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What Is a Crypto Dusting Attack?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

What Is a Crypto Dusting Attack and will SafeMoon Wallet Change that?


Crypto dust in your wallet doesn’t give anyone control of your funds!


What is Crypto Dusting?

The term "Dusting" is used in Crypto when an anonymous source is trying to attack any wallet holder in which a small trace amount (usually a few $ but can sometimes be a lot of coins/tokens) of crypto, called dust, is sent to hundreds if not thousands of wallets. This attack is deployed in order to track these addresses with the hope of “un-masking” or removing the anonymity of the wallet holder. Dust is found on most public blockchains, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to list a few.

So why do Dusting Attacks happen?

Dusting attacks happen by large groups of criminals to begin a process of trying to locate and remove the anonymity of who the wallet might belong to. Normally this would be targeted towards larger holding wallets of specific or multiple coins but does not mean a smaller wallet won't be targeted. However Dusting attacks are always attacks by criminals as a branch of the government such as a tax or law enforcement agency may also perform a dusting attack in order to connect a person or group to an address. This would be then used to specifically target gangs that are a part of a larger criminal network that are involved in things such as

money launderers, tax evasion, or dealings of contraband.

The other form of dusting is when mass dust is sent to wallets to stress test a network as it's a large amount of throughput on the new work as it's using high bandwidth. It is essentially a stress test to the network by spamming the system. So do not stress if and when you receive a bit of dust as it might not always be a bad thing.

Should You Be Worried About Getting Dusted?

Unless you’re a whale (a person with large holdings) or live in an area where personal safety, security, or political instability is a common problem, dust attacks are more of an annoyance than a real concern. Crypto dust in your wallet doesn’t give anyone control of your funds! As time has gone on New wallet platforms have implemented new privacy measures which have greatly reduced the common concerns with dusting.

Will SafeMoon Wallet help with dusting?

The SafeMoon Wallet could use a hierarchical-deterministic (HD) wallet, which creates new addresses each time you transact, makes it harder to trace you. SafeMoon wallet could also show dust UTXOs (unspent transaction outputs), which you can mark “do not spend" making it easier to know which of your portfolio is dust. These small amounts are then left in your wallet, and if you never use them, no one can track where they go. So while SafeMoon Wallet is going to be huge with its military-grade encryption as long as you don't touch and of the dust, you are perfectly safe.



SafeMoon Educator (Writer)

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