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Croge Coin

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

About Croge Coin

Crogecoin is an open source, peer-to-peer digital asset, on the Cronos blockchain, favored by reptiles worldwide. Crogecoin sets itself apart from other digital assets with a new, vibrant community made up of friendly reptiles just like you.

What vision does Croge Coin have for the future?

Croge introduces the first ever P2E game in the Cronos market! Their development team has worked hard on developing a game that would be an enjoyable experience for the Croge community here on Cronos. They want to provide a quality gaming experience, worthy of sharing - a game that's fun for all! Begin your Croge P2E gaming experience today and earn free Cronos currency by completing daily hunts. This will be just one of our many selling points on why to trust in Croge!


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21 August 2022

"Crogecoin is excited to announce that we will be included in @MiloInu’s animated series’ 🎥🎬 Stay tuned for our first appearance alongside our new friend $MILO 🐶🐊"


19 August 2022

"The @safemoon giveaway is live! Starting at 12am EST (9 hours ago) and running for the next 15 hours to 11:59pm, ANY buy of $croge on the #Safemoon Swap, in any amount, qualifies for a random chance at $1000 worth of Safemoon! Happy trading 🐊 (SWAP by SafeMoon is SafeMoon’s official decentralized swap exchange. SWAP offers some of the top options for partner tokens and cryptocurrencies that have met the SafeMoon Standard.)"

"5.5 hours left for the $1000 #safemoon giveaway! A buy of any amount of $croge on safemoon swap counts! #safemoonarmy #crogecoin"

Ends at 11:59pm EST

19 August 2022

CrogeCoin Twitter Space with SafeMoon Water Cooler Host Jeremiah


18 August 2022

"$Croge is trending on boggedfinance! 👁‍🗨 🐊 "

"Crogecoin week of prizes! Starts tomorrow with@safemoon 🤝 A random buy in any amount of $croge on the safemoon swap gets you a chance at $1000 in safemoon! 🚀Happy trading 🐊"

"Hey Crocs - Check out the interview between #Crogecoin & @safemoon with

@Tyler_The_M & @SafeMoonWing! They discuss DeFi along with shining light on the upcoming #CronosChain!"

"$CROGE recently announced a huge partnership with crypto giants @safemoon

$CROGE will be integrated as a partner in the Mastercard deal and will be able to purchase items using $CROGE as real-world currency Twitter spaces tonight.. im in before the $SFM whales @CrogeCoin"


17 August 2022

"#SAFEMOONSWAP and @cryptocom are now connected through @CrogeCoin. BSC to CRO bridge now exists. This means The entire SAFEMOONSWAP (BSC) can bridge over to CRO ( and vice-versa. Those on CRO can access the Safemoon Swap thru @CrogeCoin well done @safemoon"

"Almost $50 ,000 in volume on the SafeMoon Swap alone 👀 I think it’s safe to say the #safemoonarmy likes us? 🐊 🤝"



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