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Holding is Rewarding!

What happens when we stop the burn of SafeMoon?

I want to first start off with an example of Volume mentioned in one of my previous articles to truly explain the power of, what I (CatsRus) and SafeMoonMark continuously look to educate people on, Volume! Volume the is KEY to SafeMoon. To start to learn how powerful SafeMoon’s Tokenomics and what volume truly means:

let's talk, world scale, mass adoption. In the world, there are no records of cash transactions. The world GDP is 84 trillion dollars per year, which would be 230 billion dollars per day. But this is a low estimate because things get traded many times on their way from raw materials to the consumer. Iron is sold (and paid for) as ore, then again as pig iron, then again as, say, steel sheet, then again as, perhaps, car doors, and then again as a car to the dealer, then again to the buyer. So the value of that raw iron appears as money spent several times over. And that is a simple case: electronic devices have many, many layers of trading. So if we take this $1,000,000,000,000T and take 5% reflections is $50,000,000,000 now at my Wallet Size of 0.0031% is $155,000,000 in reflections alone before the price increases due to the burn process and increase of holders. This is something that needs to be adopted across the globe which is very unlikely anytime soon but fun to think about how powerful this can be.

But that's still with the burn wallet still taking reflections. So what happens when that stops? Well, you first need to understand that the burn wallet is a Holder. It takes a larger % of the reflections based on the amount it holds at the time. Now eventually it has been hinted on multiple occasions that SafeMoon Team will potentially stop the burn, which they can execute a command within the code:

This means the Team can exclude the burn wallet at any point. So that would take a total supply of 1 Quadrillion to a circulating supply which is the amount left in supply once the burn wallet is removed from the equation.

What is a realistic goal?

My self and SafeMoonMark have our goals for our wallet size. I am already personally well over my goal so ill be slowly reducing my wallet down to 10Billion SafeMoon. And SafeMoonMark which in his video below explains he will be aiming for around 5Billion SafeMoon. So if we take Mark's example of 1Billion wallet size and let's say a circulating supply of 10 Trillion Tokens and a daily volume of $1,000,000,000. Mark would be earning at a consistent rate of $5000 daily in reflections. This means a $10,000,000,000 volume for one day at the same wallet-size would net you $50,000 reflections. And you can simply look to multiply the numbers upwards to see crazy speculations on what you could receive.

I personally will say 1Billion supply of SafeMoon means you are going to be set for the future if everything that the SafeMoon Team has announced comes to fruition, but only time will tell how the Wallet, Exchange, and card affect SafeMoons Future. (Please don't be discouraged by this target, Any SafeMoon your Holding will only benefit you greatly in the future) (NFA)

Mathematical Analysis

By SafeMoonMark




SafeMoon Educator (Writer)

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