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MoonCast #36 (April 24th, 2022)

CatsRus (SafeMoon Education Manager) and Gandalf (SafeMoon Educator)
with special guests George and Rosaline of Live Crypto Party and Mendy and Kaz of Grove Token

Live Crypto Party | SafeMoon Swap Prices | Grove Token | Website Updates


CatsRus: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to episode 36 of the MoonCast. I just want to start by saying that everything today that we're looking to talk about is in relation to our partners and more importantly, our latest partners, which is Live Crypto Party and the Grove token. Now none of this is financial advice as such. You should look to do your own research and your own due diligence, before you look to proceed with any sort of investments. Now as such, we're going to continue with the show, but first of all, thank you everyone for tuning in.


Partner Page

CatsRus: Let's start by getting into the show. So we are first going to start with Live Crypto Party. They're going to come up and, you know, talk about their token for about 30 minutes. And then we're going to use the second half of the show to talk about the Grove Token. So I can already see that we've got one of the members from Live Crypto Party. So first of all, would you like to introduce yourself?

George: Here we go. Yeah. I'm George with Live Crypto Party. I am Head of Marketing and Business Development over there.

CatsRus: So we're going to run for you guys for about 30 minutes. We've got some questions from our side that we want to ask yourself. So have the community get to know a little bit about you and then once it is that we've got through those questions. If there's time at the end, we'll open up to the community for any questions that they may have for you guys. So well, first of all, we've obviously had George introduce himself. So do you want to introduce yourself, Rosie?

Roseline: Yeah. My name is Roseline Ebunobi. I am the founder of Live Crypto Party. Happy to be here.

CatsRus: Perfect. No, thank you. So, you were the first ever Hyper Launch token. So in terms of before we get into sort of like the fundamentals of how the process was and things like that, just tell us a little bit of background about you and how you kind of got to where you got with what is Live Crypto Party today.

Roseline: All right. Okay. So I have a background in computer engineering and an MBA. The motivation behind creating Live Crypto Party. I would say it is one that makes me very emotional. Okay. On June 5th, 2019 I had lost my only kid sister and she was dear and special to me. And she was only sixteen years old at that time. At that moment, I could see everything, everything crashing right in front of my eyes. My work, my enthusiasm, everything, and it put me in a very dark place. And I would say I was depressed at that point. So my friend Amy, who I run an empowerment and digital skill center back in Nigeria with, she said something that got me thinking after multiple attempts of trying to help me get out of my emotional and depressed state. I'm not gonna forget what she said. She said, "Rosie, I [bet] your kid sister would like to see you happy and every time you stop building and helping people and also fulfilling your passion, a part of you dies."

And that statement actually helped me to come out of that box I was stuck in. Because I am someone who loves to create. I'm someone who loves to find solutions to problems. And he actually helped me come out of that state. So the support of my friend, my team, George and everyone kept me going. And in order for me to regain my groove, because I'm someone who loves to be happy - I love to have fun, I love to play, I'm just a, you know, jolly good fellow. And also to give my sister some peace, I needed to channel my emotions into something more meaningful. Something fun and something that would also continue to make a difference in people's lives and also obviously Live Crypto Party was born out of it.

And Live Crypto Party was born because I found a problem in the space and the problem of the segregation situation in crypto space, as well as lack of inclusivity. There are more men than women in the space, as we all know. And that was how Live Crypto Party was born, that's it. I don't know if I answered your question.

CatsRus: Yeah, no, I appreciate that. Thank you for opening up and sharing that. First of all, the condolences for what you've been through. But on the plus side, you've been able to bring yourself through what was a difficult time and being able to create such an amazing project. So it's hats off to you that you've been able to pull through and make something of it. So it's truly amazing. If it is you need to take a minute. That's not a problem at all. I'll jump over to George. And if he wants to just share a little bit about him and where and how he got involved.

