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MoonCast #41 (June 13th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

Table of contents Intro | SafeMoon Labs | SafeMoon Security | SafeMoon.Education Homepage

MoonCast Transcriptions | Scam Accounts | SafeMoon Partners | SafeMoon CEO Consensus 2022 | New SafeMoon Job Listings | SafeMoon Community News

General Crypto News | SafeMoon Wallet Update | Community Q&A


[Timestamp 00:10:00 - 00:13:40]

CatsRus: Hello, everyone. How are you all doing today? I'm your host Cats, joined by fellow educator, Gandalf. We would like to welcome you to the MoonCast, a SafeMoon Education podcast. I'd first like to make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast, where we are able to answer any questions of the community, but we do not look to make any announcements during this cast, unless otherwise previously advertised.

We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand that everything you hear today is to be used as educational content only, and not treated as financial advice. You must always look to complete your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. So without further ado, let's jump straight into it. So, how are we doing, Gandalf?

Gandalf: Hello, everyone! Hey, Cats, I'm doing fine. How are you? I saw this tweet where you talked about the bad robbery of the petrol price. I'm hoping to just like getting a regeneration from that situation.

CatsRus: Yeah! So, I did just troll the community a little bit. It definitely caught some people out. It was definitely who read it, but not read it all the way–and just, initially jumped to the conclusion. But no, I'm fine. There's no sort of injuries over here other than my baby, my wallet, but that's fine. It's all part of the inflation, unfortunately, and it's this ecosystem that we're in–in the fiat world.

So yeah, it just cost me 141 pounds to fill my tank, which equals to 155, 160, $170, give or take. So yeah, that stung a little bit. So definitely going to be driving as much and as far as economically possible. I’ll just try and make the most of it, because it's getting quite crazy outside of the four walls, shall we say?

We've got a sort of general recap show today. I'm going to go through the information and try to make it more streamlined than just going date by date. It may be easier that way. Overall, it's been a good week!

We do have the main topic at the end, which is the main wallet updates. Phenomenal updates– And it was something that the community wanted for a while. So, without further ado, let's jump straight into the first bit of information that we have.

Now, just to make everyone aware. All this information is collected and recorded on a daily basis through the SafeMoon Lowdown, and that is collected and stored in a more formal fashion so that everyone can enjoy it on SafeMoon.Education, which is completed by SafeMoonPulse and MomoKombat. Two phenomenal individuals that have been doing this for nearly eight months with daily information coming to you in the form of Lowdowns, which in itself is a phenomenal task, because that's eight straight months. Not one day has been missed since the beginning of November/end of October. So hats off to them and a round of applause because that is a phenomenal job and they bring this information to you.


[Timestamp 00:13:40 - 00:15:04]

CatsRus: Okay, let's go through it then. So, the first thing is from last Monday, was from Gandalf. Gandalf, you ran Labs on Evolution. For those that missed it and weren't able to attend live through the Twitter space, you're able to catch that on the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel. You’ll be able to recap and listen to that, if you missed the whole evolution and what it means to be a part of an evolution of a company among other things. If you missed last week's but still want to attend the live session, Gandalf is running one tomorrow. So, Gandalf, explain a little bit more about what you're covering tomorrow.

Gandalf: So, last week I talked about evolution in a general kind of term, what it means and how it just comes along with technology. Tomorrow, I will take it a step further and I will talk about globalization; and that live stream will happen at 2:00 PM EST, 7:00 PM GMT and 8:00 PM CST.

CatsRus: Perfect. So if you want to attend that live, tune in over to Gandalf’s Twitter. There is already a pre-announcement. So, if you want to mark interest or to mark the notification to tune in live, you can do so. Just check out his Twitter for that show.


[Timestamp 00:15:04 - 00:17:12]

CatsRus: Next, we have SafeMoon Education as a whole. There's two things that have happened for us over the past week. The first being security. Security is a huge sort of main topic that I, as an individual, but as a company and everyone within the space wants to be a part of and gain more knowledge on.

Going forward, there will be a SafeMoon Security Awareness article. This will cover any topic and every topic that you can imagine around general computer security, while also maybe online– all the way through to the cryptosecurity that we're all a part of.

So, that's going to be posted once per week on Wednesdays, and I'll be posting that through the Security section at SafeMoon.Education, which contains Security Tips, and will give you a lot of information about how to keep yourself secure online. Especially within the crypto world. This week, we had an article on encryption and it dove more into a basic understanding of what encryption is and how it can be used. It is a very heavy technical topic.

