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MoonCast #37 (May 1st, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)

April Recap

SafeMoon Lowdown and Pulse | Utah Business Awards | Bitcoin Miami 2022 Grit Daily/SxSW | Fund Live Launch | Women Leaders Impact Change Globally | Networking

Mandala Exchange | DigiFinex Exchange | WhiteBIT Exchange Anniversary

SafeMoon Exchange | SafeMoon Card | Card Features | Wallet Update

NFTs | Upgraded Website | Time Square Billboard Competition | New Swap Partners Careers | Captain's Log | SafeMoon Education | Mooncraft | Community Events

Community Q&A


[Timestamp 5:45-8:16]

CatsRUs: Hello, everyone, and how are we all doing today? I am your host, Cats, and I'm joined by Gandalf, fellow educator, and we would like to welcome you to MoonCast Episode 37. I'd first like to make everyone aware that this is an educational podcast where we are able to answer any questions of the community. And we do not look to make any announcements during this cast, unless in other cases, announced ahead of time. We look to educate and bring education to the front of the SafeMoon Army. Please understand that everything you hear today is to be used as educational content only and not treated as financial advice.

I want to make it really clear that we will not be looking to discuss anything or address anything in relation to recent content that has looked to make its way through the community.

We are first going to look to discuss the news, not only the last week, but also the last month, which is all collected and shared by the amazing stars, MomoKombat and SafeMoon Pulse. They put a lot of time in, and the effort that they do on a daily and monthly basis to bring you those updates, you couldn't ask for a better pair overall to bring you the information that we're going to look to discuss today. Following the news recap, we'll look to open the floor, and we'll try and answer any questions that you guys may have Q&A towards the second half of the show. So that being said, how are you doing, Gandalf?

Gandalf: I'm doing good. Hey everybody. How are you doing?

CatsRUs: Yeah, not too bad. Not too bad. I'm feeling refreshed. I don't know why, but I'm more rejuvenated. I'm trying to get on a schedule of working hours and trying to be strict to my background sitting at a desk and trying to get up and do things. I drank a lot more water this weekend. Cutting out pop and all the crap.

Gandalf: Oh, well that's totally fine. Like, tomorrow I will start to work out again. I would just like to have longer sleep because now it's just only SafeMoon for my work, right? So the eight hours of sleep are doing wonders, man.


[Timestamp 8:17-10:38]

CatsRUs: Let's start with you, Gandalf, since you're here. So, as of last week, you spoke on SafeMoon Labs about tokens and coins and the differences between them. So, first of all, I do want to explain a bit about what went on there and where they can kind of go ahead and watch that and then what's happening this week.

Gandalf: Oh, no problems on that. So, on Monday last week, I just talked about tokens and coins, and it focused more on the explanation of what a token is and what a coin is and where they are mostly home and situated and basically on what kind of occasions you could use both of them and what are the similarities in between. And that presentation has been uploaded to the SafeMoon Education YouTube channel. I will link it in a second in the event chat, and you can watch it there. Just really listen to it and see the presentation that it was on there.

And for this week, the following Monday, tomorrow, I have a new presentation prepared, which will be blockchain bridges. In this presentation. I'll be talking not only about what a blockchain bridge is and how it functions, but also what the differences are the benefits and actually the risks. Because when you talk about bridges, a lot of people hear all kinds of horror stories of hacks, and I will address that tomorrow in a more formal state, but talking about bridges in general.

CatsRUs: Awesome. So, where can they tune in for that? So, for those who don't know what SafeMoon Labs is or anything like that.

Gandalf: So SafeMoon Labs itself is a presentation, which is every Monday, every week at 2pm EST, 7pm GMT and 8pm CST on my Twitter Space exactly on

CatsRUs: Awesome, so if you want to check out and hear more about the bridges, and the easiest way to kind of explain bridges in its current format is the current implementation of SafeMoon to pTokens. So on the version one SafeMoon side, we have an Ethereum side that will look to be upgraded in the near future. Essentially, the connection between the Ethereum chain and the Binance (Smart) chain for example is what we currently have an implementation of. So if you want to learn more about that, then that is the option to do that.


