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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

About Glow V2

GLOW represents the illumination of the crypto decentralized finance (DeFi) space through education and charity.

What vision does GlowV2 have for the future?

GLOW is Unity, Clarity, and Security. We are committed to excellence and full transparency, in the way we run our business. Ensuring we build value, and transparency, that forges a bright future for our company and investors. We also provide charitable donations to support community and global causes Partnerships with projects and organizations to promote worthy causes.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




21 August 2022

"It was great talking to the Guys over at Crypto Magazine last night on Darcy's Space. I’d highly recommend to subscribe and keep up with all the latest developments in the Web3 and Crypto space @AB45317"

"10% BUSD dividends on buys and sells. Check your rewards 👀

We have exciting news to drop Monday and much more following that. EOY is going to be a Glowing time! Thank you to all those who support us!"

"If you missed the announcement in @darcydonavan Mega #TwitterSpace! We're excited to announce that Darcy has joined the @GlowFoundation1 Board of Directors! We look forward to glowing up the world with charity and Web3 initiatives!"

"I can't wait for all the new #GlowV2 holders to get to experience a 1 million dollar volume day and see passive income like they have never experienced before! I have a feeling it's coming soon 😉"


16 August 2022

"Don’t hesitate to get in contact with @GlowTokenLLC if you want to join a great team in Defi and feel like you have what it takes to host some awesome Twitter spaces"

"Interviews will complete this week for the new positions of host and co host of our Twitter space Glow Nation. If anyone out there is interested in a new role with @GlowTokenLLC hit me up before Thursday 23:59 Est "


11 August 2022

"We're happy to announce our #GlowV2#CertikAudit is complete!…

Thank you everyone for your patience! Special thanks to @FadeGlowToken and @GlowV2CEO for helping us close this out!"


10 August 2022

"A great opportunity to become a staff member here at Glow Dm @ShaneGlowV2"

"I am interviewing this week for a new host and co host for our show Glow Nation, if anyone of our community members or anyone you know are the right fit tell them to dm me with no more than 500 words of why they should be the new co host.

#GlowV2 #job"

"There is speculation that we are being acquired. I can reinsure everyone that is not the case. We are working hard in the background to build a name for ourselves and build something absolutely incredible for the crypto nation. Feel free to reach out if there are any questions."


09 August 2022

"A great opportunity to become a staff member here at Glow Dm @ShaneGlowV2"

- Glow -

"I am interviewing this week for a new host and co-host for our show Glow Nation, if anyone of our community members or anyone you know are the right fit tell them to dm me with no more than 500 words of why they should be the new co-host. #GlowV2 #job"

- Shane -

Glow V2 COO


02 August 2022

"Donation has been sent out.

Again, thank you #GlowNation for your continued support in helping us bring light to others’ darkness. Without you, none of this would be possible!

Be sure to check out the new August charity candidates @"


28 July 2022

"Infrastructure + education are the fundamentals. We’ve been talking about financial inclusion for generations, yet it’s still too expensive for many to open a bank account. Blockchain + crypto can empower millions of vulnerable people because it’s accessible.” @HelenHaiyu

Glow retweeted the post adding,

"We're here to be part of the solution ✊ 👊 Let's exchange the game, together we're stronger. Know what @HelenHaiyu said here ⤵️"


22 July 2022 "While we’re building and donating to charity, here is some examples of the passive income we offer. 1st IMG: 10T Tokens held with 1 mil vol = $2,230/day 2nd IMG: 1T Tokens held with 1 mil vol = $223/day 3rd IMG: 1T Tokens held with 100k vol = $22/day #GlowV2 #passiveincome" - Jared Glow VP of Education


21 July 2022

"#GlowV2 - Helping children visit @Disney World

Our mission is to help the world through #charity, bringing fun and better life quality to as many people as possible!

Know more ⤵️" Check out Glow's article here!!


19 July 2022

"#GLOWV2 is all over this charity event! Absolutely amazing!"


18 July 2022

"Congratulations to @MetaBusdCoin 👏👏👏 Season 8 here we come. 😎💪 #GlowV2 #VolumeWars #GlowNation #GlowArmy #KnuckleUp" - GLOWV2 "Quote Tweet Volume Wars #1 Multi-Community Trading Competition @VolumeWars · 8h Ooof that was a close one! Down to the last minute, BIG congrats to @MetaBusdCoin on winning season 7! LFG #MBCcrew! 🔔 @GlowTokenLLC will be joining us for season 8, look out for them 👀 show them no mercy. 😉" - Volume Wars


13 July 2022

"We are in constant development also for you

It's good to know when we are also in your priorities #GlowV2 to the moon 🚀

Keep up to date on new news about us↩️ 🕊️ 🎮"


12 July 2022

"One of the steps we want to take this Q will be the creation of a New swap that will benefit the #Glow Ecosystem So it is always good to enlighten the community on this topic How to swap crypto: The 3 channels you can use The 3 most used methods of exchanging crypto are 🫳 OTCs 🫳 Centralized 🫳 Decentralized exchanges Let’s see their benefits and drawbacks Centralized Exchanges When you are swapping crypto, a trading pair lets you make the exchange at a reduced cost or even free The target audience is traders and the platforms adjust to them, this makes it difficult for less knowledgeable people to get involved"
"The drawbacks Complicated interface 🫰 Custody Complicated KYC procedure Price fluctuations Regional limitations #decentralized Exchanges #DEXs were invented as an alternative to centralized exchanges and have overcome a number of problems: No verification Funds are transferred between users' wallets No dependent on any central server Are accessible anywhere"
"The drawbacks 🪫 Low liquidity A small variety of assets OTCs Over-the-counter exchanges are, perhaps, the easiest way for a non-tech-savy user to exchange crypto Typically, they are integrated with centralized exchanges via API and provide their users with a simple interface without all these confusing graphs The drawbacks Opacity The worst rate That said, our swap will be used to facilitate the #Glow ecosystem Stay tuned for more updates "


11 July 2022

"Good morning #GlowNation

What about kicking the week by reviewing what #GlowV2 stands for? Our whitepaper expresses our intention list and what we want to achieve

Make sure to read it & if you have questions, drop em"


10 July 2022

Have a nice weekend #GlowNation

Rest up, don't forget to have good actions and participate in the contest 🖱️

#GlowV2 to the moon 🚀

Follow us ⤵️ 🕊️ 🎮"


8 July 2022

"In our #Roadmap, we aim to have a collection of #charity NFTs 🖼️

🧐If you had to choose #NFTs figures for our project what would it be?"


26 June 2022

"⌛️ The month is ending and also our monthly #charity vote! Have you already voted? These are our options this month ⤵️ 🫴 Bert's Big Adventure 🫴 DV Farm 🫴 Panzi Foundation 🫴 Solemen 🫴 Terre des homme"

"GlowV2 Nft marketplace is looking good 🙂 can't wait... Only a few more days!" - Glow