We've tried to maintain and keep it, as SafeMoon likes to say, 'everyone proof' as best we can. When we start diving into some more in-depth topics, it can get quite confusing and it can get harder to understand for every single individual, sometimes, due to language barriers and such.

We try to keep it as simplified as possible, where we can. That being said, this week is going to be more along the lines of social engineering and what that entails. We will discuss how you can combat social engineering and not fall into some of the traps often seen on social media platforms as well.

We don't have a set time for Wednesday’s live stream as of yet. When it's ready, it'll go live. So keep an eye out for that.


[Timestamp 00:17:12 - 00:17:54]

CatsRus: The other update pertaining to SafeMoon Education this week was that finally we fixed the homepage! It was an annoyance for me to sit there and stare at a homepage with broken thumbnails, with the scaling, that we had. There was a whole issue with scaling thumbnails, which we've now been able to resolve. I don't know how many times you try and read what a thumbnail is and half of the text is missing. We’ve fixed it. It's done. And yeah, it'll be a temporary fix until we move to the new site, once it's been completed and operational.


[Timestamp 00:17:54 - 00:19:55]

CatsRus: Next thing is MoonCast! MoonCast transcripts, specifically. First of all, I want to say a huge thank you to Sir Burns and Kerr. Every single week that we do the show, they go ahead and type out everything that we say during the show. Our transcripts are not only here to help people who prefer to read, but also people who don't have any alternatives. Such as those that are in non-English language speaking communities, and maybe under the deaf or hard of hearing communities.

Having this option to hear the show every single week in a text fashion is just something that is, again, trying to make it 'everyone proof'. This way, everyone can enjoy the content and look to understand and learn. That said, the transcript team has been an integral part of keeping the SafeMoon community informed through MoonCast and other recorded content. It's not just the MoonCast. It's all the recorded content, from the SafeMoon Specials and all the way back to what was the SafeMoon Sundays. Now, they are looking to expand through new volunteers that can join Momo, Kerr and Sir Burns. This way, we can continue providing the written content for those who need it.

Now, we have a fun and family-like group that will welcome you with open arms if you are interested in volunteering. It is a volunteer position. It's not a paid position. If you have free time and want to help the community out, please contact MomoKombat on Discord or on Twitter. And she'll be able to go through and see where you can help out.

It's a phenomenal thing that we are able to do, in terms of all the recorded content, that we have some form of transcripts. Whether it is the direct transcript or it is, as I said, me talking today. So again, thank you both Sir Burns and Kerr, and also Momo and SafeMoonPulse, for everything that they do within all of this.

Editor note: A big thank you to the other transcribers who have given so many hours of their time in the past but are no longer able to contribute!

SCAM ACCOUNTS [Timestamp 00:19:55 - 00:21:22]

CatsRus: I'm going to leave the next topic of SafeMoon wallet. I'm going to cover that at the end, because that's kind of the main topic for the end of the show.

Let's discuss scam accounts which are more in line with the topic of security, but I just want to say thank you to those that have dealt with the imposter Cats. I had a fake Twitter account for the first time which was pretending to be me. I made it a whole 12 months– 13 months without having a clone and they finally got to me. So again, thank you to those that have helped to remove that and also report imposters and fake accounts imitating or pretending to be the core team, myself and anyone within the SafeMoon community.

It doesn't help when these clones and scam accounts are able to maintain and take millions and millions of dollars from people each year. It's not just within SafeMoon, and it's not just within crypto. It's within everything. So, these scam accounts– we need to remove them as best we can; who knows, with the likes of Twitter if Elon Musk can do something. If he is able to obtain Twitter as a company, we'll have to see what he can do in that area.


[Timestamp 00:21:22 - 00:22:53]

CatsRus: Let’s move over to discussing SafeMoon Partners. We had Empire Token on its first birthday. So congratulations to them for receiving their first birthday over the last 12 months in the crypto space. We just had ours in March. They just hit theirs. Wish them a happy birthday for everything that they've done within their ecosystem.

Next, we have Enhance. I want to congratulate Enhance on their two new positions within the team. So they have a new Chief Marketing Officer, a gentleman whose name is Neil. They also have a Chief Networking Officer named Gotti. Congratulations to those two individuals that got their promotions within the Enhance Token team. Also within the Enhance Token team, there was something that I wanted to share from one of the community members which was actually quite a nice, humble thing to write.