[Timestamp 10:39-]


[Timestamp 10:39-11:33]

CatsRUs: So today's recap, instead of just recapping the week, we're going to recap the entire month of April. And again, this content is all brought to you by SafeMoon Pulse and MomoKombat, collecting all the information, giving you daily and monthly updates. So there's two forms that you guys can look to take account of, so if you don't want to get daily emails and stuff and you can't keep up to date on the daily, you can at least keep up on the monthly. So, we have the LowDowns on a daily basis, and then we have the SafeMoon Pulse, your “pulse” of information at the end of the month. So you have two forms there to kind of collect what's happened over the last 30-31 days.


[Timestamp 11:33-12:33]

But anyway, let's get on with it and let's cover and go through everything that's happened over April so far. And now, this is in no particular order, so things may be jumping in time, but we're just going to cover it all anyway. So the first thing, this actually started towards the beginning of April, which was the Utah Business Awards, and it was that John Karony, the CEO SafeMoon was honored to win that on March 31 at the Grand America Hotel, and we all congratulate John for winning that. It's a fantastic achievement for SafeMoon to have under its belt and just to be recognized not only from John's perspective, but had to have just more awards that we've now got under our belt as a company, and together it was that you guys ultimately won it as a part of a community, which is fantastic.


[Timestamp 12:33-13:39]

Moving on, we then had the Bitcoin Miami 2022. A few things happened here. First of all, a lot of conversations happened. We had Hayden and Jonas, the sales team and growth managers, head out to Bitcoin Miami and get to meet a lot of the community and have some good deserved conversations with a lot of people there and just got to know more about people there. And then, we found out that Jonas, our Growth Manager, is actually a heavy gamer and came in second at the Bitcoin tournament for Smash Bros. So that's pretty cool.

Beyond that, we have a statement just on that as well, which is, "On our way back to SafeMoon HQ. We learned a lot at Bitcoin 2022 and made some great connections. We're already planning for 2023. Perhaps we get a booth this time around" - Hayden. So the Sales Manager is now already looking at Bitcoin Conference 2023 and how we can be more involved, as it was just those guys showing up and being able to have a walk around and speak to the community.


[Timestamp 13:39-14:26]

Beyond that, we had the article from Grit Daily, who published an article in the past month where John looked to expand more about the topics that were discussed at the South by Southwest event in March. And he spoke more specifically about the overall return on investment, the ROI and it's not return on investment as such, but it's the return of the impact that you are making, which then brings the return on investment afterwards.

So, return on impact is first because you want to make an impact in this world before you then look to receive the benefits of it. It's the same with anything, kind of treat it like good karma so to speak; you do something good, it's kind of reciprocated back, if it is that you want to believe in it that way.


[Timestamp 14:26-15:21]

Beyond that, we had the Fund Live launch. Now, this just happened in regards to John and the team being over in Las Vegas to speak more about SafeMoon. And again, he spoke more about the two ROIs and how it's basically symbolic to SafeMoon and is at the core of what they're trying to achieve through the vision and path that they're trying to make.

Now we do know that there have been members there, more specifically the videographer, "Sketch," they have been there. We haven't got any updates as of yet as to public recordings or anything like that just at this moment. But once the team gets back to the office, we'll be able to kind of discuss more about it and see what can be put together to share with you guys about what happened on stage and happened at the entire event further on down the line.


[Timestamp 15:21-16:24]

We did have a United Nations NGO committee, and it's where SafeMoon's Global HR Director, Kate Porter, was asked to speak at the UN NGO committee on sustainability development, alongside a group of other women leaders within the desire to impact change. So if you haven't seen, SafeMoon's YouTube channel put out a video where Kate spoke more about the impact of change and her position within the company and how she saw SafeMoon and how she sees the impact going further. And she did write a big statement there as well, but I'm not going to read that because it is a little bit long.

So if you want to go and read the statements, you can see that on SafeMoon Pulse, so head over to, and then go on to Education. And then, it'll be under the Pulse section, and it's the latest Pulse and you'll see that in there. Give that a read of what she says and also watch the video too if you want to know more about it.


