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MoonCast #42 (June 26th, 2022)

Table of Contents

Intro | Pawthereum Intro | Pawthereum Token | Pawthereum Background

Pawthereum Announcement | Pawthereum Words of Appreciation | SafeMoon Labs Gandalf's Trip | Studio & Podcast | Cyber Security/Users’ Safety | Wellbeing

SafeMoon Gaming | Community Spaces with Mods: SafeMoon Sanctuary

SafeMoon Careers | Swap & Evolve | SafeMoon Website Update | SafeMoon Merch Store SafeMoon Card | Community Q&A


[Timestamp 00:09:45 - 00:11:34]

CatsRus: Hello, everyone. How are you all doing today? I'm your host Cats, joined by fellow educator, Gandalf. We would like to welcome you to this week's MoonCast, a SafeMoon Education podcast. I'd first like to make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast, where we look to answer any questions of the community, but we do not look to make any announcements during this cast, unless otherwise previously advertised.

We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand that everything you hear today is to be used as educational content, and not treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. So without further ado, let's jump into this week's show. We’ve got a lot to cover, but we also got a special partner on. A partner that’s very close to my heart with the work that they do. But before we jump over to those guys, how are we doing Gandalf?

Gandalf: *no sound* CatsRus: Awesome. We'll come to yourself with everything that you've got covered this week. So you've had a trip, you've had a journey and you've had an announcement of your own. But as we said, we've got a special guest on today. We're joined by Pawthereum, as I said, a partner that is very close to my heart with the work that they do.

So without further ado, I'm just gonna let those guys introduce themselves. And yeah, we'll jump into some of the information that they have for you. So yeah, take it away.

Pawthereum Intro

[Timestamp 00:11:34 - 00:18:30]

Pawthereum | Nawa: *first couple of seconds are not recorded* - and like mentioned, we are here to announce some great news. But before that, I really do want to mention that I'm really amazed by the support that we have been receiving everywhere related to SafeMoon. Like whenever we do have something to message or post in SafeMoon discord or Reddit or whatever else. The response has always been really positive and supportive. So I do want to say that we appreciate that and we see that. And I personally really value that.

CatsRus: We really do appreciate that, and for those kinds of words. And like I say, I appreciate what you guys do for animals. So can you guys share what it is you are trying to achieve and what you guys' token and your operation is all about.

Pawthereum | EarlGrey: Absolutely. And thank you guys again for bringing us on here. It's amazing to be in front of the SafeMoon army, which is a community that we admire a lot and, and everything that you guys do. I'm just going to take it away a little bit on the fundamental step we do. Just to begin, probably not too many have heard of the title being a chief charity officer. And I have to say that it's probably the best job in the world. What we are trying to do in short is that you can say that we're on a mission to support animal welfare on a global scale. Utilizing the advantages of blockchain technology. We are built around animal welfare.

And what does that mean? That means as a crypto project, one of the most important things that we can do is to build partnerships with the real world. Where we see all the organizations and the smaller, amazing shelters around the world. It is a huge impact on our DNA that we're sort of trying to bridge the gap between crypto and the real world and what crypto actually brings.

So basically my focus is on building these partnerships. There are two sorts of partnerships going out to the real world where we're going to send out donations. Like we have the ones that are already ready for accepting crypto, who kind of took on the first move advantage. This is something that we see in probably the big organizations around the world, but what is even more important is that the smaller shelters everywhere around the world, who don't have the same muscle and the same fundraising strategy. Like these people are the ones out there in the field helping animals on the daily.

So actually just being able to educate on blockchain, on crypto fundraising. How can they get set up and actually see them have an impact. From not knowing too much about crypto being interested to actually being ready and receiving the first donation where we can track the progress of what's actually being done because these guys needed the money yesterday.

So that's probably probably the most amazing thing that we can do. Then there's also the whole aspect of educating on how these guys can engage with the crypto community. The whole idea is not for them to just receive one donation from us, but for them to accept crypto as a whole. As a long term aspect. Where they open it as a source of a donation revenue coming in. Also from other projects in the future. We'd like to see so many people just getting supported every day and knowing that we were probably one of the pioneers that helped make that happen.

