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Grove Token

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

About Grove Token

Grove Tokens Mission is to create wealth, for all Grovers, by harnessing the opportunities of a secure, decentralized digital currency in an environmentally conscious way by compensating nature for years of abuse.

What vision does Grove Token have for the future?

Grove wants to create a healthier, wealthier future for all. Grove has multiple projects they are working on like Green Oasis, Hydroponic Farming, etc.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




21 August 2022

"If everything goes according to plan next week, we will announce :

- A partnership with a token with over 1.5M users

- International TV interview with myself with millions of reach

- Another exchange

- Our booth design"


20 August 2022

"#GroveToken are proud to announce that we have been invited to officially represent the Private Office of H.H Sheikh Butti bin Suhail al-Maktoum at Crypto Dubai Expo 2022! Take a look around the site and tell us what you think!"


12 August 2022



We currently working on :

- Play to earn

- GroveKeeper (Wallet)

- Hydroponic Farming

- Headquarters (UAE)

- Top Tier listings

- More partnerships

- World Wide exposure for Grove

- Team expansion

- Branding and Marketing


11 August 2022

"Wow what great news to wake up to! 2 surprise listings this week and Friday listing still to come!!! #Grovetoken is building!

[New Coin Listing] Grove Token(GVR) to be Listed on DigiFinex! – DigiFinex Help Center"



10 August 2022

#GroveToken is backed a combination of over one hundred years in retail, business, P&L, accounting. #GroveBusiness and #GroveToken will be developed to such a high standard you won't want to miss this opportunity. Be a #Grover"


09 August 2022

"@JohnGh87 is set to schedule a AMA soon to give an update on the partnership in Dubai, part of the outcome to his trip to Turkey, plus give an update about HQ, and many other things. Something tells me that you’ll be happy you held your bag "

"This Friday, we will have one of the two exchange names announced, and We will confirm the other once we get firm dates. For bigger and better things to come."

"#GroveToken Scavenger Hunt 8-14-22 Sunday 2pm est After Weekly Review"

"The #GroveToken journey was full of excitement and achievements under the leadership of the great CEO @JohnGh87. We learned from yesterday and we prepared for tomorrow. Eventually, the vision to create a better future for everyone was realized and yet more to be done."


08 August 2022

"Don't miss this @GroveToken Live AMA! I'll be joined by @justbeingmendy and @JustAman04. We will be discussing the latest updates and more about this very intriguing #Crypto #project. Don't forget to #subscribetomychannel

and click the bell."


28 July 2022

"This is the OPPORTUNITY to JOIN the #GroveGreenArmy! 📣

For a limited time tokenomics on purchases is only 3%! which will go back to holders as reflections!! ⭐️⭐️

#Grovers we are STRONG!"

"We always had BIG plans!

Now GroveToken has secured the opportunity to deliver the future of Grove to its #GroveGreenArmy & our planet."

"We know that many of you have been feeling uncertain over the last few days, but we’re here to reassure you that we’re not going anywhere. We’re working hard to deliver on our promises to the Grove community. We are up over 650% on the 90 day chart.

Our Dubai Metaverse is in progress and our GroveKeeper wallet is in beta testing. Land for our new HQ has been acquired, we’re developing our play to earn strategy, we are building a world class customer support function to integrated soon, and we have a blockchain team working on our GreenOasis exchange/blockchain, and have recently signed a funding partnership to make it all happen.

Lastly our CEO is working hard all around the world to secure new top exchanges for the good of the community. We know trust is earned. We’re here to build it. The best is yet to come!"


23 July 2022

"Breaking the man the myth the legend @dutchprogrammer made A #GroveToken bot to keep us all updated on everything #Grove . You all need to retweet this and share and follow the link…. Follow me too #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY @justbeingmendy @JohnGh87" -SafemoonJar

"Thank Still setting it up but people can already follow it. It would be nice if someone from grove could provide data abut all the wallets from @GroveToken So I can verify it with the list that I have collected" - Danny

"#GroveGreenArmy please make sure to only use the highlighted options on our website to invest in Grove. as they do have higher and burned liquidity. There are many other pools created by others that have very low liquidity and we don't recommend trading on them #GroveToken" - Founder & CEO Grove JohnG


22 July 2022

"#GroveGreenArmy WE JUST GOT BIGGER!!! Please join us in welcoming the new members of our team! @Sunshine4Whiske @iamSaritaB@MACGROUP8 @app_mining Together, we will make a difference at #GroveToken" - Grove

"It's officially confirmed that July 25th is the birth date of legends. On that date, we will be celebrating a pillar of #GroveToken by giving away 100 x 100B to the community. H.E

@bnalfalasi may God bless you and give you a healthy, long, prosperous life!"



21 July 2022

"Did you hear that you will be able to use the #SAFEMOONCARD by using your #GroveToken for purchases? 🥳


GroveToken erc20 will soon be available for purchase on #safemoonwallet? 😱

Let’s celebrate this amazing news! 🥳🙌🏼🥂"

"#GroveToken#Erc20 staking now available!

Come get some passive income the #GroveToken way!

With 4 pools to choose from and some of the most competitive Aprs out there right now you won't want to miss out!"

"Staking pools are up and running with APR up to 250%!"

"Congratulations, to the core team, to the mods, and to the Grove Green Army!

Our journey began few months ago, with a simple intention - creating a healthier world, and building a wealthier Grove community.

We just achieved a mammoth feat, but this is only the first step.

It’s a long journey with so much more to achieve and it would literally be