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MoonCast #39 (May 15th, 2022)

Updated: May 19, 2022

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

May Recap (so far):

SafeMoon Lowdown: Partner Area | SafeMoon Pulse | Community Content

SafeMoon's Daily Stats | Wallet Updates | Fund Launch Live | Sneak Peek of the Ecosystem

Mandala Exchange | SafeMoon Labs | MetaMask Alert: Phishing Attempts

General Crypto News | New Partners | SafeMoon Space Capsule

Capsule Shipping Fees | Discord Update

👉 Community Questions 👈


[Timestamp 5:36-9:26]

CatsRus: So hello everyone. How are we all doing today? I'm your host CatsRus and I'm joined by my fellow educator Gandalf. And we would like to welcome you to MoonCast, a SafeMoon Education podcast. I'd like to make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast, where we are able to answer questions for the community and we do not look to make any announcements during this cast, unless otherwise previously advertised. We are looking to bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand everything you hear today is to be used as educational content only and not treated as financial advice. Tonight is back to our regular news recap, followed by the standard Q&A format.

Personally, I had a small special announcement planned for the listeners tonight. However, things haven't fallen into place just yet, but stay tuned and an announcement will be made from me, not SafeMoon, when it is ready. It was nothing SafeMoon specifically related. It was more of an announcement from me, and the education side. Hopefully once we come back after a two-week break, I'll be able to show you what I've been trying to muster up.


[Timestamp 9:26-30:28]

CatsRus: Last week the show was a little bit different because we were joined by the CEO of Mandala who shed some excellent light on what's been going on.

As I said, all the information is recorded on a daily basis. Every 24 hours, both Momo and SafeMoon Pulse get together and they create the SafeMoon Lowdown. And they do a phenomenal job at providing you with all the information that's happening within the SafeMoon ecosystem.

We also actually have a new 'partner area' for all the partner tokens on the SWaP, in which all their information is now separate. We had a few really long Lowdowns. It got to the point it was so tremendously long that it was a good 15 to 20 minutes to read.

So the partner program that SafeMoon has, we've now applied a partners news section as such to keep you updated with any of your investments that you may have with one of our partners.

We started the month with SafeMoon Pulse, where Pulse collects all the best bits of all the Lowdowns throughout the course of a month and puts it into one monthly article in which it gives you the best bits of information that you may need.

On the first (of May), there was SafeMoon Labs. And that was more specifically about tokens and coins and their differences, which was run by Gandalf. What happened with SafeMoon Labs the past 2 weeks?

Gandalf: Token and coins were that week (first week of May), then after that came the blockchain bridges and APIs (second week of May) and now we're moving over to what, most likely new people want to have explained, which is bull and bear markets. So without giving any kind of incentives to any of these markets and what to do in it, it's an explanation about the bull and bear markets and what signs actually make these kinds of markets happen and how they function and when people can spot whether they are in the bull market or in a bear market.

CatsRus: So covering that we then moved into some of the community content for this week. There were a few more creative members creating 3D renders of the new branding, which was pretty cool.

Brandon Fugal made some comments about SafeMoon and why he truly is believing in the SafeMoon community and what it is looking to achieve.

We all get worried about everything and we always become emotionally invested in something to the extreme, that as much as we want to be passionate and positive through every negative area within the community, unfortunately, sometimes you just can't break some of these negative areas. And the only way to do it is just remove yourself from those situations. And that's the best thing that you can do.

If you see that there's an issue or you see that someone being attacked or even just misinformation. If you can't help that situation and you may have tried your best, to your knowledge, to do so. And then all of a sudden you're getting either angry or you're getting annoyed or wound up or whatever emotion you're feeling to try and just help. It's better just to remove yourself from the situation. It's not something to get too emotionally invested in because that's when things could start to go negatively wrong for yourself.

We have our daily stats also provided by @Hydra_ToTheMoon on Twitter. He provided a great recap of daily LP generation, ecosystem generation and buyback and burn and providing all those figures through the 24 hour recording of the SWaP.

We had SafeMoon wallet updates, so maintenance updates. It fixed the gas speed allowances in the SWaP to accommodate higher volume and volatility. Fixed an issue where the currency conversion was not recalculating when revised fields and just overall general UI improvements. Following that, we had MoonCast 37. A lot of questions and answers were covered in that. So if you want to go and check that out, you can go and rewatch and listen to that on either SafeMoon.Education, through a visual and with the written text, it was all transcribed. Or you can go and watch it live on the SafeMoon Education's YouTube channel.