And you can also see that if you look at some of the donations we made in the past. We try to maintain this healthy balance between the larger organizations, where of course those guys are established branch. They have a whole lot of muscle for fundraising. And have all this power that they can do.

But the smaller ones, they really don't. So this is something that is so close to my heart. It's that when we're able to help the smaller ones, we can just see the impact from the money that they had to receive yesterday, being sent out today and making a difference tomorrow.

And then there's the other aspect of strengthening our ecosystem around the blockchain charity. And again, partnerships with, with the real world is super important, but it's just equally as important as we are like a relatively young project. And one of the main obstacles for any new crypto project is to gain the confidence and the transparency and the trust.

So partnerships with other crypto projects who are using this technology to innovate for good is something that is super powerful. And we're looking into it daily. Which is also why we're super thrilled to be here with you guys. Like what you guys do is amazing. So yeah, I hope that I gave a little bit of information about what we try to do. We're always open for questions.

CatsRus: Yeah, I think you've nailed it. Essentially you guys are doing tremendous work with supporting the real world applicants. Which is the rescues, the agencies that are helping these animals in any need from rehoming to fundamental care. To bring them up to proper health.

So I know all about how expensive that business can be. It's, as I said, a huge connection to my heart, with everything that you guys are doing. As you said, they need the funds now or even tomorrow or yesterday. So it is an expensive task and operation to run. So any help that you guys can do to not only just educate them in terms of alternative options for generating funds to help them continue their day to day operation, but take it one step further and actually expand their vision with the support that you guys are doing. So 100%, I, again, appreciate everything you do from the work that you're doing.

Like I said, it's just a true connection to me and what you guys are doing. So I appreciate it. And I'm sure any animal lovers out there will appreciate the work that you're doing too.

Pawthereum Token

[Timestamp 00:18:30 - 00:26:10]

CatsRus: So from the token side of things, explain a little bit more about your token. So we know what the work you're doing in terms of obviously looking to generate funds to support these rescues and charities as such, but how is it that the token itself is able to help these as a whole?

Nawa: I might want to explain this further because the core idea or where we started was as simple as a smart contract or an idea that it can possibly be. Where there's a token which collects some amount of taxes and that amount is going directly to a wallet, which is used for charity and donations. That wallet will be, or has always been a multi-signature wallet. Meaning that there are several owners of this wallet and there needs to be a signature of multiple different core team members in order to do any kind of transaction.

So we will never wish for the community or holders to only base their decisions on trust, because of course we have people in our community trusting the core team, but we always try to implement technical details. Innovation, which will eventually make it so that anything that the project actually does will be done by a smart contract, by the blockchain itself, which I believe it was really meant to be. So that the future is DAO decentralized. And that is how we always think about things when we are implementing new stuff into it. So the token itself started with a 2% tax, where 1% of it went directly to the charity wallet and 1% distributed among all of the token holders.

And as we already knew, there is a need for something like this. It feels like blockchain was especially built with charity in mind. If you were really to think about the advantages of donating through blockchain. The speed of transaction, the low cost of it, the immediate transfers, the transparency. Stuff like that only benefits donating. And we saw how beneficial it would be. But also we realized that there is a need for something like this possibly one month after launching. Where we were able to gather hundreds of thousands of dollars in the charity wallet. And since we launched October 10th, we have managed to donate almost $480,000 to over 24 different charities and non-profit organizations in more than 10 different countries.

So there is data, or there is community and people wanting this charity aspect to be integrated with blockchain. And I agree with Rasmus when he was talking about the need for partnerships, because one of the first issues we had was some amount of funds in our charity wallet, but there weren't any organizations willing to accept it, because there wasn't any trust there.

They didn't think that this was a real thing. For us to contact the charity and say that we have like $20,000 or some amount similar to that and we are donating it. So that's where our history of donations comes in. And if you were to go to our website,, you would see how we always value transparency and anything that we have done in Pawthereums history. Would it be voting on different things or donations or anything like that. You will find that information in our website, and it will always link to the transaction that we did; the blockchain history.

So always prioritize transparency, which means to really make a great effort in finding and researching different ways to make it technically possible to implement these new features and events. So starting as just splitting of transaction fees and expanding the ecosystem where right now we do have a forum where anyone in our community, whether or not he owns any Pawthereum tokens, he can set up a proposal in our forum.

