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About Grove Token

Grove Tokens Mission is to create wealth, for all Grovers, by harnessing the opportunities of a secure, decentralized digital currency in an environmentally conscious way by compensating nature for years of abuse.

What vision does Grove Token have for the future?

Grove wants to create a healthier, wealthier future for all. Grove has multiple projects they are working on like Green Oasis, Hydroponic Farming, etc.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




22 May 2022

"Set your reminders for tomorrow nights #GroveToken Hangout with @JustAman04 at 7:30pm cst. Hope to see you all there! 😎✊"

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"CONGRATULATIONS Grover’s! We have officially reached 5001 holders!!!! 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉 #GroveToken #BSC #Crypto (Does not include participates that have staked 100% of their bag)"

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"#GroveToken is up almost 92%, so let’s kick it up another notch!! 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉"


21 May 2022

"A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all our Investors, Supporters & Community Members WE ARE THE #GroveGreenArmy ! OVER 5000 holders in 3 months!"


18 May 2022

"Utilize our link tree as a few sources for DYOR (do your own research)"

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16 May 2022


15 May 2022

"People often say to our team, what is it like to be on team @GroveToken The video below is @AU_GroveToken message to the team from the founders the night before launch. (Trimmed due to time) The other video is @GN_GROVE , in true Gabi style.. the world will know their name too"

"The attractiveness is not just how affordable it is, but that it can produce year round! By incorporating grow lights, you can enough in a single setup that you will not have to purchase hormoned or pesticidal fruit/veggies again!"

"Many things can be said about #Dubai, one for being considered having the best infrastructure in the world and another is the care they put into their people. We look for many great things to come out of our meeting in June."

"🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 WE MADE THE TOP 10 GROVER’S!!!!"


13 May 2022

"Please be mindful when entering tg if it is the correct one. Always use the link from our link tree to verify correct address. You can also adjust settings so that you can not be added to groups without approval."

12 May 2022

"I just wanted to congratulate #Safemoon a partner of #GroveToken on #Safemoonswap on the fantastic chart in this Bear market. Very impressive!" 💚🙏

"@justbeingmendy sat down and had a chat with @MariaAndersenM . Mendy, spoke about the magnitude of the meeting in June. What it means to the #GroveGreenArmy and #Crypto"

"EVERY TOKEN ADDS UP 💰 🪙Staking has been offering a Passive Income for all Grovers since 3 days after launch! 🌱 🌱 🌱 🌱 APR% ARE STILL VERY HEALTHY ! 💎"

"In every darkness, there's a light. In every struggle, there's away. In every faith, there's hope. I believe the market is showing signs of recovery! Hold Or Buy "NFA,DYOR" and let's celebrate Grove listing on CG!!"


11 May 2022

"CONGRATULATIONS GROVER’S!!!! 8 long weeks of waiting for CMC but it has arrived!! Look at what all these new investors are walking into!! 8 weeks of building success after success and a solid friendly community! Congratulations to all of us!"

"GroveToken proudly announces our listing on Coin Market Cap. We welcome CMC to the Grove family."


10 May 2022


09 May 2022

"‼️The trading function of GROVETOKEN has been postponed to 2022-05-09 10:00 AM UTC"


08 May 2022

"Join @justbeingmendy today as she discusses our royal invitation to do business with the royal family of #Dubai"

A Grove Token community member tweeted, "@GroveToken#GROVEGREENARMY MAY NOT REPRESENT THE BIGGEST YET! BUT THE HANDS DOWN THE STRONGEST!!!" Grove Token retweeted saying, "If you look at the stability in our chart, it shows how strong our community is."

"Another applause to Mothers and Women today " - Grove

Happy Mother’s Day (Woman’s Day) from all of us at #GroveToken “A Mother Is She Who Can Take The Place Of All Others But Who’s Place No One Else Can Take.” - Cardinal Mermillod


07 May 2022

"That’s true! Our founders are arguably the hardest working in crypto. Their constant results speak for themselves. We mean it when we say that we want a create a healthier, wealthier planet for all"

"Let’s discuss what makes #GroveToken a part of the #GreenCrypto initiative!"