George: Yeah, this is definitely a passionate project that we're all in. I came in... pre-sale started in October, I found this project towards the end of October, beginning of November. And I started looking at it and I was like, "Oh, wow." I mean, this has so much potential. What was already there. Utilities before launch, everything was all lined up. The website was an awesome website. There was already a ways of actually earning more tokens. There was lots of opportunities there. And this is something that I had never really seen in the DeFi space or any space especially, was a project that started that brought utility and brought a solid platform before launching. Because 99% of projects out there, they go ahead, they have an idea, they launch a token, and then they start building utilities afterwards in quarter two, quarter three, quarter four. This one had the utilities prior to launching.

So to find a project like that is extraordinary and it was something new and something that this space really needed. Unfortunately, if you've been around in crypto for a while. You see a lot of people come and go, but to put this much time and effort into a project. Just the amount of time and effort put into this project alone told me volume that this is a solid project. At that time just in presale, already been audited. Everybody on the dev team was doxed. I mean, there's docs on the website. There's a clear roadmap, all of that. It was a beautiful thing. And then it's like yeah, you can get a presale. Presale was made for people to get in with as little as $5 worth of LCP. Most pink lists and stuff like that are out there or ICOs require you to show up with a minimum of one BNB. This was actually making it available to all the people, everybody. So it was something unique, something I thought was cool. And my background is in marketing. My MBA is in digital marketing, plus I've had experience in the crypto world since 2017.

So I combined that all together and I've used it on a couple of projects, but I really saw a huge potential for this. Especially if the marketing was done right. In my mind it's like, if we could just get the world to see Live Crypto Party, what Live Crypto Party has to offer, already has coming on the table and what's already on the table. It'd be a beautiful thing. So I actually sent Rosie a nice message and I was like, "Hey Rosie. I love everything, love the project." And I gave her a laundry list of the things that I noticed. You know, you might want to take care of as far as the marketing goes because it'll help you gain some traction. Rosie immediately responded. And we started a conversation and our relationship has grown ever since. And she brought me on the team shortly thereafter, I want to say maybe a week to two weeks after our first conversation and we've been pushing forward. We've had a good successful presale all the way up through and including wallets. I mean we got up to over 700 holders on presale and now we're blowing the doors off of that with launching here on the SafeMoon SWaP.

CatsRus: Perfect. Thank you for explaining that. You guys were the first to launch with the SafeMoon SWaP and you've definitely been a success and [been] received really well. Just before we kind of ask more about what Live Crypto Party is a question, but it's not really a question. It's more of a statement to specifically Rosie to say from Mr. Positivism. "To Rosaline, all of us here with the SafeMoon Army thank you for your story and welcome you into the Discord anytime to chat. We lift all of our partners up. John has always said it. We are family, and that's what I believe in."

So, anyone here is more than happy to help any of you guys out with anything that you need. You can reach out and we'd be more than happy. So just wanting to get that out, cause that's something that they come through.

Roseline: Thank you so much. It means a lot. Thank you.

CatsRus: You know, it's not easy to sometimes get on stage and just talk and open up. I've done it a few times, so I know exactly how you feel. It is a nervous position to be in, but you've done it perfectly and you've opened up and none of us can appreciate you more than what you've done today. Just from the very beginning. Speaking of the beginning though, in terms of Live Crypto Party, let's talk more about the token, what it is, what you're about, obviously party and something's got meaning to it. So, explain more about what the actual token is and what the project's about.

George: Live crypto party is basically what you see. This is the base of our metaverse platform. As Rosie was talking about a lot of segregation and stuff like that in the crypto space. Everybody has their area like "I'm SHIB, SHIB Strong, a SHIB maxi. I'm big intp SafeMoon. That's the only thing. And it's only SafeMoon, only SHIB, only Bitcoin, only Ethereum. And these people like to group together and that's it and that's the end all be all. But the one thing that was definitely missing in that space is people coming together, just letting loose, you know, letting your hair down, sharing your experiences, sharing your projects, sharing your insight and helping each other out.

