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  • How do I buy SafeMoon?
    With the release of the SafeMoon Wallet and SafeMoon V2, buying SafeMoon couldn't be more simple. Head over to the Home Page, click on your respective app store for your device and download the SafeMoon Wallet. Once you have imported your wallet or created a new wallet, you'll need to have BNB (BSC) which you can buy directly via the buy button through MoonPay. If you already have BNB then you can head right to the Swap feature on the wallet and select BNB to SFM. Enter your amount, swap, and you're done! Welcome to the SafeMoon Family.
  • Why is it so difficult to buy SafeMoon?
    SafeMoon no longer has this issue like it had in its early stages of development. With the release of the SafeMoon Wallet, you can simply look to buy BNB and Swap directly to SafeMoon all in one app. In the near future, we will be able to simply buy SafeMoon through the SafeMoon Exchange.
  • Why is my account slowly increasing every time I refresh my wallet?
    You are receiving reflections from transactions. You can look to learn more about it in our Products guides. Also please read The SafeMoon Whitepaper to learn more about how the protocol works from a mathematical standpoint. Alternatively, you can watch this video for a visual aid: Link
  • Why does my wallet show a certain price but when I try to sell the price is different?
    The SafeMoon Wallet is not pinned specifically to the Swap pricing, so you may notice that on the home screen of the wallet you are seeing one price, and then when you look to create a pre-calculated swap it shows another. The reason for this is due to the CoinMarketCap API data that is used on the wallet for prices. CoinMarketCap takes an average of all listings to create its price, which sometimes may lead to the price being higher or lower than expected. If you're looking to see an accurate bag size then you can do this on the Swap; just hit max to BUSD and see your value. (Don't hit swap if you're not looking to sell! This is just a method to check true wallet amount)
  • Why am I getting an error when trying to swap on PancakeSwap?
    With the release of SafeMoon V2, currently, SafeMoon is not looking to actively support PancakeSwap. We would recommend using the SafeMoon Wallet Swap or head to SafeMoon Swap via your browser to avoid any issues.
  • How do reflections work on BitMart?
    SFM Transaction Fees Explanation: SFM token transactions charge an extra 10% trading fee on top of BitMart fees. This extra 10% fee includes: 6% that is returned to the developers to be added back to the liquidity pool for SFM tokens and another 4% is directly redistributed to all existing SFM token holders on BitMart. BitMart will take daily snapshots of users’ SFM transactions and distribute them daily (T+2). Follow BitMart's update page: here
  • How do reflections / the 10% fee work in general?
    With the update to SafeMoon V2, a new tier system is used which brings different sets of fees based on holders' interactions with SafeMoon. You can learn more about the fee structure: Here
  • Why did SafeMoon disappear from my TrustWallet?
    Don't panic, you may have just accidentally hidden/unticked/disabled the SafeMoon token (this is done by swiping left). In the top-right corner, there should be an icon to enable tokens. Search for "SAFEMOON" and make sure it's enabled. When you go back to your main wallet, it should now show your SafeMoon Wallet with its corresponding balance.
  • Why is my wallet showing billions of dollars worth of SafeMoon?
    When you manually add a custom token in TrustWallet, you need to add the correct number of decimals, which is 9. However, if this is correct, there could be an issue with the CoinMarketCap API that a lot of wallets use as their price provider. As such, if they send a huge price (which is clearly incorrect) it could make your balance show it's worth a lot more than it technically is. The best method to check your balance worth is to head to the Swap and do a pre-calculation.
  • Will I have to pay the 10% fee when trying to move my holdings from an alt wallet over to the SafeMoon Wallet?
    No, you won't be charged 10% to import your wallet to the SafeMoon Wallet. Your tokens are stored on the blockchain, so whichever wallet you choose, that wallet is just opening a window to the blockchain and not storing them on that wallet. If you're looking to use the SafeMoon Wallet, then simply look to IMPORT using your seedphrase. If you want to create a new wallet for the SafeMoon Wallet, then you can do this and send over your tokens that way. With SafeMoon V2, it is now only a 2% fee to send from wallet to wallet.