[Timestamp 16:24-18:29]

Next up, we had network benefits. So networking is an essential part of company growth and ultimate success. Here's a few of the many benefits of networking. So Pulse put together a little bit of a reminder about what networking is and the information surrounding the networking. So, enterprise business networking provides access to a pool of field tested expertise. We then have: “Networking presents opportunities such as new partners or business agreements.” Then, we have: “Networking becomes a resource.” Business networking can give your company access to pre-screened listed out of innovative ideas, projects, and even vendors depending on your look for what you're trying to achieve. It will help build the company's brand.

The community network can be a great source of industry related information. You can't possibly stay current on every piece of news, all the distillation that affects your company, but a good network can so having the connections from all the way down to regulations all the way up through tech. Everything that you guys want to be a part of, we need to have this network because we may not know what's coming down the chain, but someone else that we now know does, and they can give us a heads up so that the company can look to make the changes to be ahead of the regulations.

And that's something, again, that is at the core is the regulations and all the paperwork came first before the products.

Now, we've all seen our e-money license go through and we have obtained that. As we move forward, we're going to follow every single regulation before we launch a product. We don't want to get backtracked and halted for 6 to 12 months because we didn't follow the right path. So a great network overall, and if you want to read some more statistics and stuff like that, go ahead and have a look more about the overall networking that Pulse put together.



[Timestamp 18:49-19:51]

Next up, so those that have been waiting for Mandala (Exchange listing), they are moving forward with the initial stages of launching the token on their exchange, and they are going live on May 10th, 2am UTC. Now this is local tokenomics to begin with, so this is just the initial local tokenomics. So everything that is happening and volume will stay on their exchange until they're ready to launch the global tokenomics.

It has taken longer than initially expected, and they've apologized for that. It's just ultimately, when working with tech and as connected they are with the likes of Mandala being on the Binance Cloud as such, there's not just a simple listing. They've gotta go through and make things work. There's a lot more behind the scenes for infrastructure that needs to be completed before they can go ahead and turn something on. And they don't want to get it wrong. So they've taken that time, and now they're gonna get it right and they're going live on May 10th. So keep an eye out for that.


[Timestamp 19:51-20:39]

Next up, we had an exchange listing this month, which was DigiFinex. So DigiFinex launched, and they launched with three pairings, so we are paired with USDT, Ethereum, and also now a Bitcoin pairing. So we now have three pairings with those guys over on DigiFinex, which if you've got some Bitcoin or you've got Ethereum, you've now got an option to be able to essentially swap some of the more larger tokens. Now, we already have our own Ethereum (pSafeMoon), but we're still waiting for that migration to go across for the pSafeMoon. So, it gives those guys an option to now get back in if they want to be on the Ethereum pairing as such.


[Timestamp 20:39-21:09]

We then had a one-year anniversary for WhiteBIT. So WhiteBIT was one of the initial exchanges for SafeMoon, and they've been with us for a full 12 months now. And it's great to have a partnership with them. And yeah, it's just nice to have that continuing 12 months.


[Timestamp 21:09-23:10]

Further on to that, we had an update in relation to the SafeMoon Exchange in regards to sneak peeks. So if you did miss the sneak peeks in March, you can check it out. But the biggest thing that they're working on right now that John shared is in relation to the customer service team being built along with the SafeMoon Exchange. And he quoted, [John] saying, "Yes, customer service is progressing in conjunction with the build out of the SafeMoon Exchange."

SafeMoon is in the delivery phase. So the key thing to takeaway from that really is customer service, and customer service from the get-go, is there's gonna be someone somewhere where we've seen the likes of some of the bigger ones, like Coinbase or You contact them in some way, shape or form. And it could be for simple things like, there could be an offer where it's zero fees for 24 hours and you get charged a fee and stuff like that can be addressed.