So, live crypto party basically was formed with the premise of getting all these families together, all these groups that are out here in DeFi and all over the place, to come together in one forum because we're stronger together and we can party in the metaverse and have a good time and all of that. So, the token and the platform were all created for that purpose. The token was made to fuel the platform. Right now, one of the things we have on there is staking. We put staking there as a huge thank you for our presale people. Also we've extended staking. We're always going to have staking. The rates may change and they will in the near future because we're not going to be able to maintain the rates that we currently have there, but it's also a big thank you to the SafeMoon Army and to anybody that's bought in.

The one thing is if you're going to stake, you're going to get a guaranteed return. We do not have tokenomics. We only have a 1 billion token supply. So it makes it a really nice thing and staking right now you can get as little as 5% return for 30 days, which is a nice return for only 30 days.

And then if you got diamond hands and you want to boost it up. You can stake it for a 180 days and get a 50% return. And again, these rates aren't going to last forever. Probably in the next weeks to come the rates will be changing, but that allows us flexibility to do things.

It allows us to have a token that could be easily bought and traded without any tax, because there is no tokenomics with it. Which is our thing. I love tokenomics too. I've been a SafeMoon holder since last March. So, I've literally watched SafeMoon go from that phase into hitting BitMart, to bringing it all up a wallet, SWaP and all of that.

So, I've been a part of this family for a long time and bringing this to the SafeMoon SWaP has been a huge thing as well. But our platform, because it's metaverse, it keeps growing. And we got people in hands on deck right now that are building on that.

And we're going to start off with our party in the metaverse phase. We have on there a ticketing community. Basically you can buy a ticket for events. So you come over to our platform, you buy a ticket for an event. The community gets to vote on the token of the event. So these are going to be crypto-themed parties.

So it could be a Doge party, a SafeMoon party. So anyway, when you purchase the ticket, you will have the opportunity to sell us back the token to the party at up to an 80% profit. Which is a cool way of earning and hanging out and having a good time in the metaverse.

And we also have another thing that we have on there, our Lucky Spin. Just by anybody here. If you don't know already. If you've bought, go to our website, You see on there our Lucky Spin feature just from buying tokens, it puts you in for drawings.

We had one drawing for an iPhone 13 in our early days of just kind of show, do a test run, and get people excited. But yeah, somebody wanted an iPhone 13, but we're going to have other things that we're going to be giving away as well. We have laptops and Bluetooth speakers. One thing that we're going to be pushing for and we're trying to get bugs and the logistics worked out, of giving away a vacation. So that's some of the cool things that are on this platform. Cool things about this token and just a few things of what's to come in the very near future.

CatsRus: Awesome. In terms of the project, it sounds amazing. The fact is that you initially started the project with use cases, you've created a store, you have the staking, and then you've hinted there about the metaverse as such. So in terms of future outlooks plans and aspirations for the project as a whole, you've obviously just hinted more about, but in terms of the metaverse, how is that going to grow? Where do you see the entire project being complete in terms of like your ecosystem shall we say?

George: Well, the way that this is set up, I'm going to just tell you that our ecosystem will never be complete because it's an ever-evolving, ever growing ecosystem with different facets and different parts Live Crypto Party, even as we speak, I could probably split it up into three separate and distinct businesses right now at this moment. Because we're big into other things. We're big into education. We got the token and we got the platform, the metaverse platform. So, we have all that stuff going on and more information about the other stuff will be coming out. I've kind of hinted around in some spaces about some of the education pieces, but 95% of the world does not know about crypto. It is our responsibility because we're in this space, we have the knowledge to pass it on, to help other people get free from corporate greed and the banks and the banking system. So how can we help other people do that? Well, crypto. So it's our responsibility to educate people.

So we have things that are going to be coming along the line intertwining and separate as well from the metaverse platform. So we're going to be continuously growing. But from here just starting with the SafeMoon SWaP is an awesome first stop on our growth. It's not even a stop because we're going to continue rolling. Our plans are in the 30 to 60 day timeframe, to be heading up to a larger exchange. And the cool thing with that is we're not leaving SafeMoon we're going to be here with SafeMoon. And then on top of that, us going to another exchange is going to push even more volume to the SafeMoon SWaP. So other people out there don't know about SafeMoon and SafeMoon SWaP are going to find out about it with us moving on and adding more exchanges to our portfolio.

