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About Enhance

Enhance Token's tokenomics earn our holders maximum Safemoon rewards. Reward system is triggered if there is sufficient volume (buy + sell activity) to cover gas fees and allow the swap and airdrop of the rewards.

Why did Enhance choose SafeMoon?

We created a unique way to earn passive SAFEMOON. The Safemoon Airdrop Protocol, aka Enhance Token, has a single objective: to deploy Safemoon airdrops to as many people in as many ways as possible. The way it works for holders: You buy tokens and hold them; you’ll automatically receive SAFEMOON deposits in your wallet. So sit back and collect while holding Enhance Token..


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




22 May 2022

To listen to Enhance CEO Chase "Ace" Coleman's story, click here!!

"#EnhanceToken will be returning very soon to where it belongs, the #SafeMoonSwap 🔥"

#NFTExpoverse @nft_expoverse dates July 29-31 - Los Angeles **Booth 419 December 9-11 - Fort Lauderdale Q2 2023 - New York Expect us #UniteDeFi from Coast-to-Coast


19 May 2022

"🤔What if i told you we are going to drop an Exclusive Enhance Ecosystem Utility once a month EVERY month minimum for the rest of 2022 starting in June? Per community request June 1st we kick it off with Staking the #EnhancedApes 🦍 as well as the #EnhancedMasks 🎭 too!"


18 May 2022

"@EnhanceToken is now LIVE on the #EnhanceSwap! https://enhanceswap.com 🚀"

"💥 We've reached 4,000 members on Discord! "



17 May 2022

"Anybody check their wallets yet? Due to some people having issues with migrating across various wallets, i said bump that claim just airdrop everybody their tokens instead! Contract Address: 0xCb6a0c342e0968b3D4AC0C90b8da4edBA74f0385 OK ima be quiet again LFG" - CEO of Enhance Ace " So we can migrate w/o issues now? Just double checking...." Lou " It's already migrated for you. Take the address Ace has in this post and add the new token to your wallet and your enhance will show up." Leon

"Got my v3 tokens in SFM wallet!!!"

Check out this video on how to migrate to V3!

"ATTENTION : Due to unauthorized trading activity during our LP removal we have to push the reseeding of our new contract LP a little further out. We are reverting and refunding all buys made in that time. This protects our community from large amounts bought at incorrect price."


16 May 2022

"Please be patient during this migration process. Many steps must be completed by the team before this will be completed. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we grow our project to better serve the entire community."

"V3 Token Claim is LIVE Go to: http://EnhanceToken.net Then: Scroll down to contract Click write as proxy Click connect to web 3 Connect your trust wallet Go back to bsc scan Click function 1 blue button claim Approve gas fee in trust wallet Get V3 #EnhanceToken"

"🚨 UPDATE 🚨 #WENV3?! 👉 Migration begins in 1 hour on http://EnhanceToken.net 👉 Launch of @EnhanceToken PLUS #EnhanceStaking on http://Enhanceswap.com on Monday at 10pm EST"


14 May 2022

"@EnhanceToken has halted trading on the #SafemoonSwap until the new contract launches. Stay tuned for updates on the relaunch."


08 May 2022

"#EnhanceStaking isn’t the artificial staking method you may be familiar with (a lock-up period of 30-60-90 days). Instead, we'll offer true staking with a validator node. It’s a minimum staking duration of 7 EPOCHs, roughly 18-hours apart, about 5 days before you can un-stake." - Enhance


07 May 2022

"Along with our new Multi-Chain Token Launch, we would like to present http://EnhanceSwap.com, our brand new Swap equipped with fiat onboarding! Powered by our amazing friends at @ShillXOfficial 🚀"

"Will be streaming Reader Player One in 3D in BigscreenVR tonight at 9PM CST. Will post the room code at about 8:30. Are you coming?"

"As the @EnhancedWomen podcast is organically reaching more listeners, I would like to announce that a new episode has dropped! Listen to an interview with @stefskye, @GarrettHutslar, & @CryftC team 💚"

Listen to the podcast on Spotify!


05 May 2022

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04 May 2022

"🚨#Announcement: We’re enhancing our ecosystem and our holders. In order to ensure the best user experience, we will be temporarily migrating liquidity to pancake swap. This upgrade is in the best hands and we anticipate a quick turnaround as we implement our #EnhanceExperience"

"The biggest part of a project or company in this space is it's COMM-UNITY! Sure, holding the token or the #NFT is important, but if you're here just to SUPPORT, that is just as rich and we appreciate that."

"One thing @safemoonace has taught me is to live life to my fullest. Don’t wait for him, don’t wait for this crypto project or that. Everything will come at the right time. Everything will come when it’s supposed to. Only YOU can make the difference."

"Enhanced Women of Crypto presents Ladies Crypto and Chill Twitter space every Thursday night at 8:00 pm CST. Join us and have the freedom to speak and have an amazing time. Guy's are welcome too and send us your lady or mother.💞💐"


30 April 2022

"🌑📡Moon Broadcast📡🌑 Hello #NFTCommunity, just finished the first @EnhancedWomen version for my upcoming @EnhanceToken Moonizens collection. 50 retweets in 24HR for the final reveal 👽👀 👽🖤🛸 #EnhanceToken #NFT #SAFEMOON #NFTs @HelloEnhance @SafeMoonAce @Atari_Force"


29 April 2022

"As we have done before.. We will #ENHANCE the game AGAIN. If you can feel my positive vibes and energy comment and say #HelloEnhance."


27 April 2022


26 April 2022

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"Love me or hate me.. If someone has been loyal to me and mines..you will never hear me talk negatively or allow someone to talk negatively about said person in my presence regardless of what they may have done elsewhere. Everyone deserves a chance to do right by me. Ask around."


25 April 2022

"Allow me to formally Welcome @DonBaileySpeaks on his new role of Chief Strategy Officer with us at @HelloEnhance . Y’all thought my trip to Philly was for no reason?? I could make ample tweets with his accolades but y’all know what he’s about! 💣 SAY HELLO TO OUR NEW CSO! LFG🚀"

All energy drink orders made before midnight pst tonight ships out tomorrow. #SafeMoon X #EnhanceToken


"Since it’s late and everybody’s obviously asleep and nobody will retweet this or make any comments i might as well drop a hint to one of these ?question marks? in the #EnhancedApes roadmap…we are going to begin benefiting our holders in many ways… starting with these.."

"The @EnhancedApes is minting LIVE on http://enhancedapes.com!! Also, we will be at the Los Angeles Convention Center in July 29-31st for the @NFT_Expoverse #NFTExpoverse "