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Global Influencer of the Year

Congratulations to Thomas "Papa" Smith for becoming the Global influencer of the Year

On the 14th July 2021, Thomas "Papa" Smith made yet another mark on history by receiving the Global Influencer of the Year 2021. As a member of the SafeMoon Community I am ecstatic for our wizard! It is something that is truly deserved for everything he has accomplished with his many years within the crypto space. Just take a look at some of the things Papa has worked on while being in the space:

CTO - SafeMoon Founder/CTO - T A N O CTO and Co-Founder - DFINI Backend Engineer - Hoard

These are just some of the many things that Thomas has worked on and its only looking to grow from there as he looks to develop himself and progress in his current baby SafeMoon. I had chance to sit down with Thomas and many of the Discord community members while we watch the announcement for him winning this award. The hype in that voice chat was insane, you could really hear the passion coming from the SafeMoon Community. Once the hype calmed down and we all come to terms with what had just happened, Papa had a few words to say:

"I first of all can't thank this community enough. You have give a simple man so much that it only drives me more to push for the moon and help each and everyone of you. Before this I was just a guy who lived off $20 a week, I wasn't successful and only strived on my passions with the projects I was invested in. I didn't just win the award, you guys won this award. You did it for me, but you did it for yourselves also. Its a huge accomplishment for the space. Now it's time to celebrate!"

During his speech you could truly hear the passion coming from Papa, the love and care he has for everyone that he is involved with far beyond what people realise. I hope that each and every member of the SafeMoon Community gets to meet this humble man! You deserve this Papa, Congratulations! The SafeMoon Army is with you and we can't thank you enough.


Disclaimer Please do not look to spread hate or disgust to another company. This is Papa's Award! While I understand there is annoyance for the Award Giver to not mention anything about Papa's work, he doesn't need the hate. We as a community came together to help the most humble man win something he's truly earned. This is for Papa, not us!

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