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Captain’s Log: V2 Token Framework Update Feb 2022

Hello again SafeMoon Army!

It seems that the first entry of my Captain’s Log truly delighted you.

The community team and I have gotten countless positive messages about the format and a similar stack of requests for more of these monthly.

But why wait a month? Why wait until March to give you something new? So, today’s post isn’t an update but is an announcement of sorts. I would like to introduce you to a new feature we’re going to be deploying soon on the SafeMoon token framework.

V2 of the SafeMoon token framework was a significant evolution of our cryptography token software. The changes we made allow more flexibility in adding new features that work for the ecosystem and for our holders, as well as setting up the foundations to support our upcoming product releases.

Many of you will be familiar with one of those technology features, Swap and Liquify.

Swap and Liquify is an innovative method of creating a strong liquidity pool (LP). This feature contributes to the growth and health of the pool that supports the token.

Version 1 of The SafeMoon token framework used this feature to collect SafeMoon tokens from trades. It did this until the total collected hit 500 billion tokens. Once this total was hit, the contract sold half of them for BNB and paired them together in the liquidity pool.

When we transitioned to version 2 of The SafeMoon token framework, we turned our attention to how we could evolve this functionality and make it work harder and better moving forward.

Remember: evolution is continual.

With this goal and under my direction, Ryan and our product development team considered solutions.

Today I am pleased to announce the result of that effort to you.

The new feature we’ll be deploying to our token framework will be Swap and Evolve.

Swap and Evolve shares a number of characteristics with the original Swap and Liquify function, but rather than collect SafeMoon tokens we will now collect BNB/native coin. Half of it is swapped and put into LP tokens. (Specifically, the collected BNB/native coin is swapped for SafeMoon tokens, then paired to form new LP tokens.)

We’re excited to deploy this new feature to our V2 token framework, especially as I know this upgrade is something many of you have desired.

I am pleased to share that this development is in the safe hands of Ryan and our exceptional product team. The work is in their sprint development cycles, and we’ll be looking to deploy the result in version 2 of The SafeMoon token framework in the coming weeks.

I do understand that waiting for products and services is the easiest thing to physically do as a holder, but one of the hardest things to mentally achieve. The technology space we occupy moves at such a rapid rate each day that waiting even an hour can feel like an eternity, even if you’re spending that time in our active community. I deeply value your patience as we move from work to delivery on this goal.

For now, however, I hope you’ll celebrate this exciting feature, which is one of a number we plan and intend to deploy. Watch this space.

Stay safe.

We are family.

We are SafeMoon




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