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Doxed is a Crypto Security based token focusing on identity verification. We offer a platform for developers to dox through our KYD system legitimately. (Know your developer). The KYD process will not only allow developers to verify their identity, It will also be a platform for investors to confirm that the developers have been vetted legitimately. Every Project that runs through our system will have a DOX KYD stamp of approval if the identity verification passes. Ultimately reducing the risk of project developers rugging. (Removing all liquidity thus making a token / coin worthless )

What vision does DOXED have for the future?

2% of every transaction is collected into the contract for givebacks. The contract automatically swaps the 2% to BNB and sends them into the giveback wallet. Every time the giveback wallet reaches 5 bnb, we host a drawing to 5 random holders. on the top 1000 holders list. A random number is selected using a random number generator and the 5 winning numbers are matched to the holders list and airdropped 1 bnb each. This is continuous so the more volume the more givebacks.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




23 May 2022

"In Honor of Memorial Day we will be honoring all Military owned tokens with half off on our KYC services! Veteran own, or Active military owned! 50% Off any package!"

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15 May 2022

"Earn $500 with every token referred through our KYC Platform #saitama#LUNAtics#KYC#BSC#DOXED#Areyoudoxed#ethdox#launch#Passiveincome 25% of all income generated on our Platform goes back to buying Doxed"

"Huge Announcement! Our team is paying out $500 to any Doxed Holder that refers a project to run through our KYD Platform. This is good for the next 30 days until June 15th 'Payouts will be in BNB & You must send us proof of referral' #KYC #Giveaway"

"We are hiring! Social Media Marketing Lead Sales Associates Graphic Designer / Content creator Shoot us a message! You will have to fully dox and run through our KYC to be considered"


13 May 2022

"You all want to see a 200k mc gem go to 2 million??? Stay tuned, we have some partnerships brewing 👀👀 Join the movement #roadtoamillion #kyc #BSCgems #EthGem #ethdox #dox"
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12 May 2022


11 May 2022

"Did you know ethdox only has a 2% buy tax? 4% eth rewards back to holders on every sell. Staking pools and claim dashboard Don’t forget already on a CEX ( 0x5892F5d533E81f9dF91CD4A61886D555BAE6b166"


09 May 2022

"In times like now where the market is pretty much dying, you have to adapt. Now is the time to build. Build the business, build your portfolio, build connections. This is where Utility will out pace hype. And only the strong survive @DoxedOfficial_ is the call"


05 May 2022

"Join the Movement"


04 May 2022

"Why should Devs run through a KYC? Hundreds of rug pulls happen every day. This is where developers decide to remove all of the liquidity leaving your tokens worthless. A KYC helps stop this by attaching the dev to the project. If they steal your money a suit can be filed. This is where Doxed comes in. They run through our KYC, they get a stamp of approval, investors can verify the KYC. This makes a more safe crypto space. A project standpoint is that it makes you stand out from the crowd showing you are serious about your business and token."


02 May 2022

"💫 Promo going on now!! 💫 🚀 0% buy tax on ETHDOX 🚀 4% all around tax on Doxed! DOXED/BNB 0xEDA3eB7A5494443beb800cD4cc70388228CEe84e ETHDOX/ETH 0x5892F5d533E81f9dF91CD4A61886D555BAE6b166 #KYC #CryptoNews"


01 May 2022

"Who has the strongest community? The community who tags their token the most in the comments will win a full Doxed Listing Package! This will run until May 14th! Like and comment your favorite tokens!"

"Hey everyone! We are looking for someone to run twitter spaces and host doxed AMA’s. Pay is included and will be disscussed! You must have experience and be active on twitter constantly! #twitter #crypto #hiring #amas #bsc #Ethereum"

"Go into every community you are invested in! Ask the Devs to provide you with proof of a KYC. If they can't send, them our way. They can KYC on their own through us."

"We highly recommend not investing in tokens or nfts where the developers cannot provide proof of a KYC. Our newly launched platform does just that. We provide the KYC and the Proof 🧐"

"Good Morning!!!!! 💫 0% buy tax on ethdox! 💫 Buybacks coming for Doxed! DOXED/BNB 0xEDA3eB7A5494443beb800cD4cc70388228CEe84e ETHDOX/ETH 0x5892F5d533E81f9dF91CD4A61886D555BAE6b166"


30 April 2022

"Want to earn extra income? @DoxedOfficial_ Is hiring for sales of their KYC utility. Commission based with the potential to bring in 6 figures a year. Work your way up to earning 30% of every KYC that is referred through our platform by you. #AreYouDoxed"

"Are You Doxed? If you have invested in a project where they can’t provide a KYC source tell them to come to Dox! We run developers through KYC’s while providing a stamp of approval! This means if your dev rugs on you! We have their info to file suit!"

"Good Morning!!!!! ETHDOX listed on @coingecko this morning with 0% buy tax going on!"


29 April 2022

"We are hiring! We are looking for people with experience in business and marketing in cryptocurrencies! We are also hiring for sales! If you are in need of income and have experience shoot us or @DoxedDev a message to set up a call!"

Stick with tokens on @DoxedOfficial_’s KYD platform. To get listed developers have to run through a KYC and pass…Which meansss if they rug, guess who has their info 👀👀"

0% buy Tax on ETHDOX! 4% all around Tax on Dox Indefinitely! 🚀 4% ETH rewards on ETHDOX! 🚀 Utility is fully launched! It is time! DOXED/BNB 0xEDA3eB7A5494443beb800cD4cc70388228CEe84e ETHDOX/ETH 0x5892F5d533E81f9dF91CD4A61886D555BAE6b166


28 April 2022

"LOOK AT THE POTENTIAL FREE MONEY YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON !!!!! #ETHDOX Holders who are currently Staking have been seeing these APR % staying consistent and slowly climbing up 🚀 "


27 April 2022

"#Doxed KYD platform is now officially open to ALL Developers and there teams, We have successfully ran our first round of projects and the platform is running smoothly and we are ready for All developers to come and get #Doxed"

"Want Tokens to follow with verified KYC's? Every token that gets listed on our directory will have a complete KYC done verifying their identity. @DoxedOfficial_ Is the KYC solution in Crypto"


26 April 2022

"All developers wishing to get on our KYD platform, please DM @DoxedDev or send us a DM to the main twitter page. We are up and running and will be adding new projects and there developers daily"

25 April 2022

"Good morning #DoxedNation !!! KYD platform is up and running and we are going to be working with our first group of developers over the next few days 🔥 So many massive things are coming for Doxed and our community!!! We appreciate the support from all of you 🙏"