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About Live Crypto Party

LIVE CRYPTO PARTY (LCP™) is a proprietary party-to-earn metaverse platform that rewards users in cryptocurrency and NFTs for having fun online and offline

What vision does Live Crypto Party have for the future?

Members can vote and ddd their favorite cryptocurrency project with their tickets. The crypto with the most votes is named the currency of the day and is promoted on our platform. Our unique buyback feature allows users to sell the cryptocurrency of the day back to the platform for an increased profit of up to 80%. By Q4, parties will be hosted in the metaverse, and the community will have multiple ways to earn Cryptocurrency, including the utility token, LCP, and NFTs, as they engage and have fun on the blockchain.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




19 May 2022

"Happy #BitcoinPizzaDay 🍕 12 years ago, Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas for 10,000 #Bitcoin. That would be worth around $294,756,033+ at today’s price. Be the Laszlo of #LCP, grab a piece & get ready for the party. Only 1 Billion in supply + 🔥 🎉 👉 http://LIVECRYPTOPARTY.COM"

"We are excited to be on the #Safemoon Swap. This is only the beginning of something big. Join us on this journey through the #Metaverse. 💃🕺 Grab yourself some #LCP on the @safemoon SWAP and don’t be late to the party 🎉. http://LIVECRYPTOPARTY.COM #SAFEMOON X #LIVECRYPTOPARTY"

A community member asked, "Any time-frame update of v2 staking?" LCP responded, "We are currently working, fam! Hopefully, we will be up and running in a week, & V1 stakers will be able to seamlessly transition to V2. To stay up to date, please join your fellow LCPIANS on Telegram. Lovely profile pic. True LCPIAN "

"LIVE CRYPTO PARTY V2 is up and trading on the #SAFEMOON SWAP. We want to thank @safemoon and their entire team and community for their support 🙏 It takes a team to be successful, we are always stronger together. The best is yet to come. #INROSIEWETRUST #LCP #METAVERSE #BSC"


18 May 2022

"LIVE CRYPTO PARTY UPDATE! Thursday May 19th at 2PM EST LCP v2 will launch on the Safemoon Swap with a BNB/LCP pair. We have worked hard with our partner to make sure everything is done right. We want to thank our community for your patience and continued support. 🙏 @safemoon"

"Team work makes the dream work. It was a pleasure working with the #Safemoon team. 👏. Lets get this party started . Dem gurls wanna petty 💃🎉😋 #Livecryptoparty X #Safemoon"

When a community member asked, "So what about us that had staked?" LCP replied, "Continue to do nothing. We are testing the migration process and will have announcements coming shortly for all that have staked LCP. Thanks for your patience"

Another community member asked, "So do we need to migrate to V2?" LCP answered, "We already airdropped the v2 token. Just add v2 to your wallet."


15 May 2022

"Keep building regardless of market conditions. We are putting systems in place & we welcome you to join us. #LCP trading on #SAFEMOONSWAP will begin in the coming days followed by some Big thangs!🙂🥳 #CEX #web3 #Metaverse #blockchain #Livecryptoparty #Listing #Giveaway #Kucoin" - LCP


12 May 2022

"At Live Crypto Party, we value transparency, feedback, quality & doing the right thing. We are working closely with our ONLY Dex partner @safemoon to re-establish #LCP trading. We don't like to rush quality, but we do have some options & would like to hear from you. #SAFEMOON 290 votes · 1 day left PS: Having only an LCP/BUSD pair means we would sell the BNB (LP) for BUSD at the current market price to initiate (seed) LCP/BNB pair. LCP would have a low dollar value. #Livecryptoparty #SAFEMOON #LCP #Metaverse #BNB #SAFEMOONSWAP #Kucoin #blockchain" - LCP


9 May 2022

"BIG THINGS ARE COMING!!! A rising tide lifts all ships Get ready for a TSUNAMI!!! Thanks for your support and patience 🙏 We are working hard with our partner to make things better than ever. Please feel free to DM with any questions or concerns. #INROSIEWETRUST #LCP #SAFEMOON" - LCP


06 May 2022

"Yo LCPIANS, What word best describes your current mood? PS: If you feel anything less than happy😃 PLEASE send us a DM. 💝 Team LCP #MentalHealthMatters #LIVECRYPTOPARTY #LCP #SAFEMOONSWAP #SAFEMOONARMY #Metaverse #V2 #cryptocurrency #Binance #BSC #Shinja #coinbasenft #NFT"


05 May 2022

"UPDATE!!!! We are making sure everything is done right. Taking a little longer than expected but it will be well worth it ✨ Thank you all for your patience and continued support 🙏"


04 May 2022

"HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! LIVE CRYPTO PARTY TRADING WILL RESUME SHORTLY !!! TIME TO GET THIS PARTY STARTED 🥳 More announcements coming! Thanks for your patience and continued support 🙏 "

