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Updated: May 18

About EverGrow Coin

EverGrow Coin ($EGC) is a deflationary token designed to become scarcer over time. Eligible Holders* of $EGC will earn an 8% reward from every Buy/Transfer/Sell Transaction in Binance pegged USD ($BUSD), which is automatically sent to your wallet. This generates a stable passive income.

What vision does EverGrow Coin have for the future?

There are various strategies in place to decrease the supply of EverGrow Coin over time, meaning individual holdings will become more valuable and receive a higher proportion of rewards. Via BuyBack & Burn, 2% $EGC is collected from every transaction and converted to BNB, which are stored in the contract. When BuyBack & Burn is enabled, the contract purchases $EGC directly from exchanges, driving the price up, and immediately and permanently removes those purchased tokens from circulating supply by sending them to the contract ‘Burn’ address. This means less circulating supply, so a higher share of rewards paid to holders. EverGrow are also launching a series of utilities and platforms over the coming months, which will all generate revenue independently. Rather than this revenue going to the EverGrow founders and staff, all profits will be used for further BuyBack & Burn, generating positive price action, and removing more tokens from circulating supply and rewards eligibility. The founders and team can only generate income and operating revenue via the same rewards system investors benefit from, fully aligning investors and those running the project with one common goal.


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18 May 2022

Thread from the Chairman of EverGrow

"A thread about utilities and the importance of SCALABILITY! Firstly, for me scalability means 2 things: 1) Potentially unlimited number of clients/users 2) Ability to generate recurring income from those users I learnt my lessons the hard way. At University I set up my... first significant business. It was heavily reliant on direct client service, and clients required many hours of 'handling'. At its peak the business was employing 25 of my uni friends, but the more people we had to take on, the more issues we encountered in terms of keeping... our quality of service high. I ultimately passed that company on, retaining a passive income for myself, because it was just too client-centric and I could see it could no longer grow exponentially. Moving onto my finance company. I learned a lot of lessons from my previous... experience. As someone who has been investing from my teens, I knew I could bring my business experience into the world of finance. I also knew finance could solve the recurring income issues my previous company couldn't. So I spent 2 years studying formal finance exams in my..."
"spare time and opened an EU licensed firm. A lot of the competition just knew finance (many not even that well) but they did not know marketing, so our firm grew quickly, and within our first 2 years we won the leading Financial Marketing Award in Europe - we actually won the... award for our efforts to improve transparency and ethics in the European Finance space. Our marketing was aggressive & very successful. The same old issues of scalability arose - even though we now had substantial recurring income, when you have to onboard & service clients... individually, there is still a real limit on how fast a company can grow. That company is having an incredibly good year, a new office, new staff etc, but before I moved to EGC full-time, I set something in motion that will ultimately solve the scalability issues there... A fintech solution that will begin roll-out over the next 6-12 months. I still own that company, but it is now run by brilliant people, who I have massive respect for & faith in. Moving onto $EGC, you will see in our roadmap that I learnt a lot from 20 years running businesses..."

"Everything in our 'start-up' roadmap is fully scalable. That means it's not about providing intense, one-to-one service to individual clients for a single payday (the mistakes I made with my first company), it's about ensuring that when we launch we can take on 50,000... even 100,000 users/clients in the first week or month, and have an efficient system in place to provide support & service on scale. Our start-up roadmap is just the beginning. I have said all along that we only need one successful utility, so by building a suite of them... we dramatically improve our odds of success. But on the other hand, we have to dedicate focus to each utility in the dev and launch phase, and then bring in dedicated management for each, even possible venture capital, potentially IPO. When our infrastructure is adequate... we can look further into the future of $EGC, but for now it's about launching a fully scalable utility with the potential for unlimited, exponential growth. Every utility will be designed with the same potential."

"This is 100% correct and something that is well in the works. Also the reason we cannot be actively run from or registered in the US. I mentioned this in my recent AMA." - Sam

"This is 100% correct and something that is well in the works. Also the reason we cannot be actively run from or registered in the US. I mentioned this in my recent AMA." Matt


16 May 2022

"$EGC take 1% tax for all operational expenses/salaries/marketing & our main team wallet has been used 100% for buyback so far. Doing math on other projects: combining marketing tax up to 3%, treasury/team wallets controlling huge supply, they take as much as 50% of all rewards

I get personally grilled on absolutely everything, and yet these ridiculous disparities exist throughout our space and receive very little scrutiny. This is one of the reasons I wanted to get involved in DeFi. This space will never succeed until this stuff is cleaned up.

