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SafeMoon Wallet: Where are all my Tokens?

With the launch of the SafeMoon Wallet, You might be asking yourself where are all my tokens?

With the release of the SafeMoon Wallet, a lot of questions have been asked about where are all the tokens that I have in my TrustWallet? Well, I am going to break it down for everyone so that it is clear as to why you might not see the new up-and-coming tokens.

Protection for new users?

The first reason why users are not able to see all tokens that are listed as a BEP20 token on the SafeMoon wallet is that SafeMoon is trying to approach a wallet creation with new Crypto users in mind. Their whole focus has been on simplicity. But why? Well because their focus is the new users of crypto. They want to create a process that is so simple you could train your dog to do it. Right now entry to Crypto isn't easy and comes with learning curves, so when it comes to bringing more people into the space it's about making it so simple it one-click buy. Which is the ultimate goal with the SafeMoon Wallet. So what does that have to do with protection to the users? Well, a lot of new users into crypto get so caught up in the hype that they buy into new coins without doing any of their own research. Which in on occasion can turn into a rug pull, causing that new user into crypto to gain a negative opinion of crypto and most likely not return. And if the goal is mass adoption of crypto we want to protect every single holder as best we can, and this is just one of the ways to do that. Do not worry if you can't see your tokens though as they are still in your wallet and you can see them here: BEP20 or ERC20. Just paste your wallet address on either of the Scans and boom you can see the current status of your portfolio directly from the blockchain.

Further Protection

Beyond protecting new users, they are also looking to protect existing users. Because you are unable to add custom coins/tokens it is less likely that you are to become aware of a dusting attack. If you don't know what a dusting attack is you can read about that here. By removing this ability to not see these dusting attacks new and existing users will be more protected in terms of being less worried about this random token in your wallet. I will say right now you don't have to worry about dusting attacks, just simply ignore it which is forcefully done as protection on the SafeMoon Wallet.

Will I see all my tokens eventually?

Right now because the SafeMoon Wallet is a multichain wallet you can expect that more tokens will be brought onboard. The likes of Bitcoin, ADA, XRP, and more just keep checking for updates as the developments continue. Before a token is listed with SafeMoon, SafeMoon wants to be able to provide that bit of protection before listing a token making sure it is up to a certain standard. Its just keeps everyone safe.

This process does not mean that SafeMoon can guarantee that your funds are Safe but they are certainly trying to add that level of protection to all holders new and old. Please read their Term and Conditions along with Privacy Policy on the SafeMoon Wallet for further understanding.

Now if a token wants to be listed they are more than welcome to reach out and request to be listed. And if it meets certain criteria to be listed you can surely expect that token to be on the wallet.



SafeMoon Educator (Writer)

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