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"GroveToken is proud to welcome KazukiTakahashi.eth to its green family! Welcome Kazuki!!" - JohnG Grove CEO


06 May 2022

"We are honored for our invitation to be accepted by the private office of H.H Sheikh Butti Al-Maktoum, and we are looking forward to our meeting to discuss Aeroponic and hydroponic farming on Jun the 29th in Dubai UAE. @ClassyCrypto_ @crypto_deb @DelCrxpto @Cryptobolix #GVR" - Grove

"On Monday May 9th, #SAFEMOON TALK (NFA & DYOR) with @DreamingSFM , @KeveHeavy and I; we will be having @justbeingmendy from @GroveToken making a special announcement. Please tune in at 6pm EST #SAFEMOONARMY. 📣📣📣📣📣📣📣📣" _ Zeus

"#GroveToken will be proud to be among the world leaders in solar silicon cell technology. The company will be acquiring organizations and investing in Green global growth industries to ensure we maintain healthy profits for our Token holders 🍀."

05 May 2022

"When you have sincere intentions and unwavering perseverance, it is easy to see why @bnalfalasi tells everyone that we are UNSTOPPABLE! When you DYOR and see what our future holds, it’s also, easy to see how fortunate you are to be early #GroveToken #BSC #CryptoNews #crypto" - Grove

"Thank you @SacheTweet ! This is when doing your own research (DYOR) pays off. Welcome to #GroveToken!" - Grove "Quote Tweet sache. @SacheTweet · May 5 $GVR not your usual #crypto, it’s got a sustainably focused business attached to it which I absolutely love. Been reading about this one through the day thanks for the heads up this morning H @GroveToken…" sache

"You really have no idea how fortunate you are to be this early! Haha but you will though The other founders and I, and our team are honored to know that our work will change the lives of our holders and around the world through self sustainability."

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04 May 2022

"Grove is heading back to Dubai. An absolute honour to discuss affordable and sustainable farming practices. Are you ready to help SAVE THE WORLD?"

"We are honored for our invitation to be accepted by the private office of H.H Sheikh Butti Al-Maktoum, and we are looking forward to our meeting to discuss Aeroponic and hydroponic farming on Jun the 29th in Dubai UAE."

"LETS GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! You may want to look up the population of Dubai and the UAE to know how HUGE this is!!!! Congratulations @GroveToken and our holders!!!! Like @bnalfalasi said, 'UNSTOPPABLE!'"


03 May 2022

"Please, vote for GroveToken ( GVR ) Help us get trending on CVL! @GroveToken #GVR #cryptocurrency #crypto #money #hiddengem #100X #vote via @cvl_crypto"

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01 May 2022

"#GroveToken Media Schedule for the week! Set your reminders!" - Grove

"Together we can bring more awareness to #GreenCrypto projects! As a collective we can make a difference! If you know of a Green Crypto project that would like more exposure and could be interested, please @ them below, we’ll add them to our list"- Grove
"One of the MANY things that I appreciate about the ideologies of #GroveToken, is that we believe and build utilities around token coexistence. With the creation of #GroveGreenPlatform, we will bring together a listing registry of other #GreenCrypto projects. Coexistence ❤️"


29 April 2022

"If you have a #SAFEMOON wallet, this is a tutorial on how to stake your $GVR (If you have issues using their portal on our site, please go directly to Brewlabs website to stake/farm #Grovetoken)"

"Wallet Sneak Peek! More coming soon with phase 1 due to be completed in May!"


28 April 2022


26 April 2022

"For a better Future a one-stop-shop coming soon Application to list will be available tomorrow"
"GroveToken is releasing their GroGreenPlatform to list green tokens only. The listed projects must have : KYC team. 100% successful audit by a reputable company. 100% locked, burned liquidity, or a mix. Utilities. And projects will be interviewed by the CEO of Grove."

25 April 2022

"Some say, “I’m only one person. What can I do?” Yes, only one person can do so much, but done as a collective, a MOVEMENT is made!"

"If you missed the space tonight, you can catch it on Twitter, Apple, or Spotify!"
"#SafeMoon After Dark 👀 NFA @ChrisHarrisADG 🔥 @Edisson84852891 🔥 @DahmnSon1 🔥 Featuring @justbeingmendy from @GroveToken 🔥 #SafeMoonArmy LFG!"

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"We are overjoyed with the partnership with #SAFEMOON!! So let’s start the week with a celebration!! Do the math… and yes, the other founders and I did the math and still said yes!"
"Of course, we had to have a celebration for our newest partnership with @safemoon ! #GroveGreenArmy #SAFEMOONARMY LETS CELEBRATE!!!!! LETS GOOOOOO!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Visit website for jot form and terms and conditions under the promotions tab"


"It’s time to Celebrate a massive April 2022 ! What better way to celebrate GroveToken joining the #SAFEMOONEVOLUTION with the BIGGEST GVR BONUS EVER!"