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About Glow V2

GLOW represents the illumination of the crypto decentralized finance (DeFi) space through education and charity.

What vision does GlowV2 have for the future?

GLOW is Unity, Clarity, and Security. We are committed to excellence and full transparency, in the way we run our business. Ensuring we build value, and transparency, that forges a bright future for our company and investors. We also provide charitable donations to support community and global causes Partnerships with projects and organizations to promote worthy causes.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




23 May 2022

"🚨May will be coming to an end soon🚨Whether you HODL GlowV2 or not, please vote for one of our May charity candidates @ Help us help others! 🙏"

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22 May 2022

"📢 Come join #GlowNation this Tuesday with special guest - @GandalfEducator "


20 May 2022

"#GlowNation this is why charitable initiatives can be so important and make a difference What for us is a gesture for others can be salvation #GlowV2#GlowToken#SAFEMOON#SAFEMOONCOMMUNITY"


"50% off buy buy taxes all weekend long though the #SAFEMOONSWAP!!! Thank you @safemoon for the billboards and hopefully we can help bring some volume through to help build the ecosystem! #GlowV2 #GlowNation #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONARMY #SAFEMOONEXCHANGE #MOONPARTNER"

"It's almost the weekend #Glowcommunity Recharge your 🪫 and come stronger for next week but don't forget to help the next one 🤓 #GlowToken #GlowNation #SAFEMOON #SAFEMOONCOMMUNITY #Blockchain #cryptocurrency"

"I want to do a little something for @safemoon this weekend for putting out billboards for us! I'll announce it tonight! Thank you @safemoon !"

"We have officially broken the 9000 holder mark and we are continuing to grow! #GlowV2 tune in tonight at 5pm for a couple of announcements!"

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"I would love to do something for the holders once #GlowV2 hits it's first $1,000,000 in volume day. Any suggestions?"


18 May 2022


17 May 2022

"📣The education site will be down for a bit. Working on updating/upgrading the site. Thank you all for your patience. The V1 of the site was limited as to how I could update and design it. Thank you for your patience!📣"

"Good morning everyone! Off to the grind. Will be doing a lot of work on the education site in the background so if I seem quiet it's because I'm busy busy! Changed the landing page to show the site under construction and not just a dead link lol"

16 May 2022

"Convenience ⚖️ Security 🔐 Unity 🤝 Charity 🫂 These are the pillars that will help us revolutionize the possibilities of Token Security development. GlowV2 has come to reshape the way users perceive #DeFi and Charity. Await us ✊"

"#GlowV2 will be on #UniteDeFi YouTube Live this coming Wednesday, May 18th at 9PM EST! #GlowNation #GlowingUpDefi $GlowV2 #GlowTokenLLC #BodaV2 #MetaBUSD #CPTX #VaultFinance #Everreflect" - GlowToken


14 May 2022

"Anyone on Instagram? #GlowNation #SafeMoon #GlowV2"

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13 May 2022

"📢 May Charity Poll is open!

Which of the following do you think is worthier your vote?


🏥 MacMillan Cancer Support

❤️ The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

🫂 ...🫂🫂 Mighty Oaks Foundation

🐘 Save the Elephants

Vote now ⤵️"


12 May 2022

"🔎 Today we want to dive into our Buy Back and Burn mechanics 🤝 This is a key part of #Glow ecosystem and we want to make sure it is a clear for all our community! Let’s start ⤵️ 🔎 #GLOWV2 is a Buy Back & Burn contract 🌐 Both functions will effectively reduce the overall supply of the token 🚀 This leads to an increasing value of #GlowV2 Token ❤️‍🔥 With buybacks and burns, we will be using free liquidity to repurchase GLOW V2 tokens to send them to the burn wallet without affecting individual holdings 🔗 This removes the tokens from the overall circulating supply, resulting in the improvement of the token value" - GlowToken

11 May 2022

"🗺️Our detailed roadmap is finally here

We are excited to present to our growing community all the amazing updates we have planned for 2022!

