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Cryft Coin

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

About Cryft Coin

Cryft Cards and (CRYFT) Coins create the first cryptocurrency gift cards with a dedicated community and ecosystem.

What vision does Cryft Coin have for the future?

With physical gift cards in your local store, and digital Holiday to Birthday NFT cards, Cryft is making it easier than ever to give, learn and interact with the latest blockchain assets. Cryft Coin (CRYFT) is created and developed as a SafeMoon fork. Meaning we have Tokenomics! (CRYFT) Holders pay 5% tax buy/sell/transfer with 5% getting distributed among all current holders. The Cryft Team is constantly developing easier-to-use software and hardware for individuals on any experience level. The next peer you gift physical Cryft "Gift" Cards, will actually understand what they received.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




17 August 2022


Cryft is excited to announce that we will be making an upgrade to our contract😉

#COMINGSOON #Cryft will be reflecting 100% of our 3% #reflections in #BBTF to all holders

Official #LaunchDate coming soon."

"NFA.DYOR Fully doxed and beautiful team in the #SAFEMOONECOSYSTEM out here bringing the gift of crypto to everyone, even people who don’t know what crypto is! Let’s goooo!"

To listen to the Space, click here!


11 August 2022


To celebrate the teams hard work and our holders dedication, we have decided to give back to all #Cryftopians!! How does everyone feel about a 50 Million token #AirDrop 👀

Simply add the v2 contract address found on our website:

"Hey #Cryftopians & #SafeMoonArmy be sure to tune in tonight for rounds two and three to get some exclusive updates regarding #Cryft V2 as well as a gift for all Cryftopians!"

SafeMoon community member: "Any way you can make a physical or digital gift card with a QR code that can be scanned by SafeMoon wallet [app?] This way we can buy the cards, simply scan the code on them, and the money is put right onto our wallet? Simple and streamlined process for even new investors."

CryftCards: "Call John"

Hayden: "Shoot me a DM through our portal and let’s see what we can do."


10 August 2022

"Hey #Cryftopians…Did you think we didn’t have more up our sleeves for you all? 👀 #Surprise @CryftCreator and the team have a jam packed day prepared for you tomorrow! Come one, come all, grab a drink and come join us! 🎉"


09 August 2022

"Hey #Cryftopians & #SafeMoonArmy! The @CryftC team will be on #SafeMoon Talk w/ @__CryptoZeus__, @DreamingSFM, & @KeveHeavy Wednesday at 6pm EST/ 3pm PST!

Be sure to look for their official announcement & set your reminders! Come #GetCryfty with us!"


01 August 2022

"Attention all #cryftopians #cryftarmy #safemoonarmy ! We encourage you join us on discord for the most interactive experience with our community. There you will get more info, more frequently. to join our server!"


20 July 2022

"Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening #CryftArmy and #SAFEMOONARMY! The team will soon announce a new game within the #CryftZone🥚and the first addition of a Hitchhikers Guide to Cryftopia 👍!"


18 July 2022

"We've intentionally stayed quiet since we returned from Cryptopia to allow our team to focus fully on the development of #Cryft V2 and the upgraded website. The contract has passed it's KYC & audit from @DessertSwap Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work."

Q: Will we need to do anything to Migrate? What is the consolidation ratio?

"We will have an official announcement, however since this has become knowledge in our discord I will share with you that you will not need to do anything. It will be airdropped. It is a 10 to 1 consolidation."


14 June 2022

"Hello #Cryftopians! We want you to know that while we have been quiet recently, we have been steadily working towards our goals on the roadmap to take #Cryft to the next level in it's evolution. We appreciate your patience & support as we #GiftTheMoon. Stay #Cryfty!"


05 June 2022

"@CryftC is giving a name to #gifting #cryptocurrencies Why? Because we want to share the gift of crypto with the world, no matter your experience. #CryftCards looks to work with ALL of our #SafeMoonEcoSystem partners. #GiftTheMoon with $Cryft!" Cryft CMO


19 May 2022

The @CryftC Bronze membership #NFT Benefits include: •3 trees planted every year

•25% Off #CryftMark#NFTs for life!

•Buy back and burn $5 of #CryftCoin at time of purchase


18 May 2022

"Choose from 4 levels of #membership! Visit to get your #NFT"

"Have you seen our #Cryft membership #NFTs? Platinum Benefits include: Free LifesPage minting for life 10 trees planted every year Free #CryftMark NFTs for life Free #Cryftopian NFT & Keychain Buy back & burn $50 of $CRYFT Members lounge Visit"


11 May 2022

"Happy #NationalEatWhatYouWantDay! Today is all about having 1 day a year of eating with no regrets. Whether you love donuts or fast food today is your day to gratify without feeling guilty 👀 What are you eating today? #cryft #cryftopianslovesnacks #everydayisaholidaytogiftcryft"

07 May 2022

"As the @EnhancedWomen podcast is organically reaching more listeners, I would like to announce that a new episode has dropped! Listen to an interview with @stefskye, @GarrettHutslar, & @CryftC team 💚"

Listen to the podcast on Spotify!


06 May 2022

"Congrats to those that took advantage of our 72 hour no tax event. Buy/Sell/Transfer fees have now been turned back on. Enjoy your weekend #Cryftopians!"

#SAFEMOONARMY and #Cryftopians you have 23mins lift to get $Cryft Coin without buy/sell/transfer fee.

Join us as we celebrate #NationalSpaceDay by taking a moment tonight to view the night sky and appreciate all the universe has to offer. 🌙 🚀 ✨🌎 #Cryft #Cryftcards #GiftingCrypto #cryftopians #CryftopiansLoveSpace


05 May 2022

"#safemoon #cryftcards Enjoy your new home!!! 🙌🫡"

"Happy #NationalAstraunautDay Please join us as we celebrate these amazing individuals, their unique experiences, and ultimately, to help spread the message that... no matter what our journey in life we are ALL Astronauts."