And for confirmation, a total of $317,065 has been paid to the founders/core team since launch, which is 0.85% of all rewards paid since we launched.

There's so much nonsense out there about the team benefitting from rewards etc, but the difference with us is you actually know how we are being paid, rather than 50% of all rewards disappearing through a back door, and the community actually clueless in terms of who gets what."


12 May 2022

"The EGC tokens being sent to Simplex will be available for people to purchase where ever @evergrowcoinEGC decides to put a direct buy button. There will be one in TW (as you already can see) & one on our website. It will be up to the team on where else to put it on our platforms This is a pretty big deal! Who else has had a direct buy button in TW this early on? Usually you have a buy button for BNB and then you have to swap to EGC. This will be a one stop shop to click & buy $EGC. Will update when the button goes LIVE. Personal note: Simplex is how I started to buy. It takes about an hour or two to verify yourself. Another thing, I needed to call my bank for every purchase & ask them to "whitelist" my card.Each CC company or bank is different. I'm in the U.S., check you local card provider" -EverGrow

""Whenever the price eventually turns, EverGrow are in such an incredibly fortunate position. Having 138,633 holders & a healthy marketing budget means all we have to do is ride this out. We didn’t just plan for a rainy day, we planned for a flood of biblical proportions""


11 May 2022


10 May 2022

"#EGCfam, over the next 5 days we will purchase $200,000 of $EGC using the team wallet $BUSD - this $EGC will ultimately be sent to Simplex in preparation for the Direct Buy Button going live."

Team Wallet


09 May 2022

"BSC projects have liquidity based in $BNB, if it falls, there’s less $ value in the LP. This is why BNB price, 47% down from recent highs, is so crucial, & why many projects are suffering. Also represents an opportunity for those who believe these markets will ultimately recover."


08 May 2022

"OpenSea did a mind-blowing $3.5 billion in volume in April 2022 which translates to $87,500,000 revenue at a 2.5% fee. If @lunaskynft can just capture a fraction of that market..."

"If we managed 10% of their volume we'd been burning as much as 10% of our entire supply every month... from our first utility... For anyone wondering why we moved all focus to making @LunaSkyNFT the best NFT marketplace on the planet..."

An EGC community member tweeted, "My prediction is that within 6 months after launch @LunaSkyNFT will be offered a great deal but @EverGrowSam will not take it because we r on the way to second to none @evergrowcoinEGC@EverCommunity," in which ECG Chairman Sam retweeted saying, "I agree with this. I think there is a strong possibility someone will attempt to acquire at least one of our utilities. We wouldn’t rule any deal out because ultimately everything goes back to the #egcfam."

"It’s Sunday so I wanted to treat you all to a @LunaSkyNFT update! It’s looking absolutely beautiful! Still work to be done but hopefully you can see the progress & why it’s important to take our time with such an advanced utility. Our devs are doing an amazing job 🙏❤️ #lunasky"

"Wowowow! @lunaskynft update!!! 😍😍😍 #NFTs #lunasky"


06 May 2022

"AMA got cut off there! Think that’ll do for now, nearly 90 minutes of questions! Video will remain pinned. Thanks so much for joining everyone 🙏❤️ Please leave comments & feedback below the pinned video. 🙏❤️" - EverGrow

"Evergrow AMA with @EverGrowSam!" - EGC

"The live video AMA with @EverGrowSam will be broadcast here, on our main twitter account. Please join us with your questions in 35 mins #EGCfam!"


05 May 2022

"Our Chairman @EverGrowSam will be doing an ama today! Follow & tune-in 🙏 #EGCFAM"

"Yes, @evergrowcoinEGC utilities are delayed. Yes, @EverGrowSam gave ambitious deadlines. But the fundamentals have not changed. I have used LunaSky & Crator. I have seen the wallet & exchange, so impressive. Give them some extra time & they will deliver. Sam will be LIVE this week"

"$EGC is setup so nicely for when our utilities start to drop. We have a great user base, swaps, exchanges, Certik Audit, flawless contract, and hopefully this simplex deal can be closed soon so anyone can buy with the click of a button! They will deliver on everything plus more!"

