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About DxSale

Currently, DxSale is the largest truly decentralized IDO launchpad on BSC, while also supporting 11 other chains! We make it easy to mint and launch your IDO without requiring any coding knowledge, so you can focus on marketing & building your product. There are no barriers to creating an IDO, and there are many security features built in our DAO to save time and build assurance for project creators and investors. Check out https://dx.app to get started!

What vision does DxSale have for the future?

The goal has always been to verify and push the boundaries of smart contract use cases to replace traditional-based applications and middle-men, building high user-experienced dApps. Part of our goal was achieved by building a decentralized launchpad (DxLaunch) that does not require any hand-holding and is managed by our DAO. DxLaunch became a disruptor technology leader in the crypto industry in 2021, facilitating over 12,000 IDOs. We built tools to aid contributors to make smarter decisions with their funds rather than creating barriers for entrepreneurs and contributors.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




22 May 2022

"When #crypto markets are tough, it's important to not panic sell your #crypto gems. Token lockers provide a convenient way to do just that."

Create your token locker today on DxLock


02 May 2022

"DxScan aims to provide better insight into contracts & on-chain data to bring meaningful stats to everyday crypto users.⛓️ We will utilize the tools to better enhance the experience of all our users on the platform.📲 Expanding our vision to become a B2B service provider.♻️"


29 April 2022

"DxStudio aims to be a gaming studio whose core focus is to build out AAA gaming titles.♻️ Have every game ready for technical assessment to determine which product is most feasible and thriving in the market! 🎮"


26 April 2022

"DxArcade will be an in-house set of games that we’d love to make for the crypto industry.♻️ We look forward to building multiple challenging games to increase adoption in GameFi! 🎮"
"DxFarm focuses on being an aggregation farming platform that will utilize our DAO to provide reliable APYs, rather than high APYs that come through a mintable token. DxFarm vision is to remove the challenges of Impermanent loss and provide a one-stop for all stable farmers."

25 April 2022

"Plenty ways to lock your #tokens or #LP in over #14 chains! Claim your rewards from your reward locker as it collects tax fees!"

Visit dx.app/app/v3_3/dxlock