CatsRus: Perfect. Awesome. So in terms of the final question that we have for you guys before we open up to the floor, cause we are short on our time today. So in terms of how was it working with the SafeMoon team and in terms of getting on as a launch token because you were one of the first and I know even just from a launch perspective, it's a little bit different than just being listed on a SWaP and overall, what are you looking to do in terms of partnerships with SafeMoon?

George: Well, I'll put it to you this way. We've been since, I want to say January, February timeframe, in contact with the SafeMoon team. And we have been working together on this. I mean we're a tech company, obviously. If we're building a metaverse platform and all these other utilities out of the gate, we have a lot that we can bring and we can offer to the SafeMoon ecosystem.

So throughout this entire process, it's like: "hey, you need help with anything. If you have other things that you're looking at, we're here and we're available to help out in any way." So we're definitely pushing this relationship to grow even more and to help each other out, because again, the cool thing is when people come together, when crypto comes together, we all get stronger together. We can only do so much by ourselves.

CatsRus: Awesome. Perfect. So in terms of getting the overall listing of partnership and gain, actually from your pre-sale to the live state, how was that whole process for you? How did you find that? Was it a simple and easy thing? How was the overall process to be on the SWaP?

George: If you look at everything systematically, it's pretty easy. Everything's gone pretty easy. But you got two teams working together with a common goal. So we discussed different things, going back and forth, and marketing. I wanted to make sure certain things were done. And SafeMoon, as delivered, putting us out there and the hyper launch plus making sure that we've been able to talk to the SafeMoon army and the SafeMoon ecosystem and welcome us in. So it's been a pretty smooth process. And that's the other cool thing about going through this way is that you're on a platform where you're vetted people. SafeMoon does their homework. They take a look at everybody who's on the SWaP. They're not just letting anybody in. So it's awesome to be among the few that people can actually look at and trust, verify that, you know what, you're here on SafeMoon SWaP. You're not the next rug pull.

CatsRus: Awesome. Perfect. So we've got two questions for you from the community that are given through the chat. So we'll quickly run through them before we run out of time today. So in terms of the overall metaverse parties that you mentioned. How will the metaverse parties work with the LCP coin holders? So what platform would they be using or where is your metaverse itself? How is that all going to play out?

George: Okay. So the metaverse platform is our platform over at There are certain elements to it that are already in play. So if you go over there, you can see the lucky spin and a couple of things. Those are key pieces and components of that platform. So our platform is and we're going to continue to build on that till as I like to say until we basically have a decentraland on steroids. So that's where we're moving, that's where the platform is. And all I'm going to say is follow us, follow us on Twitter, follow our telegram. And we'll keep you up to date on all the advancements.

CatsRus: Awesome. Perfect. And the final question we have is in relation to the staking itself that we've mentioned about is: what is the easiest way to stake LCP using the apple iOS?

George: Apple. Okay. So all I'm going to say is like, it works with all the wallets, so it works with the SafeMoon wallet, works with trust wallet, SafePal. So in order to stake, you go ahead, you purchase your tokens. So if you use the SafeMoon SWaP and you're using the SafeMoon wallet, you basically go over to

You click on staking when you go in there. Oh, and before you need to do that, just to let you know, one of our biggest issues is that the wallets automatically by default, normally go to Ethereum. So if you're having problems, when you're connecting and actually executing the staking function, it's probably that you have it set or it default sets to Ethereum and you need to switch that to BSC in order to actually stake it since we're running on BSC.

But it's pretty simple. You just follow everything over there. Everything there is pretty self-explanatory.

There's little boxes where you can enter in how much you want to stake, all of that. Everything is locked in. And again, I mentioned you get to choose how long; we got 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and 180 days. So you pick one of those. There is no fee involved; there's [only] a transaction fee.

So everything's recorded on the blockchain. So, if for some reason you don't see something, but you see all the tokens leave your wallet being staked, it's on the blockchain. You can check it out and everything's safe and secure. So then you go ahead there and it's staked. Now, again, I said there's no fees, and there's no fees to pull it out. Again, the only thing, there's the transaction [fee], which is minimal gas from Binance using BNB.