  • Where can I see the total tokens burnt? and The Token Tracker (courtesy of Glubiz) are the two main places for stats and number information, however, you can look to see burn wallet directly.
  • Why is the burn address not getting any transactions?
    0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 is the burn address. It is actively receiving the burnt tokens, however, the token reflections happen inside of the contract so there are no transaction hashes posted.
  • Official Website of SafeMoon
  • SFM Core Team’s Linkedin Profiles
    John Karony: Chief Executive Officer Charles Karony: Executive Assistant Ryan Arriaga: Global Head of Products
  • For Twitter updates follow
    - SafeMoon: - SafeMoon Insider: - John Karony: - Charles Karony: - Ryan Arriaga: - CatsRus: - SafeMoon Pulse: - Momo:
  • SafeMoon Discord channels
    - SafeMoon Discord The official SafeMoon Discord is where you can find everything you need to learn about SafeMoon, while also making friends and family along the way! - SafeMoon International Discord For everyone who doesn't speak English very well, we have a full dedicated server for over 40 communities and different languages! - SafeMoon Gaming Discord Our newest server is dedicated to SafeMoon's gaming community! We're just getting the party started! - SafeMoon - Mooncraft For the SafeMoon Mooncraft project
  • SafeMoon YouTube
    Offical SafeMoon YouTube Channel
  • SafeMoon Reddit Community
  • How many free tokens can I expect?
    It depends on the volume! During high trading times, holders will receive more reflections. The number of reflections received also depends on the holder's SFM amount. Track your tokens here You can also use the Reflections Calculator to see all your reflections since you first purchased SafeMoon, along with all your historical buys and sells. For more in-depth info read our guide: Understanding SafeMoon V2
  • Where can I see a price comparison of SafeMoon across all the exchanges?
    You can see that here. Every exchange that currently lists SafeMoon is under the Markets tab on this page, however, not all exchanges that have been listed are partners of SafeMoon so please complete your own research on any given exchange.
  • Where can I buy SafeMoon in INR from?
    The most beneficial way for any holder is to use the SafeMoon Wallet. However, where this isn't possible and you are locked to buying with INR then BitBNS can be used.
  • What other exchanges will SafeMoon be listed on in the near future?
    While we are all wanting to be on every exchange, we really need to protect the SafeMoon holders, which some exchanges do not have their users' best interest. In order to keep protect the holders, SafeMoon is looking to maintain the process of partnership with all its exchanges. Stay tuned for more exchanges soon!
  • When will SafeMoon be listed on Binance?
    The SFM Team has requested that people do not spam Binance regarding SafeMoon! While we are always looking to expand the reach with exchanges. SafeMoon wants to work on a partnership basis to protect its holders. If Binance is to be an exchange in the future, you will be notified.
  • SafeMoon Card
    The SafeMoon Card is one of the many products that SafeMoon is looking to launch. While there isn't a lot of information to share about the card at this time, the team is estimating a Q2 launch of 2022. Please understand this is an estimation, however. If this is to change, holders will be informed.
  • When will the SafeMoon Exchange be launched?
    The target for the exchange release is 2022, however, we do not have a confirmed timeline as of yet.
  • What will the Tokenomics on the new SafeMoon Exchange be like?
    The Tokenomics won't function differently on the exchange but has been expanded upon with the V2 contract. Read about the new tier system: Here
  • Will the SafeMoon Exchange be centralised or decentralised?
    The exchange is looking to adopt a hybrid system making it both centralized and decentralized.
  • How many people have large amounts of SafeMoon?
    Please see SafeMoon Glubiz's Whale Overview Here you will find all the information relating to the top holders at the current time.
  • Who is Pharaoh Ox86b….?
