia? The next one is in October but there’s no fixed date yet.

Cats: Okay. Well, hopefully that’s an entire city event essentially, is it not?

Gandalf: Yeah, most likely but maybe, maybe in the future we have our own. Nobody knows.


[Timestamp 00:36:00 - 00:37:20]

Cats: Perfect, we’ll call it there because, again, it is a quiet week. I just wanted to recap the news as we always do. We were expecting Grove to come on and share some news about what was going on and unfortunately Mendy is not available due to health reasons. We wish her the best on becoming a healthy being again. Join us next week for Grove and also Pawthereum to do the vastly large giveaway. It’s going to be crazy. So, next week’s going to be more of an in-depth, fun show and it’ll be exciting to just share an experience with, hopefully, giving someone a life-changing amount of funds. $10,000 is not something to bat an eye. For now, we will call it here. Again, thank you everyone for tuning in every week and hopefully we can get to that period where we can be like, “Look at this, look at this, look at this, look at this!” and just keep going and just share with you guys. I’ve been Cats.

Gandalf: I’ve been Gandalf.

Cats: ’And we will catch you guys next week.

Gandalf: Bye-bye!


A special thank you to our transcribers this week Glenn and Sir Burns!

We are so grateful to their dedication each and every week!

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