Our community can comment upon it. If they would like to, we will make it into a vote where token holders can vote on it. If it goes through, it will be implemented. So that's how decentralization works. And that's how we see the future in our token. And I'm happy to say that we have been able to actually help out those charities and we have already formed a great deal of partners in this road to implement charity with blockchain.

CatsRus: That's incredible. It's coming up to just under half a million dollars in the space of eight, nine months donated. That's a tremendous achievement. And I know that, as you said, partnership is a tremendous thing when it comes to any form of crypto at the moment.

Having those connections and then being able to expand upon them is something that you've had trouble with in the beginning. As time goes on, the development within crypto, into the real world. And these sectors such as rescues, for example, haven't looked to explore this type of technology and be a part of this ecosystem. So being able to connect those to also help generate them additional income that they so much need.

So again, it's tremendous work. And as I said, a great connection to my heart. Like I said, we can't thank you enough for what you guys do, from the animal sector.

Pawthereum Background

[Timestamp 00:26:10 - 00:29:12]

CatsRus: So in terms of why you have appeared on today's show, you've got some exciting news in relation to a specific announcement. So I'm going to let you guys just roll with the floor and introduce the new thing that you've got coming.

Nawa: So just a little background before that. We have an exclusive, let's say membership, which is called founders club. One who joins this founders club would have like several different perks and benefits in being there. Some discounts from our merch shop, which is coming, whitelist on future NFTs, exclusive access to other projects, free NFT drops from partner projects and stuff like that. So this founders club has been around for a couple of months. The Founders Club members have already received a free minting of roving ducks NFTs.

We made a giveaway of talk box NFTs. We invited them to an event in New York by four paws international, which is one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the world. Then we invited them to an exclusive tour to the new progressive animal welfare society. And they were able to take a sneak peak at the construction of the Pawthereum HODLing room, which is upcoming. So yeah, we try to build upon the perks and benefits of anyone being part of this Founders Club. And there is only one way one can join this club and it's by holding an NFT called Founder's Coin.

And there are only 99 of these Founder's Coin NFTs, and we will never mint any more than that. So founder's club is exclusive to founder's coin holders. There is no other way to gain access to it. And these 99 NFTs, the price of them is 0.99 Ethereum, which was at that time about 1k, I think. It's probably a little more than that right now, as the price of Ethereum has gone a little bit up.

Pawthereum Announcement

[Timestamp 00:29:12 - 00:32:50]

Nawa: But this links to today's announcement, which is the very latest benefit of holding the Founder's Coin NFT. And it comes from our partnership with SafeMoon, which is $10,000 worth of SafeMoon tokens will be randomly given away to one address that holds a Founder's Coin. A snapshot of these holders will be taken July 15th and the winner will be announced, live on SafeMoon MoonCast July 17th. So in about two or three weeks from now. This is the announcement that we are making right now. Anyone that holds this NFT has a chance of winning $10,000 in SafeMoon and the only way to mint these NFTs is by going to our website

You can see the NFT in OpenSea, but you will not be able to mint or buy it over there right now. So that's the only way to actually have that chance to - *audio cuts off*

CatsRus: Thank you very much for sharing that and just to make that clear, just so it's easy and everyone gets the concept of what the guys are trying to do. There is a fundamental group of 99 individuals or 99 wallets. Ultimately, I have a NFT which is giving them access and entry into the Founder's Club. Within the Founder's Club, there are many perks and benefits to being in there.

And in this case the additional benefit as of this announcement is, they're looking to give away $10,000 worth of SafeMoon. So that's $10,000 worth of SafeMoon on July 15th, they will draw that. They will gather all the information of all the different wallets that hold that NFT at that time.

And then from there, they'll come back on July 17th for the MoonCast again, and they'll look to announce specifically which individual wallet has won. If you guys are interested and are holding that, and you want to participate in potentially winning $10,000 worth of SafeMoon.

Then you'll want to tune in for July 17th MoonCast to see which one of you guys potentially could win that amount of money. And that's a tremendous amount of money. And at the same time, you're giving back to a good cause too. So it's a win-win in both situations with what you potentially going to be a part of.

So if you've got any questions relating to that, the floor is open, the question box and message chat is open. So if you've got any questions right now, you'll be able to drop them in the meantime, but if you're looking for more information. You can go to Is that right?

