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SafeMoon Lowdown (Jan 5th, 2022)

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

WHAT HAPPENED ON V1? - A Discord Q&A with John Karony, CEO

Is liquidity locked?

"No. Locking LPs/Treasuries is an archaic process by faceless dev teams of the past. SafeMoon is a tech company."


"This is why WE WILL NOT LOCK LP AGAIN. We have fixed the issue, and will be conducting follow up actions. V2 is fine. Only thing that was affected was SafeMoon (co). Not the holders."

You guys got hacked?


Has the price of SafeMoon really dropped by 70%?

"V1 doesn’t matter. V2 was not affected."

Thank you for clarification, Captain. Nothing but a bump in the road.

"Not even a bump. But this stuff is avoidable HAD WE NEVER LOCKED THE LP (on PCS). We are beholden and limited by 3rd parties, that frankly, do not care as much as SafeMoon (co) cares for its users. V2 was not affected. Only SafeMoon (co). The brilliant actions of the moderators, the SafeMoon Army and Charles were able to stop the errors and limitations of our 3rd party partners.

PS, yesterday we caught a scammer on V2. The SafeMoon Army is STRONG!"

What actually happened on V1? Why are there so many transactions from 1INCH Exchange that show Self Destruct?

"We won’t make accusations as we do not want to put someone under the fire until we have all the facts. We are getting all the facts regarding the cause. HOWEVER, it doesn’t matter, as it does not affect the users. V2 is the EVOLUTION.

Simple. Someone exploited v1 through a whitelisted wallet utilizing a 3rd party. This was in the process of migration for users on a 3rd party platform. We undid the whitelist and now it’s fixed. V2 was not affected as we were able to blacklist the wallet address.

AKA, not on SafeMoon. But as always, we have our users’ best interest in mind ALWAYS. And even though it’s not on us, we will do whatever we can to protect the SafeMoon Army and continue the evolution."

So in other words, you 360 no scoped them

"This whole situation could have been avoided had WE NEVER LOCKED THE LP! It’s an archaic thing people do to build trust. It’s a copout, and not a real long term solution. It’s not the evolved way of doing things. We will never do this again."

V1 still trading in BitMart… don’t know what’s happening. Any idea?

"That’s offchain. Google onchain vs offchain."

How long for Unicrypt to transfer LP V1 to V2?

"We are working with their team to do it. Again, they are a third party, and we do not have control over the process. Had we never locked it, we could have done it when we started V2 migration."


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