And this is all, again, a part of the connection to the community but also connection to the outside public, which is there's someone to talk to when something goes wrong with the exchange or a trade went through or it lagged and failed or those sorts of general troubleshooting things that happen when you are looking to trade in general. So, there'll be someone somewhere that you can speak to, to be able to have that fundamental one-to-one and get the help that you need.

So yeah, again, customer service, it's not a simple thing to build out. It's not an easy thing to build out. Yes, you could outsource it. But you want to build everything and make sure that people that you are essentially hiring know what they're talking about, at least from a basic level of they understand crypto, blockchain as such, and they know what they're talking about. So, just having that structure is going to be great from the get go.


[Timestamp 23:10-23:48]

Next up, we had the SafeMoon Card announcements, and we had the initial signup. So if you want to sign up for the SafeMoon Card, you can do that (here). You're happy to go and get whitelisted to be receiving one of the launch edition cards. You can also check and see the actual launch edition card in augmented reality. So, if you want to go and see it visually, we've had some photos of the cards being placed all around the world, which has been great when you see them online. But more specifically, we had more features and more information about what exactly that does.


[Timestamp 23:48-27:01]

So there's 10 specific features, so I'm going to quickly run through them for those that don't know what the SafeMoon Card is. So with the SafeMoon Card, you're able to use your SafeMoon and other cryptos for purchases, instant conversion to fiat at the same time of its spending. So you're at a shop, tap the card or tap it in or stick it in and put your pin in. It's all done in one streamlined process of I've done $100 of shopping, you've just paid for that.

Securely manage your SafeMoon Card within the SafeMoon app. There is a prioritized and choosing the order of your crypto, so if you want to just ultimately keep saving your SafeMoon, getting those reflections but you have some Bitcoin on there, for example, you can go ahead and spend the Bitcoin before you touch your SafeMoon. Simple structure, order it, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, such a thing.

We then have globally accepted; you can use a SafeMoon Card online or in-store. So it's not just about getting into a store and paying for your shopping. You can also do that online too.

We then have the virtual card available in app so you don't need a physical card. Think of this like Google Pay to begin with and then Apple Pay later on.

We also then have a security feature standard with most banks nowadays, I would feel, is freeze and unfreeze your card. So if you've lost a card and you don't want your assets being essentially purchased with, freeze the card, nothing can go through on that card until you find it. And then, I would assume that if it is that the card's lost, a replacement process would be made in doing so.

Number seven is downloading statements. It's nice to keep a record of your overall assets. It helps things with the likes of taxes later down the line. And mentioned this, which was the Google Pay at launch. So the Google Pay is launching at the beginning with the card. Apple Pay takes a little bit longer, just due to the fundamental process of, well, Apple being Apple takes a little bit longer. But it will come.

And then, the big one is only 2.5% fees on transactions. So, right now, we have a 1.5% processing fee. So that's the fee to just convert everything and put it into cash.

We then have:

  • 0.2% burn

  • 0.4% reflections

  • 0.3% liquidity pool

  • 0.1% growth

So, ultimately, every transaction that goes to the card is contributing to the entire ecosystem of SafeMoon, and it's gonna help progress and grow the ecosystem as a whole.

And then, finally, which is an additional sneaky one that was on a separate tab on the actual statement card page, which was borrowing against your USDT and Ethereum crypto assets, and that is provided by crypto draft. So if you want to be able to take essentially a loan against your crypto assets, you'll be able to do that through the crypto draft process. Now we don't have too much more on that.

But you can go and check those guys out and try and learn more about them but for our process. We'll have more in due course as we get closer to the launch of the card.


[Timestamp 27:01-29:35]

Moving on from the card, though, to the SafeMoon wallet, we had a few updates. And there's a lot more updates in the list overall, but the key ones that we have now is the ability to select the default screen. So we have people mentioning on the wallet itself that when you go to the homepage, they prefer to just see the list of assets and have the boxes. So now you can choose the default between who they want to share and see basically. Also, America and the UK, we like to argue about the date and the date format: Does the month come first, does the date come first? You can now select that too.

