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MoonCast #43 (July 3rd, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

Table of contents

Intro | SafeMoon Studio and Podcast | Grove Token Announcement | SafeMoon Labs and Twitter Spaces | SFM Australia Space with Special Guest Kate Porter | SafeMoon Education Update | SafeMoon Gaming Event | SafeMoon Sanctuary | Motivation | SafeMoon Careers | Mandala Update | SafeMoon Glubiz Update | Lowdown and Pulse | Community Q&A | Outro



[Timestamp 00:09:55 - 00:13:10]

Gandalf: Hello, Cats! Hello, everybody! I’m good. I happen to be a little tired, coming back from my travels. It’s fine. I’m working full force and it’s good!

Cats: [inaudible]


SafeMoon Studio and Podcast

[Timestamp 00:13:10 - 00:18:18]

Gandalf: It is a high-quality studio. When I saw it, I thought, Wow! This is built by Sketch? This is a professional studio that he built and such an environment that elevates the quality of the content that’s coming from it to the next level. I talked to Sketch and the others and I can say they are going full force and professional when it comes to these kind of productions. Seeing the podcast being recorded will be unforgettable. Seeing them have this professional way of actually creating such content makes me want to see more.

Cats: Awesome! Apparently, some people can’t hear me on the live stream. If I can get a thumbs up if you can hear me..

Gandalf: It’s a day of technical issues. I had that happen before on my space. It took me a while to get my microphone to work.

Cats: Ok. It’s fixed! We’re all good on the livestream now. Apparently, they couldn’t hear me but they can now. So, we’ve just covered the podcast. If you haven’t gone and checked out the SafeMoon Podcast, go and check it out. It’s 60 minutes. It was a great episode. We saw the core team be true to themselves and who they are and yeah—I can’t wait to see the next one.


Grove Token Announcement

[Timestamp 00:18:18 - 00:20:30]

Cats: The only announcement that we have this week is GroveToken. For those who don’t know who GroveToken is, they are a fully green token that are looking to change the way in which we use different types of energy. They are officially based out of Dubai. They spent the last four days speaking to the royal family of Dubai. As of tomorrow, those that are able to— Tomorrow, they will be making an announcement. Follow GroveToken on their main Twitter and you can listen to what the royals have had to say about crypto and GroveToken. We know that Dubai isn’t short of funds. It will be interesting to see what sort of things they’ve had to discuss. Go and follow @GroveToken. Go and check them out and yeah—I can’t wait to hear their announcement tomorrow!


SafeMoon Labs and Twitter Spaces

[Timestamp 00:20:30 - 00:25:15]

Cats: Moving on to SafeMoon Labs—you did a Twitter space last Saturday, which was FUD and FOMO.

Gandalf: Yes!

Cats: We did have a predicament getting this uploaded this week because my internet service provider made me fight to get my services back online. It wasn’t uploaded on the Friday it should have, but it was then uploaded on that Saturday. The FUD and FOMO recording is now live, so head over to YouTube and learn more about FUD and FOMO. Your normal space was moved to respect those celebrating 4th of July. You did a talk on recession, so just do a quick rundown on that.

Gandalf: Yes. Out of respect for 4th of July, I just moved it to Sunday so that everyone could experience 4th of July as they should. Recession itself—I wanted to just talk about that because many don’t’ know what that means for the world, how it affects crypto and multiple markets. I gave some brief examples of what a recession is and how it continues to interact with the global situation in terms of market development. People now have a more specific idea about how a recession works, what the results of a recession are and when the end of a recession may be seen. You can expand this discussion to 2 or 3 hours. I wanted to make a very compact presentation that people can understand and can share with other people. These kinds of things are happening right now in the world and let’s just say we’re on the brink of a global recession.

Cats: 100% and it’s a scary time. I mentioned this a couple of weeks ago: To fill a tank of petrol—it’s scary, the price tag. Even using the example of fuel, them continuing to rise—it hasn’t even hit the full economy yet. You’ve gotta start with the farming process. Those farmers have to fill their tractors. That’s a price cost that they’ve got to cater to. So, they start charging more for their products that they are growing from the ground. This affects distribution and delivery services which, in turn, affects their [costs]. Eventually, all of that entire cost is going to affect the price of goods and services for [consumers].

Fuel is one of the biggest contributors to the inflation rate at the moment because of how the entire chain from ground to store is increasing. These businesses have to cater to that. It’s a crazy time. We know that a major contributor is the war. It’s a horrible thing that’s going on and hopefully something can be done and we can move forward, leveling out these increases to [those rising costs that we’re seeing now]. You will be able to check out the SafeMoon Labs’ All About Recession once it has been uploaded, next Friday.