Nawa: Yeah, that's right. We will be posting our announcement, the Medium article and sharing it through all of our socials right now, as soon as we are able to.

Pawthereum Words of Appreciation

[Timestamp 00:32:50 - 00:35:22]

CatsRus: Perfect. Perfect. So if there aren't any questions, do you guys have anything else you want to share before we move on to the next section of the show? While we wait to see if there's any questions that come in.

EarlGrey: I'd just like to add that this is really a celebration of how partnership works in the crypto community. So we're just stoked for the opportunity and really thank you guys again for bringing us on here. It's wonderful. And again, we enjoy everything that you do.

CatsRus: No, we appreciate you just as much. And like I said, you're doing amazing work for all the charities that you are connected with and are involved in. And that's extra income that they wouldn't normally have. And especially as we move into the sort of adoption of crypto, and as we move into more of that user friendly side of things, it's going to be a great benefit for them to already be involved and be ahead of the game and just getting more of those charities involved too. So again, appreciate everything you guys do.

Nawa: Thank you very much for having us here and being great partners and always being supportive. So yeah, appreciate it

EarlGrey: Yeah. And if you have any local shelters out there, animal welfare that needs a helping hand. And who wants to learn a little bit more about crypto, you can always pass them on to us. I'll be happy to talk to them any day of the week.

CatsRus: Appreciate it. Thank you for coming up and yeah, I'm sure. We'll be excited to announce the winner on July 17th. It's exciting. That's a lot of SafeMoon. So, if you want to potentially grow your bag, you've now got an opportunity to do so. And also helping a good course too. So thank you guys again for coming up.

Perfect. Pawthereum. Amazing group of guys and individuals. Looking to help a good cause. Especially as I said, close to my heart. If you know why that is. Then you've been around long enough to understand why I'm here doing what I'm doing for multiple different aspects and reasons.

SafeMoon Labs

[Timestamp 00:35:22 - 00:37:52]

CatsRus: So as we move into the main and regular portion of the MoonCast show that we have [we're] covering the week. Now we weren't here last week, because we were sort of paying respect to the fathers and also those that were taking part in Juneteenth. So for all those fathers that were out there Happy Father's Day, I hope you had a good day. And if it is that you didn't have anyone, my condolences to anyone that may not have a father in their life at this current time.

But either way let's cover this week. So we have our main topic of the card. Which will come later in the show. But the first thing. I think I'm going to start with you Gandalf, because you've had a wild week. But before we start with your wild week, let's just cover Labs and cover that topic first of all.

Gandalf: Of course. So I had two Labs this week, which was actually SafeMoon Labs: Airdrop, where I talked about the mechanics of airdrops and how it can be utilized and used, which was on Monday. And I had a second SafeMoon Labs yesterday, which was about FUD and FOMO, where I tried to clear up the barriers where FUD and FOMO begins and how you can distinguish what kind of feeling, what can actually just make with you and how you can just interact with it.

CatsRus: So the Airdrops was on Monday and that was released as the video was always on the SafeMoon education YouTube channel, so if you missed the airdrops, you can go back and listen to that now live on the YouTube channel. And if it is that you didn't get to catch the FUD and FOMO that had just happened, then you can look to catch that next Friday where it'll be uploaded same time, same place. Just go ahead and check it out.

Do you have a chosen.. I know you've obviously been busy. I'm going to come to why you've been busy, but you have a chosen topic for the next coming one, which will not be this coming Monday, but it will be the 4th of July?

Gandalf: Yeah well, 4th of July is actually a special date. So in that kind of case, I still have to decide what I want to do. But I have two or three topics prepared, but until this point I have not decided. So it was pretty vague as I was not at home.

Gandalf’s Trip

[Timestamp 00:37:52 - 00:41:32]

CatsRus: And why were you not at home Gandalf?

Gandalf: Well, I was on a secret mission, which I had planned several weeks before my visit to SafeMoon HQ, in Utah. I got to talk with John, Hayden, Jonas, Mr. Chilcutt and everyone was there.

CatsRus: We had discussed earlier about what you were achieving in being a part of SafeMoon and you had just decided to hop on a plane, travel 10-11hrs and meet the team--spend 4 or 5 days with Utah’s community and get to know them as well as those local to the community, and others within the SafeMoon Army. Now that you’ve been, how do you feel?