"Yo! LCPIANS, We hope you wake up to a nice bag of #LCP sitting in your wallet. 🥳😋 Add CA to your wallet to see your tokens: 0x7150363247D59F1539C5D2Af5E9b743Be07e2F8B 📌STAKING is currently HALTED. DO NOT STAKE, UNSTAKE/CLAIM. Wait for further instructions. #INROSIEWETRUST Add CA to your wallet to see your tokens (Adding #LCP CA as a custom token should pop up the rest of the details) Network: Smart Chain CA: 0x7150363247D59F1539C5D2Af5E9b743Be07e2F8B Name: LIVE CRYPTO PARTY Symbol: LCP Decimals: 9 #LIVECRYPTOPARTY We have made the entire process seamless for everyone. STAKERS were “excluded”from the Airdrop. Your LCP balance will be temporarily “0”. We urge you NOT to take any action & wait for further instructions. *Your rates of return are protected*. 🥰 #killthebot #LCPhelp"


03 May 2022

"UPDATE! Live trading returning soon. Airdrop is being loaded. Staking, do nothing, do not withdraw until you receive further instructions. Your rates of return are protected. AMA will be announced soon to answer all questions. Thanks for your patience "

"@Livecryptoparty We all appreciate You and Your Team spotting an issue and being Proactive. Says a lot about your integrity and the longevity if your Crypto. Cheers #safemoonarmy"

"Thank you Frankie for your kind and positive feedback. This means a lot to us and we will continue to give our 💯 and doing what is best for the success of our project and for the community. #LCP x #SAFEMOON. “We rise together” ✊🏻"


02 May 2022


"As a technology firm, you must have the expertise and skills to address difficulties and keep going forward. We identified a problem 7 days ago. We found a very intelligent bot that was systematically draining our Liquidity. Bots aren't always a bad thing, but this one was on a mission to slowly kill our token. Unfortunately, there is no function in the present contract to eliminate bots like this.

We soon concluded that we needed to upgrade and integrate this Function in a new contract. This enables us to eliminate any threatening bots from this point forward.

We would like to thank our partner Safemoon and their team for their support. We also like to thank our present holders for being understanding. We are all aware that this is only the beginning.

What efforts are being taken to address this? (NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING! ). We updated our contract:

1. To include a blacklist and whitelist function

2. We will be migrating to a new contract and automatically airdropping our holders with the same amount of LCP they currently have. (YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING :))

3. A restake function will be added to the staking contract, which will work in conjunction with the old staking (to be announced) - DO NOT UNSTAKE & DON'T DO ANYTHING!

The effect of this :

a.) A healthy price action

b.) Organic growth

c.) Serial Marketing and publication in partnership with Safemoon, marketers, and influencers

d.) Major announcements and more."


"#EidMubarak! #LIVECRYPTOPARTY wishes you and your loved ones a blessed and peaceful Eid. 🙏🏻❤️"


01 May 2022

When Mandala Exchange tweeted the question, "Which #altcoin has your attention at the moment?" Live Crypto Party replied, " LCP Only available on the SafeMoon Swap."


29 April 2022

"LIVECRYPTOPARTY.COM Sending Love and Gratitude to our #LCP Family, #SAFEMOONARMY and the partners on the #SAFEMOONSWAP Let us be the change we want to see in this #DeFi space. #LoveKillsFUD #patience #compassion #grace"

To listen to the Space, click here!!

Stay tuned!!! Major Project updates Incoming!!! http://LIVECRYPTOPARTY.COM"


28 April 2022

"http://LIVECRYPTOPARTY.COM Is PROUD to be a Partner in the #SAFEMOON ecosystem. We support @safemoon , The #SAFEMOONARMY , @CptHodl and the Safemoon team. Safemoon has delivered more than most crypto projects. There is No reason to doubt them now. Show Love not FUD !!!" - LCP

LCP's Website

"#LCP Now available for trading on the #SAFEMOONSWAP Staking available at http://LIVECRYPTOPARTY.COM 5% 30 DAYs 12% 60 DAYs 20% 90 DAYs 50% 180 DAYs Rates will be changing soon. #cryptocurrency #BSC #BSCGems #CryptoNews #crypto #Staking #StakingRewards #KuCoin #Robinhood" - LCP


27 April 2022

To listen to the Space, click here!


26 April 2022

"We are your MOONSHOT 😋. Come party, earn #crypto and make real connections on the #LCP metaverse. We are the first #SAFEMOONHYPERLAUNCH partner and we are uniting communities in the crypto space in a fun way. Don’t be late to the party 🥳."

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"We hope everyone got a chance to hear @roselineebunobi story & the inspiration behind creating Live Crypto Party. Her story is one of love, hope & genuineness 💕. @FreeFromTMatrix , you are amazing and we love you guys."

25 April 2022

"Happy Monday!!! Feeling #BULLISH for a productive week. Thank you #SAFEMOONARMY for the warm welcome. We are looking forward to growing and innovating together. This is just the beginning."



24 April 2022

"We hope everyone got a chance to hear @roselineebunobi story & the inspiration behind creating Live Crypto Party. Her story is one of love, hope & genuineness 💕. @FreeFromTMatrix , you are amazing and we love you guys. Please give them a follow!"

"Missed the MoonCast? Here’s a playback."