  • What happens to our SafeMoon’s tokens once the blockchain is live?
    There will be more information regarding the SafeMoon Blockchain in the near future. Stay tuned!
  • Will we be able to move other tokens and coins that don’t receive reflections over to the SafeMoon Wallet?
    A coin doesn’t need to have reflections built in to be held on the wallet. ​​​​​​​Currently, you can look to hold any token on the wallet that is either on the BSC or ETH blockchain. Some tokens will need to be added to the wallet through the Add Tokens function in the wallet to be visible.
  • Do reflections in Provable SFM come from transactions on Ethereum and how does it work?
    With the current state of the bridge, Ethereum does not have a 10% tax when moving between wallets or when buying or selling. All transactions that occur on Ethereum do not trigger the tax. Therefore, they do not trigger reflections. Reflections in Provable SFM on Ethereum are not influenced at all by transactions on Ethereum. Only transactions on Binance Smart Chain affect reflections. Currently, the vault gains reflections like any other holder, which is how pSFM also gains reflections. When the vault receives its reflections, it mints Provable SFM in parallel on the other side, so the rate at which pSFM is minted is based solely on transactions from Binance Smart Chain alone.
  • When someone sells all of their SafeMoon, there is sometimes a remnant left over in the wallet. Is that person still considered a holder or not?
    Technically, yes. The number of holders that BSCScan shows includes everyone with any SafeMoon in their bag, so users that have tried to sell out but have a small remaining few SafeMoon are counted as holders when looking at BSCScan. ​​​​​​​
  • How much SafeMoon is needed to make a living off selling reflections?
    That’s entirely up to the holder based on what they feel comfortable investing after completing research. It is a fact, however, that one could earn $50+ per day, per million SafeMoon that is held. This is for every billion dollars of daily volume. Based on this information, it is recommended that holders do some math and decide from there how much SafeMoon will give the optimal amount of reflections based on their volume predictions.
  • Are there plans for a SafeMoon Smart Chain?
    The SafeMoon Blockchain is currently in development with an expected release in 2022. Stay tuned for further updates.
  • Will we start to get reflections from every exchange or are we still going to be tied to the exchange we bought from?
    SafeMoon reflections will ONLY be calculated from the volume of the exchange they are held on. In the future, there may be a method in which all exchanges and blockchains are connected, however that is currently not possible.
  • If people wanted to use their money for microtransactions will you be able to turn off the 10% tax.
    SafeMoon V2 introduced a new mechanic to the contract called "tiers" which will allow the team to make adjustments to the tax for various reasons. Currently there is a 2% tax on transfers from wallet to wallet. You can read more about it here.
  • Is the burn wallet excluded from reflections?
    Yes, it is excluded from reflections. The burn mechanic is not a part of the reflections mechanic, it has its own percentage of the fees that counts toward the burn. Currently it's 2% of the 10% tax.
  • Who are the core team members of SafeMoon LLC US?
    John Karony: Chief Executive Officer
  • Where is the SafeMoon HQ?
    The SafeMoon HQ is based in Utah. More specifically, Pleasant Grove Blvd, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062, United States
  • How can I buy BNB when I live in a restricted state such as NY or TX?
    An alternative method to getting BNB when your state restricts the purchase of BNB: Buy Bitcoin from anywhere (ex. Coinbase) Send the Bitcoin to KuCoin Trade the Bitcoin for BNB on KuCoin Then send the BNB to your wallet from KuCoin Convert BNB to SmartChain (on TrustWallet) Trade for SafeMoon on SafeMoon Swap There are further methods to obtaining BNB. However, this has been proven to work for those that have had difficulty. Please be aware that there will be multiple fees throughout the process.
  • Why was there a company restructure?