Gandalf: I had a really great evening with a couple of members of the SafeMoon Army. It was cool to meet them live and in person. I find it interesting to hear how everyone experiences crypto, especially in this age we are living. It was such a pleasure! I really want to do that again. Yeah, my trip is ending tomorrow.. It was a busy week, and I was working on the side, like a holiday. No.. *laughter* No holiday for me.

CatsRus: Well, hopefully, we will see you back next week in Germany. You’ve said to me that it has made you stronger and will help you take your endeavor with SafeMoon to the next level and it sounds like you enjoyed your visit.

Gandalf: I like to do as much as I can, in being there for everyone. Being here and just seeing the team in person, the way they are and everyone—it just gave me this kick, and a sort of chance or opportunity (after I survive this jet lag) to continue doing awesome work and do even more.

Studio & Podcast

[Timestamp 00:41:32 - 00:44:06]

CatsRus: Amazing, amazing! Sketch, our amazing videographer has been putting some things together. More specifically, the SafeMoon Podcast and the SafeMoon Studio! Sketch is an amazing human being. He’s done wonders since he started a few months ago. We’ll talk about the stuff that he’s done for us and how he’s been able to accomplish the mission since he started. Re: recordings—The team has now started the SafeMoon Podcast. The first episode was recorded this week. You can check out some of the images in the official daily updates. You will have to wait for them to finish their production to tune into the final video. In the mean, you can go and check that out on the daily Lowdown. Did you see the studio, Gandalf?

Gandalf: I was there when they recorded it. Witnessing that was great and made me smile. Sketch did a wonderful job building the studio. I was cheering on the sides! It shows a different, kind, and side of SafeMoon that a lot of people want to see, in a way. I love podcasts anyway. Sketch did an amazing job!

CatsRus: It definitely looks good! I can’t wait to see it! We will have John, Josh, Hayden and Jonas on the SafeMoon Podcast to talk about SafeMoon and all things crypto, so stay tuned.

Cyber Security/Users’ Safety

[Timestamp 00:44:06 - 00:46:05]

CatsRus: I’ll go through the rest of the week in no particular order. So, first things first.. The team and the community has been going absolute ham on scam accounts. If you see an account, are DMed from someone who says they are SafeMoon support, wallet, website, etc. it is likely NOT SafeMoon and a scam. SafeMoon does not currently offer support at present. For those that are not aware, it is not real and are trying to scam you. I want to give a shoutout to Dutch Programmer, because he has created a phenomenal Twitter bot which helps us to identify scammers. It’s a Twitter bot that automatically finds scammers and [other bad actors.] It pulls information from the chain and now finds these bad people who are trying to scam others. So, again, thank you Danny for building and providing that. You can follow Danny on Twitter @SafeMoonNewsBot. We can join together in the community and help keep others safe. This bot is a nice bot and it helps us do that.


[Timestamp 00:45:57 - 00:46:44]

CatsRus: We had a few statements from John and on his linked in and I’m going to share it.

CEO John Karony posted this message on his LinkedIn:

"Do not let fear rule your decision making process. I see this mistake made in a lot of folks, both inside business and out. It is ok to feel fear. However, it is not effective to allow yourself to be ruled by that fear. Recognize it, allow yourself to feel it, then overcome it. Long story short, understand, feeling fear is normal but do not let it damage your mission. Don't let your emotions override your intelligence."

I thought that was a nice statement. Also, SafeMoon Tim shared something nice.

SafeMoon Tim shared:

7 RULES OF SAFEMOON Smile: It always works out in the end! Be Kind: You have the power to make people feel good! Don't Give Up: If it doesn't work the first time, find another way! Don't Compare: Everyone's on a different journey! Avoid Negativity: Avoid negative thoughts, situations & people! Make Peace With Your Past: Focus on being present & creating a better future! Take Care Of Your Body & Mind: One struggles to survive without the other!

SafeMoon Gaming

[Timestamp 00:46:46 - 00:47:35]

CatsRus: The next topic is SafeMoon Gaming. We have a SafeMoon Gaming Discord and it is alive and well! It has grown tremendously with its community there. If you want to be a part of the Gaming Discord, you might actually find John there on an evening if you’re lucky, chilling with the community. If you want to go and hang out, maybe chill and play some games, you can do so there as well.