But if it's not in there for the full amount of time, you get no rewards whatsoever. So you gotta keep it in there for the full maturity date, the full 30, 60, 90 or 180 days. And then, at that point, you would return, reconnect your wallet, and then pull out your staked coins. It's pretty simple, pretty easy. And if anybody has any questions or issues, feel free to hit myself up, or Rosie. We also have some mods over on Telegram as well.

CatsRus: Awesome, perfect. So in terms of the community, you've just mentioned, obviously, they can reach out to yourself. Is there anywhere else that if they wanted to look to either get some support or learn more about you guys, where would they go?

George: We have our Telegram and then we also have Twitter, which is @livecryptoparty. So go over to Twitter, all our big announcements go out there. And then if you want to chat and talk with some of our mods or you have some questions, I monitor the Telegram, Rosie's in there as well. We keep an eye on it. And if our mods can't answer, we're there to answer on the regular.

So, yeah, I would just point people in that direction. And if you want to learn more information about, more in-depth stuff, you'll want to read the white paper, look at roadmaps, look at my pretty face, and Rosie's over there. The dev team's doxxed over there, so you can go check that out as well. We're even audited even before launch. So that's all in there as well. So go over to, check everything out. And if you have any questions, just hit up our DMs on any of the platforms.

CatsRus: Perfect, awesome. Any last remarks or anything that you guys want to let the SafeMoon Army know about before you guys wrap up this session?

George: My big thing: I just want to say thank you to the SafeMoon Army. I want to say thank you to the entire SafeMoon team and all the partners. I've been getting a warm welcome from a lot of them, as well, and just want to say thank you. We appreciate your help and support. We're in this together and we're here to support each other. So if anybody has anything that they need help with, feel free to reach out. And yeah, thank you very much. We really really appreciate it.

CatsRus: No problem at all. Thank you for coming up again. Again to Rosie, thank you for telling us about the initial story and sharing more in depth about you and how you started Live Crypto Party. So thank you, and also just thank you for being a part of the SafeMoon Army and providing great space for not just the SafeMoon community but as a partner to show why you belong in this ecosystem. So we truly appreciate it.

George: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Rosie: Thank you. Thank you very much. I'm right here. I'm just listening in. Thank you, George. Thank you for holding the fort for us. You're the best.

I see Gandalf, my friend. Gandalf, thank you so much for being there for us. Thank you to Jonas, Hayden, and everyone at SafeMoon for joining forces with us to make this happen. Yeah, we truly appreciate and love you guys.

CatsRus: I'll always think of that, there's something that you made that nobody can ever take you. You made history because of the first directly launched token on our platform. Well, that is already an achievement. We're just waiting to see the next ones.

Rosie: Thank you so much. I've been in your Spaces once I think one time like that. Thank you for putting up a positive space, educational space as well. Thank you so much for all of that. I truly love and appreciate what you do.

CatsRus: Thank you very much. We appreciate you guys as well. So thank you for coming up. And we are now going to jump across to the second launch partner of this week. So give us a moment while we get everyone up. And yeah, we'll move over to those guys.


CatsRus: Awesome. Just to let everyone know as well, just because it's something that's just popped up, is if a you are purchasing the tokens that we're talking about today through the SafeMoon Swap and they are on your wallet, the price reflected on the wallet will not show until there is a CoinMarketCap price generated. So once the teams have been able to get the CoinMarketCap profiles, then the price on that on the actual token will show on the main home screen.

If you want to know the value, you can go to the Swap, select the token, and then just select BUSD and then just hit Max on the token. That will give you the sort of direct value subject before fees if there is any, and that'll give you an estimation of what the value would be worth at the time.

So it's just while new tokens are being listed, there is that process to get a CoinMarketCap profile.


Partner Page

CatsRus: So the next partner that was listed this week was the Grove Token and we are joined by Mendy. So hello, Mendy.