💡Check it on our latest Medium"

"#GlowV2 is more than a charity, we are a passive income with 2 lotteries. $100 daily lottery and $10,000 lottery every time the pot fills. We strive everyday to build use cases that will directly benefit the growth of the token! #GlowV2 #SAFEMOONARMY #GlowNation #SAFEMOON"


08 May 2022

"It's #MothersDay, don't forget to give her the best appreciation toast at dinner 😉 #GlowtokenLLC #GlowV2 #cryptocurrency #GlowingUpDeFi #GlowNation #Cryptocurrency #BSC #BUSDREWARDS #DoxxedTeam #CertikAudit #passiveincome" - Glove

"Did you know @GlowTokenLLC has not 1 but 2 #lotteries! $100 #busd daily and when the bag fills up a $10k #BUSD lotto held with our #tokenomic Don't miss your chance to be a winner. $20 qualifies for the daily $50 for the 10k at the time of the drawings! Just hold #GlowV2"

"#GlowV2 is the light of #DeFi with its 10% #BUSD #Passivelncome and 1% #Charity, chosen every month by the community. Daily $100 BUSD lottery and $10k lottery once that wallet fills up."


07 May 2022

"👉 Join @LegionGlowV2 #GLOWNATION Twitter Space with Special Guest @MetaBusdCoin + amazing giveaways today too!"

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06 May 2022

"🫂 As a community-driven project, we want to gratify our users with multiple ways to earn, which are: ➡️ Dividends ➡️ Lottery ➡️ Charity 🔎 Today we will explain how can you earn with the Glow Lottery 💰 Two holding values, two different chances to win! 🎟 Daily lottery of $100 $BUSD is sent to a random holder with $20 or more of GlowV2 at the time of the drawing 🎟 $10,000 $BUSD lottery is sent to a random holder with $50 or more worth of #GlowV2 at the time of the drawing 🏆 This is one of the rewards you will continue to receive and compound for years and decades to increase your wealth and create enormous choices to broaden and diversify your investment portfolio. 🙌 Together we will all #GLOW!" - Glow

"🏆 In GlowV2, we aim to make sure the community earns in multiple forms. 🎰 One of those forms is our Daily Lottery! 🔎 Are you aware of it?" - Glow


05 May 2022

Interview with Glow V2 CEO Bryan Lawrence

Could you please tell the SafeMoon Army a little bit about yourself?

I'm a lucky man, I have a wonderful wife and 2 amazing daughters and we are currently based out of Georgia. I've had a couple of hard times in my life so that's why I wanted to create something that gives back and not only to the holders but to good causes as well. I have a background in electronics, and plc's programming and that is big part of what helped me figure out how to get started building a token. I've been in crypto for many years starting with buying bitcoin and $13 a coin but not knowing how big it would get I sold. Then I started getting into the stock market and was a day trader for a long time and then I learned about the DeFi space and realized that is one of the coolest concepts that I've ever seen and it's stuck with me til this day.

I saw that you also recently announced your new COO, Shane! Congratulations to him. What does Shane bring to the table for your team that really excites you?

Shane is a master of business, he was able to take 500 euro business and turn it into 7 figure business, he's extremely driven and has been a huge asset when it comes to helping me run the business.

How did Glow Token come to be?

So after falling in love with the DeFi space I had a couple of investments that turned into rugpulls so I got tired of that being a common thing so that's when I decided to create Glow to shine a light in the darkness of DeFi. I want to create something that proves that there is still good in the DeFi space and that there are good projects out there.

Could you tell us a bit about the current or future use cases of Glow?

Current use case is passive income, charity and lottery. Future use cases is to branch out in charity aspect, create a scholarship, and build a platform that allows you to put your BUSD directly onto a debit card through Glint Pay,

For people that want to learn more about Glow, where is the best place for them to go? or

What does being a SafeMoon partner mean for your team?