Community Spaces with Mods: SafeMoon Sanctuary

[Timestamp 00:47:35 - 00:51:00]

CatsRus: On July 2nd, SafeMoon Sanctuary, hosted by mods Sharcaan, Sergio, Glenn and Pici, will have their first Space. They will go live at 3pm EST/7pm GMT. This is a great way to create a safe environment for everyone who is interested in learning and be involved. I’ve worked with the mods that are hosting it. Go give them a follow and tune in this coming Saturday.

SafeMoon Careers

[Timestamp 00:51:00 - 00:53:51]

CatsRus: SafeMoon is more than a token. It is moving into a technology company and uses crypto as a in important part. While we are in a volatile market, we are still able to compete and do things that we need to do in order to progress forward, through the power of technology. I want to use a quote from Galan:

“SafeMoon is a fantastic company. I’ve seen a lot of people hesitant to apply because they think that they don’t qualify or are intimidated. Many amazing community members have been hired that are doing fantastic things. Give it a shot and see what happens.”

That’s reaching out to those individuals who think that they aren’t qualified to do something and to those who may be scared. As John said, don’t let your fear rule you. If you think you can do that job, apply. If the role doesn’t exist, don’t be afraid to show your value. SafeMoon Education started with two community members doing our thing, being part of the community while also trying to help those individuals. Even if the job doesn’t exist, you can still submit and share your passion and why you want to be a part of SafeMoon.

Swap & Evolve

[Timestamp 00:53:51 - 00:54:28]

CatsRus: Swap & Evolve has paired 1k BNB and just under 4mil SFM to the SafeMoon LP. That’s a lot of BNB being applied to the liquidity under Swap and Evolve. It’s great that we have this liquidity generator. As more products come down the line that incorporate into a liquidity generation feature. That’s only going to help continue that number to grow.

SafeMoon Website Update

[Timestamp 00:54:28 - 00:55:30]

CatsRus: Testing of the website is being performed. Ambition of the site had grown after feedback and is underway. Everything is being worked on. It takes time and we want to make sure it’s not just another website. It’s far from a general website nor is it template driven. There is quite a difference there, so I just want to point that out [so that we’re sharing the same expectations]. We’ll continue to move some of the remaining content, work on a few things and we will be sure to keep you updated.

SafeMoon Merch Store

[Timestamp 00:55:30 - 00:56:13]

CatsRus: The SafeMoon Merch Store is effectively ready, however it is not going live just yet but maybe next week. No coffee cups to start with but there are lots of extra products in the pipeline. They’ve just got to wait for a few final things and the merch store will go live.

SafeMoon Card

[Timestamp 00:56:13 - 01:03:04]

CatsRus: As announced in the Captain’s Log from John, the SafeMoon Card launch has been pushed back to bring the community a huge layer of security, in addition to general card security. We cannot talk about what that security involves but I can say it is going to be a tremendous upgrade to any sort of security that may be out there in the DeFi space. It’s just tremendous. I’d like to read something from the marketing and strategic director that may bring additional insight:

“I’ll try to clarify. The date of the card arriving in q2 was provided many many months ago. At the time. That was the aim / objective. It remained so until very recently too. At the time. Nobody making those plans and decisions would have / could have known that this new security tech was going to be on the table around the same time. Since then. The security tech has picked up pace when it comes to integration into our wallet technology via a separate team. It picked up even more steam recently. Some weeks back we knew it “might” be ready but couldn’t make a call at that point. It then got to the point of a company-wide working version just last week. Everyone was blown away. Some days were then spent discussing the pros and cons of making the decision to prioritize it first. What that means for the pipeline. Education content. Impact on other products. Including lots of thoughts around what that will mean from a community reaction standpoint. We certainly don’t set out to upset. But. We concluded that we should prioritize it. We then had the log written up and shared. And then you knew. There is no shade or blame. We are here because of everyone’s effort at every stage. Past or present.. ..The point was - data, options and things have arrived that were not available and not expected to be available. If we had known back then - the q2 timeline would likely have been set longer from the very start. That’s all. We are not here to rush things out. But we are still going as fast as we can to get things to you.”