“So much of life is like gardening. Planting a seed, nurturing it, working hard at it and watching it grow.”

That was associated with an image of their garden and I thought that was quite nice, overall.

SAFEMOON CEO [Timestamp 00:22:53 - 00:24:38]

CatsRus: Let's move over to SafeMoon CEO, John. He's been back in the community since last week as he was a little quiet the week before.

John spoke about the recent iOS 16 announcement and how there are some great new additions that the SafeMoon ecosystem could use once the SafeMoon ecosystem is complete. So, just tweeting out some of the changes for the iOS side of things with that new update coming out. Again, this is not to be read into further. [Please do not assume that the team will be] going to use some of these. There are options for them with some of the features that they've brought out, though.

He was then also traveling to the UK and looking to share his thoughts about providing pizza on planes. Now, I feel his passion for pineapple pizza is growing. He likes to talk about it a lot and when you hate something so much, you definitely like it. But it's a good thought about pizza on a plane. To be fair, it's probably one of the easiest foods to maintain, cook and eat. So, yeah, I would definitely prefer pizza over whatever I had on my plane [as my experience eating pizza on airplanes] has not been the greatest.

He also wanted to give the community a sneak peek of upcoming things, but he was told no. So we’ll have to wait a little bit further, for some more sneak peeks coming in the near future. This just shows, very much, that everything is still in the works and we are nearing to see some things if John's excited to start sharing. He just needs to wait for approval before things go out. So, just a little bit longer on some things for him to share. I'm sure the community will be happy once they get the final deliveries.


[Timestamp 00:24:38 - 00:26:02]

CatsRus: Let's move over to this week's event. We had Hayden and Jonas. They went to the Consensus 2022. Essentially, this was a CoinDesk event where they describe Consensus as crypto's largest and most influential festival. This festival was in Austin, Texas. From the ninth to today. So, for those that were there or are maybe still there, depending on the time– I'm not too sure on when the time finishes at the event. It was a crypto event. Hayden describes Consensus and what it means and their opportunity to discuss SafeMoon and its ecosystem at such a large event.

It's about networking. It's what the team has been looking to achieve and will continue to do when they go to these events and network– speaking to people, getting their name out there and building relationships with all companies that may attend. Hopefully, we can hear more and maybe we can get Hayden or Jonas on and share some of the things that they saw and what they're a part of. I don't know how much they'll be able to share, but if we can get them on and have a talk with them, that would be great.


[Timestamp 00:26:02 - 00:27:00]

CatsRus: So, we've got SafeMoon US LLC. SafeMoon has seven listed jobs at [One of those important positions] is Sales Executive. For now, that position is Utah based. So, if you are based out of Utah or in the near vicinity of Utah, that you could travel, are a sales executive and you feel you have the qualifications, you have until the end of the month to apply.

That being said, if you're not physically located within traveling distance of the Utah location, there are remote USA jobs available. If you are looking to apply or are interested in a career with SafeMoon, go and check it out and we can have a look to see what may be a good fit based on your CV and resume.


[Timestamp 00:27:00 - 00:28:21]

CatsRus: In SafeMoon community news, a Twitter community member, @champagne_ air shared his SafeMoon signed artwork with us, which I thought was pretty cool. If you go and check it out on the SafeMoon Lowdown, the information is there. I don't know what beach it was, but it was pretty cool how big he actually made it.

There was a nice image of one of the community members (@SafeMoonTim). It was a nice image with a set of seven rules, which I feel can apply to life, crypto, SafeMoon and anything in general:

Smile. It always works out in the end.

Be kind. You have the power to make people feel good.

Don't give up. If it doesn't work the first time, find another way.

Don't compare. Everyone's on a different journey.

Avoid negativity, avoid negative thoughts, situations, and people.

Make peace with your past. Focus on being present and creating a better future.

Take care of your body and mind. One struggles to survive without the other.

So, I thought that was pretty nice. Again, it fits with the whole of life in general, but at the same time, it's kind of awesome that the community is on the same page.


[Timestamp 00:28.21 - 00:30.17]

CatsRus: We also have general crypto news. I want to cover a little bit about this, because I thought this was pretty cool. A BBC article was written about why the Central African Republic adopted Bitcoin. If you want to go and have a read of that again, it's on the Lowdown and also on the BBC news.

The other is an historic move. Jamaica makes 'CBDC': Centralized Banking Digital Currency. The Jamaica Senate authorizes the Bank of Jamaica to issue 'Jam-Dex', which is launching later this month as legal tender.