We then had the CEO, John Karony at Fund Launch Live and he had an amazing talk, answering some questions about SafeMoon and what's going on. Again, it was a fantastic experience. Again, it all generates a network. It's all just a part of something bigger. And it's all about making those branches grow into the trees that we want them to be. (To read more about his experience at the event, click here!!!)

We had the sneak peek of the ecosystem page, I would say, but it's more the overall branding of SafeMoon and SafeMoon Education. A lot of the community members were rattling their brains around what the ecosystem numbers were because there were some numbers provided and Mr. A definitely mixed them up a bit to cause the Army's brains to start turning a lot more. So I don't think I've seen anyone get them all right yet either. So I'd be interested to see if anyone gets it before it comes out.

On May 10th Mandala launched with local tokenomics and last week for MoonCast 38, we were joined by the CEO of Mandala, Joe Reiben. He came on to answer any questions and everything that was going on there. It is local tokenomics, but the best thing about the local tokenomics is, it's still providing to the SafeMoon ecosystem, being on the BSC blockchain.

While it's not fully global tokenomics where the exchange and the blockchain are working coherently together. At least they are providing 6% back to the blockchain itself, either through a burn or LP generation. Now we do have a full article covering that on It's on the home page.

Again, we had more of the SafeMoon Labs. We had the blockchain bridges and we also had the APIs. Both great educational pieces of content from Gandalf that cover specifics within crypto as a whole. So definitely start checking out the SafeMoon labs as we move more into a formal format.

We definitely want to move into more of a structured format with Labs. Labs was something I tested and started to utilize back in the early days of my career with SafeMoon education. And it never really became something. And then as we brought Gandalf on. Gandalf created it into a 'laboratory' of crypto thinking, and giving a specific general topic and providing the information based on that. I think we can slowly start to develop the lab itself into something more. That will come hopefully with the further integration of SafeMoon education and the site revamp that is coming.

There was an announcement for MetaMask. Some sites were receiving phishing attempts. If you are a MetaMask user, you simply were gaining a request as if you were to make any transaction request on certain sites. And those sites were essentially just getting you to approve a transaction and ultimately could have and do serious damage to your wallets and portfolio.

So while you can't really prevent them from sending you a phishing request. What you can do is, if you are using the MetaMask extension on the browser, set the MetaMask application to 'click only'. Now what I mean by that is that in the settings of your extensions, you can have it so that it is not active until you approve to turn it on as an extension.

That's the best option for you to not receive these phishing attacks until you want to use MetaMask. At that point, if you want to use it, you should already have it turned on and then you can make those transactions. Because we had a few individuals they'd get affected by it. And it is one of those scary things that we can only try and prevent so much. So yeah. If you do have the MetaMask extension. Put it on click only. Don't have it 'always active' just make it active when you need it.

Then there was a lot of crypto news in general over the past week or so with the likes of obviously the affected people that had got hit with Luna and everything that's associated with that.

And then we have just the overall market as a whole. We understand that it's hard to look at the entire market. Just the 'red' across the board. It can affect you just visually looking at it. It's a visual hardship to just see everything down. But at the same time, Gandalf will look to cover tomorrow on Labs what the whole process of a bear market is. And it's understanding that while a bear market exists, there is also a bull market to be on the other side at some point.

So we had two new partners on the SafeMoon SWaP over the course of the last two weeks. We had the Grove token focusing on full green sustainability within the country, more specifically, Dubai. And they had a great announcement last week. So if you want to go and check out the last MoonCast. Towards the end of the show, we had Mandy from the Grove token come up and share her announcement about what will be happening in June.

And then we had our first hyper launch token. So SafeMoon created a hyper launch platform where any new token looking to launch exactly and straight away from pre-sale instead of going to the standard that is Pancake swap and just launching and moving all their tokens across there.

So the standard that is Pancake Swap and just launching and moving all their tokens across there, they can launch now directly through the SafeMoon Swap, so Presale SafeMoon Swap. So we now have that platform and integration ready to go. So if anyone knows of any tokens that are in presale that potentially have the qualities to be on board, send Hayden a message and, hopefully, they can get in contact and maybe we'll look to work something out there.