"Bitcoin is crashing, a lot of people are losing their heads & simply dumping everything they hold. It’s sad to see. I do understand it. Fear & greed are dangerous emotions for investors. Either way, we’ll keep working to make $EGC the best it can be. 🙏💪"

When a holder commented, "We will see a 30k Bitcoin, maybe 25k so I would set your expectations to high for a few months," Sam replied, "I genuinely don’t care about price. I am building a long term project. The value will ultimately be determined in a bull market. In the meantime those selling can hand the rest of us some rewards."


03 May 2022

"I know this price action is tough, but we have our $1 million #lunasky NFT launch coming soon with a huge competition attached. $1 million for BB+B at these levels will be huge in terms of both burn & green candles. Hang on in there #EGCFAM 🙏💪"

"Where are all my true diamond hand holders who believe in the long term vision of $EGC? Remember this point in time for all the naysayers #EGCFAM I love to see all the real soldiers. No one said it would be easy. Delays, bumps, and bruises will come but at the end we will stand tall. I truly believe that and I am putting my investment where my mouth is. No worries here. Am I itching for utilities like you? Yes of course"

"#EGCfam, trying to confirm the DigiFinex volume numbers/rewards but have not been provided sufficient evidence/information. Can any community members who used DigiFinex please DM @EverCommunity so we can obtain some info. We know this is important to you all, want to resolve."


02 May 2022

"Remember; 8% of every buy, sell and transfer is redistributed to eligible holders as #BUSD. Rewards are contingent on bag size and volume. This is #PassiveIncome. "

"Happy Monday everyone! Get out there and conquer the week! It’s your time to shine!"


01 May 2022

"Be sure to follow our @EverCommunity support page. It’s the only EverGrow page dedicated to support. DM’s are monitored 24/7 and answered within hours if not sooner. If you have a question, need help or want to share an idea that’s the place! 🤗"

"It’s Sunday funday! Hope you all have had a pleasant weekend. Whats everyone got on the agenda for today? ☀️ "

"Be sure to follow our @EverCommunity support page. It’s the only EverGrow page dedicated to support. DM’s are monitored 24/7 and answered within hours if not sooner. If you have a question, need help or want to share an idea that’s the place! "


30 April 2022

EGC Chairman Sam tweeted, "Taking some time in nature! This’ll be the first time I’ve been truly off-grid since we launched. Back on Monday, expecting next week to be filled with updates. Have a good one #EGCFAM ❤️"


29 April 2022

EGC Chairman Sam tweeted, "Although it can be frustrating to have to answer the same questions over & over, I respect & understand why this is important, so will always engage with community & communicate clearly & unambiguously whenever anyone has a concern. We also have 24/7 support via @EverCommunity"

A community member replied, "Every time there are new investor it will be appropriate to answer the same questions, even if you don’t like it. Like movie stars doing interviews. They don’t like it but they have to do it," in which Sam responded, "True to some degree but I’m running a large global business here. We have a support team of 75 people. It’s not the chairman’s job to answer individual queries for people who don’t do their own research. Every question has already been answered 100s of times. I will do my best."


28 April 2022



26 April 2022

"Thanks @CryptoControl3 another great video ❤️🙏 "

"Presenting #LunaSky: the world’s most beautiful #NFT Marketplace! Launching soon with a HUGE competition! 👀🎉🎊🎁🍾🥂 Follow @LunaSkyNFT for updates & launch promo news! #EGCFAM $EGC #NFTs"

"Loving the new @LunaSkyNFT name and logo from #evergrowcoin and is why I like the post in the video 🤣#egcfam"

"If you think the immense 15,000 strong. $1 million+ EverGrowMan NFT collection is all we have lined up for the @LunaSkyNFT launch... then you're wrong 😉 #nfts #lunasky"

25 April 2022

"We played with over 100 names and over 100 logos once the name was chosen. Then getting the domains…😮‍💨 I could not be happier with what we went with 🙏❤️ We learnt a lot from the Crator brand launch, I was not going to let anything leak until it was 100%!"

"The name for our NFT Marketplace will be announced tomorrow..."
"We couldn't get the .com unfortunately 😆"