That was just a little statement that was made. There is a bit more added to it. The card was delayed after the team learned there was an opportunity to prioritize the security upgrade. I am heavy in terms of what I share and do not share. Adding layer upon layers of security on top of layers is kind of nutty.

Gandalf: I am 100% sure that when the people see what it is, and what it was, they will be happy that there wasn’t a delay for this [security upgrade].

CatsRus: Oh, 100%. If you had the decision to have it now with minimal security practice as banks use—keep in mind, whatever bank you are with, they have created their own version of digital security to help reduce risk and protect your funds. In this case, SafeMoon was put into a position to say, “You know what? Let’s hold that back and let’s implement this layer of security." At the end of the day, security is huge in the DeFi space. I can’t tell you the amount of emails I’ve read about people who have been hacked or become victims of cyber crime, or anything that’s brought negativity to the space, from just the outside point of view. Security is top priority. The team made the call and delayed it because there was an opportunity to further reduce risk. As we’ve seen in the log, it is going to be expandable across all SafeMoon products as well. I can’t talk about it more than that, but it's exciting nonetheless.

Community Q&A

[Timestamp 01:03:04 - 01:22:32]

Is a new security being implemented right now? The security feature is done. They wouldn’t delay if it weren’t ready. It’s about integration and making sure it’s all working as it should.

An older article on the site is out of date and states that we have more liquidity than what is shown on the blockchain. The link is broken. Can you provide information on these updates? There may be some old articles that are out of date due to the migration to V2. They will be addressed and changed as some of the content is older. That content is being update as we move to the new site. I do have a list and have everything and have everything prepared according to that.

I have questions about Pawthereum. Where do I go? If you have any questions pertaining to Pawthereum, the best thing to do is head over to their Discord and reach out to them for details. They will be able to provide clarity and help you with those things related to Pawthereum, whether you have questions about purchasing one of their NFTs or any other Pawthereum-related questions.

Can we send them BSC and they can send it to our wallets, so we don't have to convert to ETH and pay the gas? I don’t know if that’s possible for the Pawthereum NFTs. The best thing to do is just head over to their discord and reach out to those guys and they’ll be able to shed more light on anything in relation to potential options to getting an NFT. Can they cancel MoonCast because July 4th is one of the biggest holidays in the USA?

Gandalf: Yeah, you missed it. It’s Monday, July 4th, so no worries.

CatsRus: Yeah, MoonCast is the 3rd so we’re good. It’s the 4th of July which will be SFMLabs space. Obviously not every single individual is from the US so if you are celebrating the 4th of July go ahead and do so, and if you want to catch the SFM Labs.

Gandalf: I will most likely shift it on the 4th of July because thinking of that it might be beneficial for people to listen to that. Maybe on Tuesday or again on Saturday coming up.

CatsRus: Okay, so there are some options then. So keep an eye out on Gandalf's Twitter for when he puts it out for the initial announcement for when it goes live for Labs but MoonCast it’s the 3rd, we’re fine, we’re covered next week, so we’re good. Can we know an estimated guess of the total employees globally? Just for FYI on growth. I honestly couldn’t even tell you. I am learning people's names every day with different teams, who’s working where and who’s working on what. So I can’t even give you a figure if I wanted to. New hires are happening on the daily, well not daily but they’ve got new careers options available with more listings on the site. Check it out and even if it is that your job isn’t listed you potentially could join but in terms of a statistic for company size, I do not know. It’s grown tremendously fast and just trying to keep up with who’s where. Approximately, how long does it take to implement this security feature into the wallet? Also wen beta testers?! So I’m not a developer. I couldn’t tell you but I would also say I don’t want this rushed. So as much as everyone wants it now, now, now, now, now. I would like to say to the devs: take your time, take your time, take your time, because ultimately I want this perfect. From the stuff that I’ve seen it’s pretty nutty and I want it implemented perfectly because we only really have one opportunity to integrate a tremendous security feature like this. I’m excited, I’m excited for you guys to sort of understand more about it and more guides, more content, more information explaining this feature will come out in due course.

Gandalf: You are just literally about to explode and you have to contain yourself.

