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Updated: Jun 28, 2022


Doxed is a Crypto Security based token focusing on identity verification. We offer a platform for developers to dox through our KYD system legitimately. (Know your developer). The KYD process will not only allow developers to verify their identity, It will also be a platform for investors to confirm that the developers have been vetted legitimately. Every Project that runs through our system will have a DOX KYD stamp of approval if the identity verification passes. Ultimately reducing the risk of project developers rugging. (Removing all liquidity thus making a token / coin worthless )

What vision does DOXED have for the future?

2% of every transaction is collected into the contract for givebacks. The contract automatically swaps the 2% to BNB and sends them into the giveback wallet. Every time the giveback wallet reaches 5 bnb, we host a drawing to 5 random holders. on the top 1000 holders list. A random number is selected using a random number generator and the 5 winning numbers are matched to the holders list and airdropped 1 bnb each. This is continuous so the more volume the more givebacks.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




26 June 2022

"KYC your developers, get your token featured and gain a marketing catalyst all in one package!"- Doxed


21 June 2022

"If you didn't know Dox is available on @safemoon swap! Easy to use, simple to operate. Support @DoxedOfficial_ and @Safemoon buy buying on their swap!"

Check it out here or click the link on site

"Dox Raffle is coming! We will be going live with our first raffle in just a few days! As we grow so will the prizes, donations to charity and buybacks! #KYCservices #AreYouDoxed"

"Good Morning! in 2021 alone over a billion dollars was removed from crypto just from rug pulls. Remember the mission. KYC Areyoudoxed"


20 June 2022

"Want to be an affiliate for Doxed to earn extra income shoot us a message!"

"This Thursday join us at 7pm! Announcements, Updates, and a giveaway as always! Do not miss it!"


17 June 2022

"Are you constantly on twitter? Know how to grow an audience? We are hiring! Earn extra income just for operating and promoting our twitter, TG, and Discord! Reach out to for inquiries"


12 June 2022

"Here are some of the changes in the making. There is a lot more detail to these that will be coming out periodically but this is an overall basis of the first upcoming changes to Doxed. Please feel free to reach out with any questions"


06 June 2022

"Make your money work for you. You get a KYC for the entire team and a marketing catalyst all in one package #Jointhemovement #StopRugpulls #KYC" - Doxed Official

"Good Morning Doxed Family! We have a big announcement coming in the next few days!"


31 May 2022

"Top Secret Game reveal coming soon Secret pre-trailer out in telegram group only 👀"


23 May 2022

"In Honor of Memorial Day we will be honoring all Military owned tokens with half off on our KYC services! Veteran own, or Active military owned! 50% Off any package!"

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15 May 2022

"Earn $500 with every token referred through our KYC Platform #saitama#LUNAtics#KYC#BSC#DOXED#Areyoudoxed#ethdox#launch#Passiveincome 25% of all income generated on our Platform goes back to buying Doxed"

"Huge Announcement! Our team is paying out $500 to any Doxed Holder that refers a project to run through our KYD Platform. This is good for the next 30 days until June 15th 'Payouts will be in BNB & You must send us proof of referral' #KYC #Giveaway"

"We are hiring! Social Media Marketing Lead Sales Associates Graphic Designer / Content creator Shoot us a message! You will have to fully dox and run through our KYC to be considered"


13 May 2022

"You all want to see a 200k mc gem go to 2 million??? Stay tuned, we have some partnerships brewing 👀👀 Join the movement #roadtoamillion #kyc #BSCgems #EthGem #ethdox #dox"
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12 May 2022