Mendy: Hi, everybody. Thank you for having me. I'm so very excited to be here. Also, Kaz, if you will bring him up, he's K-A-Z, @Kaz1569. He is our Content Director, but he's also who leads our Discord channel.

CatsRus: While Gandalf is finding and bringing him up, we want to just first introduce yourself and bit more about you and how you are a part of the Grove Token.

Mendy: Okay, so, I am one of the four founders of Grove. I am titled as the COO, but we also have multiple jobs within a title. The community kind of demanded that we finally give ourselves one, but I think we all wear many hats, but that's fine. We kind of have a different structure than a few others. So, all of us come from a corporate background and so we kind of do things as a roundtable of things. So that's why I say that I'm a COO slash a few other things because we don't really always stay true to just what our titles are.

But so, again, there are four of us. John is the original founder. John has his master's, but John also, he has traded for five years, three of those years he has been a student. And if you've heard me speak in another space, because there's no other word to even say it because he's definitely the best student. I definitely encourage that you have a conversation with him. I don't really know if there is a terminology, a technology or any of those things that you could throw at him that he will not have an answer to. So he's been a very good student of crypto in that period of time.

And then we have Richard. Richard goes over our acquisitions. And so, Richard also has his degree in computer science. And then there's also the President, who is John Sr., John's uncle.

Keep in mind that we also are Grove Token and Grove Business. We're actually two separate entities. But each of us also have the same titles within both.

And then, there's me. Like I just said, I have a very diverse background. As far as my career, I was a person that I did, for several years, work a certain field and then I was also under contract. My job was, if you're an American, and remember Olivia Pope? I was kind of like Olivia Pope. My job was to go and fix. So, I would be under contract, and I would go fix a dealership or fix whatever this business was, whether it be restructuring or whatever it was that it needed to have done.

Also, the adaptation of crypto is my second innovation that I've been involved in. So I was the Operations Manager for the STEM project of online purchasing. And when I say a STEM project, I mean, it was the beginning of and then what made it be what it is today was into another project, but that would have not happened if the first project wouldn't have happened the way that it had.

So I was the Operations Manager for that project and it was through a computer company out of Boston called Exit 41. Exit 41 also was the creator of the debit card/credit card system. So as you can tell, they're quite innovative to say the least. And that was, of course, many, many years ago. But just to give you just a kind of rundown of who myself and the other founders are, that just kind of gives you the fastest summary I can give you of us.

CatsRus: Awesome, perfect. You've explained in a lot of detail and there's a lot of history behind you guys, which is incredible experience, and knowledge is always key. As I always say, education is the key. And that only comes along with experience and time, so that's awesome.

I see we've got Kaz up. Did you just want to introduce yourself?

Kaz: Sure. Hello everyone. Thanks for having us in your space today. This is amazing. Mendy really summed up the founders team very, very, very well. So my name is Kaz. I come from a retail background, very similar to John Sr. I've been in retail for over 31 years at the moment and also have worked as a franchise director since the early 2000s. Plus, spent four years in national marketing positions, looking after such brands as Apple, Sony, Microsoft, and a few others to say the least.

So I've been doing retail for such a long time, and this is what excites me that this partnership, specifically this education channel is everything I've done throughout my retail career specifically is having the ability to explain complex technology in a way that isn't so complex. And those learnings really over that time really lend itself to this. And cryptocurrency is, in the decentralization space specifically as well, we have so many people particularly in Australia that want to invest but don't know how to.

So, for me, it's absolutely pertinent and important that we do offer that education and also offer information which makes it as simple as possible to allow someone who hasn't played in the (DeFi) space. They may have played in the centralized exchange spaces. Binance Australia is in Australia obviously and CoinSpot is the other large centralized exchange down here. And most of the people that are in other investing are using those specific platforms, but as soon as you introduce a swap like Pancake or obviously this fantastic platform, then it gets a little bit complex and muddy. So education is absolutely key and important. So anyway, that's a little bit about me, so fantastic to be here.

