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Empire Token

Updated: Sep 3, 2022



About Empire Token

The Empire Token will bring users an innovative coin that offers multiple use-cases, stretching from DeFi applications like NFTs to real-world operations that flex the token’s capabilities.

What vision does Empire Token have for the future?

Empires vision is to deliver products and provide solutions that are beneficial not only to the entire DeFi and blockchain ecosystem but also the real world. Starting with DeFi applications, our first project is a unique NFT marketplace that allows users to generate revenue to publishers, thereby allowing NFT owners to generate revenue through trading and leasing their NFTs for commercial use. Endless applications are to follow, from integration with real-life businesses such as ride-hailing apps, to buying discounted airline tickets using our own search engine. With an ambitious yet very realistic and achievable roadmap of real-world applications, Empire is a token like no other. From there we keep climbing, with endless real-life, value-generating use cases. How much we do is dependent on how much we grow! The sky's the limit.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.



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03 September 2022

"You may have heard about the contract migration process or if you haven’t, you are now. We would like to let you know that we will be migrating to a new contract soon.

Read the full details here. Keep Climbing!"


21 August 2022

"Nearly a year ago, we released the Empire NFT marketplace. Time has passed and we believed we were being left behind by our competitors. Hence, we decided to revamp and redeveloped the ENTIRE marketplace—new design, new features, you name it!"


20 August 2022

"Due to the recent changes in #BitMart’s reflection system, reflections will be paid out in $USDT instead of $EMPIRE starting next week. If you have any questions, please reach out to BitMart’s team directly through their official channels.

Keep Climbing!"


17 August 2022

"62% of our survey respondents so fair said that they are a long term holder." Are you a long term holder as well, but havent participated in our survey yet? Every participation helps us to build better products for you

Participate here

Keep Climbing!"


16 August 2022

"After a long wait, we are pleased to present you today the first look at the interface of our upcoming application, @defigram_io

عد طول انتظار يسرّنا أن نقدم لكم اليوم النظرة الأولى على واجهة تطبيقنا القادم

@defigram_io Keep Climbing!"

"Hey, Hey, Hey, help us build a stronger Empire by participating in our survey if you haven't already. Every participation is appreciated and helps us a lot.


Keep Climbing!"


15 August 2022

"Hello Folks! Happy Sunday to you all. Today we bring you the first glimpse of our UI screens. Don't forget to tell us what you think! :)"

Read the Empire Token Weekly here!!


11 August 2022

"Hey, Hey, Hey! The long awaited UI video is finally finished and shipped to provide a first look at how @defigram_io will look like 🔥 What do you think about the design? Let us know in the comments 👇

Keep Climbing!"


10 August 2022

"We would once again like to remind you about the dangers of crypto, since we as Empire Token have been and still are a target of many scamming and phishing attacks, therefore it's even more important to stay cautious out there.

Learn more:…

Keep Climbing!"


09 August 2022

"Quick reminder for our ongoing survey, in case you haven´t taken part in it already, feel free to do so, it would help us a lot. Keep Climbing!"

"Hey, Hey, Hey, thank you for this awesome AMA, we hope every question you had could be answered. In order to optimize our strategies, we would like to get an insight into our current community, via our survey, thank you.


Keep Climbing!"

"Hello Folks! We are up and running with a new name for our weekly newsletter. Go, check it out and leave a comment to share your thoughts about this week's interesting topic.

Read our latest: “Empire Prime Time: The Era of Viral TikToks 🚀


07 August 2022

"Hey, Hey, Hey! In case you have missed the AMA or didn't have time to listen to it afterward, here is an awesome summary for you. Summaries in other languages will be prepared as we speak to maximize our reach. Keep Climbing!"

To read the AMA summary, click the image below!


05 August 2022

"Hey, Hey, Hey! We have had yet another exciting and successful AMA, this time on Twitter Spaces, to answer the hottest questions surrounding Empire Token and give a more detailed outlook for the upcoming developments. Keep Climbing!"


03 August 2022

"Hey, Hey, Hey, just a quick reminder for our AMA today, you can still submit questions via the link below. The event has been already scheduled on Twitter, check it out

Submit your questions here:

Twitter Spaces:

Keep Climbing!" - Empire Token


02 August 2022

"Hey, Hey, Hey, a gentle reminder, in case you are interested in applying for any of these positions, fit the requirements and want to be part of an awesome Team, feel free to apply"

- Empire

Empire is currently looking for the following to join their team:

Project manager

Research and development specialist Multimedia Artist