SFM Australia Space with Special Guest Kate Porter

[Timestamp 00:25:15 - 00:26:42]

Cats: We had a new introduction to Twitter and that being our HR representative Kate [Porter]. It was essentially everyone having a chat about SafeMoon. If you did miss the Twitter space with Kate Porter on Matt Ferny’s Twitter page, you can listen to the recording.

Gandalf: This is the first and, most likely, the only Space. She clarified that she’s not a public speaker but wanted to be there to surprise the Australian community because, you know—local home and stuff. It was so wonderful to hear her and have her on the show. It was a lot of fun!

Cats: Exactly. If you want to follow Kate, her Twitter handle is @SafeMoonKateHR and if she has anything to tweet and share, she will do so.


SafeMoon Education Update

[Timestamp 00:26:42 - 00:28:13]

Cats: There was no SafeMoon Security Awareness article last week or this week as I’m working on a bigger article, which we all know what that’s for. I don’t know how long that’s going to take me to get it out, but hopefully we can get it sorted and out to you guys once it is approved. To subdue that, we are now moving forward with video content for SafeMoon Education which will be a proper video format. I hope to get some feedback from the community. I know moderators have had a quick glance and provided feedback. It’s a format that we want to try to move forward with. We also need to cater to the hearing and visual side as well. Be on the lookout as that will, hopefully, be coming this week.


SafeMoon Gaming Event

[Timestamp 00:28:13 - 00:29:41]

Cats: Tomorrow, SafeMoon Gaming Discord will host a community gaming event. Head over to the SafeMoon Gaming Discord (at the same time this MoonCast started) and we will play a few rounds of Fall Guys. This will take place tomorrow. We need a confirmation of at least 10 people. It’s cross platform. We will create a community event, so please join us! The gaming community is growing. The active community is going strong. They are mostly dedicated to Rust so if you are interested and want to get involved, hop into the Gaming Discord, have a good laugh and a bit of fun!


SafeMoon Sanctuary

[Timestamp 00:29:41 - 00:30:43]

Cats: SafeMoon Sanctuary is a moderator run Twitter account with spaces hosted by Sharcaan, Sergio, Glenn and Pici. It’s a great and perfect space to be in, in terms of environment, general knowledge and a space consisting of facts and less about ego. They provide information to the best of the ability and knowledge. If you haven’t already, you can go ahead and listen to that under @SFMSantuary OR (Direct Link: SFM Sanctuary Twitter Space, Ep. 1)



[Timestamp 00:30:43 - 00:31:57]

Cats: As always, I wanted to read the 7 Rules of SafeMoon/Life. It’s just a great thing to be reminded of, which is:


Smile: It always works out in the end!

Be Kind: You have the power to make people feel good!

Don't Give Up: If it doesn't work the first time, find another way!

Don't Compare: Everyone's on a different journey!

Avoid Negativity: Avoid negative thoughts, situations & people!

Make Peace With Your Past: Focus on being present & creating a better future!

Take Care Of Your Body & Mind: One struggles to survive without the other!

Cats: Again, these are seven great rules to follow in SafeMoon and in life, especially that last one in relation to mental health. This last rule is close to my heart. So, follow those and you should have a happy time.


SafeMoon Careers

[Timestamp 00:31:57 - 00:32:43]

Cats: We have now only two job listings open with SafeMoon Careers. If you feel that you can provide a service or something to SafeMoon employment, you can still look to create a role as I, kind of, did with the education side. Head over to and check the latest roles. If you feel you are a fit, go ahead and submit your CV for consideration. You can always submit your CV and we can potentially provide a role for you that may come down in a couple of months or years time, who knows.. The company is growing very, very quickly.


Mandala Update

[Timestamp 00:32:43 - 00:33:27]

Cats: Someone on the Mandala Discord asked, “Are Mandala and Binance devs still working with SafeMoon? The rumors went around for a delisting because it was listed for deposits on Binance but not anymore.” The answer they got was, “Still working on it. We had a slow start, no doubt about it, but things should be better moving forward.” So, Mandala is still in the works. Glotoks is still happening. They are still working on it. It’s just a conversation of multiple teams rather than the [action of] flipping a switch. We will just have to give them time.


SafeMoon Glubiz Update

[Timestamp 00:33:27 - 00:35:00]

Cats: The last update that we have is SafeMoon Glubiz. They’ve had a big update. It’s a great site and now looking more on-brand with SafeMoon. Head over to SafeMoon Glubiz if you want your stats and information with anything related to Swap and Evolve, largest holders—to be honest, there is so much more information provided there, which is accurate and pulled directly from chain. It’s a great site. Check it out and if you have any questions, just give him a bell and [Glubiz] will be able to answer. I know his calculator is confusing sometimes with all the different options that you can speculate with, so, go and check it out!