    Restructuring is a very normal and even healthy phase in a company's growth. As companies grow, they go through phases of development. Usually, this happens gradually and restructuring isn't in the spotlight. SafeMoon however didn't have the luxury of gradual growth. With the immense growth SafeMoon experienced in such a short timeframe, big company restructuring was inevitable. Some core team members hired in March 2021, were hired to fill positions for a much smaller scale company.
  • Was SafeMoon's original roadmap abandoned?
    The original roadmap is from March 2021 and was put together by people that are no longer part of the project. Certain points of it have not been fulfilled yet, but they've also delivered things that are not on that original roadmap. It is very hard to estimate and give a timeline for product releases considering how unpredictable the development process can be. It has not been abandoned. The team went through a grand internal restructuring in September, which is common when there is such immense growth in a short amount of time. Although this affected the timeline of products, the team has fulfilled a lot of the things listed on that original roadmap as well as some that weren't on it including: - SafeMoon Swap (Decentralized exchange) - SafeMoon Wallet / SafeMoon App (iOS and Android) - Multiple exchange listings where the latest one is with Mandala and includes global tokenomics. Mandala has implemented SafeMoon's contract into their internal systems in order to do so. - Offices in the UK and in the US. - Partnerships - Educational website - They've begun the integration in the African market. Where the wind turbines have already been bought. - Expanding the team - Marketing campaign - A brand new contract - Insurance of company treasury and liquidity pools - Rebranding On top of that, they are also working on their own centralized exchange where the CEO John recently posted an update in regards to the progress they've made, and some insights as to what goes into creating one. All this has been done in one year while undergoing a lot of internal restructuring - and to say they've accomplished nothing is a blatant lie.
  • How many people currently work for SafeMoon?
    Although the exact number of employees isn't publicly disclosed, in the past CEO John Karony had stated that there were around 90 people working for SafeMoon. There are currently 2 offices, one in the US and one in the UK, as well as numerous departments such as the different development teams, marketing, community management, compliance and legal, etc.
  • What agreement did SafeMoon and BitMart come to after the hack?
    SafeMoon LLC and Bitmart reached an agreement that was going to benefit both SafeMoon and Bitmart, and the details of that agreement were never revealed, nor will be as it was between two companies. BitMart was a victim of a hack, and SafeMoon did what they could to ensure that the holders on BitMart wouldn't get their funds locked up and were able to withdraw their tokens if they wanted to.
  • Was SafeMoon a fair launch?
    SafeMoon was released on March 1st, 2021. The original creator of SafeMoon "SafeMoonDev" forked the contract from the abandoned Bee token. They have since migrated to their own contract which was built from scratch and not a fork of anything. It is also tailored for their specific needs and upgradeable, ensuring that improvements, as well as new solutions, can be implemented as the token evolves.
  • What does SafeMoon migrate from V1 to V2 do?
    - Security upgrades and improvements on the contract. - Bringing new utility features like reducing the tax from 10% to 2% (For example, eCommerce or wallet-to-wallet transfers) - Easier to list SafeMoon on exchanges. - Better pairing with other cryptos (e.g. SafeMoon/BTC currently 0.00000000000 BTC). - Reduced supply makes it more appealing for larger investors.
  • How does it impact my holdings?
    Your current SafeMoon net value will remain exactly the same. The only difference is that the amount that you hold (and the total supply) will be divided by the factor of 1000 and the price will be multiplied by x1000. This basically means if you hold 1 Billion SafeMoon, you will have 1 Million SafeMoon after v2 migration. The amount of reflections you earn remains exactly the same. An easy math example for 1 billion SFM: Currently you have 1 billion SafeMoon at the price of $0.000004. With V2 you have 1 million SafeMoon at the price of $0.004. You can read more about the consolidation process HERE
  • Is the 10% tax still in place with V2?
    Yes, buying/selling SFM will still include the 10% tax. Transferring wallet-to-wallet will be only 2% tax.
  • Do I need to pay 10% to migrate to V2?