This was actually one of the things I was touching on last week, with me traveling to the Caribbean and seeing some of these countries that are underdeveloped, because they don't have the financial support. Some of these countries that I visited are now looking at alternative options to the US Dollar to any of their local Fiat currencies that they're involved in.

That fits quite nicely with what I was talking about last week when I was speaking in regard to my travels for the two weeks at the end of May. Before we move on to the full topic of today is a share of some food for thought. I love this gentleman, Steve Harvey. There is a quote from him and it basically says, "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." I thought that was pretty cool. It definitely fits well with me. Plus I just like Steve Harvey, his origin, where he came from and how he built himself up.

Great! So let's move over to the main topic. Now that we've covered the news, which is the SafeMoon Wallet.

SafeMoon Wallet Update

[Timestamp 00:30:17 - 00:37:34]

CatsRus: The SafeMoon Wallet had an update, which was a huge update. We are going to cover them and go into a general discussion about what each of these things mean. SafeMoon Swap tokens now display the correct price from the Swap itself. DEX Screener charts and stats added in transaction history have been added for Swap Tokens. You can now choose either DEX Screener or CoinMarketCap chart stats for the swap tokens. You can now choose between the previous CMC or the more chain-driven chart which is DEX Screener. We’ve also added a multi-language feature for main default languages. You can now choose the default language in the settings for the first round of language transactions. We’ll add additional languages in the future.

There have also been bug fixes and improvements. If you are experiencing any issues currently, just check to make sure you’ve updated to the latest version which should fix those bugs. Please submit feedback if you discover any bugs and make us aware so that we can get any issues over to the development team.

In regard to the SafeMoon Swap tokens now displaying the correct price from the Swap–The community was heard. It was a big and huge option for us to get this integrated because the price never displayed correctly. That wasn’t SafeMoon’s fault. There’s nothing that SafeMoon could have done at that moment when launching minimum viable products back in September of 2021, as there was no access to an API to provide a streamline of data to such a massive audience, and collect so much information for several tokens while growing. Trust Wallet, for example, still displays the average of their tokens. If you are both a Trust Wallet user and SafeMoon Wallet holder, you’ll notice that each wallet will have different prices. When looking at the value of your holdings, it will be accurate in the SafeMoon Wallet as it pulls information directly from the chain. If you want those averages from all the markets, that option is still there. In this case, you have an accurate swap and DEX Screener was fantastic in helping and working with us to provide that information to you.

There are many SafeMoon holders and we don’t all speak the same languages. Being able to integrate a language feature to cater to the majority [is vital]. There are more changes to be made and languages will be added so that we can provide greater accessibility to services, features and resources offered by SafeMoon. It can be quite complicated if someone is trying to use our product and they don’t speak the language being provided to its users. We will continue to provide educational content and add language support there as well. At this time, you can use Google Page Translate on websites and such.Though it is not perfect, it can sometimes be helpful while we progress and add support for more languages.

That’s it for this update. The first was getting the main price to report accurate values instead of having to go to Swap to perform a test transaction. This is excellent and I’m sure that’s going to be passed across all products that have any form of text.


[Timestamp 00:37:34 - 00:49:37]

Is the SafeMoon Card still on track for Q2 of this month?

Until heard otherwise, please maintain any information as previously stated. I believe Q2 is still on track.

Is Sketch working on educational videos?

I don’t know his actual workload. I know that he is creative and is working on a lot of things.

Will V2 be added to the SafeMoon Wallet/Exchange?

V2 is already on the wallet. I’m pretty sure that SafeMoon will be on the SafeMoon Exchange.

How does a token become listed on the SafeMoon Swap?

It’s just a matter of applying. Someone from the official SafeMoon team will reach out to that party to begin the process, determine eligibility and open a discussion.

Can we have a SafeMoon coloring book?

I’ll ask the folks in charge of SafeMoon Merchandise and see if we can have something like that or at least some blank artwork made. We’ll see what happens.

Any new update on blockchain?

Not at this time. The main products at this time are the Card, Exchange and complete ecosystem on BSC. Once it is functioning, we’ll move over to blockchain. It’s similar to the way Binance moved from Ethereum to their own chain. We won’t have all of it in one go. We don’t want to rush things or release something unless it’s as intended and viable.

Have there been any updates on a Snowboard Partnership or the PC Giveaway (NYC Billboard competition)?