Lowdown and Pulse

[Timestamp 00:35:00 - 00:35:48]

Cats: All of the information within Lowdown and Pulse is available, courtesy of Momo and Pulse. For the past 8, almost 9 months, Momo and Pulse have been providing daily updates to you guys to experience from community, company and crypto perspectives. Our hats go off to them as they have done so much for this community in providing those updates. Go and check them out at SafeMoon.Education. Let’s jump into some community questions.


Community Q&A

[Timestamp 00:35:48 - 00:46:52]

Can you provide an update on the SafeMoon Card and a rough timeframe for launch? Cats: There will be no timeframes given. Moving forward, we will just deliver the products. If we know [with 100% certainty] that we can flip the switch, then you may get a date. Moving forward, there will not be any pre-hype or any dates given. The mental mindset we want to go with is Here’s a product. Now, let’s have a party. That’s the kind of mindset we want to work with. So, no concrete information is going to come unless it’s 100% solid. I will say that the card, in terms of security and corresponding delays pertaining to those updates—Those updates are mandatory to some extent. Again, I want security. I don’t care how much security you can give me. I want as much security as possible because I want to protect my money. Therefor, if it is delayed because of security, then that’s fine because I want that security more than anything else. The security update is mind blowing. There was a post from John that was similar to Imagine having a seedphrase exist and not exist at the same time. [I’m paraphrasing]. Let your minds think about that. Yeah, the card is delayed because we need that security update. We need it. It’s coming but no timeframes. We’ll have a party afterwards.

Any update on the Merch Store? I believe there is a lot of it ready to go. I believe the last update we had was about getting the delivery of single items. That’s not my department to provide an update as to when. I can’t provide any concrete dates as of yet.

Have you shown your love and support by voting for SafeMoon in the LBank Twitter poll? Cats: I wasn’t going to mention it, but since it is a question—If you head over to my Twitter, there is a Twitter poll. There seems to be an unfair advantage in this poll but it seems the community is going strong and out-winning that unfair advantage. Go and vote for SafeMoon and yeah—hopefully, we can remove the unfairness and show how powerful the SafeMoon community is.

Gandalf: You know what the funny thing about that is?

Cats: What?

Gandalf: Without going into a rant, we are still leading! So, still beside the thing that’s happening, the SafeMoon Army is going strong. Let’s keep that up!

Cats: It’s been a crazy battle! Go and vote, help the community out. If we win, we will face off against Bitcoin. Let’s see who has got the strongest community. If we win against Bitcoin, and we know how big Bitcoin is, that then just proves the point how powerful this community is. We have to win this battle first before I can say we’re going up against them, so we’ll have to wait and see!

Thank you Gandalf and Cats for sharing some of your Sunday evening with us each week.

Gandalf and Cats: Thank you!

Cats: We are on 43 episodes. That’s 43 weeks that we’ve been doing this. I know we’ve had one or two weeks off with me being away, Father’s Day and such but—coming up close to what, 9 weeks away from a full year of MoonCasts?

Gandalf: Yes! We have to do something to celebrate that!

Cats: I have ideas but it all depends on what I’m allowed to do. We have some rules to follow but hopefully we can spice it up and do something fun for the community. I have to wait for approval for a yes or a no.

Are we going to see the new security this month? Cats: There is no timeframe that I can give. I’m not part of the development team and I’m not involved in that entire process. I just get approved to say it’s done. I provide the educational side of things.

When the card comes out, will we be able to top-off with fiat? Cats: I don’t know the entire structure of how the card works yet. I haven’t seen it played with or fully tested or know what you can fully do with it. If you have a look at the card provider and what they do, there is information there. Have a look through that and see what other cards they have done in the past [and it may give you an idea as to what is possible.] I haven’t looked much into the third parties. I’m still waiting for SafeMoon.



[Timestamp 00:46:52 - 00:48:18]

Cats: Any other questions coming through? I think that’s all the questions we have. As I say, everyone is just chilling. I know some places have gotten ultra-hot pretty quickly, unless you’re somewhere like me, in Northern Ireland. It has not stopped raining for the past week. We’ll give it a minute before we go and then we’ll call it there. Anything else to share, Gandalf, before we start to roll out?

Gandalf: No. People should just have a wonderful rest of their Sunday and enjoy the 4th of July tomorrow.

Cats: Yes, 100%. Enjoy your holiday time. Enjoy being a part of your bigger community if you do celebrate the 4th of July. Enjoy the food, fireworks (if you set them off) and yeah—just have a good time. As we have no further questions today, we will wrap the show up there. So, I’ll say thank you for listening, have a good rest of your evening and we’ll catch you guys later!

Gandalf: Bye guys!

Cats: Bye!


A special thank you to our transcribers this week, GlennHasABeard and Sir Burns!

We are so grateful to their dedication each and every week!

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