    No, you don't need to pay a 10% tax to migrate from V1 to V2. You do however need to have a small amount of BNB Smart Chain for the gas to cover the fee just like you need it when you buy/sell SFM. We believe $5 should be enough to cover the migration fees but it is a blockChain so we can not control the fees. No, you will not be charged by SafeMoon to migrate. As your tokens are swapped, the SafeMoon V2 contract will issue you 10% more V2 tokens in order to make up for the 10% SafeMoon fee that was originally accrued from every V1 buy/sell order.
  • Where can I go to swap V1 to V2?
    The two most trusted and official sources are the SafeMoon app and Web Swap. The app can be found by searching “SafeMoon” on Android or iOS app store. Additionally, the official SafeMoon website can be found by going to Both of these locations will have an option to consolidate your V1 SafeMoon into V2 SafeMoon safely with the proper pre-populated contract addresses. Check out the product guides page HERE
  • What is the smart contract for SafeMoon V2?
  • What will happen if I don't migrate?
    If you choose not to migrate to SafeMoon V2, you are only affecting your own investment. As such, if and when you make the decision to migrate you will be able to do so and the window for migration is currently open indefinitely.
  • My tokens are in a hardware wallet. How can I migrate them to V2?
    Many hardware wallets allow people to import their wallets into different decentralized wallets. If a user has held SafeMoon on a hard wallet then we recommend they import their wallet into the SafeMoon app in order to perform their migration. This is a big reason why we have implemented the Import Private Key feature within the SafeMoon app, which allows users to import a wallet with only their private key.
  • Can I migrate to V2 if I have pSafeMoon?
    We will not support migration from pSafeMoon to SafeMoon V2 on initial launch due to pSafeMoon not incurring a 10% fee to purchase and the fact that it exists on the Ethereum chain. However, we are exploring the ability to consolidate pSafeMoon in order to peg the value and price to that of the Binance Smart Chain. This will become available in a later iteration after SafeMoon V2 migration on BSC.
  • Will the burn ever stop?
    There are no current plans to stop the burn, however with the recent upgrade to the SafeMoon contract that brings along the tier system. The burn is no longer a part of the reflections and now has its own static burn at 2% which can easily be adjusted to slow, speed up and even stop the burn with ease. If the time comes and the burn needs to be switched off, the SafeMoon team can do that with a flick of a switch.
  • What is the SafeMoon V1 tax?
    With the release of SafeMoon V2, the team set the SafeMoon V1 tax to 100%. Because of this change, it is no longer possible to receive V1 tokens since the release of V2. We continue to advise holders to purchase SafeMoon V2.
  • Was the V2 contract implemented solely for token consolidation?
    The V2 contract was not implemented because of the consolidation. It was a needed upgrade as the V1 contract was a fork from the Bee contract and was not suitable in the long run to sustain the plans the devs have for the future. It is also a proxy-contract which means that it can be further improved and upgraded without having to do another migration. The 1000:1 consolidation was simply done along with the migration because they had the opportunity to do it as they upgraded the contract.
  • Why was increasing taxes necessary for the V2 migration process?
    As V2 launched, there were a lot of arbitrage opportunities where people would buy V1, migrate to V2 then sell it there again for a profit. Due to the limitations in the V1 contract, the only way to prevent trading and arbitraging between the contracts was to increase the tax. Before any adjustments were made to the tax, many announcements were made before EVERY tax increase to inform holders. They first increased it from 10% -> 20%, then again from 20% -> and finally 100%. There were warnings and announcements on the website, on every social media platform, by the moderators, within the Web swap, in the wallet, on the education website, and during MoonCasts episodes. Both the dev team and the moderation team did everything they could to spread awareness before the changes were made.
  • Is there a buy button on the SafeMoon Wallet?
    The buy button has been integrated into the SafeMoon Wallet App and on the SafeMoon Website.
  • Where can I download the SafeMoon Wallet?
    You can download the wallet by clicking the Google Play or Apple App Store link on the SafeMoon Website
  • What is Swap by SafeMoon?