With the hyper launch itself, though, we did have LCP (Live Crypto Party). Now, I'm gonna get Gandalf to explain this because you know more about this partner than I do. So who or what is LCP?

Gandalf: So LCP is a token, which is called Live Crypto Party, the party in the metaverse and the actual party coming together with people, with currencies, and different currencies on a specific platform in mind. That said, the total process that LCP is going forward is to be together and share the love of crypto and the love of being into a space together by having the possibilities to work together with LCP. And while they are just developing their kind of solution to be together in a metaverse, they also have different kinds of things on the line where they expand this kind of focus of bringing more use cases to the LCP token.

That said, currently, they're in the situation where they teased something. They said the word "Nigerian government," but they didn't expand on what it is. So we got to be curious to see what it is. But it all fits into their kind of system regarding the token. And the theme of the party is a wonderful one because they want to bring people together.

CatsRus: Amazing, amazing, but definitely interested to see where the Nigerian hint goes. So let's keep an eye on them. And again, if you want to keep up to date with LCP and their partnership, go over to, and then go down to LCP. And you'll be able to keep updated with any changes or announcements they make. So keep an eye on them and see what happens for those guys.

SafeMoon Space Capsule

SafeMoon has now officially created what we are calling the SafeMoon Capsule – a collection of SafeMoon merchandise all in one box. They'll be available to purchase, and it is currently on preorder until the end of the month (May 29th). Ship out date is July 25th. They will be available for a limited time because it is a limited box.

SafeMoon Capsule Shipping Fees Reduced

There were some international shipping costs that were huge amounts of [money] in terms of cost to get it shipped to all the different countries, and they have now updated it to international shipping rates. It's just $59 exact, so it's a flat fee of $59. I believe that is anywhere outside of the US. But I'm not sure with the likes of Canada or countries closer to the United States. But either way, this is all being shipped from the United States, so international shipping fee is $59.

Discord Update

I see and hear that a few people, in regards to MoonCast, are on YouTube because they can't get on the Discord side of things. Discord was updated slightly, where you need to go through and manually accept a chat access. So at the very top of the Discord itself, there's now a tab called View Chats, and you will need to accept that before you can join all the other rooms because I came in one morning and I thought all the chats had been deleted until we accepted that. So yeah, you just need to click on the little notification to approve all the View Chats. It's just a bot protection, essentially, for the Discord itself.


[Timestamp 30:28-1:10:15]

What's the plan with the 4.9 billion Swap & Liquify disabled tokens? How will it tie into Swap & Evolve?

The 4.9 billion tokens that have been collected still remain in the wallet. They are essentially being collected, and there is no sort of confirmation as to what will be done with those tokens at this moment in time. As for the community, they've obviously specified, just put it straight back into liquidity or, alternatively, you could look to do a huge burn. There's a few options that these tokens could be utilized for. But right now, there isn't any sort of confirmation as to which way the team are looking to use these tokens and where they would put them. So nothing on the actual Swap & Liquefy token collection just yet.

How is cross-chain coming along? Months or much further on?

As for the cross-chain, that's still in development. As I said previously, it's not just about creating a feature. It's about creating a feature or a product that connects within the ecosystem as best it can. So while cross-chain itself has been done by multiple people and there are all different forms of cross-chain, we want it to be the best form of cross-chain that also benefits the SafeMoon holders. So there's still developments in terms of exactly how best the team can get it to be applied to the ecosystem. But as we say, we'll have to wait and see exactly where that is, but no update in terms of time.

I saw another exchange or two like us posting global tokenomics. Is this being worked on behind the scenes for multiple exchanges?

As for all the exchanges and global tokenomics, if you want an update on global tokenomics and where everything is, the best thing to do is keep an eye out on social media, especially towards Mandala, but also go and listen to last week's MoonCast. The CEO gave a full breakdown as best he could with everything that's going on over at Mandala and the development over there for global tokenomics.

Any update on Ethereum SafeMoon V2 with the migration to pSafeMoon?

