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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

About Affinity

Affinity was designed around it’s use case ADAPT (our peer-to-peer trading application) which will be expanded to become THE premier token trading/payment platform!

What vision do Affinity have for the future?

We love to think about going "To the moon" but for that to happen, real value and production needs to happen. The crypto world can be a very toxic place and has become increasingly fractured even within the smaller networks of people. Affinity is focused on bringing the crypto community together. By rewarding two tokens, BUSD and ADA, we can expose people to other projects, other communities, and build Affinity. If you are looking to be a part of results, forward thinking, and building value than you may want to consider Affinity.

Why did Affinity choose SafeMoon?

Affinity and Safemoon have agreed to a strategic partnership that includes Affinity tokens being listed on the SafemoonSwap. This allows Safemoon wallet users, as well as anyone who accesses their website application, to purchase Affinity directly. We have added a liquidity pair funding through their DEX (decentralized exchange). Further collaboration including advertising and dual marketing is in progress.


SafeMoon undertakes a set of commercial due diligence activities as part of onboarding a project but is not an auditor. SafeMoon makes no guarantees, endorsements, or assurances about any specific project, and individuals should always perform their own due diligence. SafeMoon does not provide financial advice or accept any liabilities for users that choose to interact with other projects in the space.




21 August 2022

"With the impending release of #ARMR, if you're a token already listed on #ADAPT and would like to allow your holders the extra security of storing assets, please reach out. No cost to you. You simply need to whitelist to avoid transfer tax for users deposits/withdrawals. #Affinity"


16 August 2022

"My title of CEO is primarily due to the need for organizational roles in a legal corporate entity. Also, my experience and education in business puts us in the best position financially. Functionally, our team works and operates laterally. Everyone is equal, full teamwork."


15 August 2022

"We are now broadcasting LIVE on with the #AffinityProtocol #podcast!

Come listen in and enjoy the show."


12 August 2022

"#Affinity is about to turn 1 year old later this month! We have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. #ADAPT continues to evolve and form into the platform we envision. #ARMR will release this month and 3 other products to quickly follow. #PenetrationTesting on the horizon and the much-anticipated brick-and-mortar lounges are being planned out. We've done all this without VC or outside funding, with a small dedicated team. We just opened a seed round and a crowdfunding opportunity is coming for our community. The vision and mission of #AffinityInnovation @AFINInc is just beginning to unfold. As we expand the team and increase funding to facilitate production and growth, #Affinity will become what we all know it's capable of. Thank you all for being a key role in this journey!"


07 August 2022

"For those of you that are about to become new #Affinity holders through @BlockBustersTch rewards, now might be a good time to #DYOR Website"


28 July 2022

"This week's #AffinityProtocol guest will be none other than The Adam Bergman @ADAMBERGMANshow.

Check it out this Sunday morning July 31st at 10:30am ET on"

"Correction the air time is 10am, not 10:30."


23 July 2022

"Last night we announce #Affinity Innovations @AFINInc will be offering Pen Testing as a Service for businesses and token projects! 🔒Intrusion/exploit detection on front-end and back-end dapps, websites, and other applications. 🔒Contact exploit testing. Taking clients soon! Many services that do exist simply use vulnerability scans alone to constitute "pen testing". This is one piece of full scope testing. #Affinity will take it to the next level with thorough, proactive manual testing along with scans to determine vulnerabilities and remediation."


21 July 2022

"Big reason I am not concerned with creating short-term FOMO.

We are building #Affinity to be much less reliant on new people buying in and much more supported by products/services we build for solid growth. Hype is good for early investors, building quality is great for everyone."

Some key items projected in the next 30 - 90 days for Affinity Innovations

☑️ #Affinity NextGen contract

☑️ Release of ARMR asset locker w/NFT 2FA

☑️ Equity Investment Round

☑️ #ADAPT mobile app release

☑️ Affinity Innovations business security services

☑️ Affinity ETF platform


20 July 2022

"JUST IN: #AFFINITY@affinitybsc once again a MOST USED smart contract among top 500 #BSC whales in 24hrs"


19 July 2022

"Here's your Bi-Weekly Newsletter of Affinity Innovations, Inc. update!

Hope this bear market isn't scaring anyone because we are just getting started!"


17 July 2022

"Beginning to put the pieces together for our services that will be offered under the subsidiary LLC. We will drastically increase trust and support across #defi, making a safer place for everyone. All community/holders will be requesting their founders render #Affinity services."

"Details on what services will entail will be released after the hiring process is completed. We will be providing business to business critical offerings that are needed in #defi #crypto #web3 and #web2 environments."


13 July 2022

"#ADAPT has seen a 24% growth in user accounts created in the last two weeks! That's an average of 2%, or 100-110 new accounts per day🔥🔥

We haven't even begun to reach the real potential of #ADAPT yet. Make sure you secure your username today!!"


11 July 2022

"Thinking about hosting a #defi project/company private conference here in the Boston area. Inviting leadership building a legitimate, long term project for an in person 2 day long round table. What are your thoughts?"

"Hosting AMAs and online virtual talks are certainly very useful. An in person, face to face meeting with everyone would be incredible! This needs to happen "

"After some discussion with Paul (@Affinity_COO) tonight, this is going to happen. Tentatively late September or October sometimes. We are looking into venue option availability this week. Hosted by @AFINInc, no ticket cost. Attendees just responsible for travel and accommodations"


25 June 2022

"The public version of our business plan with be linked from the website later tonight. Designed to provide public facing information and transparency into business operations without compromising trade secrets. Some information has been redacted for confidentiality. #Affinity The full business plan contains sensitive information with full scope 5 year financial projections. We will have a request form coming soon for those interesting in requesting the full document. Access will be extremely limited and subject to signed documentation prior to release"

Community member: Wut are u gonna do when they try to buy u out? Big investors are not gonna give rewards to us like u are! Will we be left out!

Affinity: Our personal wealth is not what we do this for. We would not consider any outside investment or new member to our team that is looking to change things that would negatively impact holders. It won't happen.


21 June 2022

When our Twitter account reaches 10k followers, we will buy 1 BNB of #Affinity (or half Affinity and half any token you choose listed on #ADAPT) and gift it to a random follower who retweets this. #Affinitybsc #defi #unitedefi 💥Must have an #ADAPT name💥


17 June 2022

"There have been a lot of moving pieces, structural changes, and additional product offerings with #Affinity the last few months. We're working on wrapping up the business plan so it can be voted on at our board meeting next week. Excited to release it publicly after it's approved"


13 June 2022

"At our current funding burn rate, we could operate indefinitely with very minor cutbacks (if any) in the event things get worse for the markets We have structured #Affinity Innovations this was purposefully. Run lean, efficient, and effective. Thank you to the team and community"


11 June 2022

"We continue to look at opportunity to build tools for #defi that will increase usability while breaking down barriers. #Affinity will introduce other major products widely used in tradition finance, not yet discussed in the #crypto space. #ADAPT will be utilized in development."

""#Affinity Innovations has been in talks with many organizations, individuals, and companies both on and off chain. These relationships can take weeks or months to develop into a strategy. We don't believe in drawn out hype without results. There will not be any advance notice.""

""As partnerships are finalized or product utilization is agree upon, we will announce at that time. Creating "buy the hype sell the news" opportunities is not what #Affinity is about. We want to reward supporters and true holders at every opportunity available.""

"There is nothing we or anyone building in #defi can do about inflation or global economics having a dramatic impact on #crypto sentiment. The reality is, that charts will move based on these things. It does NOT impact company fundamentals or team ability. #StayStrong #Affinity"