    You can learn everything around the SafeMoon Wallet including Swap HERE.
  • SafeMoon Swap Fees
    If you are swapping BNB to SafeMoon your total fee applied would be 10.25%. The 10% is the main process fee of Tokenomics and then you have the 0.25% SafeMooon Swap fee: That fee is then split up: 0.17% going into the LP 0.05% SafeMoon Ecosystem 0.03% Buy and Burn automatically Learn more about SafeMoon Swap HERE
  • Is there is a transaction fee when importing to the SafeMoon Wallet?
    No there is no fee for importing. Once you have downloaded the SafeMoon Wallet and have any wallet that is on the BSC with a seed phrase, you will simply enter your seed phrase into the SafeMoon Wallet app and access your portfolio. Seed Phrase Wallets: Trust Wallet Meta Mask SafePal Binance Chain Wallet If you were holding SafeMoon on an exchange, their personal withdrawal fees will still apply as you are required to send your SafeMoon to a newly created SafeMoon Wallet.
  • Why can't I see all of my tokens?
    SafeMoon is trying to prevent a few things from happening by controlling the tokens that are listed on the wallet: 1. They want to have quality projects on the wallet and not have possible "rug pull" tokens. 2. By controlling the listing, you are not able to see dusting tokens. Learn about dusting attacks HERE. If a token wants to be listed, they are encouraged to reach out to the team and go through the application process.
  • When am I charged 10%?
    Exchange ➜ SafeMoon Wallet If you are holding SafeMoon on an exchange and want to move to the SafeMoon Wallet, you will not be charged 10%. You will however be charged an exchange fee, so check your exchange withdrawal fees. (For example, BitMart charges 1M SafeMoon with a minimum 5M SafeMoon withdrawal) TrustWallet ➜ SafeMoon Wallet (Import) If you already have a Trust Wallet then you can simply Import your 12-word seed phrase and from there you will see your SafeMoon without paying the 10% fee. TrustWallet ➜ SafeMoon Wallet (Transfer) If you already have a Trust Wallet and you want to send your SafeMoon to the SafeMoon Wallet then you will be paying a 10% fee as you are making a transaction. This is why we would advise importing to not pay a 10%
  • SafeMoon Wallet Charts Error
    The charts data is provided through the API of Coin Market Cap. They are currently very temperamental, as such the team is looking to find a new provider. Please rest assured if you can't see the charts it isn't the Wallet; it is just Coin Market Cap.
  • SafeMoon Swap: App vs Website
    SafeMoon Swap has two different ways to be accessed: SafeMoon Wallet app or SafeMoon Swap Website. While they are two separate products, they still work the same way. They are simply just connected via the SafeMoon Swap LP
  • Further Encryption
    The SafeMoon Wallet was launched with industry-standard security. Beyond this, they are currently working on further encryption behind the scenes.
  • Is the SafeMoon hard wallet still in the roadmap?
    It is still being discussed, however, a SafeMoon hard wallet already partially exists. If you were to purchase a second mobile phone and solely use that for the SafeMoon Wallet, you would have a hard wallet. Alternatively, the ELLIPAL Titan is a recommended hardware wallet that works with the SafeMoon Wallet.
  • Why are the Buy Button options so expensive?
    The direct buy button is Wyre and Moonpay which is simply a convenient and easy way to buy BNB for those who don't want to go through a centralized exchange in order to obtain it. The fees for their services are not controlled by SafeMoon. If you don't want to pay the extra fees for their services you can simply use another cheaper alternative. The 10% tax is a core aspect of the tokenomics for SafeMoon.
  • I have an NFT from a provider on the Binance Smart Chain but the NFT doesn’t show up on my SafeMoon wallet. How can I move my NFTs to my SafeMoon wallet?