The SafeMoon partnership has allowed us to open up the door to an entire new community that has helped us to grow the charity part of the token and has allowed us to give more back to people in need.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the SafeMoon Army?

I would love for you to help us spread the word on Glowv2 and I'll share the passive income chart with you and would love for them to get more involved with charity suggestion and votes. Most people know us for the charity but they have no idea that we are or were the highest paying passive income on the swap and we have 2 lotteries. A $100 daily lottery and a $10,000 lottery.

What do you think is the biggest factor that will push crypto adoption at this point?

Honestly regulation will help push the crypto adoption because it removes the fear and unknowing

Lastly (I’m stealing this one from the amazing Mr. Adult because I think it's such a great question), why do you love doing what you do?

I would love to show this to people I would love for the community to meet with me to donate to the charity's because it truly a amazing feeling and every investor is a part of that.


04 May 2022

"#GlowV2 May Charity Vote is live! Cast your vote here - 🎗MacMillan Cancer Support @macmillancancer ❤️‍🩹The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation @MS_Focus 🌳Mighty Oaks Foundation @MightyOaksFDN 🐘Save the Elephants @SavetheElephant 🌾JUSTDIGGIT @justdiggit"

"🌟New YouTube video of April Charity Recipient @MercyLandHaiti with @GlowV2CEO & @KCGlowTokenLLC 🙌Thank you all who've supported #GlowV2! The April charity funds will go towards purchasing a solar system for #GlowingUp the new orphanage in Haiti.💝"

"🗣 Every word should be confirmed with actions 🚀 We solely believe in this principle and we hope every member of #GlowNation does too 💡 Let's gather and #Glow our way to the future #GlowV2 #GlowNation #GlowingUpDeFi"

To read the Medium article, click here.

"Glow day has officially started!!!!! #GlowV2"


03 May 2022

"🔥The wait is over, #GLOWDAY is finally here!🔥 Starting May 4th at 7:00 AM EST!! ✅50% off Buy Tax - lowered to 7.5% for 24 Hours! 👉 #GlowTokenLLC $GlowV2 #GlowDay #GlowSwap #SafeMoonPartner #GlowCharity #GlowingUpDeFi #cryptocurrency #BSC"

"🤔 #DeFi, #ReFi, #NFTs, #Metaverse, #tokens and we could go on with the #web3 terms... 🌐 Today your options on Web3 are only limited by your imagination. One #cryptocurrency #BSC 🌍 A key part of the #blockchain development passes through #Layer1 solutions 🔎 Whether it's #ETH, #BSC, #SOL or any other these are the key groundwork for the development of #cryptocurrencies. What is your opinion about a multi-chain future? Tell us below ⤵️'


02 May 2022

"@MercyLandHaiti won our #GlowV2 April Charity Vote! Haiti is in a crisis as widespread gang violence, kidnappings, and insecurities overwhelmed the country. The poor and the children are always the ones paying the harshest consequences #GlowtokenLLC #GlowingUpDeFi #GlowNation"


01 May 2022

"🙌Thank you to all participants in the #GlowV2 April Charity Vote. We're proud to announce that @MercyLandHaiti was selected by the community to receive the monthly award of $4,100.27! We will be sharing a video award presentation with Mercy Land later this week!"

"🤔 Don't know what a Swap is? 🔎 Swap refers to exchanging one cryptocurrency you hold for the equivalent value of another cryptocurrency. This is similar to trade, with the primary difference being that zero fiat currency is involved 🙌"

" The time has come! #GlowV2 token Swap is now live & running! Trade tokens in an instant with #GlowV2 swapping tool! Visit now"


30 April 2022

"🔃 #Glow token Swap is now live & running! Trade tokens in an instant with $GLOW swapping tool! Visit now ⤵️"


26 April 2022


25 April 2022

"Happy Monday! Start out your week with a positive mindset 😁 to set the tone for your whole week. Have a great day! 🙏"

"Thank you @GREEKDEFIGURU, for another great #GlowV2 YT video! Please go give it a 👍 + comment + share!"