With pSafeMoon, that should ultimately come with the form of cross-chain. You kind of need the cross-chain in order to really be utilized and locking people on one side right now and then not having a bridge afterwards is kind of an issue in itself. We need a way for the migrated pSafeMoon to also come back to the Binance side of things if they wanted to. So we can't really do one without the other in this case. So pSafeMoon is still looking to potentially come with the likes of Binance.

Any update on the progression of The Gambia, as well as the turbine project?

Everything is as the last update was from John. Any updates will come from John himself or a statement of some kind, but I have no further updates than what was last previously announced.

Are the merch delivered everywhere in the world, for example the Middle East or North Africa?

So international shipping, as we mentioned, is $59. However, it's all based on the shipping service itself. But theoretically, yes, they should be an option to get it to you in some way, shape or form. Unless you live in the likes of, I don't know, the Sahara Desert or something like that. For the most part, everyone should be able to receive their package, but you won't be able to order it without a proper shipping address anyway, so you should actually be fine if you were able to successfully submit your order.

Special show moved to next week?

For those that don't know, we won't be here next week (May 22nd), and we won't be here on the 29th, as all of us need a break at some point. We'll be back recharged on the 5th (of June), and hopefully, we'll be able to cover any sort of announcements or anything if they do happen in the meantime. But yeah, we won't be here for the next two weeks, so hopefully those announcements will happen. That special show or the information that I had from me, not SafeMoon -- it's a me thing, not a SafeMoon thing -- will happen when we get back.

How is the SafeMoon Card coming along? Can we still expect this to come in Q2?

Yes, Q2 is still the target, so Q2 is still happening. So that is anywhere from April to the end of June.

What was the deal with pSafeMoon regarding pSafeMoon V2 coming?

Yeah, so it is coming. It just needs to be at least applied with or after the cross-chain. So once the cross-chain is here, you should look to expect that.

Will the merch be available in Europe with better delivery fees? $98 is a little bit steep.

So it's now $59, and that's just the shipping costs for a larger package, unfortunately. They've got that reduced to $59, and I did see somewhere upwards of $120-$130 in some cases, which is a high price for delivery. But at the same time, these delivery companies are making a fortune too. So it's the best we can do at this moment in time. But at least the team has been able to quickly get a reduction in that.

When's the next SafeMoon Special?

When the team is ready to announce more information in terms of bigger things. That would be a Mr. Adult question; he is the gentleman who would be touching at that. So if you want to get in touch with him, if you see him in Main Chat or something like that, go and give him a buzz and see if he has any information regarding that.

What happened to the amazing news? Can we get a hint?

No, you can't have a hint. It's a “me thing” that you have to wait for (not being held up on SafeMoon’s end). I was hoping it was ready right now because I was waiting for the green light to say yeah, it was here, but no, not yet.

Can we get some clarification on the next steps for Swap & Evolve and where we are with it?

It's nearly there, but not there just yet. You can smell it, but you can't taste it. Any information, again, follow the socials and everything like that. But I am also working on an updated article for SafeMoon for Swap & Evolve, so keep an eye out on for the updates to the current article. I'm not going to do a new article for it. I'm just going to update the current article. Right now, there's a diagram as the sort of thumbnail. When that changes, there's been an update. But I'm sure it'll be shared across multiple different platforms as such, so no updates beyond that. Just keep an eye out for that.

Any updates on bridges?

That's the same as the cross-chain swap.

How are the [SafeMoon] Card and Exchange coming along? Is everything on target?

Yeah, the card's on target, the exchange is on target. Everything that has been announced so far with at least somewhat of a timeframe has still been put on track to achieve the delivery timeframe that they've specified until further notice. If anything changes, then you guys will be made aware ahead of time, so you're not going to be left in the dark if things aren't going to plan.

Any updates if and when Shibnobi will be our partner again or returning to the wallet?

I do not have any information on those at the moment. The last thing that we heard is that we're doing something with LP or there was something on the contract side. I'm not too sure exactly what they had on their side. They had a personal issue that they were dealing with which, from there, it was just a case that they needed to simply sort that out before any sort of information was made. So nothing on them at the minute, and if they are wanting to, or willing to, input their LP again, they're more than welcome to. If not, then we have to wait and see.

John mentioned that he was broadening SafeMoon's ecosystem in terms of countries other than The Gambia. Do you know which countries?