CatsRus: It is, it’s hard because as much as we have NDA’s and everything associated with an NDA, I know that the stuff that they’re developing and bringing out will make the community happy. Now again, you’ll never please everyone and that’s just the nature of life in general there's always been that war of Iphone or Android or Xbox or Playstation. You’re never gonna like everything that comes out but I’ll say that it'll be worth the wait at least from the product standpoint because it’s truly insane to the level of security.

Gandalf: Absolutely.

CatsRus: More will come out in due course. It's just we can’t get around NDAs and it’s gonna be exciting nonetheless. I was curious, Gandalf, what are some moments, funny moments, interesting moments, something that caused your eyes to perk up? Is there anything you could share with us that you’re always going to take with you during your experience here in America?

Gandalf: So obviously, I cannot talk about what we talked there directly and I wouldn’t do so, even if I wanted to. In that case, seeing them and having fun with the team was absolutely amazing. Having lunch and just talking about generally everything was just a blessing and from my stay in general what I’m taking with me is what I always have. When I see the people here, how they live and how it actually just goes in the states it always amazes me because I love the states and I love how the people interact with each other and how this totally is as an environment. Every time I’m here, even when it’s for work, I enjoy being in the states because it is fun to go around and see different kinds of things and even buying groceries and such stuff like going into normal kinds of supermarkets, even that is different right? So, it makes it kind of adventurous to be here and I had a wonderful evening with Troy Smothers, his wife and Stacy from the SafeMoon army right? That was a blessing to meet people from the army directly and talk to them in person and I would just take that as a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Cats, when are we going to have the privilege to have you here in the states at the SafeMoon headquarters? That is a question that I would love to have an answer to. I would love to fly there tomorrow if funds and everything allowed me to but it’s not my time just yet but hopefully there will be an opportunity for me to be in Utah in the near future. But it’s not a question I can answer at the moment. You all took suggestions concerning features for the wallet (card) and different items that could be implemented, customer suggestions and community member suggestions. Are any of these being worked on at this time and is there a way to receive an updated list of which of these items might be considered for implementation once the wallet (card) does come out? And is that part of what is going on in the interim while we wait? Okay, so in terms of wallet development obviously we launched with the minimal viable product back in September and features have continued to be added and the whole goal really is to have every feature that anyone ever wants on the wallet. Obviously, subject to evaluation of how absurd or crazy some of the features requested but for the most part if it is a feature that is requested by a lot of people it’ll be put on to a list to hopefully get developed and coded in. But there’s no specific criteria as such that a feature is going to get other than prioritization of how in demand that feature may be. I can’t say for sure what’s being worked on right now besides the whole security side of things, getting that up to speed and running, but after that I don’t know what’s next on the list. I don’t have access to their sort of internal development side of things with what’s going on there. I could definitely ask if we could maybe get a teaser or some list of what sort of features we’re looking towards but I think from the understanding of following the delay of the card for good reason, the team are just gonna straight be like “Here it is.” No sort of teasing, no sort of initial hype to get the community excited. It’s just “Here it is, now let’s get excited, now let's party.” They’ve seen that with the last wallet update with the charts and all the chart integration and price integration. People wanted accurate prices and charts and it was just “Here it is'' and people were happy and loved it. So, I can ask but I think that will be the response that we’re potentially going to receive is just going to be, here the features are and be happy that we’ve been able to finally make some of these features that have been requested for a long time happen. It’s a journey not a sprint.

Many of the community members that made excellent suggestions about features that could be added to the card, would be intensely interested in knowing if any of them have come into consideration by the team or made the list?

Sure, it’s not something that I have answers to but it’s more of a case of everything is going to be considered no matter how crazy or far off it’s just then how much is that feature then requested, that they should now look to prioritize that feature. It’s a game of trying to prioritize specific features in terms of how in demand that would be. For the most part, everything should be considered and everything should in the long term be integrated, to a point of course in terms of how crazy some of the things requested could be.

Final Remarks

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CatsRus: Perfect so there we go, 42 episodes of MoonCast complete. We had the tremendous Pawthereum guys come up and announce some incredible, essentially competition for you guys if you want to be a part of and hopefully potentially get some sort of, I’m not gonna say payment back but be involved in something that is trying to help a lot of, how do I put this? It’s very well connected to my heart and they’re doing tremendous work.