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Captain’s Log: June Edition

And just like that - we’re nearing the last days of June. Sometimes there is more information to share than I can squeeze into a simple tweet, so today I am bringing you an update on security, The SafeMoon Card, and our upcoming take on customer success.

So in exactly that order, here it goes:

First up, Security

I am beyond elated to let all of you know we have pioneered a new patent-pending and world-leading security technology that we’re incorporating into all of the SafeMoon fintech offerings.

This means that nobody else in the world can offer this, use it, or achieve this level of security unless they’re licensing or partnering with us. Furthermore, implementing this technology will allow us to have the most secure and easy to use wallet in crypto. No question. No competition.

We can also bring this technology into other areas (in fact, into all areas) of our defi ecosystem and fintech offerings such as, cloud-enabled infrastructure, secure messaging as well as additional and future offerings. In addition, we plan to incorporate this encryption standard (protocol) within Web3 (chain-compatible) stacks as we expand our ecosystem.

From the beginning, I’ve taken the bold position of establishing SafeMoon first and foremost as a technology company. Our security technology is a priority from the inception of any new product or service we seek to bring to life. It remains a pillar upon which SafeMoon will grow.

This new security will first be implemented within the SafeMoon app as this will be where SafeMoon Card Management will exist. We are excited for you to view it for the very first time! We deem this a high enough priority that we are implementing the new security before opening up the new card for registration. Your very first view of this new technology will be within our wallet as one of the first of many encryption-enabled projects that are setting a new bar in providing the highest possible protection of our holders’ data within novel and imaginative ways as our ecosystem develops.

Unfortunately, this is pushing the card’s premiere beyond our originally stated plan for appearance within Q2 – however, you have our highest assurance that the new and additional security is worth it. We’re excited to get the new card into your hands within the SafeMoon app with the new security technology embedded, which we believe will be well worth the additional wait.

You’re Invited

As a part of this news, I am excited to share that we’re inviting you to be part of the new security process. We’ll be delivering public test versions of the new technology shortly, so you can get hands on it early and share your feedback on the new experience before the formal release.

We’ll go into more detail on this in a video in the next week or so, explaining how the new technology works, what it will mean for the user experience and what it means for the future of SafeMoon as a technology provider. The video wasn’t quite ready to post within this log, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to share this news.

Next up: Customer Success

It’s essential that we have the right customer success team in place to service all offerings, especially as they represent new technology. We love our #SAFEMOONARMY community team but we cannot and will not rely on our community to act as the first line of support in customer success. Doing so would not provide what our participants expect or need.

One of the key questions we’ve recently asked of the community to share with us your most memorable customer success moments and stories. We’ve loved your responses, which underscore even further how vital it is that we get our customer service just right.

For a number of reasons, we have now built out a ‘Meta Layer’ for our customer success..

What is that?

Well, as a team, we appreciate that the SafeMoon Army has a diverse set of goals and experiences, and we are aiming to help everyone achieve their own, personal goals wherever those may lead. That’s a big goal, and a bit tricky.

That’s why we have developed the concept of this “Meta Layer” for Customer Success. The Meta Layer goes beyond just a support interaction, comprising more subtle elements of education, community, accessibility and innovation that drive progress whether the individual SafeMoon Army even realizes it or not. The Meta Layer is what binds the ecosystem together.

It’s our way of ensuring that our guiding principles are intrinsic to who we are. It’s our DNA.

This means that for customer success that brings in extra and unique aspects of support around empathy, understanding, and what the customer journey needs to look like beyond resolution. The long term relationship matters. As the customer success team and materials continue to evolve, we’ll be using tools such as Empathy Mapping to really understand what’s needed to ensure our customer success is exceptional rather than just “good enough.”

Here is an example of some of the journey flows we’ve been busy developing. This isn’t final, but it represents the thinking and work that has gone into making our customer experience first class.

I hope you pay particular attention to the concept of ‘steady state’ and evolution as it plays an essential role in the way we approach our customer success as a whole.

© 2022 SafeMoon - all rights reserved

We are also building out some simple tools to align all of our success agents in their approaches with customers. For instance, we are providing a set of ‘lenses’ that are always on hand to consider when writing replies or discussing solutions, as follows:

  • Is it kind?

  • Is it empathetic?

  • Is it helpful?

  • Is it reasonable?

  • Is it necessary?

It’s going to be wonderful not only sharing the full vision for customer success, but also giving you the chance to experience it first hand.

And More…

I can see from your responses you’ve been reading and sharing the newest articles emerging from the company’s presentations and interviews with some great minds and industry leaders, as well as visits with the members of the #SAFEMOONARMY we’ve been delighted to host at our company headquarters.

Here’s a quick index of the columns I’ve been sharing on GritDaily:

I love your feedback on these, and I look forward to sharing additional leadership perspectives and interviews with many additional industry leaders and members of the SafeMoon community as well. In the August issue of Utah Business magazine, I’ll be sharing my Founder Story.

We’re also formally launching our world-class video production studios within the coming days, so watch for that additional news and ongoing content as well. Again, I thank you for your support, from the bottom of my heart. Take care of each other.

We are family.

We are SafeMoon.



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