I do not. I don't hold any information other than what is told at the time. So any information relating to the likes of Project Pheonix or anything like that, that's not my area until I'm provided the information to create content and create the articles as such. So no update from my side. But if you keep an eye out, you can potentially keep trying to sneak a question in on John if you are on Discord. I know he's been answering a lot of questions there as best he can if he catches them. So if you are in Discord, try and jump in, and we'll have to see.

Is our cross-change swap coming out at the end of the month? Is that still on target or is that been delayed? If you listen to that podcast that the Grit Daily House put out, he says in there somewhere that cross-chain will be out at the end of the month.

He said that it is "estimated to be out soon," but he cannot give a date on if it's a month or not. But that is just a target he's aiming for, not a confirmation on the date.

I would like to know what the best parts of Germany are, because I know Germany passed an amazing crypto bill, so I was just wondering.

Gandalf: My couch, as a lot of DMs say. People say, "Can I get to your couch, Gandalf? Because I don't want to pay crypto taxes." No joke, somebody said 10 BNB if I can get German citizenship and just to stay awhile in your house while I just get everything sorted. No joke.

CatsRus: Speaking of Germany, you want to explain a little bit about what was actually spoken about that? Because I'm sure people have got questions as to why people want to move to Germany all of the sudden.

Gandalf: First of all, before saying that, no financial advice -- no advice in any way and no incentive to just get any financial kind of advice from anything that I'm telling. But the kind of German law was opened to every kind of sub state in Germany, saying that you would have to ask where and how the kind of tax is handled.

But last week, they just confirmed that there's a law that when you hold your crypto for one year and over, it's like literally one year and one second, specifically Bitcoin and Ethereum, you would have to pay no tax. So from the moment where you buy it to the moment where you would swap it or sell it off over an exchange, if there's more than one year, then it is tax free.

That said, they stated this for the bigger crypto in some sub parts in Germany. It's also for other crypto on the same kind of page that you have this kind of one year, but that is why a lot of people are super happy about this because you basically buy it, let it sit for a year. Then, after a year, you could just get it off without any kind of tax deduction.

CatsRus: Me? I am originally from the Midlands of the UK, but currently residing within Northern Ireland. So that's where I'm from at the moment. These are the regulations that are going to start to be coming and the governments are starting to try and understand what crypto is and where it all plays within the entire ecosystem of a financial system.

And it's going to be ever changing for the coming months and years until, touch wood, it hopefully becomes a form of mass adoption for the monetary system as a whole. So we have to wait and see exactly where it goes, but it's definitely a step in the right direction for those that HODL to the moon, so to speak.

Gandalf: And just maybe to add on this quickly, while this is not set in stone, the next part, which they already are discussing in Germany, is to make the kind of staked coins, or reflection coins as it is with SafeMoon, for example, also be tax free after a year so it does not have to be affected by any kind of reflections.

Because, currently, they're just copying the law which is in stocks where you have to have it for 10 years, right? The value of reflections that you get have to sit for 10 years. So yes, this is a good way into the right direction, but we are far away from having the final solution. So that will change. Most likely, it could change basically daily again. So that is not set in stone. Again, no financial advice in any way.

When the [SafeMoon] Card is launched, do you think there's any plans to be able to store Bitcoin on the wallet and then spend Bitcoin? Might be a great PR move as well, and obviously increased usage may get the Bitcoin maxis off our back if they can make use of the card.

I need to double check because I could be quite wrong. I believe at least Ethereum, Bitcoin and the major tokens will be usable, along with SafeMoon and our partners, as well. So major coins, SafeMoon, and partners should all be able to be utilized for purchases in any store.

And you can obviously go through and have a look at exactly the methods and fees associated with the card. But they should all play a part into the ecosystem. So yeah, Bitcoin should be a part of that.

And you get to create your order in which you want to spend on the app itself. Kind of similar to other cards that are out there where you set your priority: "I want to use my Bitcoin first, I want to use my Ethereum next, and then my SafeMoon," and so forth and so forth. So that should all be possible.

And once we start to see the functionality play out a little bit more with actual real, in-your-hands and starting to use it, we'll gain more information. And once I get more information specifically, before the actual true release, I will be more than willing to create articles on that as soon as we are ready.