    Right now the SafeMoon wallet only operates for OpenSea NFTs. It’s something they are expanding on in the future but right now it’s just OpenSea. That’s probably why you aren’t seeing it in the wallet.
  • Will the SafeMoon Swap need to go offline when the SafeMoon Exchange is first launched?
    The operation system should be the latest operating system. They shouldn’t need to take anything offline because it should just be able to be upgraded on the fly. The old system doesn’t allow upgrades while running programs but the new one theoretically should. In terms of the SafeMoon Exchange, it shouldn’t take the SafeMoon Swap down because even though it’s a fundamental part of the SafeMoon Exchange it’s not the main focus, which is the centralized portion.
  • Operation Pheonix video
    On the 31st December 2021, John and the team put out this video to help explain what Operation Pheonix is.
  • Is SafeMoon expanding beyond wind turbines?
    John stated in November 2021 that "solar is planned, but wind is first. The price per KW is better," so although there might be plans in the future for alternative forms of green energy, SafeMoon plans to focus on wind power first.
  • What is "patent pending"?
    Patent pending is when a product or process looks to fill an application for a patent which that has been filed but is not yet granted. A patent pending is designed to warn the general public, competitors within your industry and other potential infringers that could copy an invention that they may be liable for damages once the full patent is issued.
  • What Is slippage?
    Slippage is the percentage of a price change you are willing to accept, in case of a change in the asset's value, during the time it takes to process a transaction. For tokens like SFM that have a 10% tax, this slippage possibility has to be there to allow for the change in price that we know in advance will occur from the smart contract taking a 10% tax of the transaction. The slippage allows for the 10% fee to be transacted. Some people think that it is a charge on top of the 10% fee and may think they are getting charged 22% on buys and sells and transfers, but this is false. Other tokens that require high slippage are usually the ones that have a higher tax. The higher the tax, the higher the slippage has to be to allow for the transaction to go through, which is essentially a price change during the transaction.
  • What is the difference between BNB and BSC?
    The Binance ecosystem runs on two parallel blockchains -- BNB (Binance Chain) and BSC (Binance Smart Chain). BNB and BSC can be swapped 1:1 for a small fee. BSC enables smart contracts that can power the unique Tokenomics of SafeMoon.
  • What are liquidity pools?
    In simple terms, a liquidity pool is essentially a "pool" of tokens. It holds two types of tokens, in this case, we have SFM paired with BNB. Liquidity pools can be considered the "order book" of decentralized exchanges. They run on a series of algorithms and they're automated. With liquidity pools, one can simply buy from the "pool" of tokens -- your buy order doesn't have to match a sell order and vice versa. Centralized exchanges (market makers) use order book models -- your buy order matches a sell order and vice versa in order to process. PancakeSwap is an automated market maker (AMM). An AMM is essentially a decentralized exchange that is powered by a series of algorithms. It allows users to purchase tokens from liquidity pools using an automated system. "Liquid" refers to an asset that can be bought or sold. "Liquidity" refers to the availability of a certain asset.
  • What are gas fees?
    Gas fees are paid to cover the cost of a transaction. The fee is a reflection of the amount of computing power/energy that is required to process each transaction.
  • What is Bitcoin?
    Bitcoin is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. From a user perspective, Bitcoin is pretty much like cash for the Internet. [1]
  • What is cryptocurrency?
    Crypto is a digital asset that began as a method of exchange for people to buy goods and services but as time and development for blockchain technology the functionality has expanded to be so much more. SafeMoon is expanding to multiple different real world industries as it forms to be more than just a crypto and becomes a world respected technology company.
  • What is a proxy contract?
    When smart contracts are launched on a blockchain, they are unmodifiable and therefore, not upgradable. By redesigning the code into different contracts, it is possible to allow logic upgrades while keeping the core contract the same. In recent months upgradable smart contracts have been becoming popular and a good article explaining all the techniques used can be read Here
  • Transaction Fees
    In order to be considered a successful and valid transfer, every cryptocurrency transaction must be added to the blockchain, the official public ledger of all completed transactions. This vital work requires computational energy provided by miners, powerful computers that make up a portion of the network and confirm its transactions. The ongoing computing by miners to validate and confirm transactions on the Bitcoin network gives the network many of its special, decentralized properties. Simply put, it would not nor could not exist without them.