I know they are still working on the partnership. Once the page and the information for that is up, you will be able to submit your artwork for consideration. The winner’s work will have their artwork displayed in New York on the SafeMoon billboard and also receive a PC. I’ll have to double check. I remember there is a prize. I think it’s a PC.

When will the 5,000 bit encryption be included in the wallet?

Whenever they are able to move forward with security updates, they’ll look to implement it. The risk that is involved in some of the integrations on a wallet–You’ve gotta make sure the security is top notch and beyond. There is no timeframe on this security integration, but as time moves on, they’ll continue moving towards those developments. There is a night and day difference between the two wallets that we had beginning day 1 to now. So.. Slow and steady.

Why did John tweet about a centralized exchange? Can you talk about that?

There have been talks in terms of a DEX/CEX hybrid. I’m not entirely sure exactly why those specific hashtags are used. SafeMoon Swap is a decentralized exchange and could move into a form of hybridization. I’m not John so we will have to wait and see what comes of those tweets.

What are your favorite aspects of the latest SafeMoon Wallet update?

The speed of the Swaps, the functionality of the wallet and, as I mentioned earlier, usability with the smaller integrations of the wallet with quick tags as well. There are other features and functions within the SafeMoon Wallet app including fast switching between wallets. If you hold the bag button, under the calculator, you can switch between Percentage of Balance on a sliding scale or toggle to a Traditional Percentage button to input a percentage of your total holdings for that asset selected. You can also hold down the SafeMoon logo button to the right of the bag button to switch tokens. You can press the currency symbol in the top left within the same calculator tab and switch between currencies as well. The collectibles tab now works great. There are pre-calculations giving you an estimation before the tokenomics are applied to tokens. It’s a well rounded wallet that everyone has wanted. It’s a phenomenal update and we’ll continue to take feedback to implement new and improve upon existing features.

Can you explain more on the Iphone 16 features that John wanted to add to SafeMoon Wallet in terms of security? So, I don’t know too much more about the security features from the IOS 16 update. It’s something that will just be added over time, once the ecosystem’s complete. You’ve gotta remember there's two sides to the SafeMoon community when using the wallet. You obviously have Android and then IOS. So, if we start working on something just for IOS, without having the core security and everything laid out for both users first, it would be counter intuitive because it’s not fair to the Android users. We don’t want any user to feel left behind. Once the ecosystem’s complete, they can progress the likes of security features that they have integrated. Will we be able to use non-swap partnered tokens with the card or will we be limited to spending tokens from within the SafeMoon ecosystem? It will be pretty much any token, to my knowledge, that you are able to import. Now, we don’t exactly know how it will operate and how you will fund the card. It will be any token that you are able to put on it, though. So you’ll have the likes of Ethereum, Bitcoin, Doge, the mainstream tokens, Cardano, XRP, etc. You should have all of those and be able to spend them. The question that’s more common is what are the smaller tokens being able to be a part of. That being said, we have to wait and find out this key information when we get closer. Hopefully we’ll be able to give you more information once we’re closer to that end step.

Once we know how it’s funded, then we can sort of guide you with further information. We’re still waiting for the information to be released so that we can obtain it and share it in a more educational fashion.

Are there any new partnerships coming? Well if they can’t be talked about, I can’t tell you. Obviously the sales team are working hard. They’ve been at Consensus, networking, speaking to people and companies to help grow the SafeMoon brand beyond the regular DeFi space. New partnerships are always going to be in the cards. It’s just a case of when they’re obviously already developed, in terms of the contracts and how the partnerships work with SafeMoon. We do have a tiered system with the moon, comet and meteor. Is that right? Gandalf: Comet, Meteor and Moon. CatsRus: Comet, Meteor and Moon. So, you have those three tiers and obviously there’s discussions to be had with what each one of those are, and how a company or project wants to [contribute] in the context of a partnership. So yeah, there’s always going to be more and just because we haven’t had one in a week or two doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to be more. It’s not the end. Obviously this is a continuous ecosystem and having a partnership integration rather than listing every token that launches is five million times better. We don’t want to allow these smaller tokens to just start and then rugpull a community. It’s not fair to anyone, so having this integration is just a better option. Will we have a digital card by the end of the month? As stated earlier, if things do change, you guys will be informed. Treat everything as on-track right now. That being said, you will have a virtual card before the physical card. So, the app, the wallet, or from whatever the card is launched on, will have a virtual card for you to use pretty much right away. Obviously there’s a KYC process and everything that’s associated with the card as well.

Will the SafeMoon podcast have interviews with other Utah crypto groups?