One of the major obstacles encountered by many of us who are bringing others into the community or simply attempting to purchase SafeMoon and other token offerings for the very first time is the lack of an accessible fiat on-ramp utility.

Are we working towards incorporating something along the lines of Ramp, Simplex, or Transak into our wallet? And is this something we might see progress on?

Yes, the best and most efficient on- and off-ramp is an [centralized] exchange, and that's where the SafeMoon Exchange would play into it. As for any of the other providers that provide at least an on-ramp, that is with the team, and if they are looking into it, I don't know.

But at least from our perspective, it would be the SafeMoon Exchange that solves a huge portion of that. I would hope that the team are looking into more options, but I don't know as for further options as to what is be coming available other than the likes of their partners. Some of our partners have got options to get to us in one way, shape, or form. And BNB is a difficult token to get into for some states specifically. But partners have some options to go through other tokens or other chains to get to the BNB.

So there are a few options available at the minute. Not easy, I know. But the SafeMoon Exchange should, theoretically, remove a lot of the limitations unless, well, it's a BNB blockage at that point.

I understand completely. For those of us who live in Texas and also in New York, as well as other certain areas, I'm sure things such as MoonPay are no longer available. They were when I initially began buying in, but it still took about four and a half hours for me to educate myself on how to operate the system, set up the wallets, and buy tokens.

Prior to that, I had only ever operated with Robinhood, and we all know how simple, though flawed, that system may be.

Again, having such items available in our wallet will allow us to more simply educate others on how to purchase crypto and exchange it. It's a very common problem that we run into out here in the world when we are attempting to bring others into the fold.

Yes, most definitely. And while we can say that it's not easy enough, it is tremendously easier than what it used to be. I'm going back probably four or five years ago now when I first got into crypto, and I said this previously and I'll say it again, when you had to calculate your own gas fees. That was a nightmare, and just having that option to calculate and have the way that the [SafeMoon] Swap works today, which is calculating the gas fees, you don't have to worry about it, is tremendous in itself in terms of how far we've come, and then with so much more to be developed on and improved on.

And the iterations we have right now is that it is ultimately a state limitation for the most part or a country limitation, more than a SafeMoon limitation is we have the options available for those individuals. It's just where you are residing that is the issue more than what SafeMoon is trying to do.

But with the regulation and progress within the legal, hopefully we'll be able to get as many of those individuals that have limitations right now, at least able to get on to the SafeMoon Exchange, and that would be that method of entry and exit.

Are you going anywhere nice for the two weeks we’re off?

CatsRus: I am. Specifically, I booked a holiday three years ago, before COVID, and I am finally getting to utilize the credits that were on my Royal Caribbean accounts. So yes, I am going on that cruise that I've been waiting for for three years. It's a long time coming, but yes.

What if you have dual citizenship in Germany, do you still qualify for these tax breaks, Gandalf?

Gandalf: Again, no financial advice. This is definitely no kind of financial direction, which should take granted for your taxes on the next year. But it states that you can only profit from this tax system if you have a German citizenship and actually just being here because that means that, at the end of the next year, you would have to make the taxes for this current year, which will then reflect what you have and whatnot.

So it means that you have to be at least a citizen or having a working permission or being in any kind of way accepted to be here and actually be officially here.

CatsRus: So, that being said, become a German citizen if you want to partake in German laws and regulations.


[Timestamp 1:10:15-1:03:24]

Perfect. Okay. Well, that's been the show. We'll wrap it up here. We're all going to take a well deserved break, and I will say to everyone, enjoy your free Sunday for the next two weeks. But also, I can't thank everyone enough for showing up for the 39 episodes so far.

It's not the end; we're just taking a break. And we'll be back in two weeks' time, on the 5th (of June), and hopefully we'll have more news to share. I can't thank everyone enough. The progression of just where we've all come, at least from the Education team as a whole, is just phenomenal.

And again, I want to thank you, Gandalf, Momo, Pulse. There's so much information on that site, and this is just the beginning. And I can't wait to expand on this and just see how far we can take it. So many visions and things in the back of my head that's like, I just want to see it all now. And it's I know it's a journey and we'll all get there. So, as always, I thank everyone for tuning in and listening today. And yeah, we'll be back in two weeks' time.

A special thank you to our transcribers this week Kerr and Pheonix Rising!
We are so grateful to their dedication each and every week!

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