  • Do I need to create a separate account with OpenSea?
    No, your wallet address is your login information, so by using WalletConnect on the SafeMoon Wallet you are logging into your account with OpenSea.
  • I have multiple wallets. Can I get all my NFTs in the SafeMoon Wallet?
    Yes, by using the multi-wallet feature. With this feature, you are able to log in one by one and download your collections and have them all under one app. (You can now see them all under one TAB or you can see them under each wallet, switching between your wallets as needed via the multi swap function)
  • How will smart chain or the native tokens be collected?
    Swap and Evolve is an evolved state of Swap and Liquify. The basic premise is to remove the major negative impact and instead apply a positive one. This is achieved via two functions on the SafeMoon Contract: collectBNB swapAndEvolve collectBNB This function collects BNB. How does it collect BNB? Each time 323,323.32 SFM is collected it's swapped for BNB. This BNB is then stored until the swapAndEvolve trigger value is reached.
  • Which pool will LP tokens be added to?
    The tokens will be added to the liquidity pool of the native token the pool is paired with.
  • How will it work when you change SFM to, for example, ENH and vice-versa?
    The exact same way it does now. When you're swapping to another token via the multiswap feature it still swaps to the native token. For example, if you have SafeMoon tokens and want to swap to a partner, on the front end it looks like it's swapping from SFM to partner token. But on the backend, it does 2 swaps in one by swapping SafeMoon into BNB then BNB into the partner token. So on the first swap of SafeMoon to BNB you are charged the 10% Tokenomics fee, which takes the 3% liquidity fee for Swap & Evolve.
  • What happens to current SFM tokens collected in the contract address?
    The current SafeMoon that was building up before the team looked to turn off "Swap and Liquefy" is still sitting in the pot ready for the team to decide on the best course of action for these tokens.
  • How will the SafeMoon tokenomics tier system be laid out?
    Below you will see the SafeMoon Tier System for its Tokenomics and how it distributes its fees: SafeMoon Transfer Fees = 2% Fee: 1%: Redistributed to all existing holders 0.5%: Added to SFM Liquidity 0.5%: Burned tokens SafeMoon Swap Tokenomics = 10% Fee: 4% Fee: Redistributed to all existing holders 3% Fee: Added to liquidity 2% Fee: Tokens burned 1% Fee: Added to Ecosystem Growth Fund SafeMoon Swap charge = 0.25% Fee: 0.17% Fee: Redistributed to SFM Swap LP 0.05% Fee: Maintenance 0.03% Fee: Tokens burned So any percentages that is adding to the liquidity will be collecting SafeMoon to trigger the collectBNB function of Swap and Evolve.
  • When will it trigger?
    Once the contract has collected and stored 132.32 BNB, the swapAndEvolve functionwill be manually triggered. This trigger will take the set value collected of 132.32 BNB and purchase -on the open market- 66.16 BNB worth of SafeMoon, pair that 66.16 BNB worth of SafeMoon with the remaining 66.16 BNB, and then place that into the liquidity pool.
  • How are centralized exchanges handled?
    Nothing changes for centralized exchanges. They have their own liquidity pool and their own process in how they handle their own liquidity generation. However there are some exchanges that will be sending 6% of the Tokenomics fee that their exchange volume collects to a openly disclosed wallet where burn and LP generation will apply.
  • Are buys from Swap and Evolve excluded from fees?
    Yes, they are excluded. This is due to it having to be an equal pairing for both SafeMoon and the native token. You couldn't look to have fees applied as it would create an imbalance within the pairs and liquidity pool.
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