And then, we've got them the calculator currency converter. It's nice to have a currency converter in the app. We all work in different currencies, token stats, and transaction history. It's a nice feature just to see the overall volume and stuff like that in the actual transaction history of that token and then swap auto calculates BSC gas fees and deducts it from the max BNB amount. So that was kind of a big one because you had a lot of people hitting Max to swap BNB into SafeMoon, for example, and they were then coming in and asking the likes of me and the community going, "I can't trade. I can't swap. It won't work."

And this is when you have to start educating them about the gas and what gas is. This removes that initial halt of getting away from being stuck with your initial trade because now, for example, let's just say they want to get in and they see a nice price or whatever and they want to go, "Yes! I want to get in now," and they go in and then they have to then take 10-15 minutes to educate themselves on gas. Whereas now they don't have to do that; they can just simply go ahead and then they can learn more about the gas in the future.

As I said, ultimately you're going to have more and more people coming into the space for crypto as a whole. And if they're using the wallet, our wallet now makes it easier for them to not have to worry about trying to work out the right amount of gas. They can just hit Max and everything's there for them with the maximum that they could get. As I said, there are more updates, both on Android and iOS. So you'll have to go ahead and go read through those more specific updates. Because there was quite a few of this this month and there was a lot more to come as well. And I know the team is working on some good stuff.


[Timestamp 29:35-30:23]

So, moving on, we have SafeMoon NFTs. So if you don't, I would go ahead and follow John on Instagram. He has been sharing quite a few images in relation to the NFTs and sneak peeks of what will look like specific Naughty Nauts NFTs that were mentioned a while back. So you've got some hints of what they could be looking like, so go ahead, follow John on Instagram, @john_karony. It's the only one, and he has specifically 19k followers. So if you do get the wrong one, it's the one currently with 19k. And yeah, you'll be able to see more updates as he shares them, but nothing too much more in the NFT's as of yet, but we'll see in due course.


[Timestamp 30:23-34:25]

And then the big one for us, Gandalf, well, big enough for the community and the company as a whole is, first of all, the sneak peek at the overall upcoming website changes. And we've had quite a few images shared about what the overall branding of the website is going to look like and I know that a lot of brains were going through trying to work out the SafeMoon ecosystem numbers because I know the team decided to mix them up and try to work it out, what's number eight, what's number seven, what's number ten? So it was fun to watch people's brains work and try and work those out. But it's the first introduction to what was it called before? It's not the key moments, but it's the overall roadmap, essentially.

Gandalf: Yeah, if you want to call it a roadmap, yeah.

CatsRUs: Yeah, cuz it's essentially the new style that they're looking to try and-

Gandalf: More like the word we want to use.

CatsRUs: Yeah, cuz we all want to know when things are coming in and that as such. But as we move forward, we're not looking to make any numbers or dates or anything like that. So in this case here, well, it's as simple as just going on to the SafeMoon ecosystem and seeing what is a part of the ecosystem, or coming to be in the ecosystem, and just straight up giving you a bit of information, which when you get that information that then leads on to us.

So with the upgrade to the site, the SafeMoon Education site is also getting a revamp, and this is where I get excited because there's a lot coming with it. In the initial stages, we just want to get the content across and get more articles to you guys, and so more content pumped out. We know that ultimately right now has done great things for a lot of people. It's helped a lot of people out, but we've also been hindered with essentially a lot of the users that are mobile based and we've heard them and we've heard a lot of people, "It isn't mobile friendly." So that being said, along with that we get mobile friendliness.

So, we get all the articles or the content that you already have, and it's just more streamlined in a more overall branded site. Once the content and everything has been moved across and we're all happy and the community can start reading more about different topics of educational content on crypto, blockchain, SafeMoon, whatever it is, we can then start rolling out things like courses, and you guys can sign up and do a two to three-hour session every two or three weeks.

Gandalf: Yeah, very excited for this.

CatsRUs: It's one thing that isn't done massively, but it is being done. And I feel like in the long term, if we can help you guys understand how to read BSC, for example, that's one that's sitting in my mind at the minute. A lot of people ask me, “How do I read BSC? There's a load of numbers, I have my wallet address and I see transactions and all this, and it gets confusing.”