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SafeMoon Wallet: How to connect to OpenSea

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

How to connect to OpenSea via the SafeMoon Wallet to view and create your NFTs


1. Load Up

Head over to OpenSea and always verify the website address is

2. Connect your Wallet

Click the Wallet Icon in the top righthand corner of the website to bring up the options to connect your wallet. From here you will be able to use WalletConnect to connect your wallet.

By clicking WalletConnect you will be presented with a QR Code which you can now scan with your SafeMoon Wallet.

Just head to Settings➜ WalletConnect➜ Create New Connection. From here just scan the QR code.

You will then need to hit Approve in the SafeMoon Wallet.

3. Know you're connected

If this is your first time using OpenSea then it will create an account on OpenSea to your wallet address. If you have already used OpenSea with this wallet address, then you will see all the ERC-20 NFTs connected to this account as seen below:

Now you will need to understand that currently, ETH is only going to show on the wallet. If you have NFTs on Polygon or Binance Smart Chain then they won't show currently, but there are plans to have them added in a future update.



Do I need to create a separate account with OpenSea?

No, Your wallet address is your login information. By using WalletConnect on the SafeMoon Wallet, you are logging into your account with OpenSea.

I have multiple wallets! Can I get all of my NFTs in the SafeMoon Wallet?

Yes, by using the multi-wallet feature holders are able to log in one by one and view NFTs on that wallet. Only one wallet's NFTs can be viewed at a time. I can't see all my NFTs that are showing on OpenSea. Why? OpenSea has different blockchains that it operates with so you might find that your NFT is on a different Blockchain that isn't supported by the SafeMoon Wallet

Currently, SafeMoon only supports (Ethereum) ERC-20 NFTs and you might find your NFT could be on Polygon which isn't supported by SafeMoon currently.



CatsRus - SafeMoon Educator

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