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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

About DxSale

Currently, DxSale is the largest truly decentralized IDO launchpad on BSC, while also supporting 11 other chains! We make it easy to mint and launch your IDO without requiring any coding knowledge, so you can focus on marketing & building your product. There are no barriers to creating an IDO, and there are many security features built in our DAO to save time and build assurance for project creators and investors. Check out to get started!

What vision does DxSale have for the future?

The goal has always been to verify and push the boundaries of smart contract use cases to replace traditional-based applications and middle-men, building high user-experienced dApps. Part of our goal was achieved by building a decentralized launchpad (DxLaunch) that does not require any hand-holding and is managed by our DAO. DxLaunch became a disruptor technology leader in the crypto industry in 2021, facilitating over 12,000 IDOs. We built tools to aid contributors to make smarter decisions with their funds rather than creating barriers for entrepreneurs and contributors.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




21 August 2022

"📰🚨DX-News 🚨📰

Here the weekends top crypto news:

🚨Nexo is suing former Director

🚨Not a Bank (Celcius) running out of money

🚨JP Morgan roots for Coinbase?

🚨battle of the youtube shit posters

🚨NFT Brawlers whitelist!"


19 August 2022

"Custom vfx by our team 💪 super pre alpha

Visit for white list"


16 August 2022

"Genesis NFT sale white list is now ON:

Register now! 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆"


11 August 2022

"Binance Card on Argentina, SEC v s Coinbase, Solana Multiple Personalities Dev,

WazirX accused of money laundering!"


10 August 2022

"DxSale Blockchain futurist conference experience #Futurist22. We saw many great companies and familiar faces! We have also show cased @NFTBrawlersGame and there is a live YouTube trailer reveal for our game #nftgame #nfts #nft #crypto #bitcoin #web3 #unity3d"


08 August 2022

"Only a day away until @Futurist_conf in Toronto, Canada! Looking forward to sharing and contributing to the future!" Conference link:


07 August 2022

"Tune in as we go over:

1- The Solana Hack

2- The Nomad Bridge Hack

3- Nomad ignoring the vulnerabilities that caused the hack

4- Binance and Coingape accidentally sharing scams

5- NFT Brawlers



28 July 2022

"📰🚨DX-News 🚨📰

Coinbase said what!? 🤨

How solid is Coinbase? Is it possible that they can get out clean when several of their partners have crashed? Watch:"


19 July 2022

"Hello world! We are NFT Brawlers aka Top Secret Game by DxSale! We have been teasing bits and pieces of the game over all sorts of social media recently 👀 Official game trailer will be out on the August 9th 2022. Catch us at the Toronto's Blockchain futurist #nft #nftgame"


18 July 2022

"Never stop building…"


13 July 2022

"Making everyone break their neck with this side ways teaser"


12 July 2022

"Save your development time & provide assurance to your community by using our minting #token service that is audited by Certik!"


21 June 2022

"Guys, we are producing a documentary regarding #LUNA. People like @cryptegridy are fact-checking plus others from the community are helping. This is a crowd collaboration, for anyone who wants to help shoot a DM. All credits will be given to participants of course. We need:

1. Researchers

2. Voice actors

3. Script reviewers

No experience required since is for educational purposes. I'm dyslexic so I messed this same tweet previously :p"

"cries in #eth What's the next big and upcoming #IDO? Most liked comment will be eligible for a marketing package if they launch on #dxsale!"


20 June 2022

"Check out our reward locker on over 14 chains!

With the recent update, any reflection token locked will now have a claimable function for owners to collect reflections while token asset is locked!"

""1 Billion in Total value locked in our lockers across 16 EVMs. #BSC #ETH #MATIC Create your token locks and liquidity locks today! We even have "Reward" Lockers, allowing you to redeem rewards earned from the locker. "



17 June 2022

DxSale: "Hmmm is almost like someone is getting doxxed, 👀👀" Blockchain Futurist Conference: "📣 @dxsale is an Official Gold Sponsor of Blockchain Futurist Conference📣 #DxSale is the #1 Leading Decentralized Launchpad and Token Services Protocol - Catch them at #Futurist22 & #ETHToronto August 8-10 in #Toronto Click the link in our bio for more #Futurist info! 💖"


15 June 2022

"DxSale is an easy to use decentralized #launchpad, supporting 16 chains. Join the Original launchpad - and reach out to our CMs on telegram for any assistance! #crypto" - DxSale

DxSale Launchpad


14 June 2022

"Customizable, Trustable, Pre-Audited token creation service on Supporting over 16 chains"


11 June 2022

"DxMint now allows users to create a pre-audited 'divided' token, but what is it really? See video to learn more and head over to to start creating your first #crypto #token with a single click!"


09 June 2022

" is an open platform that allows you to create your very own #cryptocurrency without any coding required! #dx #decentralized #launchpad #blockchain #bsc #gems #kyc"

"One step at a time. You'll get there"


08 June 2022

"1 Billion in Total value locked in our lockers across 16 EVMs. #BSC #ETH #MATIC Create your token locks and liquidity locks today!"


07 June 2022

"Concept art of top secret game 👀 Who do you think this is? Visit #NFT #nftgame #NFTProject #nfts #NFTCommunity #NFTdrop #NFTartist #NFTartwork #nftart" - DxSale retweet of Top Secret Game


03 June 2022