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Captain’s Log : SafeMoon Exchange Update Feb 2022

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Hello SafeMoon Army – It’s your captain here.

I am going to try a new format today. Something more personal and direct, from me to you. A “captain's log” to keep you closer to what’s going on behind the scenes here at SafeMoon.

For this particular log, I want to give you a quick update on the progress of the SafeMoon Exchange.

It is really important we don’t announce things too early. We’ve learned this. Once we announce, if there is a long time between announcement and delivery, I understand the frustration that silence can bring.

Waiting is the easiest thing to do, but also somehow the hardest. As we move forward, we firmly believe in delivery and proof being the objective. But, I do appreciate that we told you the exchange is coming, so, an update seems more than fair.

There are some great ways that the exchange will complement our ecosystem and we’re excited to reveal more of those details in due course.

What I do want to do today is share a bit of a changelog, to provide some sense of the work involved and what’s going on behind the scenes.

When it comes to developing and deploying an exchange, there is a laundry list of things we have to consider:

  • We have to ensure ease of use/accessibility.

  • We have to make sure it is mobile compatible, as that’s a significant audience

  • We have to ensure it fits our brand language.

  • There has to be consistency. Branding isn’t just about images and colors, it is about the language, references to key help sections, and following through to other areas such as notifications and service-based emails.

  • There is also attention we need to give to integrating the exchange into our other products. When you’re dealing with cutting-edge web 3, this is more complex than a regular API or library integration… because those don’t exist.

  • In addition to making the connections, we need to build out the methods of connection from the ground up.

  • We have to work on the on/off ramps and all the supported wallets.

  • Finding the right team members to deliver the vision is critical, but we’re really fortunate to have some particularly brilliant minds bringing the vision to life.

  • We must ensure a sound QA and testing process. We would be in for a tough time from all if we didn’t make sure things were going to stand up to the brilliant and curious might of the SafeMoon Army.

  • We have to consider the support side. We can’t simply throw an exchange up and expect it to fly unaided. We must also prepare customer support and account requests as well as manage KYC in a compliant and secure way.

  • We make a point of collecting as little data as possible. We do not want your data. But for regulation and compliance there are certain aspects we DO have to collect. So when we must do this, we need to make the process robust.

  • We have to consider the languages and territories we are deploying in. Each language brings not only interface challenges, but also support challenges. We want to ensure we can serve you brilliantly. We will provide more details on which territories soon as I know, as that’s an important question many of you are asking.

While this isn’t exhaustive, I hope it gives you some additional insight into some of the key areas and challenges we are addressing as we develop the SafeMoon exchange.

Now you are probably wondering when you might possibly expect some more updates?

While we aren’t releasing the exchange quite yet, we anticipate providing more updates during a special event in March for our birthday.

And as I mentioned at the start, this is a test of a new, personal format. I invite you to jump into Discord, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and let us know what you think of this format. Might you like more of these update logs for our other products? How might I possibly make them better for you?

But finally, and most importantly, thank you for being patient. Really.

I know it is tough, but I am sure you’re going to be very happy this year.

I consider myself deeply fortunate to have you on this journey with us and I will be back soon with another log… assuming you like this one.

Take care of each other.

We are family.

We are SafeMoon.



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