CatsRus: Yeah, no, thank you for coming up. We appreciate it. So let's delve into more about what is the Grove and the Grove Token. Mendy, you mentioned there's obviously two sides to that, which is the token side and the crypto side and then the business side. So let's start more with the crypto side, and then we'll lead into the business side as a whole because I know they are intertwined to some extent. So let's talk about those.

Mendy: Okay, so with Grove Token, this project has actually been in planning since September, but we launched on March 1. As far as our roadmap, we are a utility token and have multiple utilities within our roadmap.

We will have NFTs - our first NFT launches before the end of the month, so very, very soon.

We also will have play-to-burn earning and then we are creating a metaverse which Kaz will speak to you about very shortly. And then we also, of course, will have a chord. We are also going to have what is called green oasis. Green Oasis is a blockchain that is solely for green crypto. And a lot of people are relatively new to what green crypto is. And what that means is that it's earth-centered utility tokens, and there's actually well over 5,000 of them. And they each have their own areas that they are concentrated on all of those things.

And so, we will be building a blockchain or, more or less, an index you might as well say, but a blockchain of tokens that are like us, that are utility tokens that are earth-centered as we are. And when I say earth-centered, within our original roadmap, we have two hosts, and a host is what has multiple utilities within it.

So we have two hosts that are earth-centered. Our concentrations are going to be in renewable energy and hydroponic and aeroponic farming. Now with those, so with renewable energy, we will be doing commercial, residential and agriculture. And then, of course, with hydroponic and aeroponic forming, we will be building those to scale. We actually have a video getting ready to be released, because we have four engineers on staff, but in that video, it's also the introduction to our president, but also one of our engineers.

So we did do a case study on hydroponic and aeroponic farming, and it's an extremely detailed case study in which we found out the different climates, different processes were studied, and of course overall cost, as well. But in that video, one of the engineers breaks down the study and explains it all and why it is that we're going with hydroponic and aeroponic farming.

We will be doing our first test farm. So now, these will be built to scale, and when I say that, I mean it will be built as if it's able to produce a city-county size or if you want it for your backyard, from your balcony or even your kitchen. And no, we're not selling produce. We will actually be producing the actual equipment in order to have this yourself.

And the reason why we concentrated on these areas, other than the fact of course they're multibillion dollar areas and our concentration is also in the Middle East, as well. And the reason is because those countries while, no, they were not in famine during COVID, they did, however, realize that they're not really self sufficient. And so their produce, they realized, were all primarily imported. And so, now those countries and governments are spending a whole lot of money trying to bring hydroponic and aeroponic farming and different means and different ways of being self sustainable to their country, as well as renewable energy.

But with the hydroponic and aeroponic farming, they realized that if something like COVID happened again, or even something worse than COVID, they were not necessarily toward a danger zone, but if they did, what would they do? While they had plenty of meat, they did not have the nutrients and things required for a healthy, sustainable life. And so, we will be working, like I said, in the Middle East and, of course, Australia and other places as well. But the reason is so, that way, we can provide that. And of course with the adaptation of crypto, it is the replacement to purchase those with Grove Token as well, just to give you just the fastest rundown that I can of our roadmap.

CatsRus: Just to explain a bit more about the actual farming methods, what are those two farming methods that you mentioned, just to give people a bit of a background of what you are actually doing with these farming methods?

Mendy: Okay, so there's hydroponic and aeroponic farming, which are what we are doing currently. So hydroponic farming, they are actually submerged in soil. And while they only still require a very minimal amount of water, it is still submerged in soil, where aeroponic, the roots are exposed, and it almost just sprinkles, in its own way, water to them. And so that way it gives them direct amounts of water.

Because I'm an American, as you can probably hear, we have nutrients, we have water -- that's not something that we're really all that scarce about. But a large part of the world is not that way. And so, when you can produce something like hydroponic and aeroponic farming that requires very minimal [resources], it's something that can actually be a benefit and, of course, it's very profitable, but also very easily able for people to have self-sustaining lives.

CatsRus: Awesome, perfect. And you mentioned them in regards to the metaverse, which I believe you said was Kaz's sort of area of expertise. Where are you guys going with that sort of area?

Kaz: So the project, w